fingers through hair

Ive never had the honor of running my fingers through your hair.
Or held your hands within my own.
Or felt your lips against mine.
But theres is nothing i want more
Nothing i crave more.
Than for your breath down my neck.
Your words being pressed into my skin.
Your arms around me.
The weight of you on me.
One day that honor will be mine.
And mine only.
And this unholy distance will someday be breached.

Storms (Chapter Seven)

YOU GUYS. This chapter is beautiful. That’s all I’m going say. Oh and NSFW but you already knew that lol. I can’t wait to hear what you all think about their first time together and the storm they make. 

Oh and also, I changed the paragraph structure to sort of long, run on sentences because I thought it helped the moments flow better, so I hope it doesnt throw anybody off


Enjoy :)


Tony wasn’t even sure how they made it the bedroom but suddenly he was being pressed into his bed, Thor’s big body covering him, and Tony was spreading his legs automatically, trying to make room for the him, and Thor was murmuring in approval, carding his fingers through Tony’s hair and sealing their mouths together in a kiss that  made Tony feel like he was being drugged.

Thor’s hands were moving over his body, over the ribs that were no longer quite so prominent and over a stomach that softer now, and then lower and Tony couldn’t stop his body from locking up when Thor brushed over his hip bone.

“Too far?” Thor lifted his head enough to ask and Tony shook his head, took a few deep breaths, forcing himself to relax. “Have you done this before, Anthony?”

“Not for a long time. Before Iron Man. But I want you. Please.”

In answer, Thor simply rolled them on the bed, bringing Tony up to straddle his hips, giving Tony a chance to control the movement and speed between them, and right away Tony reached for the switch of the lamp, plunging the room into darkness.

“You don’t have to be self conscious with me, Elskan min.” Thor whispered, and Tony shook his head, then realized Thor couldn’t see him.

“I know.” He whispered back. “But I am anyway.”

“Then I will learn your body by touch.” Thor said, and even this soft his voice seemed to vibrate in the room and Tony gave a soft little moan and leaned down until he found Thor’s mouth again.

“Kiss me.”

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Saeran Fanfiction #4: Calculus Sucks

A/N: Wrote this as a smol pick-me-up for @dancingchestnut, my smol bean lover @saerans-ri (omgomgomg our r/s is public now 😂😂😂) and other people who might be having exams/dealing with a lot of exam stress!! This is like, such a big throw-back to my life last year lmao. Hope you enjoy~ 

Calculus sucks. 

You run your fingers through your hair again, chewing at your bottom lip as you frown at the particularly difficult question on the practice paper you’re doing. How many questions does that make, exactly? You’ve already skipped a ton of them and you’re not even halfway through the darn thing. 

You glance over at the hopelessly tall stack of notes on the table, and dread fills you immediately. The frustration that has been gnawing away at you for the past half hour begins to bubble up in your chest.

With a groan, you throw down your pen, and in the process the inky tip skids across the page that you were reading. Great. As if the dizzying, hypnotic mess of words haven’t been difficult enough to digest already. Squeezing your eyes shut, you lean back in your chair, letting your head swing back.

You need a break. A yawn escapes you and you’re reminded once again of the bitter fact that you only had a measly few hours of sleep the night before because you had so much left to finish.

What you need is a nap. A long, uninterrupted nap. A permanent one doesn’t too bad to you at this point, actually. 

You just want a break.

“Wow. 8cm, huh.”

Your eyes fly open at the sound of someone’s voice, and you find yourself staring up into the face of a certain redhead standing over you. He has an amused smirk playing on his lips at the moment, clearly pleased that he managed to give you a near heart attack. You wonder how long he’s been there for.

You feel your insides melt a little as a moment passes where you’re a little too dumbfounded to speak. That smirk and adorable dimple below the corner of his cheek always makes you go weak in the knees, it’s unfair. 

Snapping up into an upright sitting position, you spin around your chair to send him a glower. 

“Geez Saeran, don’t scare me like that,” you say with a groan. “And what are you talking about? What’s ‘8cm’?”

“You have a pretty big mouth,” he answers, smirk deepening. “Does your mouth always stretch that wide when you yawn?” 

