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Hi there! I just wanted to tell you that I am such a fan of your writing, so much so that I've read a lot of your fics multiple times. In particular, "Love Me Not" tugged on my heart strings--may or may not have shed a tear or two, but shhhh--and I was wondering if you planned on continuing that story at all. Personally, I am keeping my fingers crossed that a chapter 6 will make an appearance sometime soon. Again, amazing work! Thanks for writing.

Aw this is so sweet, anon, thank you!!

This story is frustrating because I know exactly how I want it to end up, but I’m also coming off a really long writing hiatus and feel a bit like a baby deer wobbling awkwardly on unsteady legs. I know where I want to go but I’m not sure I have the ability to get there.

I’m trying to relearn how to write at this point, and I’ll be working on some new things (hopefully! *fingers crossed*) before I make any attempt to pick up my unfinished pieces. Hoping to get it done at some point, but I wouldn’t risk saying “soon.” Sorry, love and thank you for the message <3

So my “interview” (it was more a chat, it wasn’t formal at all!) went really well and I’m going back on Friday to meet this woman who works in the shop and the man I had the “interview” with was like “she’ll be the one who helps you do the orders and things like that” so he was basically talking like I had the job lol?!?

So yeah….it seems very promising?! It sounds so chill, he said there’s a few staff and they sort of work their days/shifts out between them (which is like my old job) so it sounds pretty flexible and he also said in the winter months they open at like 7am and close at like noon because it’s so dead and I thought that sounded pretty awesome to have the whole afternoon off, to be finished work by lunch time!

So fingers crossed! I’m a little overwhelmed to be honest, a few days ago I was in the same job I’d had for over three years and now it looks like I’m on the brink of something new, in just two days!

The Customer

Summary: You have a one night stand with Sam and his monster cock. 4,000 words of pure porn.

Word Count: 3,900ish

Warning: So much smut, Sam’s monster cock, a little bit of dom!Sam if you squint

A/N: Yeah. This is porn. Enjoy. XOXO

Yeah, yeah. You’re breaking all your rules tonight.

But can anyone blame you?

Look at him.

And sure, you have a very important rule about customers being a no-fly zone, and you tend to find one night stands more awkward that satisfying. But seriously.

Look. At. Him.

Even your coworkers have noticed, despite the fact that you haven’t mentioned him to anyone. They’re standing in the doorway of the kitchen, whispering as they ogle, waggling their eyebrows at you as you get him a glass of water.

You shake your head at them, not bothering to say anything because you know they won’t behave even if you do, and head back out to the most gorgeous man you’ve ever seen in real life.

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as much as i love ot7, sometimes jin is still ignored or the “oh wow, he’s part of bts?” member. either (strickly) labeled as MOM or namjoon’s wife. christ, is that the only thing he has to offer?

his grad was like what? *cricket noises*

vocals? slays everytime but 0 lines and new fans wouldn’t even notice that if they don’t squint their eyes.

visual? extremely amazing but the only time he really bloomed for some armys is when he dyed his hair blonde.

dance? he practiced real hard and long to perfect his steps but somehow some armys consider him as a blackhole in dancing.

acting? ohhhh boy, house of army was great but really tho, he was a fucking banana and clock.

jesus christ. maybe just maybe he’ll be appreciated if he leaves the group and gets a solo career.

gospel around his fingers

Dex slams the door shut and presses against the wood, leaning his head back and sucking in a deep breath. He stares blindly up at the ceiling and–

“Nurse, I dare you to kiss the prettiest person in the room. Not counting me.” Lardo pretends to flip a lock of hair over her shoulder. “We all know I’d smoke you bitches,” she adds, grinning. Her teeth flash in the low lighting, and she knocks back the last of her drink as the gather group lets out joking boos.

They all “ooh” at Nursey as he raises a challenging eyebrow and smirks at Lardo. He makes a show of looking around the room, leering slightly at the other players of spin the bottle – Holster, Dex, Tango, Ollie, Wicks, and a few members of the volleyball and soccer teams. Bitty is grinning from his spot on the floor next to Lardo and Dex, watching as Nursey catches the eye of each person.

