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so we've talked about southern gothic but what about northern gothic? is that a thing?

There wasn’t so we invented one!

Southern gothic is a conventional literary genre, but northern gothic fiction would just get encapsulated in the overall Gothic genre. BUT. Tumblr made a meme. Because of course we did. It’s here:

So far I’ve found Midwest Gothic: here here and here

Southern California Gothic, which is  popular (because of fucking course): here here here here and fuckin here

Northern England Gothic: here and here and here

not to mention chucklefucking Alaskan Gothic: really? i mean really?? fuck you. fuck you alaska.

And fuck me there’s even Gothic subgenres for cities that shouldn’t exist in the first place. Kansas City. Minneapolis. Small town Michigan Gothic?? Toronto? Yeah fucking Toronto.

In fact, there’s assorted Canada Gothic? There’s  so much hell-forsaken Canada Gothic, too fuckin much

International Gothic? Fuck this. There’s So Much Australian Gothic. There’s Finland Gothic. There is so much more and I want nothing to do with it.

But the worse, the absolute worse of the whole satan-forsaken toxic hellpile: Ohio GothicI hate OhioI am. fromOhioI was born thereOne day I will die there. I fear Ohio. Because in Ohio: “Holes in the sidewalk. Holes on the street. Holes on the freeway. Holes in your mind.” And Ohioans know: HELL IS REAL.

Imagine Loki is your college professor. You both secretly have feelings for one another but never act on it or tell one another. You finish your undergrad, and he happily writes you a recommendation letter for graduate school. He wishes you luck and you leave for your post grad. 

10 years later you return to the town your alma mater is in for a wedding, and there you see Loki for the first time in a decade. All the feelings you ever had come rushing back. At the reception, he asks you to dance. While swaying you chat and tell him that you’ve accepted a professor position at the University he works at. He admits he’s always fancied you. On the dance floor, you share a kiss, a kiss you’ve waited a decade for.