Okay. Forget mushy insides. 

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How about the girls with an s/o who is cuddly, says i love you, ect in their sleep?

Need me a freak like that lol. Thank you for this cute request!! Enjoy!


  • When it happened for the first time, S/O feel asleep in Ann’s lap on the couch.
  • However, she thought that S/O was awake when they nuzzled her stomach and murmured, “I love you.”
  • “I love you too, S/O,” she replied, combing her fingers through their hair.
  • Then S/O’s snore shook the entire room and caused Ann to jump out of her skin.
  • She stifled her laughter, and once she calmed down she warily bent down to kiss S/O’s head.
  • Ann thinks their little ‘habit’ is adorable, and she’ll casually bring it up in conversations.
  • “So, you seemed to have sweet dreams during your nap,” she said playfully.
  • “Only when you’re in them,” S/O replied, pressing a kiss to her cheek.
  • She giggled. “You’re a lot smoother when you’re asleep.”
  • Nonetheless, Ann was glad that she could continue to keep S/O company in their dreams.


  • Makoto knew that S/O was asleep since her night light dimly illuminated the room, allowing her to observe their face.
  • What she didn’t expect was S/O to suddenly roll onto her and nuzzle her, whispering a soft, “I love you.”
  • Makoto’s face lit aflame; however, she remained unbothered by it.
  • S/O’s sleep-snuggling was actually rather endearing to her, and she’d always reciprocate and place a soft kiss on them.
  • She never addressed the subject; she wanted it to be her own little secret, and she worried that S/O would stop if she brought it up.
  • Sometimes she’ll wait for them to fall asleep first to see if they’ll do it.
  • Most of the time, they do. 
  • Makoto smiles and blushes every time.
  • “I love you too, S/O, whether you’re awake or asleep,” she sighs, and gently dozes off in the security of S/O’s arms.


  • “I love you.”
  • Futaba furrowed her brows and swiveled her chair around to face S/O, who was now asleep on her bed.
  • “Huh…” She approached the bed to get a closer look, and she yelped when S/O spontaneously snagged her waist and dragged her onto the bed with them.
  • Futaba was attempting to escape from their clutches until they mumbled, “Mine…”
  • She felt a blush creep on her cheeks and opted to join S/O for nap-time.
  • After the fact, she’s really smug about it and she’ll occasionally tease S/O.
  • “Did you know that you talk in your sleep?”
  • “Really? What do I say?” S/O implored.
  • “Nothing much. It’s mostly about how great I am or how much you love me.”
  • They snicker in response. “Well, both of those are true. You really are the ‘girl of my dreams’.”
  • Futaba’s cheeks flushed and she glanced down at her feet.
  • Now, every time S/O does it her heartbeat accelerates, and she’ll close her eyes and listen to their hushed murmurs as she embraces them, peacefully succumbing to slumber.


  • S/O fell asleep on the couch while resting their head on Haru’s shoulder.
  • She was just about to reach for her tea when S/O roped their arms around her waist and nudge her neck.
  • “Stay here forever,” they mumbled.
  • “S/O?” When they didn’t answer, Haru realized that they were asleep, which provoked a giggle to slip past her lips.
  • “S/O, you’re so silly.” She brought her hand to their head to stroke their hair, and she pivoted her head to kiss them. “You already have my heart, even in the dream world,” she breathed.
  • Needless to say, Haru absolutely adores S/O’s quirk, and she refuses to bring it up because she wants them all to herself.
  • Now, whenever they say “I love you” in their sleep she’ll cuddle them and whisper sweet nothings in their ear because it makes them smile.
being suga's girlfriend includes...