“Dex!” The memory is abruptly interrupted as Chowder’s voice comes from beyond the door. “Come on, man!” Dex tries to straighten up, but his legs refuse to work. He sinks down to the floor, back still pressed against the door, trying to suck in deep breaths of air. He drops his head between his knees, squeezing his eyes shut and–

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Voltron Workout

Thanks @sniperlance for giving me the confidence I needed to post this.

This is a workout I’ve been doing, and even though it hasn’t been long, I can feeI and notice the difference. Also, if you have any questions on any of these workouts/poses, just shoot me an ask and I’ll do a video/have a picture of me doing it/explain it for ya. Warm ups are the same as cool downs, so just repeat them when you’re done working out. (Also, I apologize for the formatting, at the moment I don’t have a computer so I’m doing this from the mobile app. I’ll try to fix it when I have one again.)


~Monday’s are dedicated to Keith. We all want to be able to swing a sword like him, so we gotta work on our upper body.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Bicep Stretches
–Neck Stretches
–Shoulder Stretches
–Tricep Stretches
–Reverse Butterfly
–20 squat chops
–10 wide grip push ups
–10 cross punch sit ups
–20 bodyweight bicep curls
–10 chest squeezes
–10 side choppers
–20 elbow strikes
–20 archers
–10 knife hand strikes
–push ups until failure
~Cool Downs

Tuesday’s are dedicated to Pidge. If you’re using your computer typing up code all the time, you gotta work those hand out so that you don’t get arthritis. We are also going to work on our abs and back because being hunched over all the time is not good for you.

~Moon Salutation
~Warm Up
–Open And Close Fingers
–Wrist Stretches
–Scorpion Pose
–Pigeon Pose
–Cobra Pose
–50 open and close hands
–40 sitting twists
–20 clench and relax guard
–40 knee to elbow sit ups
–30 bridges
–30 finger taps
–20 windshield wipers
–10 thumb roll and taps
–10 plank arm raises
–elbow plank until failure
~Cool Down

Wednesdays are dedicated to Hunk. He’s super strong in the upper body, but as a leg of Voltron he also needs to be sturdy and stable, so his is an all around workout, working on both the upper and lower body.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Bow Fold
–Child’s Pose
–Figure Four Stretch
–Warrior Side Lotus
–Forward Wide Bend
–30 jump knee tucks
–10 plank leg raises
–4 raised leg push ups
–20 side jack knives
–20 lunge punches
–20 squat kicks
–10 air bike crunches
–20 Turkish get-ups
–10 plank jump-ins
–diver push ups until failure
~Cool Down

Thursday’s are dedicated to Lance. He’s also a leg of Voltron, but he had some miiiighty fine legs, and really, who wouldn’t want them? And you can’t tell me that he wouldn’t want all of us to have nice tone butts, so today is leg and glute workouts.

~Moon Salutation
~Warm Up
–Figure Four Stretch
–Warrior I
–Reverse Warrior
–Camel Pose
–40 side leg raises
–10 reverse crunches
–10 jumping lunges
–30 high knees
–20 long arm crunches
–25 sumo death squats
–20 roundhouse kicks
–15 hop heel clicks
–20 balance side lunges
–crunch kicks until failure
~Cool Down

Fridays are dedicated to Shiro. Mmmmmm boy, does he have some NICE biceps. So today we gotta be able to one up him with ours by doing some arm and upper body workouts.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Half Lotus
–Butterfly Fold
–Bicep Stretch
–Tricep Stretch
–20 side lunge chops
–40 raised arm circles
–20 bridge taps
–10 plank shoulder taps
–10 raised leg push ups
–30 wood choppers
–10 sit up punches
–40 punches
–10 thigh taps
–wide grip push ups until failure
~Cool Down

Saturday is dedicated to Coran. He wouldn’t want us to push ourselves too hard, so today is yoga. Thanks Uncle Coran!!

~Moon Salutation
–Down Dog
–Three Legged Dog
–Warrior I
–Warrior II
–Reverse Warrior
–Reverse Plank
–Bridge Pose
–Locust Pose
–Child’s Pose
–Corpse Pose

Sunday is dedicated to Allura. Not only should we work on our physical strength, but our mental as well, so today is also yoga.

