re james’ tweet about how we’ll probably cry: if this means philkas are gonna Suffer again, i’m so Done. like. they’ve had their angst. they’ve overcome their personal issues. if it’s sad for other reasons (ie THE SERIAL KILLER ON THE LOOSE) then cool i get that. good plot. but if Yet Another nonhet couple are put through perpetual angst, i’m gonna be so done


The Rolling Stones, “Moonlight Mile,” Sticky Fingers LP (Rolling Stones Records, 1971)

Also I swapped out the boots on Isabela’s casual clothes and I really like it. I think I might put the Raiders insignia on the front and back of the black corsety thing too? No in-game shots though b/c that involves some more texture work including joining the texture maps and I super fucking don’t wanna right now lmao. It’s literally my least favorite part of making these, hence why things sit in Blender for so long before I drag myself into exporting them.