- chill dates where both of you just quietly lay together and don’t say anything
- affectionate moments
- lots of gummy smiles and laughs whenever either of you make a cheesy jin joke
- sharing sweaters
- naps together
- forehead kisses
- holding hands
- running his fingers through your hair
- compliments on all your dates
- deep moments where he’ll just look into your eyes
- gentle, tender first kiss
- rougher kisses later on
- cute hugging mirror selcas
- stealing his glasses
- him chasing you around the house for them
- and eventually stopping to nap again on the couch
- him overdressing on the first date, and reminiscing about it months later in sweatpants and a t-shirt
- playing with holly all the time
- taking photos of each other
- making eye contact during awkward moments and giving each other that look of knowingness
- mutual understanding of what the other person’s feeling, all the time
- having secret romance for a long time before he can’t hold it in anymore
- phone sex ;)
- him having a “tsundere” personality in the beginning, melting away into a super warm cuddly dude
- you laughing at him whenever he gets scared/flustered *ahem fireworks*
- him embarrassedly smiling back, trying to act all cool
- deep 2am conversations about your lives and futures and pasts
- the most beautiful, intimate, loving relationship you’ve ever been in

-admin grace;)
jin is coming up next! get excited!

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Imagine running your fingers through a nephilim's hair/ them doing it to you is their equivalent to kissing. Now imagine s/o pre-relationship does it without knowing the implications.


Death: He’d understand that human and Nephilim customs are very different, having the most experience dealing with humans. He’d sit quietly and allow it to happen, only mentioning it in passing afterwards. 

War: Blanches, his entire body stiffens and his eyes burst open wide at the sudden sensation. He jerks away, asking what you’re doing, to which you just stare at him, confused. He realises you’ve no idea what he’s talking about so he snaps his jaw shut and refuses to tell you, no matter how much you prod. 

Strife: “Woah! Really?” he gasps out when your fingers play with the sharp tips of his hair. “Well, okay then,” he chuckles at you, a shit-eating grin on his face as you continue playing with hair, albeit far more suspiciously. 

Fury: She blinks rapidly. “Y/n, are you quite sure you want to do this?” she asks softly, taking your hand. You squint up at her in amusement. 

“I’m running my hands through your hair, Fury? We’re not making out.” You laugh and her eyes widen in realisation. 

“Ah, of course,” she smiles, shifting awkwardly, “carry on…” 

Soft Light headcannons

Loves to be patted; like, tracing your fingers through his hair is Good™ and he will give you the little happy hums
Really likes blankets, although he is embarrased to admit it. He will make himself a nest of blankets if no one is stopping him
Stuffed animals are also a guilty pleasure. He really liked them when he was younger, and he still has a collection of them that he has been meaning to gift to Sayu but somehow hasn’t gotten around to doing so. Sachiko sometimes find him curled up with one of them, but she doesn’t say anything about it
Also enjoys his tum being played with, but only gently. Too much pressure = “blegh!”
Likes to burrow into his bed/curl into the material. Can be found in small, loosely curled position when he’s relaxing
Makes himself into a blanket burrito when he needs extra comfort. Usually used when his dad is away for awhile and he doesnt want to bother his mom
Hates the cold and can’t stand it; always needs to be bundled up in some sort of jacket while outside, and prefers to wear sweaters a lot while indoors
Will act all high and mighty if you try to give him hugs but secretly craves them
Loves his hair to be played with. Finger combing is always good (his mom did this a lot when he was younger)
Longs to be held by someone; like with the blanket burrito, he only feels completely safe when he’s encapsulated by someone’s arms
He’s prone to anxiety attacks, and usually wraps himself in blankets to calm down when he can

GazettE Drabbles: Nightmares & Comfort

Ruki: You jolted up from your sleep, breathing heavily as you looked around fearfully. A sigh escaped your lips as you realized that it was just a nightmare. A pretty horrible one at that. A stirring on your left interrupted your thoughts and you turned to see Ruki slowly wake up, regarding you curiously. “Bad dream?” he asked, his voice sleepy. When you nodded, he gently placed an arm around your shoulders. “Come here,” Ruki said, pulling you close to him before kissing your forehead. “No more nightmares now.” Despite his sleepily gruff voice, you smiled as you wrapped your arms around Ruki, closing your eyes.

Uruha: Your nightmare was broken as Uruha shook you awake, and when you opened your eyes to see his concerned face, you realized that it wasn’t real. “Was it really bad?” Uruha asked. Without waiting for your response, he pulled you close and soothingly stroked his fingers through your hair. “It’s all right,” he whispered. “Go to sleep.” He kissed your temple and held you close, the steady rhythm of his heart slowly calming you down. Soon, you slowly closed your eyes as sleep took over, feeling safe and comforted in Uruha’s arms.

