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Poly Shipping Meme “MY OT3 IS BETTER THAN YOURS” : Versailles (Season 2) ↳Philippe/Liselotte /Chevalier (Monchelotte)

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This may seem like a noob question, but can you explain to me what yuri on stage is please? I've seen tumblr explode because of it but I don't really understand the explanations (English isn't my first language sorry!!)

Yuri on Stage is a live event happening right this moment in Japan! Kubo and other creators + all the seiyuus are appearing in it! It lasts 2 hours, with a day show and a night show, and has sections like trivias, interviews and live dramas!

The one thing we’re currently all dying over is the live drama where everyone’s in Hasestsu after an exhibition and Viktuuri gets drunk, Viktor misunderstands a pun Yuuri made and thought he was talking about an ex lmao So in his jealousy, Viktor dissappeared only to be found hours later at the top of Hasetsu Castle, stretching naked, exclaiming “Chihoko may be Yuuri’s past… BUT I AM HIS PRESENT” and then asking Yuuri to get naked and on top of the castel as well. Meanwhile, Phichit thought they god divorced and re-married.


The night show is currently being held, there’s still 1.15 hours left, but we’re speculating they might announce S2, so crossing out fingers!


Clotpolesonly - A bit of a throwback fic! I tried to put in stuff you mentioned enjoying, so fingers crossed it hits the spot :)

by @troubleiwant 

Explicit - no warnings

Post-S2 divergence with no Alpha Pack and nobody dead, just rebuilding the Hale House and with a little bit of pining and maybe some kissing! Also, minor Lydia/Stiles and Erica/Stiles friendships

Stiles scrubs a hand through his spiky-short hair. It needs a trim, but fuck it. Summer means he doesn’t have to worry about shit like that. He’s beyond glad to be done with the year, not least because he was getting sick of the wary looks cast his way on account of the damage Gerard’s beating had left on his face. The split lip is long healed by now, but the bruise across his cheekbone is still a tender reminder, reflected in the bathroom mirror and in the gentle tone his dad takes with him at breakfast.

It’s not so bad, though, Stiles thinks sternly at himself. So he got knocked around, so Boyd and Erica were tortured, so Jackson almost died. Nobody’s actually got killed, except for Matt, who deserved it, and…. and what is his life that that’s supposed to be a reassurance? No, Stiles corrects himself. Things are not great in ye olde Beacon HIlls. Not great at all. They’re supposed to be enjoying a carefree break like the kids they are, but instead there’s so much bad blood lingering around town that you could drown in it.

Even Scott, usually so optimistic about everything, has been knocked down a few pegs what with the breakup with Allison in the wake of her realizing how shitty her hunter family really was. He’s taking singledom a little better than Stiles though he might, honestly, but that means he’s alternating between calm assurance that he and Allison will get back together in the end, and weirdly obsessive focus on a tattoo he wants. Stiles is glad he has goals besides winning her back, but he isn’t at all excited about the specifics. Needles, man. Ugh. He’s not sure what kind of emotional pain a dude needs to be in to think that’s a good idea.

The Hale pack seems equally adrift after the events of the school year. Derek isn’t talking to Scott, on account of the whole “using you as a key element of a plan that I kind of forgot to tell you existed whoops” and new beta Jackson would try the patience of a saint, which Derek certainly is not. On top of that, Erica is handling the trauma of her kidnapping the same way she’d dealt with her frustrations about being bullied when she was first turned - with sex.

She’s flirty with Stiles, who does his best to ignore it, and with Isaac, who doesn’t quite understand that it’s only teasing. Apparently she even kissed Derek at training one day, according Boyd. Fuck if that isn’t a surreal (and, okay, kind of hot) thought. Wost, she keeps hitting on Jackson just to rile Lydia, who takes it just about as well as you’d expect. Isaac, hung up on Erica and already feeling pushed aside with Jackson’s entrance into the pack, takes it worse than that.

Add in all the normal hormonal disagreements between a bunch of teenagers trying to live together in an old abandoned house, and the Hale pack is basically a powderkeg.

