I always really loved Anders, but due to circumstances I never fininished a whole playthrough of DA2. I knew all about Justice and about how he blew up the chantry years ago. But I only just got to see that part for myself a little over a week ago. I haven’t been able to pick up the game since. I saw it coming but in the same hand I didn’t. His reasoning is so flawed and it makes me so frustrated and I dont think I can consider myself a fan of his anymore. It makes me kind of sad.            

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You may think that fininishing the enderman is a small thing, but is actually a little step to feel better. I'm sorry to hear that you feel bad, but I hope talking with us will be distracting and enjoyable :)

Anonymous said to altadoodler: Also, that enderman looks really cute! Great job ^^

yea, that also kinda depends on who’s willin’ to chat (and if i’m up for handling it without getting annoyed kfdjsal;k).

also thanks :V i got the enderman from gamestop (i think the eevee was a gift, and the sword i fond on the floor at school once)

Break Any Curse

Summary: Emma has been cursed, and Hook is the only one that can break it, but he has to overcome his fear of his own curse first.

Rated: K+ - T


Please, I need you to look after Henry for me.” She had begged, pleading in her eyes as she looked up at him. “I don’t know what’s been on your mind these past few days, but please. Do this for me.”

Hook had agreed to Emma’s wishes, and now regretted that decision more than ever as he collapsed to his knees next to her still form. Her face looked peaceful, but it was false. This wasn’t how it was supposed to have happened. She was meant to be safe, as long as he didn’t touch her lips with his. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen.

“What. Happened?” he asked harshly, running a shaking hand through her blond curls.

Mary Margaret was crying into David’s shoulder, who had tears in his eyes. Regina was looking on sadly, while the Crocodile was being engulfed in a hug by Belle, appearing a little dazed.

“What happened!?” Hook yelled again, losing a small bit of whatever sanity he had left.

“She – she made a deal,” came David’s small and disbelieving voice. “With Zelena. The Witch had trapped us all, frozen. We couldn’t do anything. Emma - “ he trailed off, unable to continue.

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