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Everybody say my name! It’s my birthday!” 🎈🎈🍰🎇

Happy birthday, dear sunshine TEN! Our eternal beautiful smile, sweet lover, innocent baby, you’ve been blessing our eyes and hearts with your hardworking, spectacular performances and even during hard times your smile never faded! You are the best like always! The one who always helps the others before him, the one who always makes you smile, the one who always makes your heart flutter…once again, happy birthday precious baby!♥♥♥♥♥

At a Crossroad

Summary: He wasn’t offered the same deal as Dean; to torture souls in exchange for being taken off the rack. No, his deal was a little different.
Characters: Crowley, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, & Y/N [mentioned]
Word Count: 1508
Warnings: Angst… seriously.
Author’s Note: I can’t even apologize for this.

Originally posted by sunrisejared

“You can do whatever you want, Crowley. Hell, dig her up, burn her while you’re at it. But, you leave her soul alone,” Sam threatened the demon, the self-titled king of Hell.

Crowley smirked, shoving thick-fingered hands deep into his pockets as his eyes flashed crimson. “Whatever I want, Samantha?”

Squaring his shoulders and balling his hands into fists, Sam towered over Crowley. “Anything. As long as you swear-”

“To leave Y/N alone. I got it.” Crimson bled away, leaving dark eyes to roam over every inch of the looming hunter. “You sure about this? There’s no turning back, no second chances. Nothing. Once it’s done-”

“Do it.”

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For Richer, For Poorer

Anon Request: Hi! I just came across a fic search for when james takes lily to his vault and thought that you might write this. 


Lily Evans frowned at her less-than-eloquent boyfriend as he dug through his pockets looking for something. The woman in front of them in the line at the ice cream shop also frowned greatly at them. Lily smiled at the woman before shooting James another glance; he was running his hands up and down his robes as if searching for something on his person.

“What’s wrong with you?” she couldn’t help laughing at his ridiculous face as he dug his fingers deep into his pockets.

James pulled out the empty insides of his pockets, “I forgot my money!” he exclaimed.

Lily rolled her eyes and reached for her purse, “Then I’ll pay.”

“No!” James exclaimed, yanking her from the line and she groaned as they passed two women holding nice looking ice cream cones. 

Lily stomped her feet repeatedly, trying to get James to stop pulling her by the arm. It didn’t work. He was such a boy. He couldn’t go shopping on his own, he couldn’t let his girlfriend pay for a bit of ice cream, and he couldn’t hear her annoyance as they left the ice cream shop.

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princess and the pauper | pt.4

Falling in love is the most dangerous thing. I know it, because I’ve been through it and it hurts so bad.

➤ 4.3k words

➤ angst angst angst (ya’ll)

➤ summary: royalty was no adventure to you. but when you find yourself in depths of the kingdom for the first time, you didn’t expect to find your favourite adventure in the heart of a pauper florist

➤ a/n: a week late BUT IM BACK so this isn’t the last ((for your own relief)) I will be working on a christmas special so ;) stay tuned bubz))

pt.1 pt.2 pt.3

It felt all too suffocating.

What was he thinking when he showed up at the ball, jittery fingers in his pockets as he meddled and toyed with the loose thread of his cuffs, biting his lips as he struggled to crane his neck all in hopes to see you.

God, Jimin felt so significantly weak when the proposal was announced, bestowed with practice, as if this was all planed out since the beginning. There was a spasm of emotions that overwhelmed him as he casted a gaze upon you the moment you searched his eyes in the crowd. The look of utter disbelief, loss and bafflement was splayed on your features, in the eyes that he once could trust his heart with.

He could have run up to you, take you in his hands and make a dash for the moonlight, away from the palace and the cruelty of this world that forbade the love of the princess and the pauper. But reality sank in when everything that surrounded him reminded himself that he could never do that.

This is where you belong. This entire palace is where your heart and soul is forever placed while his is cast away in the depths of the village town, hidden among the wild flowers. There was a long exchange of emotions as Jimin gave you a hard condescending look, one of deep agonizing realization before looking away and disappearing into the crowds before he makes another mistake of hoping.

He could here the distant calls of the prince, but Jimin was unfazed by it, maneuvering his way until he was choking on the stale air of Friday evening. With every swift step away from the crowd, away from the palace, away from you, the spectrum of thoughts that clouded him became too unbearable. With every slam of realization that hits him in the guts, he tries to hold back the tears. It became too apparent as to how vulnerable he was to love, how easy he was to hope to be with you, only to realize how impossible it was to begin with.