~Sun Salutation
–Half Moon
–Tree Pose
–Eagle Pose
–Wheel Pose
–Extended Triangle Pose
–Bow Pose
–Fish Pose
–Child’s Pose
–Corpse Pose

Don’t forget that some of the most important parts of being fit, is eating heathly, drinking lots of water, and knowing your limits. You won’t see results right away, keep in mind that it’s okay if you can’t do the until failure things for long. This is a hard workout and it’s meant to push you as far as you can go. Don’t overwork yourself, okay guys?

Okay y'all, we need to check certain stuff and make sure EVERYONE FOLLOWS THEM.

-You better not embarass the boys, we are their fandom, we play a big role when it comes to the boys’ image
-Don’t hate on anyone, don’t make fun of anyone, don’t start fights or drama or be disrespectful towards an artist
-Whatever result there is, CHILL FUCKING CHILL
-If BTS don’t preform, DON’T GO PSYCHO
-If BTS don’t win, DON’T GO PSYCHO
-If they make friends ESPECIALLY with girls or even fucking flirt or drink or whatever, DON’T GO PSYCHO
-Chill for the coconut head, seriously CHILLL UGH
-For armys going, DON’T BE PSYCHO, I mean show BTS and the WORLD how great they are but don’t be annoying, don’t scream BTS during someone else’s preformance or airtime
-DON’T GET COCKY, in general, I mean BTS can afford gucci and saint laurent and they are still humble so…..
- DON’T GET COCKY AGAIN and keep on voting, beliebers are a strong fandom too, they can TOTALLY pull a 200million votes at last minute SO BITCHES GET TO WORK, if they pull 200million, we will pull MORE
-If some artist or anything, tweets about BTS, even if they made a mistake, don’t hate on them, correct them in a respectful way and protect the boys without violence cause as the great me said “Shade is better than hate” 😂
-Let’s cross fingers and pray cause tomorrow WE SHALL BE SLAYED
-Let’s wish for the boys to enjoy their time


