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Keyleth’s dress now has a bunch of butterflies on it! I think there’s like 50 or 60-some. I redid their pattern 3 times before I liked it. Idk, it’s really hard to make technicolored butterfly covered stuff not read hella tacky or overwrought, so it took me a while to find a pattern I felt worked. Butterflies just aren’t my style too - I’d much prefer to just leave the dress plain and sleek - so I’m having a hard time getting my brain around whether I like it or not. Fingers crossed that I’ll still like it in the morning and won’t have to redo it again. 

FUNNY STORY ABOUT THESE: for whatever reason, the place I bought them from shipped them separately. Chirrut was to arrive on Monday, Baze on Tuesday. But when UPS tried to deliver on Monday, my roommate couldn’t get to the door in time. So I tried to have Chirrut delivered to my local UPS Access Point. But for whatever reason, it wouldn’t let me, so I crossed my fingers that they would deliver him with Baze the next day since I was planning on working from home. Then of course Tuesday, there was a snowstorm and UPS didn’t deliver anything. I was able to arrange to have Baze delivered to the Access Point, but it still wouldn’t let me have Chirrut delivered there. So I left a note for the driver to deliver to the coffee shop under my apartment instead. Then right before I left work today, my roommate texted me to let me know I had two large packages waiting for me. Long story short: there’s no power in the universe that can separate these two.


okay so… apparently my tags didn’t work the first time I posted this.. so we’re trying again, fingers crossed🤞🏼
📸first pic: ignore my dirty mirror putting fluff on my nose, otherwise I was feelin myself
📸second pic: all smiles because bellarke + squad will be back on my screen tonight🙌🏼😍

posting super early because I’ll be avoiding tumblr for the most part later tonight (can’t watch live) and only going to my mentions to reblog all your lovely faces❤

also warning - I overdid it with the tags.. BUT, today is a day to be extra af so I don’t really care. love you all & let me see your beautiful faces🤗🤗 unfortunately the read more isn’t a thing now because I’m pretty sure it screwed up my tags last time

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this is a weird post to make at 12:15 am on a sunday morning but basically at the end of january i had to quit my job and file a human rights complaint with my former employer and it was just a shitty, scary time because i didn’t have another job waiting for me and i only had enough saved up for a couple of months but honestly like, in the past month and a half i’ve started freelancing again and getting paid real human money to write about music and tv shows that i care about, tomorrow i get to interview one of my favourite musicians of all time and i pitched that and set it up all by myself, i put out a chapbook of my writing and it peaked at #3 on amazon’s young adult lgbt chart, i finished revising 54,000 words of my manuscript and i’m working on the ending now, and now i’m in the third stage of interviews for a wonderful job that is exactly and precisely what i want to do (fingers crossed, everyone), and my mental health has improved so, so, so much, and i’ve managed to keep myself afloat financially in the meantime with a part-time job and freelance writing gigs, and i couldn’t have done aaaaaaaaaany of that if i’d just stuck it out at my old job and spent my evenings sending out resumes and hoping for something better to come along, so what i’ve learned in all of this is that if someone is treating me badly, getting out of that situation asap and focusing all my energy on taking care of myself is always the right thing to do

And here is my main reason for watching Trollhunters in the first place, the villain x hero’s mom pairing, with a touch of monster boyfriend, Stircklake!
I had a lot of fun working on this, especially Barbara’s hair and Strickler’s face were a joy to color. x3
Usually I have problems finding the matching colors from 3D modeled characters, but this time I simply didn’t use references and just did it from my memory + personal feeling and I think the result looks very good.
And jeez I had to grin all the time while working on this. @awesometoomuchroslyn really drew such lovely expressions, just the way they look at each other. *dreamy sigh*
I really cross my fingers that Strickler will get his chance for redemption and those two can be happy together. 

Sketch © @awesometoomuchroslyn
Colors © Pikuna/me

i’m in love with your body

“i came to the gym to work out but holy god i can’t stop watching you do one armed push ups that’s so hot” spitfire no powers au 

happy valentine’s day @icanhearyouglaring !!! sorry i’m a lil late for @yjficexchange but i’m a trash person and have no excuse. also it’s been so stinkin long since i wrote spitfire so fingers crossed it’s not terrible (and yes the tite is from an ed sheeran song sorry not sorry lmaoo)

The gym is Wally’s favorite place to hate. He goes, begrudgingly, because this whole fast metabolism thing isn’t going to keep up forever and he hates every single second of it.

