I’m Hardly posting anything on this blog that is my art but you know what here’s one thing woot woot now lets see how long it takes me to draw something else and wanna post it

Hello Hello Strangers!

soooo….I have sort of kind of gotten myself sucked into the FNAF fandom somehow..or at least the AU that rebornica has created…and then the fics that fivenightsatfreddysfanfiction writes is just asdfghdsaf. But anyways! This doodle comic creation thing was inspired by/based on a story written by fivenightsatfreddysfanfiction. The stories called Rainy day and Hot Chocolate(you should read it if you haven’t yet: ) and it is just amazing and my drawings do it no justice but still, I needed it doodled out. soo umm…enjoy?

my backgrounds are amazing shush…..orz