Leonor Fini ~ “Kinderstube (Children’s Game)”, 1976

Leonor Fini is considered one of the most important women artists of the mid-twentieth century, along with Leonora Carrington, Frida Kahlo, Meret Oppenheim, Remedios Varo, and Dorothea Tanning – most of whom Fini knew well. Her career, which spanned some six decades, included painting, graphic design, book illustration, product design (the renowned torso-shaped perfume bottle for Schiaparelli’s Shocking), and set and costume design for theatre, ballet, opera, and film.  She was a virtually self-taught artist, learning anatomy directly from studying cadavers in the local morgue and absorbing composition and technique from the Old Masters through books and visits to museums. A predominant theme of Fini’s art is the complex relationship between the sexes, primarily the interplay between the dominant female and the passive, androgynous male. [source]

“…Marriage never appealed to me, I have never lived with one person. Since I was 18, I’ve always preferred to live in a sort of community – A big house with my atelier and cats and friends, one with a man who was rather a lover and another who was rather a friend. And it has always worked…”

–  Leonor Fini (1907 – 1996)


Leonor Fini (1908-1996)

Parce que tu vois, je m'en fou. Pour une fois, je vais être franche et je vais arrêter de me voiler la face. Je m'en fou. J’m'en fou que tu décides de revenir sans raison, juste parce que t'as un petit soucis de conscience. J’m'en fou de ta pauvre gueule de connard, de ce que tu fais de tes journées et encore plus de si tu vas bien. J’m'en fou de tes excuses, du fait que tu regrettes, de tes pauvres explications de merde que t'arriveras jamais à me faire gober. J’m'en fou que tu sois ce genre de mec qui fera jamais l'effort de me prouver que j'ai tord, simplement parce que la plupart du temps c'est moi qui ai raison et qu'encore une fois t'es le con de l'histoire. J’m'en fou de te manquer, parce que moi, tu me manques plus, c'est fini. J’m'en que tu m'aimes et que t'aies jamais compris pourquoi, parce que peut-être que si tu t'étais rendu à l'évidence t'aurais pas tout gâché comme un crétin.
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♦Remains of the Day {-} Closed with filius-umbra-finis

♦The jingle-jingle and cracking of skeleton bones, the solemn, beautiful, melancholy songs of ghosts wailing their sorrows, the occasional cackling laughter of the folks around here. This was a regular occurrence at the land of the dead. And while the deceased Winifred Barnett would rather be back home, she eventually adapted to this new of living after her untimely death. Kicking the bucket of such youth and innocence was heartbreaking among the dead, and those newcomers were welcome with open arms. Winnie was almost starting to feel at home among her deceased companions.

Despite permanent death being a concept to be feared, the afterlife was not too bad… Sure she could only visit the island under special occasions with no ability to contact her loved ones, and yeah, there’s also the fact that whatever happens she’ll never return to her original homecountry again… The folks are kindly! Skeletons and ghosts and other spooky creatures mingled around, their raspy and echoing laughs and chatter ringing among the cool black and grey sky above the heads of the dead. Glasses of nightmare fuel clicked together, skeletons and ghosts taking deep gulps.

“Almost full moon, ay Winnie girl?” She heard the ragged whisper of one of her skeleton pals, a bony head jerked up to reveal a cream-colored sphere hanging lazily in the sky, steadily rising to join the world above. Despite low chances of getting out of here, she remained optimistic. Maybe this moon. Maybe.

A loud thud sounded far off, attracting practically everyone’s attention, including Winnie’s. Hollow eyes scanned far off for the source of the sound, where a white haze was gathering around a current area. Gasps, mutters, and whispers of confusion sounded all around her. Winnnie could catch few words such as ‘another living’ and ‘not turn out well’. Without a second thought, Winnie joined the few who decided to investigate.

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Peux-tu résumer les potins de sony leak comme tu l'as si bien fait pour les 1D? c'était fort drole! :D

Navrée, ça fait trois lunes que cette requête prend les poussières dans ma boîte de réception. J’avais besoin de méditer mon intrigue et préparer mes powerpoints. 

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Quand je me sent un peu comme ça ...

… quand tout le monde me regarde parce que je récite un peu fort mes définitions.

Aller, je vous donne un exemple, et de tête ça va me faire réviser :

Suite récurrente aléatoire : soit X(0) une variable aléatoire à valeur dans un espaces d’états E fini ou dénombrable. Soit (Un)n>=1 une suite de variable aléatoires indépendantes et identiquement distribuée, indépendante de X(0), à valeur dans F. Soit de plus une application f de ExF dans E. Alors est appelée suite récurrente aléatoire le processus (Xn)n€N défini de manière récursive suivant : Xn+1 = f(Xn, Un+1)

(si vous arrivez à dire tous ça dans votre tête sas vous embrouiller chapeau !)