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May o get a reader x Draco imagine with 16 and 21?

Yes. Totally.

Name: Magic…
Summary: long story short - the reader is dating Malfoy, and they both think that the other one is a muggle, so one day Draco decides to ‘come out’.

You decided to spend a day by a lake, so you are just sitting under a tree, your head resting on his shoulder, as you are looking through the pages of a book.

“What are you reading?” Draco murmurs in your hair, as he pulls the book out of your hands.

“A novel,” you look up, and he softly kisses you, running his fingers through your hair. “You look…  serious. Is something wrong?”

“No, no,” he sighs, then shakes his head. “Close your eyes.”

“Draco, don’t do weird,” you murmur. “Are you going to cut my face off?”

“No… Why would I?” he finally smiles, and you stroke his jawline. “Ok, I may be too tense.”

“You got my eyes closed,” you smile, closing your eyes. Draco strokes your cheek and whispers something under his breath.

“Y/N, I want to show you something. It may scare you, but I am just opening up to you, ok?” you nod quickly, already afraid of what he may do. Your wand was hidden in your bag, but you had no idea how to reach it if Draco decided to do crazy and try to cut you. “Open your eyes,” you slowly open them and look at the flame, jumping in a small jar in front of you. “Y/N, I have magic.”

“You don’t say!” you grin and take your wand out, hearing how Draco sighs, as you accio the blanket and cover your legs.

“That’s insane! You’re insane!” he covers his face with his hands. “You have magic, and you never told me! You are insane!”

“I know. That’t great, isn’t it?” you smile widely. “Two magicians that think they are dating muggles. Now tell me that you are a pureblood,” you nod, honestly trying not to laugh. “And both going against the rule of pure blood. How ironic…”

“Tell me about it…”

“How comes I’ve never heard of you? Or you of me?” asks Draco, stroking your shoulder with his fingertips, as if nothing has changed between you.

“My parents, they left England as soon as Voldemort started getting power… Well, my grandparents moved to the States, so I was raised there. I heard of the Malfoys, but I know you as a Murdock, don’t I?” you both grin - you both were trying to have muggle life, far away from the magic world, away from your true names. “Hilarious.”

“But everything else you told me is true?” you both ask at the same time and smile.

“We are so funny,” you note, and Draco nods.

“Yeah. Hilarious,” you stay quiet for a few minutes. “Y/N?”


“I still love you,” he whispers in your ear, pulling you closer and resting his head on top of yours. You smile and blush, as he takes your hand and strokes the fingers carefully. “No magic will change that.”

“You are romantic, aren’t you?” he giggles, then stays quiet, waiting for your answer. “I love you too, Malfoy… Even though my parents would hate that I am dating a Malfoy.”

“You are dating a Murdock.”

“Yes, I am,” you both laugh, still holding hands. “Imagine your parents’ faces when you tell them how we met?”

“Father will get a heart attack… Mom… Mom too. Nah, they’ll be cool. Hopefully.”

nozaki probably helps sakura with her hair in the morning and he always says it’s “for reference” to study hair techniques and sakura tries not to blush at the feel of nozaki’s fingers tenderly running through her hair as he fastens and ties the pretty patterned bows in her bright hair.

nozaki will ask sakura to wear his jacket one day and he always says it’s “for reference” to see how the oversized coat would look on sakura’s little body and sakura will feel her face warm as she walks down the hallways and sees people’s eyes flick and look at her because everyone knows that is nozaki’s jacket and not hers.

nozaki sometimes holds sakura’s hands as they walk through hallways together and says it’s “for reference” because he wants to understand how it would feel to hold such soft girl hands in his for there’s going to be a moment when his two characters do the same and he and sakura will walk home together with hands intertwined and sakura practically glowing with happiness.

and sometimes, nozaki will tell her the sweetest things without thinking, compliments such as “you look very pretty today” or “your smile is very contagious and very cute” that make sakura’s cheeks pink the cutest shade and nozaki will think to himself her blush is his favourite shade of pink, and decides he’s quite happy with having sakura be his “assistant.”


“Jared and Jensen are just friends”
(Part two)

For starters, I just wanna say those are some nice “bedroom eyes” ya got going on there Jensen. (Platonic friends always look at each other like that.) ;)

And Wow! You should probably feed ‘your boy’ cause he’s looking awful hungry in that second gif. (It’s Definitely not a love bite. Nope. Not at all.)

Also, I love how Jared completely relaxes as you run your fingers through his hair. (That’s totally a normal thing for two friends to do.)

And those declarations of
“I need you.”
“He and I are more than co-stars these days.”
And “we were made for each other.” Those are without a doubt things you say about a friend and don’t at all imply that you are madly in love with each other. Right?… right?