smutty midnight musings with @ftmendesthoughts

  • He’d never smuggle you into his office, always waltzing in with you on his arm. No-one would dare judge or even look at you. He’d hold his office door open for you, winking as you walked passed him. 
  • Shawn would get a large cushion from the couch, bringing it to his desk. He’d kick it to under his ridiculously large desk, he’d sit in the big office chair and look you dead in the eye as he unzips his trousers. “you’ve got a lot of work to do love.”
  • You’d get down on your knees, looking up at him as he got comfortable, spreading his thighs for you to fit between. You’d stroke his cock, pulling gently, smiling when his jaw slackened a little. He’d regain the icey composure he was famous for as quickly as he’d lost it. He’d raise an eyebrow at you, indicating that the game had begun. He would ignore you, reading his emails, checking his calendar, going about his day.  You would try your hardest to make him notice you, make his  hand drop to your hair, pulling tightly, make his muscles jump, anything. He’d read his emails, typing answers, occasionally letting his gaze drop to you between his thighs. You know he’d be checking on you, making sure you’re alright while still playing the game. You’d flatten your tongue against the underside of his cock and lick all the way to the head. His thigh muscle would jerk a little, his hand flying to your hair, he’d tighten his hold your hair when you suck on the tip of his cock. 
  • He never made any sound when you blew him. He barely made any sound when he came buried deep inside you, fingers digging into your waist. He’d look down at you, you’d won the game, and his sharp inhale as he saw you looking up at him through teary lashes would make you attempt to smile around his length. The sight of you, on your knees, essentially worshipping his cock, swollen lips stretched around him caused him to tighten his hold on your hair. 
  • After he’d come, he’d haul you into his arms, holding you in his lap, letting his fingers run down the length of your arm, he’d look at you so intently that you’d start to blush, which would lead him to trace the blush with his long fingers. He’d slowly let his hands reach your waist. He’d tighten his grip on you in that delicious almost pain but only pleasure way and start grinding your crotch against his. 
  • The phone would ring, a new appointment needed scheduled. He leaned forward pressing the speaker function. Your back arching into him, your chest pressed to his, the friction of his suit against your pussy not enough. He’d continue grinding your hips down on him even though you tried to resist. You’d bury your face against his neck as he started speaking. His voice rumbling out of his chest as he kept making you grind down on him. Your jaw would drop when he pressed a firm thumb against your clit through your panties. You weren’t allowed to make any sound, or you’d get punished at home, you dig your nails into his arm uncaring of the wrinkles you’d leave on his designer suit. You’d look up into his eyes begging him to let you go, begging him to let you come. He’d smirk, an evil knowing smirk as he pressed harder against your clit. Your mouth would open on a silent plea he’d ignore. He continued talking, slow, deliberate words that you barely registered as your back arched in his arms. You tried grinding down harder on his thigh but he’d shoot you a warning glance, tapping your ass in warning. You’d shake your head, whining into his shoulder as silently as you could. 
  • Sometimes he’d be working from his penthouse. You’d check up on him  few times, always wondering why on earth he wore a suit in his home. Not that you were really complaining. You’d siddle into his lap, telling him he needed a break, he’d frown at you, his hand automatically finding your hips. You’d slowly undress, enjoying the way his pupils dilate the faintest amount. You’d perch yourself on his desk, spreading your thighs and pulling him closer by his tie. You’d kiss him, his fingers tightening on your hips as he’d stand up. 
  • He’d lie you down on the surface of his desk, his hand trailing up your body and resting against your throat. He’d thrust into you, one fluid motion that always left you breathless. As your lips part on a sigh at the overwhelming fullness of him, his own jaw would drop a little. He’d whisper filthy words, encouraging you, making you blush, coaxing your body to react. “Good girl.” he’d murmur. His hand tightening on your throat, your fingers wrapping around his wrist reflexively. Slow, hard thrusts would slowly drive you to the edge. He’d tease you, make you beg him to please please please make you come. 
  • You’d be sitting on the bed, watching him as he undressed himself. A pleased smile on his lips because you’d done as he’d said. You were wearing nothing but the diamond earrings he’d gifted you. He’d loosen his tie and throw it over your head. he’d tighten it and then he’d pull you forward by his tie. “Very pretty, darling.” he’d mumble appreciatively. He’d spread you on his bed, tapping your knees, wordlessly asking you to open further. He’d eat you out, nibbling on your clit, lapping up your juices, diving his tongue ruthlessly into your clenching pussy. The five o’clock shadow would tease the sensitive inside of your thighs, you’d moan, mentioning the scruff burns. He’d look up at you, smouldering eyes making your breath hitch. He’d nuzzle his face into your thigh, looking at you, an almost devilish smirk on his lips. You’d grab a hold of his shoulder, trying to find something to anchor you as he ate you out for all you’re worth. His suit jacket would bunch in your hands as you climb higher and higher. You’d relish the way the burn of his light scruff would contrast with the sinful lick of his tongue. Your orgasm would crash down on you, leaving you a panting, burned and bruised mess. Once the orgasm bliss wore off he’d show you the wrinkles in his suit. “now how are you gonna pay me back love? this is custom made.” and you’d be slightly hazy, furrowing your eyebrows in bewilderment. He’d smile at you “on your knees love, open wide.”
  • He’d have you on your hands and knees, thrusting into you, panting, pulling on your hair, “beg, love” your arms would be shaking, You’d barely be able to hold yourself up as his cock drags against your g-spot. Your rhythm would falter as you fall onto your forearms, burying your head in the pillow. A harsh slap to your butt would cause a gasp to tear from your throat. You’d look over your shoulder at Shawn, his eyebrow would be raised. “Work for it love.” You’d moan, dropping into the pillow again, which only earned you another stinging slap. “Did I stutter?” He’d press into you, your back arching slightly. His thick cock dragging against your walls causing a moan of his name to tumble from your swollen lips. 
  • He loved marking you, bruises, hickeys, bite marks, scratches and probably his favourite scruff burns. They way you’d writhe underneath him when his jaw scratched against your thighs was simply heavenly. 
  • He’d have you up against the large bay window of his penthouse. Your body pressed against the cold glass as he drove into you. “Best view of the city.” he’d smirk as your face contorted when he thrusts into you. Your hands desperately trying to find something to hold onto besides cold glass. The broken moan of his name leaving your mouth so sinful he’d do his utmost to make you rasp the syllables of his name over and over again. He’d bite his lip. He never allowed himself to moan. He’d sigh and pant and growl filthy words into your ear. He’d bite the shell of it gently, slowing his thrusts to a slow deep rhythm. You’d slowly feel your building orgasm drift away. You’d whine against the glass, cut short by a harsh slap to your cheek. “Patience darling.” he’d drawl into your ear. “I have to take my time and enjoy the view.” You knew you’d be in for one, long deliciously frustrating ride.
  • he’d make you model the new underwear he gets you. Without fail every single time he’d ask you to model them for him. He’d stand, arms crossed over his chest. An unreadable look on his face. “need a hand?” his eyebrow would raise when your fingers can’t work the knot of your negligé. he’d walk up to you slowly, dangerously and he’d look at you in that silky garment and undo the knot, he’d slide the silk down your arms making sure to caress you. His eyes would never leave yours, his jaw would be set tight, his eyebrows as almost always slightly furrowed. “model for me.“ Sometimes he’d smile a slow deliberate smile, sometimes he’d look at you and murmur “I have brilliant taste.” as he let his knuckles graze your ribs. But sometimes he’d crook his finger, beckoning you towards him. You’d start walking towards him, only to stop when he shakes his head once. You knew what that meant, your mouth watering at the thought. You’d get down on your knees, crawling the last meter separating you from him. You’d start undoing his dress pants when he caught your chin in his large hand, stopping you in her tracks. “tell me you love me.” he’d whisper barely audibly. 