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||❥ out of the woods (m)

j u n ! s c e n a r i o

v a m p i r e ! a u

words: 5k

genre: ye old smut, some fluff, the usual lol

synopsis: jun has been restricted from the pure taste of blood for too long, and decides that on halloween night should he actually do something about it. also in memory of the vamp!jun series i never finished,, r.i.p

It was during the time of Halloween that a certain perilous vampire would turn his fangs of white ice upon the town streets, fingers curling unbridledly in his pockets and eyes so smoulderingly black they could be a blanket for the stars. He would untuck himself from whereabouts never revealed and slick back his soft ashy hair, parted lips allowing his tongue to taste the fresh dew that was lathered everywhere.

He could let his fangs unsheathe and gingerly poke into his mouth, he could languidly step behind a clump of children and let his irises cloud a frosty white. They thought he was just taking interest in the eventful night, like he was dressing up to resemble some ancient book character, when really this vampire wasn’t made from silvery contacts or plastic teeth, he was more than real and his desire for blood had struck like a bolt of lightning.

The only reason the vampire could walk around on a night like Halloween and not want to sink his jagged pearls into someone’s flesh was due to the fact he’d already gotten his fix. He’d consumed enough liquid copper to last up to a week, a week where he could be among human life and not want to lacerate into their delicate tissue. Yet a certain incident left the boy in a state of complete opposition. His desire for blood was skyrocketing, and it was a challenging task to keep his solid pace and not lash out at the little folk around him.

Usually Halloween was one of the only days in a year that he let himself walk fully exposed up and down the streets, nobody would suspect him, nobody would try to stab a stake of wood through his chest. He got a lot of crooned compliments whenever he hovered in one corner of town for too long, leaning against a thick oak trunk while fluttering his glittery stare toward the moon.

Your fangs look so real! Are they really plastic?

Jesus, those contacts look like they’re your actual eyes.

That’s a pretty simple yet convincing costume you got there.

And the vampire would just grin toothily and wind his way through the conversation with nothing but the wholehearted truth. Of course not a single soul would ever believe the words rolling off his tongue, not when his lips quirked into that deceitful smirk after their faces momentarily grew stiff. It was Halloween, people liked to dress up as things that didn’t exist, and according to them, he was as much as a real vampire as that one girl down the street was a fluffy purple unicorn.

Yet there happened to be one individual in town that this darkened boy was well aquatinted with, and they knew perfectly well what he was, and what he so often craved.

“I’m sorry, I turned off all my lights cause I don’t have any candy-”

A pause, the process, and then the reaction.

“Jun? What are you doing here- and holy shit why are you walking around with your fangs out and eyes all glowey?”

You couldn’t be more appalled as to why this hunk of shadows was letting every man, woman, and child be coveted to his appearance, and more importantly why his leader was letting him frolic around as such. But Jun, not to your complete surprise, just stifled a yawn that pressed up from his throat and let himself into your house, the distant squeals of mirthful children now becoming mute as the door kicked shut. You could have cloaked him in your sighs and questions that always traveled like a spool of thread, yet you decided to let him wander.

Jun rarely approached you unless he wanted something.

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Richonne Head Canon Bingo

44. Who calls up the landlord when the heat’s not working?

“Are you going to fix it, or am I?”

“I wouldn’t know how to,” he replied lazily from where he lay. “’Sides, we shouldn’t mess around with it.”  

“So, does that mean you’re going to call the landlord?” raising her eyebrows as she dials the number anyway. Rick answers her with a noncommittal noise as he turns his head back into the pillow, and she hits call before burying her cold fingers back in her pocket.

The tone rings on unanswered three times when she’s caught off-guard, feeling a hand gently touching her waist, another pushing her hair away from her neck – she feels the biting cold there, until he brings his lips to the curve of her neck. If someone does pick up at the other end of the line, she doesn’t notice.

“There are other ways to get warm, ‘chonne.”

(written by @lnshrr)

imagine taking a nap at your desk with one hand supporting your head and the other just outstretched. pocket-sized jimin would sleepily stumble over to you and lift up the fingers of your outstretched hand so he could snuggle under your palm and treat your hand as a blanket. 

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Nozoeli, 1k+ words

She catches the slight movement of the girl sitting before her, yellow ponytail a little to the left; she barely catches Eli’s gaze before she returns to the paper before her. Eli taps her pencil on the desk, a habit that Nozomi notices only when her girlfriend is irritated. Three taps and a pause, as if the fourth would be annoying, and then the light shifting of her legs.

