and, like, I really resent the tone of people shaming people for shipping things romantically. Like, I know platonic relationships (specifically cishet platonic relationships though because there’s an abundance of bro comedy movies and ‘circle of woman friends’ dramas, like its not something that’s at all rare in media) are underrepresented but that does not automatically make shipping it platonically the morally righteous choice. It still ultimately comes down to that’s how you interpret it, if you saw it as romantic you’d ship it as romantic, its generally not a moral decision.

like, I just find that argument so disrespectful. Like no type of relationship has inherently more value than another, it doesn’t ‘cheapen’ a relationship to see it as romantic anymore than it cheapens it to see it as platonic. And I so resent all the fingerwagging at people daring to ship something romantically that other folks see as platonic because its all like “not everything is about sex” which is so presumptuous to assume someone ships something romantically for “cheap” reasons rather than genuinely feeling it as well as implying that all romantic relationships are inherently sexual (they’re not) as well as implying there’s something cheap or wrong about a sexual relationship (there’s not)

Folks ship things for a myriad of reasons. Maybe they see themselves in the relationship, sometimes people see themselves in a pair of characters romantically while another person sees themselves in them platonically. These are both equally valid interpretations. To assume that the reasons you ship something are inherently more righteous and pure than why someone else ships something is ridiculous. 

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so youre like a mommy to all the souls thresh forcefully stole?

“I agree to half of your statement. I gladly accept the position as matron of the isles. I must correct you in saying that my Thresh collects the souls– Does not steal them.”