So I have a surprise artists alley event coming up on Saturday. Which means I need to get some new prints done ASAP. I have yet to play Persona 5 but the music is rad and yeah I’m making a print. I’m really glad at how well it’s coming along and I can’t wait to get it finished.

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Dai romances react to the first time the inquisitor kisses them in an affectionate way/on the forehead? Iv been cryin thinkin bout how bull and Dorian and like a lot of the crew have only ever had experience in like purely sexual relationships and have never like had someone love them like that

Cassandra: She flushes. It’s almost impossible not to. By now there’s no doubt that they hold each other in no little affection, and there is still a part of her -the part of her that will always revel in romance- that always cherishes the few moments they are able to sneak away for a brief kiss or tender moment above the forge. But the first time he raises her hand to place a kiss on her knuckles, eyes sparkling as he looks up at her with humor and yet also with an adoration that steals her breathe? She flushes scarlet, and her heart skips a beat as she is swamped with emotion.

Solas: The first time he feel soft brush of her lips against the curve of his ear she is leaving from a meeting with Leliana and he is laying the groundwork for his next mural. The line of the brush jumps as he does, surprised by the brief moment of affection, but even though he must scrape the mistake from the fresco and start again Solas cannot find it in his soul to be frustrated. Rather it is endearing in it’s own way and it brightens hm for the rest of the day.

Sera: She’s got both hands and her teeth involved in tying the fletching on her next batch of arrows, and yet it never crosses her mind that using her teeth as a cutting instrument have limited her affection access until her lover drops a kiss on the tip of her nose. She almost topples over form surprise, but then the Red Jenny bursts out laughing and tackles her Inqy with a kiss of her own. It’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her, and it becomes their thing for mornings or greetings.

Blackwall: Carving can put knots like no one would believe in the arms and shoulders, and no amount of kneading can stop the pain in muscles that he can’t reach on his own. But the first time his lady massages those tension knots from him the warrior all but collapses into a puddle. And when she presses a kiss to the center of his shoulder blades, for those moments when she cannot be there to make the tension stop, his heart almost bursts. And Blackwall will carry the sensation of it for hours afterwards, a smile carved onto his face.

Iron Bull: It’s funny, sometimes, how much taller he is than his Kadan. Even if they are qunari his horns and sheer size puts him over most. And so the almost frustrated huff the Inquisitor gives him when they are preparing to leave makes him laugh and go to pat their head. And yet the kiss they place on the inside of his wrist stops that cold. It could be sexual- should be sexual, would be in any other relationship-, but with them…it’s more. It’s affection and promise, love and something that is simply theirs all rolled into one. Later he will find himself rubbing the spot for hours, mind running a thousand miles an hour but with a smile on his face.