There’s nothing fun about running on a treadmill at 10 at night after a long day in the lab. It’s boring as hell, actually, especially on days when he forgets his headphones and has to listen to the crackling gym radio that’s echoing through the space.

It’s not the running that bothers him. He loves finding that perfect pace and the adrenaline rushing through his body, the slightest strain in his muscles and the dryness in his lungs. He ran track and cross country in high school and college because that was something he could get into- the varying workouts, the comradery, the competition.

But it’s just Wally on the treadmills tonight, there’s hardly anyone in the gym at all.  Most people are behind him, on the bikes or back by the weights, and there’s no one here to entertain him except for the celebrity news show that’s on the TV in front of him.

Like he said, he’s bored.

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So I successfully completed blogilates 28 day reset- no added sugar, no dairy, no processed food, no alcohol and no gluten on Jan 28. Because of the great improvements I’m seeing: face clearing and weight dropped I have continued with a slight modification. I will have a yolo meal/ treat once for the week.

Gym is going great. Consistently working out at least 5 times for the week. Cutting fat, gaining muscle and shaping out! All good stuff ☺️

Love life- I’ve met someone, actually from December. No intimacy, which I think is great because we are both operating objectively and really learning about the other. We are getting along quite well, had one disagreement but that was resolved by the next day. He seems so decent and sweet. Crossing my fingers on this one.

Work is going good. Really hectic now because I’m in trial court and will be til the end of the month but I am finding balance.

As for my goals for this year! I’m in the process, still can’t split but I am consistently practicing my stretches, in the process of acquiring another asset. I will need to check my goal list to see what else I have in store. I hope by the end of March to strike off at least 3 goals!

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I hate working in a bourgeois playground of a neighborhood but people know me and cut money off my tab all the time so that’s awesome, and also guess who just got randomly offered a barback gig? I’ve been wanting to learn some bartending basics and already have my liquor license. I hope I can get to the bar in TIME though, considering I don’t get off work until 8:30 most nights. But cross your collective fingers for me! Bartending would be a good use of my timing/drinks skills I’ve picked up as a barista, but being able to work from like 10 to 3 would be so perfect, since I am up anyway. And I am so tired of my job and need to transition eventually to something else with late hours so I can go to school.

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being Dylan's crush and working on a project together

this is so sweet and pure

  • Honestly Dylan would be so fucking pumped like everytime you guys got assigned to do projects he’d cross his fingers that you’d be paired with him and this time you finally would
  • It would be an English project and it would be so easy
  • You’d start in class so you’d go over to sit beside him and he’d be blushing as you introduced yourself 
  • He’d throw around ideas as you wrote them down but he’d be stuttering and just taking in how pretty you were 
  • he’d make some super corny jokes but they’d make you laugh so much 
  • He’d ask if you wanna come over so you guys could finish it after school and when you agree he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything else all day 
  • He’d drive you guys back to his and he’d apologize for the mess in his car the entire time 
  • Joking around the entire time instead of getting work done
  • him offering to get u water or a snack every 5 minutes
  • probs staying at his for like 3 hours talking about music and games and getting to know him
  • giving him your number when he drops you home
  • he’d be such a happy boy omg 
Oboro/Flora C-S Supports

Holy shit. I am so late, it’s not even fashionable. Oboro would be livid.

Hey there! Guess who finished one support before the deadline? This girl! Okay, but in all seriousness, I’m so sorry for taking so long. I feel so bad, things just got so busy I never had enough time to work on the supports I claimed. My mental health has also just been one giant mess so I never had the motivation to work either… God what a mess lol. But at least I finished this one! And I might finish Mozu/Flora too, maybe? I only have two hours left, but fingers crossed…

Anyways the support! I didn’t really proofread this one with all the rush, so hopefully it ended up okay? It’s definitely not as polished as Camilla/Flora, but I do like how the A and S supports ended up, so hopefully you do too! This pairings really cute tbh, I mean two of my blue wives marrying each other? How could it NOT be cute?

Support under the cut like before, and here’s the google docs link!

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Sorry I’ve been inactive for so long. Last 6 weeks I’ve been suffering from an extremely bad migraine and the pain is constant. Haven’t be able to work much (stopped me from being able to work for 4 weeks of Feb and then pretty much the last week. Only been able to work 1 - 2 hours a day)  so been watching stuff when its too painful to sleep (which tbh is all the bloody time). Which on an animation course means that I’m massively behind on work and having to apply for EC’s :(. Keep seeing the doctor, atm nothings working and am hoping it doesn’t turn out to be serious (fingers fucking crossed).