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Have you heard of our lord and savior,,, peggy/maria,,,

Maria was in the kitchen when she heard Peggy groan loudly. There was a pause before Peggy pitifully called out for Maria.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” Maria asked, peaking her head into the bedroom. Peggy was balled up in the center of the mattress, blankets piled around her. “Are you alright?” she asked nervously, stepping into the room and sitting on the edge of their bed.

Peggy stretched out her arms dramatically, wrapping them around Maria’s waist and pulling herself into Maria’s lap. “I feel terrible.” Maria ran her fingers through Peggy’s hair, untangling it when her fingers caught.

“You’re getting sick?” Maria asked, resting her free hand against Peggy’s forehead. She didn’t feel warm.

“Maaybe…,” Peggy replied quietly. “I think I know how I can feel better, though…”

“Oh yeah?” Maria replied. “And what’s that?”

Peggy tapped her lips. “A kiss?”

Maria laughed, leaning down to rest her forehead against Peggy’s. “You aren’t really sick, are you?” she murmured, her lips bushing against Peggy’s cheek.

“Nooo,” Peggy murmured, looking up at her girlfriend with big, innocent eyes.

Maria laughed and caved to Peggy’s request. She peppered her cheeks with light, little kisses until she reached her lip, giving Peggy a slow, loving kiss.

“Next time, darling, just ask.”

This is super duper late and I wouldn’t even call it finished, but I got carried away. So here you guys go ^^

Kibum runs his fingers through his hair as the pink dye settles into his roots, he looks himself over with a smile before looking over his shoulder to meet gazes with his boyfriend. “How does it look?” he asks and the lump in the bed (the naked body of his boyfriend) stirs to an upright position and he looks Kibum up and down with an approving smile.

“I like it, you look sweet.”

“Edible?” Kibum asks.

“And other things.” A loud laugh bubbles past Kibum’s lips and he turns his back to the mirror to fully face his boyfriend.

“Other things, Jjong?”

Jonghyun nods. “Things we don’t have time for, we should be heading out soon.” He says quickly trying his best to ignore the way Kibum’s white tee hangs off his shoulder and how the hem barely hides his thighs. “We have a shoot at eight.”

“Right, right,” Kibum mumbles dragging his feet as he walks to their shared closet, Jonghyun’s gaze follows after him and he smiles to himself.

“Can’t help it that we’re so popular.” He hums and Kibum rolls his eyes. They were the main models for Korea’s top magazine; Éclair Co. They were known for their sensual yet romantic photoshoots and the combination of their presences together. Sometimes Kibum’s aura overpowered those of the other models, but with Jonghyun there was a perfect balance. Maybe it was their chemistry or the spring like freshness of their dating life.

Kibum powders his face with light colored foundation and hums along to the lyrics of 11:11 as Jonghyun slips into the bathroom with him. “Make room,” he says somewhat groggily.

Kibum frowns. “You can squeeze.” He says not breaking the rhythm of the song he was humming.

Jonghyun grins and wraps his arms around Kibum’s waist, he pulls him close and kisses the side of his neck. “What you just said, sounds a lot like what you told me last night.”

“Gross, stop it.” Kibum groans as Jonghyun’s lips skitter up and down his neck.

“Stop it?”

“Yes, come on, get off.” Kibum continues to struggle his way out of Jonghyun’s hold, but the older only laughs and eventually a smile snakes its way onto Kibum’s lips. His right hand shoots out above his head to keep the powder from spilling over. Jonghyun pushes him against the sink and pins him there with his arms.

“Wha…t?” Kibum asks breathlessly, happy tears pricking the corners of his eyes. Jonghyun continues to stare at him, the smile on his lips wavers into a bright grin.

“I love you.” He confesses suddenly causing Kibum to roll his eyes and push him off.

“I need to finish getting ready, so do you.” Kibum murmurs focusing his attention back on his reflection. Jonghyun laughs again and ruffles Kibum’s hair.

“I’ll eat you up later, you and your cotton candy hair.” Jonghyun winks as he exits the bathroom.

The morning is crisp, the street littered with cars here and there. Kibum sticks his head out of the window as Jonghyun drives down the street. He feels the breeze and Jonghyun peeks at him from the corner of his eyes. The sunlight dances through the pink streaks of his hair making him appear like a fairy. “You’re magical.” Jonghyun says under his breath, but Kibum doesn’t hear him, he continues smiling brightly up at the sun, almost as if in a challenge and Jonghyun’s heart flutters.  They drive through Seoul and then further until they’re driving past Gangnam. Kibum’s still looking out the window, but now he’s only sticking his hand out to feel the breeze. Gentle, tender. Kibum glances towards Jonghyun when he feels a weight on his thigh and smiles at Jonghyun without saying a word.

