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Moving (Ethan)


“Well..” You said with a sigh, placing your hands on your hips as you stared at the empty boxes in your kitchen. “We better start packing.”

Your boyfriend Ethan stood in front you, running his fingers through his hair. He didn’t know where to begin and he hated moving just as much as you did which made for a pretty lousy team.

“This is going to take forever.” He groaned. “Are you sure you want to move to New York?”

You scoffed. “It’s already done, you goof. I signed the paperwork. Now quit whining and get to it.”

You snapped your fingers at him to which he reluctantly began emptying your drawers while you stretched on your tip toes to reach the glass bowls in the kitchen cabinet. You had always dreamt of moving to New York from the time you were a little girl. You wanted so desperately to escape the dramatic and superficial life you were living in LA. You were a wanderer and never cared to stay in one place for too long. Meeting Ethan changed that…at first. You couldn’t picture life away from him but over time, through the past three years of your relationship, things were beyond solid so really there was no better time. Ethan was sad but he understood, besides he had landed a job in New York with MTV alongside Grayson so you would still see each other all the time.

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Moxiety: We’ll Physically Fight You!

Hey guys! This was a fic that my friend, @cefstickles, who kindly requested this fic when I asked them to! I really hope you like this! And to everyone else who read this fic, I really hope you love it too! So, please enjoy!

“P-Patton! This is r-ridiculous! N-nohooho! N-not there! Patton!” Hearing the screaming all the way from his room, Virgil quickly sat up in his bed, and threw his headphones off. The scream sounded like Logan’s…but what did Patton have to do with it. Swallowing the nervous lump in his throat, Virgil played with the strings of his patchwork hoodie sleeves anxiously, before making his way towards his room’s door. Opening it slowly, the Anxious side listened as the desperate and hysterical screaming got worse as it had nothing to block it from his ears. Glancing around as he stepped out, Virgil peered at Roman’s door, and noticed it was closed. He had to be on one of his adventures or something, so he couldn’t help this time. Jumping in fright as yet another hysterical scream echoed around the mindscape, Virgil moved towards the stairs, and slowly walked down to see a sight he never thought he would see before. “Nohohoho! P-pleheheease! Patton! I-I’ll get you b-back! S-stop!”

           Sliding down more to get a better look, Virgil watched in shock as Patton had Logan pinned on his back while the Moral side sat on the Logical side’s thighs, and was squeezing his hips while scribbling his fingers over Logan’s stomach. Blinking, Virgil honed in on Logan, and noticed how his glasses were askew, and his shirt was pulled out of his pants as Patton scratched at his navel. Hearing the stairs creak, Patton glanced up with that bright smile of his as Logan reached out for Virgil now that he noticed him. Staring at Logan in the eyes apologetically, Virgil gazed at Patton as the Moral side scratched at the other’s open armpits, making Logan lower his arms, squeezing them to his sides as more scratchy, and unused laughter left his unfamiliar smiling mouth.

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Break Down the Wall | Ten

summary: marriage isn’t easy, and love takes time
words: 8k+
category: prince!ten, angst, fluff
warning: mentions of sexual harassment

Originally posted by tensct

It wasn’t like the books. It was never like the books. Princes and Princesses didn’t get married because they fell in love, and they certainly didn’t fall conveniently in love with the one they were betrothed too. That wasn’t realistic. That wasn’t real life.

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Bruised Love {Part 3}

Warnings: Cursing, very angsty

Word count: 791

Summary: Harry has been avoiding (Y/N) lately making her feel unwanted and lonely, as he pushed her away causing her to keep trying to love him and make him notice her, but only to bring her more ache to the heart.

Note: Sorry this kind of shot, I have big plans for part 4. Yes you heard right, their will be a part 4. but I know you guys have been waiting for this sit back get comfy and ENJOY!!;)

Part 1 Part 2

*Third POV*

“I hate you, harry”

“I hate you”

“I hate you”

Her words were all Harry could think of. Every word she had spoken running through his mind repeatedly as he sat there in a chair beside her, watching her fragile body laying there on the uncomfortable hospital bed, her breathing at a rhythm pace. She was tangled up with many cords stuck to her body, as a mask covered most of her face, helping her breathe better. It has been 3 hours since the incident, and (Y/N) still hasn’t woken up yet. Neither has Harry left that spot. He wasn’t going to leave her not now, not ever. But that had changed when the doctor came in the room gesturing for him to meet him out in the hallway.