So been watching a lot of Jack’s videos which have made me laugh whilst I’m in a lot of pain rn. Which is nice cus it helps distract from the pain for a bit. Decided to draw Gamer Sam because the image popped into my head whilst watching Night in The WOOOOOOOOOOOOODS. 

Fucking love Night in The Woods XD everytime I read one of the characters dialogue Jack’s voices are what pop into my head. I got a few ideas and this is the first of them. I love the style of that game so much and that’s got a lot to do with what gave me the idea.
Anyway I hope you enjoy and that your having a better time than I am right now :)

why not both?
  • pairing: eisuke ichinomiya x MC x soryu oh.
  • rating: mature. it’s nice & smutty.
  • requested by: just me, lmao. definitely send me a request if you have one tho pls!
  • word count: ~1700.
  • author’s notes: okay so this is my first fanfic, crossing my fingers that it’s alright! i wrote this while i was at work on my phone, so pls forgive any errors. anyway, i just had to write this bc every time i look at the picture below, i’m like “man i’d give up my ability to eat chocolate ever again if i could sandwich myself between them”. in addition, since they’re two of my fave characters, the idea of them both being totally whipped for MC & doting on her makes me really happy?? i’m rambling, just pls read it & let me know what y'all think! enjoy 😘

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@theasgardiandetective’s Character Art Commissions!

That’s right, it’s been a long, long time coming; but I’m finally doing character commissions! :D

So how’s this gonna work? Well, as this is my first time doing commissions, I’ll be testing the waters by taking work over the course of a week - from the 15th till the 22nd August 2016. (although that timeslot may of course change depending on how things go :O)

That said, here’s the rundown:

  1. Want a commission of your fave character? Cool!
  2. Check that I still have slots available by quickly checking out the description of my blog (seriously, check before making any requests y’all)
  3. Read the terms under the cut!
  4. Anything unclear after reading that? Feel free to hit up my askbox with any queries!
  5. Once you’re ready, send a request my way via email!


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Omg binding notes 😂 sorry I translated it incorrectly from my native language, I meant playing with slurs

put your fingers down on the strings before you cross. if you’re supposed to slur 16 notes, slur 4 at a time, then 8, and then gradually work up to 16. for fast slurs, the muscle memory in your left hand needs to be there, or else the rest of it won’t work

Imagine Thomas so absorbed in watching the game on television that he doesn’t notice your arms wrapped around his waist, or the way your fingers trailed up his thigh. When you went to go kiss his neck he shook you off, picking up his beer with his eyes set on the television. You sigh, sitting back on the couch with your arms crossed.

“Thomas when is your game over? We’ve had opposite work schedules the last three days, this is the first time I’ve seen you,” you pout.


“Thomas?” You glare at him. He isn’t even listening to you. “Look I’m naked.” You lie just to see if he is listening; he doesn’t even flinch.

You roll your eyes, watching as he takes another swig of his beer when an idea strikes you. Running into the other room, you change into the new bralette set Thomas bought you last month and walk out into the living room. You sit in front of the television, grabbing Thomas’ beer and taking a sip. His eyes focus on you, his annoyance slipping away at the sight of you, his eyes widening.

“Bloody hell when did you-” he stammers, running a hand through his hair. “Come here babe.”

“I don’t know, I think I want to watch the game,” you tease him, turning around to face the screen and ignoring him. Next thing you know his hands are on your waist, trailing down softly and his lips press against your ear.

“The only thing I want to watch now is you,” he breathes against your skin before turning off the television and pulling you onto the couch.


Kiss Cam - collab prompt

From Lauren’s 1d artist/writer collab that I put my name down for. I apologize for how long it took me to get  to it, but now it’s finally here!

*As a side note to those who aren’t so on board with the OT5 train anymore - I actually started this work before Zayn left.  It was one of the contributing factors as to why it took so long, and after the twitter drama it was a real struggle to finish this.

I am happy with the finished product though, and I hope you’re all able to enjoy it too :)

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I’m back from the interview. It was super short and I’m not 100% sure I did well, but I’m going to focus on the fact that I did it. And that I managed to get an interview in the first place. Also I drove there and back which is no small thing for me, so \o/ it’d be literally the perfect job if I could get it, so fingers crossed for me fam. <3