Dorian: He loves his amatus. He does, loves him truly and deeply and anyone who says otherwise will meet the altus to face that insult. The hours he spends with the Inquisitor are some of the best in his life, and every affectionate moment washes clear some of the fear and loneliness he thought he would always carry. And for that the ‘vint will always be grateful. But he is also a scholar, and when his focus is on something it can be hard to shake loose. He is aware that his amatus has come to bid him farewell before another turn in the field, and he is going to look up from his book any second to give them a proper send off, he is– but then he hears the other man chuckle, and suddenly the Inquisitor has bent down to press a kiss to the crown of his head, a gentle bit of pressure where his hair parts. And while the necromancer playfully swats them away and insists on giving them a proper send off later he will sit in his chair, fingers running tiny circles around the spot, and wonder at this love that he has found.

Josephine: A diplomat’s work is never finished, and it is to Lady Montilyet frustration that she can never carve out enough free time to spend with her love as she would like. Between their constant world missions and her drive to make sure said missions are funded their paths do not often cross. And so she is delighted when they wander into her office with a tray and an offer to split the duties of letter writing– especially as there are some nobles who would be far more helpful after receiving something in the herald’s own hand. And while the gentle kiss that they press to her temple as they collect their half of the work is new, it immediately seems right. And if she spends the next ew days brushing her fingers across it and sighing no one needs to know why but her.

Cullen: There were times, particularly near the end of his tenure in Kirkwall, where Cullen was sure that the Maker had abandoned him. That his failure as Knight Captain had sundered him from grace, and that he was doomed to carry that failure all his life. But then the Inquisitor tumbled from the Fade and into his arms, and for the first tme it felt like he could breathe again. There were bad nights and horrible days, and when he finally tells her the truth the Commander is terrified that he is going to lose this last thing that truly gives meaning to his life. But the kiss sh presses to his forehead is like benediction, forgiveness and love all rolled into one, and for the first time in too long he can see a future in his mind’s eye– with her by his side.

– Mod Fereldone

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Can i request a cute paramedic also named Yuuri Katsuki BECAUSE PIZZA BOY AU SLAYED ME

The ninth drink was Christophe’s idea.

(The first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth drink, of course, were Victor’s ideas. But that’s not the point.)

(And as for the loss of Victor’s clothes—he’s not sure whose idea that had been. But at the time, it had seemed like a good idea. Now, since he’s face-to-face with the most beautiful man he has ever seen, it… Well, it still seems like a good idea.)

“Am I dead?” Victor asks groggily, as he looks up into the stars. And by the stars, he means the paramedic’s eyes. The world spins. But that’s less of a romantic reaction to the man above him and more of a biological reaction to the alcohol.

“Um…” the paramedic starts, and his eyes are torn away from Victor’s as he starts to look over a clipboard. “No. You’re not.”

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When We Collide (Part 5)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: PG-All

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

”No way! Seriously? They really kicked you out of college?”

You rolled your eyes and glared over at Nicole for being the gossip snitch, something she had been her whole life but you really had wished she would have kept this to yourself just for a while. It was, after all, pretty humiliating when you thought about it.

“You sound like you’re surprised, Joey.” You commented with a glimpse in the eye and lifted your beer up to your mouth, letting the taste explode your senses and cool down your pre-sweating forehead.

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Late for Late Late

Meant to have this finished and posted earlier on in the week, but it’s here now so I hope you all enjoy it!! Let me know what you think xx B