Jonghyun loves it the most when he drives with Kibum. Sometimes it feels like he’s being sucked into an entirely new world, sometimes they park on the curb and kiss each other until the windows are fogged over. Jonghyun squeezes Kibum’s thigh as he takes a sharp turn into the city.

“Do you know what today’s concept will be?” Kibum asks rolling up the car window to silence the wind.

“Nope, they say it’ll be a surprise.”

“Surprise my ass, do they know what they’re doing?”

“Who are we to question our magazine company?”

Kibum clicks his tongue at Jonghyun’s response. “We’re their top models.”

Jonghyun smiles, his hand working the steering wheel as he pulls into the parking lot of Éclair Co.

“Well, if you’re so curious ask them yourself.” Jonghyun slips his hand off of Kibum’s thigh to focus on parking.

“And I will.” Kibum’s already clicking off his seatbelt as Jonghyun pulls into a spot right in front of the building. He cuts the engine just as Kibum opens the passenger door and steps out into the cool morning air. He squints into the sunlight and Jonghyun appears on the other side of the car.

“Thinking?” he asks, walking around the car to meet Kibum.

“Mm, just a little.” Jonghyun reaches over to take his hand.

“Don’t think too much.” He soothes bringing Kibum’s hand to his lips and kissing the center of his palm. Kibum flashes a soft smile as they walk hand in hand into the building. Several employees and fellow models greet them on their way. Kibum flashes them a brief smile, while Jonghyun says hello in reply to them. It doesn’t take long for them to make it to the back of the building where the studio is located.

“Kibum, Jonghyun!” their manager greets with an approving smile of their causal attire. “You two always look so gorgeous together.”

“It’s good to see you Hwasa.” She grins and ushers them inside, Kibum goes inside first, Jonghyun follows after him his hand on his boyfriends waist. The studio is dimly lit giving off a sultry vibe, it takes a moment for their eyes to adjust, but when they do Jonghyun looks around and whistles.

“Can I give a guess for today’s theme?” he asks looking over his shoulder at Hwasa who is smiling from ear to ear. She arches her brow in a “go on” gesture. Jonghyun smirks and takes Kibum by the wrist. “Something,” he pulls Kibum into him. “Sexual?”

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Amren and Mor


Mor and Amren have been tip-toeing a bit around their feelings. And one day Amren invites Mor to her bed chambers and they just sit on her bed and talk. And Amren is resting her forehead on Mor’s shoulder gently and Mor is running her fingers through Amren’s hair. They really talk out their feelings and try to figure out if they can really do this. And it turns into whether or not they’re both willing to work for it. Mor tilts Amren’s head up and she kisses her softly, holding the side of her face. “I’m willing to if you are” And Amren bites her lip and just hands her one of her most loved sapphires or whatever and Mor takes that as a definite yes. The Amren-Way to say yes. 

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Stanley absolutely loves Lefou's hair and he likes touching it and playing with it and styling it and he'll just like.... lean over and kiss Lefou's neck while running his fingers through his hair and Lefou is just like "I think I've died and gone to Heaven"

Hello I agree

(Lefou’s hair was so good though?? I was weirdly jealous and kind of wished my hair was longer)

But they could literally be doing anything and Stanley will always find some way to play with Lefou’s hair. (Which also in turn prompts him to wear it down more often for a prime hair-playing experience)

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"I'm a monster" for mitsuhide. I like to think he's dying on the inside after honnoji ohohoho

this is super vague and possibly ooc because i haven’t played his route, i’m sorry.

“I’m a monster.” He says this with his head in his hands, and while the blood is no longer on him, it mind as well be. Mitsuhide remained silent after this confession, and she took it ass a means for her to take matters in her own hands as she cradled his cheek in her hand. 

“If you say this as a means to convince me to abandon you, your attempts are going to be futile.” She wears composure well, a voice of clarity amongst chaos that beckons to him like lovers do. “You have your reasons, I’m sure you do. But now is not the time for you to mourn over something that has already passed.” 

Silence manages to engulf the room around them, her fingers running through his hair as he remains in an unmoving position. What was going through that head of his, she wasn’t too sure of, but she was sure that she would stand by him and do what she would need as his wife. “I killed him.” And he repeats this three times, his body beginning to shake and his chest beginning to heave as if he were to dispel anything that was ever to be found in his body. So she holds him, cradles his head in her arms and presses kisses against his skull in an attempt to console him, almost impossibly so when he shakes under her hold.