Aoi: Your heart pounded wildly against your chest as your eyes opened just in time to see Aoi reaching out for you. Seeing him calmed you down a little, but the nightmare was pretty rattling, so you were practically on edge. However, when Aoi gently caressed your face, your heartbeat slowed down as you felt yourself calming down. “It’s just a nightmare, okay?” Aoi said softly. “You’re safe.” Giving him a smile, you leaned in and gently kissed his lips. When you pulled back, Aoi gave you a mischievous smile. “Want me to give you better dreams?” he asked, playfully pushing you back on the bed. You laughed as he kissed you passionately, knowing that while you may not get some sleep now, you’d definitely feel a lot better.

Reita: “Wake up!” You opened your eyes as you saw Reita looking at you in concern. Upon seeing his face, you sighed in relief before wrapping your arms around Reita in a hug. He hugged you in return, gently rubbing your back in a soothing manner. “Wanna talk about it?” he asked. You shook your head as you cuddled closer to him, feeling a lot calmer now. “Sleep, okay?” Reita told you. The steady pulse of his heart relaxed you even further, and you smiled to yourself as you heard him humming your favourite song. Feeling warm and safe, you closed your eyes as a dreamless sleep took over.

Kai: You were woken up by gentle shaking, and you looked up only to see Kai, whose eyes were filled with worry. “What happened?” he asked, his voice concerned. Sitting up, you shook your head before tightly hugging Kai, closing your eyes as he hugged you back just as tightly. “It’s just a dream, alright?” Kai reassured as he gently rocked you back and forth. “Want anything to eat or drink?” he asked. You couldn’t help but chuckle as you shook your head. His first instinct was to always ask if you needed food or a drink. The gentle motions of him rocking you gently gradually made you sleepy, and you closed your eyes as Kai cuddled you close to him.

- severus snape canon au week -
day onet h e . b a c k s t o r y :

                        fix it, different sorting - dear child bears 
                        names. but how would it actually effect severus
                        snape, if someone unexpected - yet expected - 
                        got sorted with him?


                                                             /// 260 words

Who wants to be in Slytherin? I think I’d leave, wouldn’t you?” asked the unfamiliar boy, running a pair of fingers through his messy black hair, peering at the boy lounging opposite him.

The other boy didn’t smile.

My whole family have been in Slytherin”, he said slowly, seemingly weighing each syllable on his tongue.

Blimey”, said the first boy and pushed up his glasses further up on his nose. “And I thought you seemed all right!

The frown deepened, Lily was gaping slightly and Severus had to nudge her side to make her close her mouth.

And I thought you seemed unprejudiced, but I guess we can’t all be right”, the second boy retorted.

Severus looked back at the bespectacled boy again, who had clinched his lips into a narrow line and stood up, grabbing his bag, which Severus couldn’t help but notice was in excellent condition. So was the other boy’s. He suddenly felt ashamed for his very worn sports bag and tried to push it further back underneath his seat.

I’d rather not sit with snakes”, the short haired boy said, shooting an icy look on the boy who remained, before leaving the compartment.

The remaining boy found himself alone with Severus and Lily, who immediately tried to pretend like they hadn’t followed the exchange very closely. Severus could notice a vague red colour spreading on Lily cheeks, she wasn’t used to be caught spying.

The boy grinned at them and scooted closer to them.

My name is Sirius”, he said, holding out his hand. “Sirius Black.

           a d d i t i o n a l . i n f o :
in this timeline, sirius’ home life was not disastrous. his parents was very much considered dark, but they loved him above anything and supported him - giving sirius no reason to wish to disassociate with them. at the mere age of eleven he was already accustomed to the prejudice “ d a r k “ wizards faced and with them, the house of slytherin.

Oh great. I just realized WHY it’s so deeply, viscerally satisfying: Our little primate hands just love to groom things.

Parasites and loose hair and dead skin gotta go. Make your group-mate clean and tidy and they’ll do the same for you. A clean coat is a healthy coat. Time spent quietly, peacefully grooming one another is good for the whole clan.

Hell, that’s probably also why we love to pull on loose strings. Or why having someone comb their fingers through your hair is practically orgasmic.