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alright, i’m just gonna say it… why do skam fans always try to insert isak and even into the storyline? ok look, we get it. sana’s insta might be traced back to isak. do you really think that if sana thought isak would get shit about it, she wouldn’t confess? like what kind of person do you think she is? i get the feeling that people put sana on an unfair pedestal because of her religion, and its so cringey. like tell me if this were any other person you wouldn’t be losing it with excitement that they were exposing sara, who is a BULLY and a racist? idk reading all of these posts that basically are only worried about what effect this will have on even or isak is just like *eye roll*. i  don’t think even has anything to do with this, considering he didn’t make the profile and also has nothing to do with sara in any way. so chill. isak will be fine, there are three eps left and things will be resolved. also fingers crossed that julie makes these last episodes super long like in s2 so the story can be fully fleshed out. k that was my soapbox rant bye

I think it’s really interesting that Zarkon has the bayard of the Black Paladin, and Shiro has a weaponized hand constructed with Galra tech. It’s a neat narrative choice, that the leaders (Shiro being the leader of Voltron, not discounting Allura’s position) of opposing sides have weapons that they arguably have no business possessing - Shiro didn’t have a choice, he was experimented on and given this scary mysterious THING (possibly more, we’ll find out the full extent of his time with the Druids in s2, fingers crossed) in place of his original hand in an attempt to turn him into an unstoppable weapon.
Zarkon, being the original Black Paladin, still possess the bayard, but no longer maintains galactic peace (if that’s even what the Altean lions were made for, for all we know they could’ve played a part in reinforcing their own Altean empire/kingdom etc. etc.). He stole it. Shiro was given something he never wanted, and Zarkon has a weapon that no longer belongs to him.

Black Bayard = meant to protect, used to destory
Galra hand = meant to destroy, used to protect


Alberto shared some teasers about SH s2 at the “Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy” launch party today.

Emily Andras AMA over at Reddit

Q: How did the whole Lexa situation affect not maybe the shooting (as I believe it was already shot), but the engagement with fans on social media, for example, of WYNONNA EARP?

And second, how do you experience the showrunners world being a female creator and writer and any advice for - ehem, fellow, hopefully - future writers who want to bring more diversity and good writing to Television?

EA:  The Lexa situation didn’t affect the creative of WE as it WAS already shot, but it made me feel happy about certain storytelling choices we’d made. I was aware of the BYG trope, but I was impressed at how passionately that fanbase pushed it into the mainstream media and have started to demand better representation. 

If you are a ‘future’ writer (hell, if you write, you can just say 'writer’ now) who wants to bring more diversity to television, you should surround yourself with diverse writers and mentors. Then if and when you’re lucky enough to be in a position of power to make change, i.e. as a showrunner, you should put your money where your mouth is and hire diversely.

Q: Did you personally choose Melanie Scofrano to be your lead lady? How was the process to find “the” Wynonna? btw she is doing a great job

EA: I did personally choose her, along with my producers, and it might be the smartest decision I ever made. She is doing an amazing job because she is a once-in-a-lifetime performer. We saw over 300 young actresses across the coast, but in the end, there was only Scrofano. And all was right in Purgatory. :)

Q: In your experience writing/producing tv as a raging feminist, what have been some elements (trope-smashing, specific plots, themes, stylistic choices etc.) for which you’ve really had to fight to be included in the final product? Have you faced any backlash or resistance as a result?

EA: I have always had to fight for the LGBT stuff. Always. Initially nobody wants the pretty girl to be a lesbian. Even if she’s been like that since I started developing her (and I usually have). Nobody thinks there’s an audience. Nobody thinks it’s a real thing. Then it is. And the audience comes because they get it. And I feel triumphant. And happy. I think also 'female’ driven storytelling is still somehow seen as less 'legitimate’ or 'prestigious’ than shows that feature a male anti-hero…in the same way almost any novel written by a female author is decreed 'chitlit’ regardless of content. So I feel like my work is often dismissed as pap regardless of critical adoration or audience success. But here I am, still making TV that I’d watch. And that smells like victory. :) That’s my raging feminist answer and I’m sticking to it.

Q: Was there originally more to the WayHaught barn scene? It seems like it begins in the middle of an interaction.


Q: What is your fav quality about Wynonna? What quality of wynonna do you personally relate to?

EA:  My fave quality about Wynonna is that even though she is such a hot mess with such a dark past and has every reason to give up and give in to simply being 'bad’, she never does. She fights and tries and cares, despite her many mistakes and flaws.  I relate to her torrid love affair with donuts. But she’s much braver than I. :)

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Karedevil appreciation month?

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Karedevil Appreciation Month.