“Angel,” Harry’s voice was tense as the dressing room door slammed shut behind him. “Have yeh seen m'jacket?” A smirk tugged at your red-painted lips as you straightened the lapels of his ‘missing’ suit jacket, your fingers running lazily over the delicately embroidered Donald Duck’s here and there. Stress was the only feeling Harry seemed to feel over the last day, and his eagerness to please people turned you on much more than it should have. Hence why you stood in the dressing room bathroom in his suit jacket only. Completely bare for him underneath the silken cloth.
When you eased open the door, Harry’s back was to you as he bent over his suitcase, searching for the top half of his outfit. You leaned against the door frame, eyes raking over his long legs and bum. Harry heard the door open but didn’t turn to look at you, his hands moving to dig through the rack of clothes his stylist had in the corner of the room.
“Can yeh please help m'look? I’d like t'be on set on time.” A mischievous smile took over your face.
“What are you looking for?” A frustrated breath left Harry as he clenched his jaw and pivoted to face you.
“My–what’re yeh doin’? I don’ have time fo’ this, lovely, the show starts in half an hour, and I’m already too stressed about it. Please give m'my jacket,” Harry sounded anything but patient as he held out a hand for his top, and you feigned innocence.
“Oh, this is what you’re looking for? This jacket?” You didn’t miss the way your boyfriend’s eyes narrowed at you words.
“Pet,” the word was a growl, his stress getting the best of him as he prowled towards you. “I won’ ask again. Give me the jacket.” You pretended to contemplate, your lips pursing and head bobbing to each side as you made your way to the vanity area. With an evil glint to your eye, you hoisted yourself onto the cool surface, legs crossing as you leaned against the mirror. Harry’s hands tightened into fists at his sides.
“Hmm…I don’t know…maybe you’ll just have to come take it off me.” Your fingers toyed with the hem of the jacket, eyes never leaving his as he glowered at you.
“I don’ have time fo’ this.” But he was stalking towards you, hands already working on his pants.
“Better make it fast then.” Harry’s mouth covered yours, his tongue prodding against your ups for entrance. You eagerly granted him access, melting into his body as his hands ran up your thighs.
“No panties, love? How naughty.” There was a pleased lilt to his voice as his fingers skated up your tummy, circling your belly button once before continuing upwards. “’M gonna fuck yeh now, angel, and when I get back, I’ll deal with yeh distracting me. Maybe I’ll have t'take yeh over m'knee, teach yeh a lesson?” His hands now cupped your breasts, thumbs rubbing over your nipples teasingly. Harry lowered his mouth to your neck, sucking and biting a trail down your skin. You impatiently grappled for his pants, pushing them down with his underwear with a moan. Harry made no move to take his jacket off of you, only shifting his hips so that he was nestled between your legs. A large hand slid down the front of your body to dip into your center, a long groan rumbling through Harry as the pads of his fingers met the wetness waiting for them. “Look a’ yeh. S'wet fo’ m'already.” You whined as his thumb circled your clit, his fingers slipping into you easily. Your head rolled back against the mirror, hands gripping Harry’s hips tightly. In a sudden movement, Harry yanked your forward, pulling you so your soaked core was almost right against his hardened cock, your legs wrapped around us waist.
“Please,” was all you could manage as Harry circled his length in one of his hands, the other going to his lips so he could suck your excitement from his fingers. Then his head was easing into you, thick and smooth. You moaned, eyes screwing shut as Harry sheathed himself inside of you fully.
“Feel s'good, angel. Always take m'cock like a good girl.” You nodded breathlessly, hands shoving his shirt up and over his head. Immediately your nails sunk into the meat of his shoulders, and Harry grunted at the pleasure, hips shooting forward. His pace was quick and almost brutal, fucking into you with no hesitation. The single button you’d actually done on the jacket popped open as harry lowered his head to your breast, mouth latching onto your nipple and sucking with fervor. Your mouth fell open in a silent cry, your hands tangling in his hair and tugging harshly. A moan vibrated through Harry as he slid his hand into your hair. You whined, arching your back as he slid back into you, his hand pulling your head back as he thrusted his hips. His hips went slow and powerful, making your eyes screw shut at the pleasure. You moaned loudly as his tip brushed your sweet spot again, his free hand gripping your hip and shifting you closer to him, so your knees were bent and your ankles were locked around his waist as he thrusted into you.
“Oh, God,” you panted, “Please don’t stop.”
“Christ, angel…so tight. Does tha’ feel good? Does m'cock feel good inside yeh?” You nodded hastily, loving the way he dragged out of you. His hand unraveled from your hair, his fingers going to your clit and circling it. You cried out, mouth wide as pleasure seared through you.
“Harry! Oh, God, yes!” You moaned, and Harry grunted as his hips moved faster. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoed through the room, and you panted loudly as pleasure curled in your belly. Harry hardly took a pause from suckling on your breasts, his soft tongue lapping over your pert nipples languidly. Every now and then, his teeth would sink gently into your tender skin, enough to indent but never enough to bruise. “Love yeh tits, sweetheart, s'pretty fo’ me.” His lips puckered just around your nipple, sucking fervently as you squirmed beneath him. Your walls clenched around him, and you could feel him pulsing inside of you, a clear indication of how close he was to cumming. Sweat beaded on Harry’s brow as his mouth released your breast with a wet pop, his face burying into your neck.
“Please, Harry, I’m so close,” you whined, hips shifting off of the counter to meet his, sliding him further inside of you. Harry grunted in response, one hand coming to slap against the mirror behind you while the other worked relentlessly against your clit. Your orgasm loomed ahead, and Harry shoved you towards it, his thick cock brushing every nerve possible.
“Yeh gonna cum? C'mon, pet, cum fo’ me. Need it, need yeh t’ cover m'cock,” Harry’s words were filthy as he continued to plow into you. Your eyes rolled in pleasure. “Cum.” With the last word, your release washed over you, and you cried out as your legs began to tremble.
“Fuck! Fuckin’–Bloody hell, I’m gonna cum!” Harry’s hips thrusted forward quickly as you ran a hand through his hair, breath puffing over his ear.
“Cum, baby, I want you to fill me up, please. I want it so bad.” Harry groaned into your skin before he stilled, warm cum painting your walls as he panted into your neck. The silk of his jacket now felt stifling as his body pressed you back into the mirror, but you said nothing as Harry worked up the strength to peel himself off of you. You brushed a sweet kiss to his cheek. Sliding the jacket off, you handed to him, gasping softly as he withdrew, leaving you empty. A wicked smile tugged at your lips.
“Still stressed out?” Harry shot you a look.
“Y'just wait. I’ll use the scarf that goes w’ this jacket to tie yeh up later fo’ this.” A knock sounded through the dressing room.
“Harry, come on! You’re meant to be on right now!” Jeff’s voice was terse as he spoke, and Harry raced to put his clothes back on.
“Now look what yeh’ve done. Gone and made me late for Late Late.”