Our lineage probably hasn’t had full-body hair to groom for millions of years, but I bet the instinct is still there.

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long, slow kisses in the afterglow, fingers woven through hair and hearts beating in unison - Connor Kenway. Please ❤️

enjoy, honey! 

You could feel the rise and fall of his chest, and hear his heartbeat if you listened close enough. The only light was the one provided by the moon, shinning in-between the curtains, the window open allowing a soft breeze. 

Looking up at him, you found him staring at the ceiling, content. Callused fingertips were gliding up and down your arm in languid motions, this action combined with the cool wind against your sweaty skin caused you to shiver. 

This made him look down, your eyes meeting. The kiss was unhurried and tender; the fingers that were once dancing along your skin moving to card through your hair, bringing you all the more closer. It was as if the two of you were in unison with each other, so in sync that your movements flowed perfectly together. 

It was only when the kiss was over that you realized that if given the choice, this is where you’d want to stay. 

30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 25

Day 25: Gazing into each other’s eyes

Summary: Sherlock expresses his love for you on a rainy day in 221B
Author: Maddy (@laterthantherabbit​)
Words: 750
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x reader
Warnings: None


You lied along the couch, your feet hanging off the edge and swaying slightly through the still and comforting air, and you head rested in Sherlock’s lap. Your eyes were closed whilst he carded his fingers through your hair, a book resting in his other hand as he read. His nails scraped pleasantly along your scalp and sent pleasurable shivers along your spine. Your breaths were as slow and as deep as Sherlock’s and the flat was peaceful. You could faintly hear the patter of rain against the panes of the window and the rumble of distant thunder. The serenity of the scene was lulling you to sleep. You were just about to slip into sleep when Sherlock’s baritone voice came to life in the quiet. You didn’t hear what he had said and just grunted in neutral reply and shifter you head so that it was nuzzled into Sherlock’s abdomen. You felt him chuckle and place a hand on your cheek to turn you head again so it looked towards his own. He spoke again and stroked your cheek, prompting you to open your eyes. When you did, you saw that he had lowered his head so that he was nose to nose with you, his eyes crinkled at the corners as he smiled crookedly.

His eyes were ever changing. Greens, blues and greys all mixed together to create an iridescent sea of colour. They grew brighter in the sunlight, the golden flecks even more so, and darkened at night, becoming richer and more gravitating. The crinkles at the edge of them deepened as he smiled wider and leant down to kiss your nose, you laughed and saw that they shined brighter when you smiled.

“What was that for?” Your voice was thick from near sleep and his eyes poured with adoration at it.

“Did you know that your eyes are like night sky?” You smiled softly at his words and moved so that he could lay alongside you, with the the couch at his back and his legs entangled with yours, his arm resting on your waist and his hand on the small of your back to keep you from falling.

“How so?”

“They are beautiful, and mysterious. They seem to endlessly stretch on forever, shifting and changing with the wind and sun. I can’t fathom my life without them, much like how many cannot picture the night without the stars.” Sherlock’s words pierced your heart and caused warmth to flow throughout your body, until you realised the peculiarity of his unusual romanticism, which made you furrow your brows in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

“Why are you being all romantic? Did John tell you to do this?”

“Of course not. Can’t I just express my affection for your eyes?”

“Not out of the blue like that. You don’t do that unless there’s something leading up to it. Something’s up, what is it?” He huffed out a breath and rested his forehead on yours.

“I read somewhere that it was necessary for partners to show their love for each other through their favourite aspect of each other. Your eyes were what enraptured me the first time we met so I thought they would surfice.” You nodded along as Sherlock spoke yet froze when he finished and you had processed his words.

“You… you love me?” His cheeks reddened and he looked down at his chest.

“Well I… um… what I mean to say is…” You cut off his stuttering with a sweet kiss to his lips, which he returned swiftly. You pulled pack and looked back into his eyes, which were shifting with anticipation, steadying as you whispered back the words that hadn’t been uttered in your relationship to date.

“I love you too.” Sherlock’s eyes crinkled once again as the tension that had built in his body left and he relaxed against you. “I love you so much Sherlock, no matter if you’re hardly a romantic.” He laughed and began to play with your hair again.