A heavy groan left his chapped lips as he stood up, his knees tingling from sitting in that chair for hours. He glanced at (Y/N) one more time, before walking out into the white hall seeing nurses walking around the quiet halls. When he noticed the doctor standing by the window to her room, he walked towards him.

“What’s up?” He asked him, scared something had went wrong with (Y/N).

“(Y/N)’s immune system is weakened due to lack of vitamins and minerals, which is due to not eating” the doctor said, as a sigh left Harry’s lips, looking down, putting his fingers through his tangled hair tugging it with frustration. 

“Is there a way I can fix this” He asked, willing to do anything for his lovely (Y/N).

“Yes, she needs to start eating again and then she will be healthy in no time” he suggested, a small smile forming on his lips before petting Harry’s shoulder and walking off to another patient, leaving him in the hallway alone. Harry didn’t know what to do, or how to feed her when she’s going to wake up and doesn’t want him around anymore. 

He walked back into the room seeing (Y/N) still sleep. This was killing him, knowing he let it get this far. She is such an amazing person and Harry just pushed her to the limits, which caused this to happen. He really didn’t want to lose her, she was his first love and still is. He can’t even think what life would be like without her in it. 

Harry can feel his emotions take control of him again, the guilt knocking down his walls. Breathing rugged, chest falling up and down like a machine. His (Y/n), his lovely, perfect little angel, was probably still hurting inside even in her sleep because of him. And it was all his fault. The way she looked at him when she was crying her heart out to him. All she wanted was for Harry to love her and care for her, just as much as she did for him, but maybe just a little more. He slowly walked back to his original spot, making himself comfortable in the chair. 

“This is all my fault” Harry cried to myself, his hands tangled up in hers, as he just let his emotions flung free.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I just wanted you to live a better life without me.” He knows he wasn’t going to get anything from her, but he just wanted to feel close to her as if she was listening. 

“I shouldn’t of pushed you away, I didn’t mean anything I said….. please (Y/N) I need you." 

His sobs were quiet but loud enough for a person in the room to hear him. Harry felt terrible, so terrible. He just wanted to hold his baby girl, make her feel so special to him. His grip on her small cold hand, tighten as he looked at her one more time. She was so beautiful even when she looked so pale. Harry had noticed over the couple of days of him pushing her away her body had changed. She was more skinnier and weaker, which made him feel like she did this for him, like she wanted to show him she can change for him. But Harry didn’t want that, he loved his (Y/N) no matter what she is. She is perfect just the way she is, without a doubt. 

"I love you, (Y/N). Oh god I love you so much, I’m so sorry” he whispers, as he plants a small, delicate kiss on each of her fingers, his tears landing on them. He laid his head down beside her, inhaling her scent, her flower blossom scent that still hang around her. 

His eyelids felt weak as his tears slowly fall from his cheeks. He felt tired, while his body relaxed, soon drifting off with words falling free before closing his eyes. 

“I love you.”

anonymous asked:

could you explore the aftermath of a really intense scene for Roman? like...he was just being humiliated and now he's being showered with praise and told how good he did?

Ah man yeah I’d love to 

- It hits him hard sometimes. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy himself–it’s NEVER that he didn’t enjoy himself–it’s just…intense. Very intense. And sometimes afterward, he feels that. 

- He’s lying on his back right now, still panting. He’s flat on the bed, and his hands and feet are tied, and he’s spread-eagle and bare. His skin is reddened in places where the others’ hands slapped his flesh, and his cock is deep red and purple at the tip, still throbbing in the aftermath of hours of prolonged edging followed by overstimulation and forced multiple orgasms. 