It has been SO LONG since I properly finished a portrait! I’ve been working on this on and off for over a month and I am so so happy with how it turned out!!

Progress gif under the cut for anyone interested :)

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Mini Matchmaker Pt 4 (Steve Holiday Mini Series)

Characters: reader x Steve, OC Justice Rogers, Bucky, Sharon, Laura, Natasha (mentioned). 

Summary: Steve and reader’s relationship progresses, a trip to the hospital bringing them closer as a certain love-related holiday approaches. 

Warnings: mentions of injury, hospitals, and sexual situations. 

Word Count: 4.3k (I know but there was so much to say! Hope you don’t mind. :D )

A/N: Here we are, at part 4! Yes, it was intended for Valentine’s Day, but life happens. :) I’ve really enjoyed writing this unexpected series and could possibly revisit these characters in the future, but for now this is the end. I hope you like it! Please let me know! 

Tags are at the bottom 

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Mini Matchmaker Series Masterlist


Originally posted by chrisevansz

January passed in the blink of an eye. After the New year, you finally heard from some of the employers you had sent your CV to back in December. Some jobs you wanted more than others, but you accepted each interview offer, met with them, and weighed your options. By the end of the first week, you stumbled upon an incredible opportunity that, fingers crossed, would become a huge step toward your dream job. After two days of nail biting and clutching your phone obsessively, you got the call and it was a yes.

To your surprise and humility, you had snagged one of the most sought-after positions at the Brazilian Consulate in New York City. It was an entry-level job working to process Visas and Passport requests at first, but you quickly became indispensable and as January came to a close, you were the assistant to the Consulate General of Brazil. It was new and exciting and overwhelming at times, but you were learning so much and incredibly grateful to have your foot in the door.

This new job did have its drawbacks. Much of your time was spent at work and afterwards you were exhausted, not giving you much of a social life. Steve was on your mind often and you spoke with him or texted almost daily. Getting together in person was harder, but you both made it work. He came into the city when he could, but mostly you would spend time at his place with Justice until bedtime and then it was just the two of you.

Your mutual attraction was evident, but given the unique circumstances, you both thought it best to take things slow. During the week there were short coffee dates and movie nights, on occasion resulting in you falling asleep in his arms. As the credits rolled, he would gently nudge you awake and press a kiss to your lips, urging you to call a cab to take you back to the city for work in the morning. There was always that lingering moment at the door where you could sense that he wanted you to stay, but it just wasn’t time yet.

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