“I can be romantic sometimes.” You nestled further into his body and began to drift into sleep once more, your eyes closing and your mind wandering into peacefulness.

“Sometimes being the key word.” You felt Sherlock chuckle and pull you closer. He kissed your forehead and you heard him whisper back the words that had never sounded so sweet in all your life, again and again until you fell into sleep.

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How's Edd taking what happened?

Matt: *running his fingers through Edd’s hair* Not well. He came in crying a little bit ago, blaming himself for sending Tord into a panic attack. It’s not his fault though. He didn’t know how sensitive Tord would be about what he said. *sighs* He fell asleep crying a little bit ago…

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dirk or kanaya for the character thing? <3

dirk is an agender trans dude whos gay! rl gay! hes autistic and ADD and my 3 headcanons are;

he uses he/him pronouns only because his role model was a dude and is only male aligned bc hes gay.

his hair is not styled with hairspray or gel, its styled because he stims by running his fingers through his hair and his fingers are always covered in mechanics grease

hes a big fan of vintage mechanical toys that make lots of noise and are simple but clever in their engineering!

kanaya is a lesbian trans lady! she has ADHD and my headcanons for her are; she secretly likes mlp:fim and channels a lot of rarity. shes probably fickin with rarity shes is the very definition of organized chaos! everything makes sense to her even if it looks compeltely caddywompus to mostly everybody shes the kind of person who goes to events and brings sunscreen, bugspray, ibuprofen, earplugs, aromatherapy, a glue gun, a small sewing kit, 10 water bottles, a change in shoes, three pairs of socks, bandaids, ointment, and nonparishable gluten free snacks in case someone needs something

Alec ran his fingers through his hair, which I took to be a sign of stress or worry.  It was a rare thing, to see him as anything but bored or half distracted.

Is Alec afraid of spiders?

As if to confirm my thoughts, he said, “I don’t want tens of thousands of spiders just lurking below me, making spider noises and climbing upstairs to crawl on me while I sleep.”

That last part definitely sounds like the words of someone who’s afraid of spiders.

I tried to reassure him, “Black widows don’t tend to roam, and they’re more likely to devour each other than they are to bite you.  I mean, you wouldn’t want to provoke one-”

“Don’t worry, they’re cannibals.”

That’s one sentence that would be much less reassuring if it were about humans.

“Black widow spiders?” Alec groaned, “This is the point where you say you’re messing with me.  It’s cool, I can take a prank.”

Sorry, Alec! No prankster’s gambits in play here.

“They have the strongest dragline silk you’ll get from any spider around here,” I said, “I’d love to get my hands on something better, like a Darwin’s bark spider.  They’ve got the strongest silk of any arachnid or worm out there.  It could make fabric five times as tough as kevlar.  I’d ask our boss to see about getting me some, if I thought they could survive in this mild climate.”

…that said, Taylor might actually be messing with Alec by staying matter-of-fact despite having figured out his phobia.

“You’re not kidding about the black widow spiders.”

“Remember the ones I brought to the bank robbery?  I brought them from home.”

I.e. where she made the last spider-woven suit.

“Fuck,” Alec said, then he repeated himself, “Fuck. And now Brian’s going to insist on that costume, so this is probably going to happen.”

“Arachnophobic?” I asked, just a little surprised his reaction was so strong.

I thought you’d figured that out, like, six paragraphs ago.

“No, but I think anyone would be spooked by the idea of tens of thousands of black widow spiders being in the same building as them.”

…fair enough. I’m not arachnophobic, but I’ve never been especially comfortable around spiders either, even before my insect phobia came into play.

(My sister, on the other hand, had arachnophobia. She went to the hypnotist I’ve been talking about, before recommending him to me, and she told me that she now goes into a trance until she’s gotten rid of the spider.)

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Tom, how's Tord doing?

Tom: *sighs* I think he’s starting to work things through in his head. He wouldn’t let go of me during the movie. *runs his fingers through Tord’s hair* He fell asleep in the middle of it so you’ll have to be quiet. *smiles softly when Tord snuggles up to him and gently kisses the top of his head* I guess I can’t move now…