- ANd it was amazing, it really was, and he’d loved every second of it. And now it’s done. He’s a sweat-soaked mess, and his limbs ache, and the others have been humiliating him for the last four hours and suddenly it all just…lands. 

- He feels it in his eyes first. The tell-tale sting. Then his breath gets a little faster, and a little shallower. His vision blurs. And then he’s weeping, silently, wishing with all his heart that he could curl up on his side and hide, because something is settling hollow in his chest and he is way too exposed right now. 

- The change that overcomes the others is instantaneous. Within seconds, hands are gently untying the silk cords that bound him, easing his ankles and wrists out of their hold. He feels a hand bracing his foot and gently rotating his ankle, then his leg is carefully bent at the knee and stretched, making his hip rotate gently in its socket as well. The other leg is being given the same treatment by someone else, while above him, just over him, someone is bringing his hands together, lowering them from where they’d been suspended above his head, rotating his shoulders and easing muscles that have been tensed for long painful hours. 

- He opens his eyes, blinking away the tears that continue to fill them, and sees the figure above him is Virgil. Virgil is gazing down at him and the moment he meets his eyes, Virgil’s face breaks into the softest, gentlest smile Roman has ever seen. Virgil takes both of Roman’s hands into one of his own, cradling them to his chest, and reaches out with his free hand to cup Roman’s cheek, stroking the delicate skin over his cheekbone with one thumb. 

- “Roman,” he murmurs. “Roman, oh, sweetheart, shhh, shhh. I’ve got you, darling. I’ve got you, you did so well, baby. So good for us.” 

The movement at his feet has stopped, as the circulation has been restored by gentle ministrations, and Patton’s face appears in his line of vision next, beaming at him and nodding in agreement. “Such a good boy,” he agrees, then leans down to kiss Roman gently, peppering little touches of his lips across Roman’s brow, his cheeks, his nose, his chin. “Our perfect prince,” he whispers between kisses. “How we adore you.” 

- Logan appears last, and the others move aside to make room, because Logan has the warm, damp cloth in his hands. He stretches himself out next to Roman on the bed, half braced across Roman’s body, and eases the cloth over Roman’s tear-and-sweat soaked face. His eyes are full of love so intense that Roman thinks he might melt. 

- “My beloved Roman,” Logan murmurs, his voice low and husky as he gently cleans Roman’s skin. “My love, my sweet sweet prince. You were perfect. I love you so much.” 

- Roman sobs softly, but the ache in his chest is easing, the hollow emptiness filling once again with words of warmth and love. He curls onto his side at Logan’s urging, facing away from him, and feels Logan slot himself in behind him, tucking himself around Roman’s body and reaching around with the cloth to clean his neck and chest. Below, Patton and Virgil are working with freshly conjured cloths to ease the sticky mess that covers Roman’s body, and he relaxes into their tender care, his eyes still dripping tears but a smile creeping onto his face. 

- The others finish cleaning him while Logan presses kisses against the nape of his neck. Then they ease him out of bed, wobble-legged, and into the bathroom where he relieves himself while Virgil supports him. They step into the shower together, Virgil holding him steady while Roman leans against him and lets the pounding water ease the tension from his muscles. They don’t bother to wash with soap, but they do stand under the pounding heat while Roman leans against Virgil’s body, head resting on Virgil’s shoulder, and Virgil kneads the muscles of Roman’s back. 

- He’s handed over to Patton after the shower, and Patton is waiting with a tall glass of cool water. He watches as Roman drinks the entire thing, then nods in satisfaction and produces a soft, fluffy towel. He dries Roman’s body tenderly while Roman stands swaying, exhaustion setting in. 

- He is then led back to the bedroom where Logan and Virgil have finished remaking the bed with soft, dry sheets and blankets. They help Roman crawl onto the mattress, and then Virgil climbs in beside him, arms open. Roman curls into them, resting his head against Virgil’s chest with a shaky sigh as Virgil runs his fingers through Roman’s damp hair. 