Maybe there had been some things she cannot fix, and she may never know the reasons for what he had done. Love could only heal so much, and it was undeniable that his relationship with his Lord was something significant, more than just a simply betrayal. Even if their lives were to be forfeited, she had come to the final understanding that she would follow him to the ends of the earth and alleviate any of the pain he had held so close to himself.

heavenly words

aliferous: (adj.) having wings

apricity: (n.) the warmth of the sun in the winter

aspectabund: (adj.) letting emotion show easily through the face or eyes

aurora: (n.) dawn

balter: (v.) to dance gracelessly, but with enjoyment

cafune: (n.) the act of running your fingers through the hair of someone you love

catharsis: (n.) release of emotional tension

charmolypi: (n.) a mixed feeling of happiness while being sad

diaphonous: (adj.) light, translucent, and delicate

dulcet: (adj.) sweet

ephemeral: (adj.) fleeting

ethereal: (adj.) extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world

eutony: (n.) the pleasantness of a word’s sound

halcyon: (adj.) a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful

illecebrous: (adj.) enticing

irenic: (adj.) promoting peace

kalon: (n.) beauty that is more than skin-deep

kalopsia: (n.) the seeing of things as more beautiful than they actually are

lacuna: (n.) a blank or missing part

lilt: (n.) a pleasant gentle accent

ludic: (adj.) full of fun and high spirits

meraki: (n.) to do something with love or soul

nefelibata: (n.) cloud-walker; one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination

nepenthe: (n.) something that makes one forget their sadness

nubivagant: (adj.) wandering in the clouds

numinous: (adj.) feeling fearful yet awed and inspired

orphic: (adj.) beyond ordinary understanding

pyrrhic: (adj.) won at too great a cost

pulchritudinous: (adj.) breathtaking, heartbreaking beauty

scintilla: (n.) a tiny trace or spark of a feeling

selcouth: (adj.) unfamiliar, strange, yet marvelous

sirimiri: (n.) a light drizzle of rain

susurrus: (n.)  whispering, murmuring, or rustling

sweven: (n.) a dream

temerate: (v.) to break a bond or promise

viridity: (n.) innocence

yonderly: (adj.) absent-minded

I can’t stop thinking about touching her.
I just want her skin on mine, I want to feel how soft her lips are and I want her hands interlocked with mine.
I can’t stop thinking about her head on my chest as I run my fingers through her hair.
I can’t stop thinking about being with her.
Driving in the car with her in my passenger seat, sitting across from her at dinner, and laying next to her.
I just can’t stop thinking about her.

mood: me and my girls in matching pastel jackets, each with our own flair of style and personality, swinging baseball bats and other crude weapons, lounging threateningly outside of abuser’s homes, watching and snapping our gum and running our fingers through our hair, eyes glinting, waiting, pink and dangerous

a concept: Victor usually wakes up first in the mornings. So when Yuuri wakes to find Victor cuddled against him, breathing slowly and steadily, it’s a pleasant surprise. He brushes his fingers through Victor’s hair and Victor instinctively moves closer to him, gravitating towards Yuuri’s touch whether conscious or unconscious.

They have to leave soon, so regretfully Yuuri whispers to him in Japanese, trying to wake him. Victor hums, still asleep, and tangles a leg in between both of Yuuri’s. Yuuri kisses his forehead and his chest aches with unconditional love that could reverse the turn of the Earth, that could part the ocean, that could put out the embers of the sun. Five more minutes won’t hurt anyone.

Amnesia AU where Viktor has an accident, and doesn’t remember anything after the banquet for the Sochi Grand Prix Finals. The doctors have told them his memory will definitely return, but it may take a month or two.

Viktor remembers enough to know that he is absolutely smitten with Yuuri, but not enough to know that they are engaged.

Yuuri doesn’t tell him about their relationship because he doesn’t want Viktor to feel obligated to be affectionate and lovey dovey with him. So Yuuri pretends they’re just roommates, which is why they live together, and he even starts sleeping in the guest room of their apartment.

He doesn’t realize how physically affectionate he’s become over the past few years, so he ends up being a lot more touchy feely with Viktor than he realizes.

So cue Viktor trying to woo his crush with suave pick-up lines and romantic dates, only to fail every time because Yuuri just has to look at him, or even just touch him (fingers running through his hair, a fleeting touch on the small of his back, a brush of lips on his forehead) and Viktor gets really really flustered and almost dies. Every. Single. Time.

Yuuri can see exactly what he’s going on, but he finds it absolutely hilarious (and kind of adorable), so he goes along with it. Also, he knows that once Viktor gets his memories back, he’ll get a kick out of having gotten the chance to fall for Yuuri all over again.

The rest of their rinkmates also find it absolutely hilarious. Especially when Viktor goes to them for romantic advice.

Phichit (who is staying with them for a while because it’s the off-season and he misses his best friend) somehow manages to gain Viktor’s trust and become his official wingman.

He gives Yuuri regular updates about his fiancé’s antics.