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the moriarty meta: harold, they’re gay

my single favorite thing in the episode is that absolutely everything moriarty says and does just gets GAYER AND GAYER AND GAYER

not gay in the subtextual way, gay in the way that makes fourteen-year-olds snicker

“it’s a dangerous habit to finger loaded firearms in the pocket of one’s dressing gown - or are you just pleased to see me”

“i like your rooms, they smell so…manly”

“by the way…you have a surprisingly comfortable bed”

“did you know that dust is largely comprised of human skin?”

“it’s on the tip of my tongue…it’s on the tip…of my tongue…”

but it’s not just a joke, it’s SO FUCKING IMPORTANT, this is moriarty inside sherlock’s own head TAUNTING him, trying to DISTRACT HIM, WITH GAY THOUGHTS

sherlock wants to figure out the whole moriarty mystery, or so he claims, but instead moriarty says:

[about the crime] “so what, it doesn’t matter, stop it, stop this, you don’t care about sir eustace or the bride or any of it [emphasis mine], there’s only one thing in this whole business that you find interesting”

(and we already know from HLV what, or rather who, that is)


he’s picturing john coming on to him, touching him, in his bed, licking his skin



“Are you ready yet? And please don’t say ‘I’ll be ready in a minute, dear’. This isn’t an episode of I Love Lucy.” Despite the joke, he really is ready to leave for lunch out with you and is getting just a little impatient waiting by the door. It’s not every day that he gets time off to spend with you and even less often that he can take you out in public. Today is even more special because he was planning something very special for when you get there. He called ahead to the restaurant to make sure they could accommodate his request. He’s  really getting a little antsy now fingers in his coat pocket rubbing over the opening of the ring box. He has to remind himself not to be annoyed - today is about you and him, and your future together. It wouldn’t do to snap at you today. Any plans can be changed because the most important thing is that you end up saying yes when he asks and that you’re happy.

- Admin J

Two Dollar [Baekhyun x Reader]

Two Dollar 

Word Count: 845

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Doctor Au

Type: Baekhyun x Reader

It had been a long day at the maternity ward by the time you got to the vending machines on your floor you were looking wide-eyed at the miserable substitutions people thought were food.  Your wallet in your one hand, you peered at it, quickly looking at your watch to make sure you still had time on your break then peering back at the selection.  With a sigh, you pulled out a two dollars putting it the machine when the arrogant doctor on your floor strolls up and peers at the selection as well.  His surgeon cap still around his head as he fingers his pockets for his wallet.  Pressing E4 a packet of pop tarts falls.  From behind you, a groan escapes the young surgeons lips as he looks into his empty wallet.  

“Shit.”  He whispers as you peer at him.  Raising his head, a slight pink overcomes his cheeks as he stuffs his wallet back into his pants.  

“Um, do you happen to have any money?”  He asks, sheepishly.  You look down at your wallet and their sits your last two dollars of the day.  Just enough for him to grab something, but not enough for your later snack for your next break.  Looking back at him, you notice the dark circles around his eyes and the way he is peering at you.  Dyed blonde hair peeks out of the surgeon’s cap, as his eyes remain on you.  With a sigh, you pull out the last two dollars, handing them to him.

“Here.”  He smiles as he takes it with a bow.

“Thank you, miss…”  You look at him and smile, walking away.

“Have a night Dr. Byun.”  

“Wait, what’s your name?”  He asks, looking for you id, which was currently in your pocket.  

“I’ve done two surgeries a week with you for the past 6 months Dr. Byun.  If you don’t know it now, I don’t see what the point of you knowing at all.  Enjoy your snack.”  Leaving him behind you went back to the nurses station, as your co-worker eyes your poptarts.  

“Just one, there’s two in there.”  Smiling you hand her half of the one, and she smirks.  “You’re too good to me.”  You lean back in your seat as you pop the treat into your mouth.

Two days later, you were in a patient rooms, looking at their chart, when Dr. Byun passed by the room.  Stopping he entered it, smiling at the lady in the bed.  

“How are you today Mrs. Kim?”  She nodded, patting her stomach.

“Should be coming any day now.”  Peering at her stomach, she glared at it.  “You hear that, any day.”  You smiled as you checked her last moderated BP.  

“Do you mind if I borrow Nurse __.  For a couple of minutes.”  You looked at him as he just remained smiling.

“Oh, not all, I’ll scream when he’s coming.”  She rubbed her stomach.  Placing her chart at the end of the bed, you smiled at her as you followed Dr. Byun out of the room.  Walking past the nurses station your co-worker mouthed at you, as you raised gave her a ‘I don’t know’ shrug.  Walking towards the temporary beds for the doctors.  