- Logan and Patton each retreat for a shower of their own, but they make it very fast, and within five minutes they’re both back, damp-warm from the shower as they crawl into bed. Logan eases himself up behind Roman and holds him from behind while Patton crawls in behind Virgil and reaches out to lace his fingers with Roman’s (his arm is wrapped around Virgil’s waist, his hand curled against Virgil’s bare back). 

- They settle into the bed, and overhead, the fairy lights strung across the ceiling come on, twinkling softly. Patton begins to hum, a soft, gentle lullaby, and Logan continues to whisper words of love in Roman’s ear while Virgil strokes his hair. 

- The emptiness is gone now. Roman is safe and contented and loved, so loved he can’t even bear it, so loved he is bursting with it. His body is sated and his heart is full and he falls asleep feeling cherished and adored. 


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dating steve harrington would include..

Originally posted by beyknowles

  •  Steve would be one of the most loving and caring boyfriend in the world, so jot that down
  •    majority of the time he’s holding you in some type of way; holding hands, hands on your waist, tapping your wrist, basically laying on top of you, you name it
  •    Steve loves contact v much because it helps remind him that you’re still around and still sticking with him
  •  his face instantly lights up whenever you walk into the room, even if you were gone for .02 seconds
  •  this kid is a literal softy for your smile, and will do anything for/to protective it
  •    even if he sees an ounce of sadness evident on your face, he will immediately start throwing out the most ridiculous jokes just to see you smile
  •    Let’s be honest, it’s all probably dad jokes
  • steve is into nicknames, he probably calls you a different one everyday
  •  his #1 favorites is babe and sweetheart because those are the ones that gets you flustered the most
  •  even tho i said he lives for your smile, he absolutely loves it when you get embarrassed by the things he says
  •    ‘wow, can’t believe i’m dating the most beautiful person in the world
  •    “Oh my gosh steve pls be quiet”
  •   “Quiet! How could i quiet with news like this!”
  •  always says ‘i love you’ everytime he leaves you in a room, even if it’s only for a split second
  •  melts with every kiss you give him and will probably ask for more
  •  will, in return, give you thousands of kisses all over your face
  •  Steve is very interested  in your hobbies and will intently listen to everything you say about them
  •    He actually thinks it’s kind of cute when you talk about the things you love and attempts to share that love with you
  •    If you’re interested in books he’ll try to read a couple of them
  •   he might stop reading it at some point, but he tries
  •   if you like to bake, you guys would try to do some cooking dates together!
  •              Which might end up somewhere else, but hey! It’s the thought that counts
  •  Impromptu dates! loves impromptu dates!
  •    He’d be driving with you in the car and just say “hey, you wanna go out right now?”
  •            ‘y’know, i’m feeling milkshakes, wanna get milkshakes?’
  •             i heard kfc is good, how about we grab a bite?
  •  You’re the only person steve will ever allow to touch his hair, and let me tell you it’s a blessing
  •  it might look ridiculous at times but that shit is soft
  •  and he loves the feeling of your fingers running through his hair, so it’s a win-win
  •  does the 80s equivalent of sending good morning/good night messages, which is basically sneaking into your room at night, and picking you up for school first thing in the morning
  • will purposefully stay late so he’ll have no choice but to stay over
  • do not plan on studying with this kid, bc he cannot focus
  • with that being said, steve loves cuddling and really likes the feeling of you in between his arms
  •  he’s the type that would leave you flowers in your locker or doorstep
  • and he probably gives you roses before any date
  • misses you and thinks about you all the time when he leaves for college and tries to visit you anytime he can
  • probably calls you everyday to make up for it
  • the calls would last for hours and he never hangs up
  •                             “steve c’mon i have homework”
  •                             “i know, i know, but i can’t just hang u-
  •                              “okay, then i’ll hang up”
  •                              waitwaitwait don’t go yet!”
  • is a total gentleman even if he doesn’t look it
  • will hold doors open for you and give you his jacket if gets cold (even if he makes it seem like he doesn’t want to)
  • and will throw his fists in your name if it comes to it
  • in conclusion, steve harrington would be an amazing bf thank you and good night

this got kind of long, and i kind of got carried away, but i hope you guys like it!