With S2 behind us and S3 (fingers crossed!) still far away, we wondered, is there a better way to pass this agonizing hiatus than organizing ourselves a little celebration? So the idea of Karedevil appreciation month was born.

As it’s still in the very early planning stages, our question is: would anyone even be even interested in something like this?

Each week will cover a ‘theme’: AU Week, Favorite Scene Week, etc… and we’re open to seeing all formats of media that Tumblr can allow - GIFs, graphics, fanfics, fanvids, meta, and yes, even silly text posts! 

We hope to make it as fun and as inclusive as possible, and we’d love to hear your ideas or requests on what activities or themes should be included, so drop us a line! Your questions, concerns, suggestions, etc are also welcome. Our ask and submission boxes are always open!



This is not a bribe. But we certainly hope it’ll help us convince you.

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we're also extremely happy you're looking at it from an analytical perspective - while we adore the shippy stuff that's usually the bulk of fannish activity, it's been so rewarding to see you dissect details and character arcs that'll play in the overall season. (we're drafting some preliminary S2 stuff and Danny/SummerSoc have big plays coming up. Can't wait. Crossing fingers.)

If you’re going to get me all excited, I can’t help but share this with my followers. Expect rampant speculation between my followers and I about the Summer Society. 

I’m very happy that you’re planning long-term. (And extremely happy Danny is a permanent fixture.) I’m sure you know how dedicated your fanbase is, and we’d do just about anything to keep our little vampire show on the air. 

Though, “on the air” is a reference to airwaves, i.e. television. Since most Internet traffic is delivered through cables, maybe we should say… Oh, never mind. 

one of the things my mind keeps coming back to and wondering about are Haru’s feelings about Rin’s “My Shining”

while Rin can’t help but chuckle and make fun of Haru’s essay, said boy reads out Rin’s essay as if he knows it by heart, never stopping to snort or show any kind of reaction that would embarrass Rin ( well, just reading it was enough for the guy to tackle Haru (for obvious reasons) but–)

the biggest question mark for me is if Haru actually understands what he’s reading there? does he know that Rin’s essay’s about him? that he’s Rin’s shining? I can’t help feeling like if he did know, he wouldn’t be able to read it with such a straight face…?

what if little Haru would read Rin’s essay whenever he was missing him, memorizing it at some point, but without ever realizing the meaning behind it…

If KCU can drop from an average of 2.3 million views in S1 (2015-2016) to an average of 1.59 million views for S2 (2016-2017, 19 eps aired so far), be one of the more presumably expensive shows besides GMW (Zendaya, special effects, etc), have a handful of eps get only 1.1 million in their recent season, and still get renewed for an S3…..fingers crossed that GMW, which went from 2.3 million viewers in S2 (2015-2016) to 1.82 million viewers for S3 (2016-2017, 15 eps aired so far), so not as big of drop as KCU, and hasn’t had an ep below 1.4 million, can get renewed for S4.

(Also, the TSR reboot is a good sign to me that Disney thinks the reboot shows are working)

Also, since everyone also loves to compare GMW and L&M ratings, despite general decline of cable ratings over the past year, average rating of GMW S3’s first 15 episodes is tied L&M S3’s first 15 episodes average rating, which aired last (television) year (1.82 million for both, L&M’s overall S3 average was 1.78 million).

*fingers crossed and staying hopeful*

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What we need to remember is that Mappa didn't plan for a season 2 because they didn't know if season 1 would hit off (and i totally understand their fears after seeing ep 7!) so it's REALLY IMPORTANT that we show our support by buying merch or the dvds!! (if they come out in other countries thank japan) positive reviews are good, but if we want producers to be convinced, money needs to be involved a little! <o/ support your fav anime, people! and maybe we'll get a sequel!

Yup! Merchandise and DVD/BR sales are two (out of many) variables that help determine a 2nd season~ Try to support the franchise if you can c:

Edit: Don’t forget that a S2 isn’t guaranteed even if there are high sales, but *fingers crossed*

What a cute idea for S2~ I’d love to see more of Yuri as well :)

omg a heart shaped mouth for victor would be the cutest ♡♡

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I miss season 2 everything. Like Farkle, Riley, everything Lucaya. I really hope we get a season 4. I need more of this

Well, with S3 being very like an S1 redux, seems to me S4 will likely follow a similar pattern and be a bit of an S2 redux.

So keep your fingers crossed and holler at Disney Channel/Disney Channel PR on social media. Or better yet, send the network an email/letter.