“I’m not-”  He pulled on your wrist, dragging you into the room, shutting it behind him.  Reaching into his pocket he pulled out two dollars forcing it into his hand.  “-supposed to be in here.”   You finish, tucking the two dollars in your pocket.  

“__.”  He states, looking at you.  

“That is my name.”  

“Three months ago, you were in one of my surgeries for two weeks.”


“So your statement was wrong.  Three months ago for two weeks you were only in one of surgeries.”  

“If the money was the only issue, I have to get back to work.”  Walking towards the door he grabbed your wrist pulling you back.  Shaking him off he glared you at you.  

“You name is __.”  

“Is this because I sassed you?”  You asked, matching his glare.


“Than what?”

“Nothing…just…I have surgery at 4 and your names isn’t on the list.”  He stated. 

“That’s because at 4, I have a surgery with Doctor Do.”  

“Can you switch.”  

“No, I don’t make those decisions, the head nurse does with the head doctor.  I can’t ask to switch.”  

“But your the best nurse on this floor.”  He matched as you raised your eyebrows.

“Thank you, but I can’t switch on my own.  Got a problem go see Dr. Do about it.”  Turning to leave you touched the handle when he pulled on your wrist again, turning your glare at him, he smiled.

“Before you use one of those dollars look at it more closely.”  A confused look over came you as you turn and left him in the room alone.  Pulling out the dollars you realized on the one, he wrote a phone number with the name Baekhyun on the back.  With a huff you walked to the nurses station, feeling like your work days just became slightly more complicated.      

Part II  

Highway Don't Care part 4

This is slightly longer…

The cabinet opened with a creak, revealing its empty shelves. Taylor scrunched an eye brow, trying to search for anything in the corners. She looked below at Olivia and Meredith circling her, their fur brushing against her ankles. They meowed in sync.
“Alright, wait.” She said to the cats, walking out of the kitchen, “I’ll get you food, just wait.”
She plucked her denim jacket and beanie off the coat hanger and pushed her fingers inside a pocket in the jacket.
“Where’s my phone?” She asked herself. Meredith, who had climbed on to the kitchen island meowed with her paws on Taylor’s phone. Taylor walked over to retrieve it.

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Vax works hard to support them both, after they leave Syngorn.

It’s not work in the technical sense, Vex supposes – honest work consists of days spent in a field, or behind a shop counter, or at a forge. Vax’s long hours spent dodging the law, hiding in shadows, dipping his fingers into pockets and bags and houses that they have no business being in, is not honest work. But it’s work, nonetheless, that leaves him exhausted and stumbling, shaking from the adrenaline and stress, at the end of the day.

For her part, she spends her days hunting, and bartering as best she can, haggling for much-needed food and supplies with the meager coppers and silvers her brother brings back from his work. She learns the art of a quick tongue, as Vax learns the art of quick fingers – how to charm, persuade, and argue her way to a bargain. She stretches their money as far as it will go, further, and is rewarded with a dry bed for them to sleep in at night, with food, with passage between cities that is just a little safer than travelling alone on food.

Still, for all their work, it’s not enough. It’s never enough.

It’s ungrateful, she knows. Spoiled. Selfish. She would never have been this demanding before Syngorn, when they lived with mother and were grateful for every scrap, every coin. But as she perches on the edge of a single bed, the mattress thin and likely flea-ridden, the blankets mildewed, a half-bowl of cold porridge in her hand and heavy dread in her heart because it’s past ten and her brother’s not back, her brother’s not back and he said he’d be home by nine- She can’t help think that there must be more to life than this. There must be more to life than just suffering, just existing, in the barest sense of the word.

As the door creaks open, slowly, and Vax stumbles in to slump against the bed, eyes exhaustion-bruised and hollow, she forces a smile onto her face. She hands the porridge over to him, whispers, “Here, brother, I saved you some,” and cards fingers through the sweat-tangled mess of his long, fine hair – and promises herself, silently, that one day they will do more than just subsist.

Hey @rex501st​ I’m you’re Shallura Secret Valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoy the story!

“Words” by Moora

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There’s a penny taped up alongside other mementos of my life. It’s from a night that didn’t end well, but I can’t forget his fingers slipping into my pocket to give me that penny. I can’t forget his intoxicated, intoxicating warmth. I can’t forget the way my skin trembled.
—  his touch sets me ablaze, and i’m trying not to let the flames consume me