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Requested - “Sex with Alex” headcanon

  • Alex is very sweet during sex,
  • Sex with him is always exciting and fun,
  • Loves holding you close,
  • He takes it very slow at first then eventually picks up the pace,
  • When he’s on top of you he’s always asking are you ok or if he’s hurting you,
  • He likes to make eye contact,
  • He likes to give oral and is really good at it,
  • Really loves rubbing and fingering you,
  • Alex  makes just the most delicious sounds,        
  • Moans heavily in your ears during the whole act, 
  • So many passionate kisses,         
  • Enjoys bites and licks on your more sensitive body parts,  
  • Love bites  everywhere ,        
  • Loves sucking on your boobs,
  • Blowjobs push him over the edge so quick,  ·         
  • He can fuck you for hours and hours,·         
  • Taking you from behind,
  • Angry sex, 
  • Rough sex, 
  • Passionate sex ,  
  • Doesn’t mind trying out different positions ,
  • He loves it when you’re dominant and ride him,
  • Has a thing for lace lingerie,          
  • Will blindfold you and tie you up,
  • His favorite time to masturbate is in the morning, 
  • Long cuddles, 
  • Alex would be the king of dirty talk, especially in Danish ,  
  • Dirty talk would be a huge turn on for him,  
  • He loves it when you pull his hair,
  • Is the type to pull your hair during sex,
  • He’d definitely be down for sex in public,
  • When he cums, he always stares into your eyes and whispers how much he loves you ,      
  • He likes aftercare – that include tiny kisses everywhere, cuddling, playing with your hair, massages.

Hope you like it!

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So, a happy AU: The war is over and the chancellor is dead, the Jedi and senators and other fancy people are having a party. Anakin and Obi-Wan are there as well (they also had feelings for each other for a long time then). They are both really happy, talking, laughing, trying fancy food and drinks and that... And then they go dancing (SLOW DANCE) and don't really need to confess their feelings, they just kiss and everything is perfect. And others are just: Ok, leave them be, the war is over.

“I haven’t seen him smile like that in a long time.” Plo offered Adi with a low hum, head tilted as he watched the two Jedi by the pillars and window. “Come to think of it, I have not seen either smile like that in a long time.”

Adi, looking up from the tray of fancy finger foods she hardly recognized but looked really delicious, followed his line of gaze and gave a hum too. “We’ve been at war for three years, almost four, its no wonder they’re smiling now.” She laughed quietly.

The people in question were fellow Jedi and council members, Anakin and Obi-Wan staying by a pillar where they managed to snag both food and drink while speaking to each other, hardly acknowledging the world around them.

“We have grieved those we have lost, Master Yoda will be missed along with everyone else, but we move on just as he would have wished.” She added.

“I wasn’t begrudging them it Adi.” Plo chuckled quietly. “I’m honestly glad. Obi-Wan hasn’t smiled like that since he was a padawan himself and even then it became rarer around the last year of his apprenticeship. He has always been a serious man.”

Senator Organa and Amidala joined them with a light greeting, drinks in hands as they also observed the two smiling Jedi by the pillars until Anakin perked up at a shift in the music.

“Slow dance.” Padme noted with a slightly amused hum, watching Anakin needle at Obi-Wan before the Jedi master gave in and let the taller Jedi lead him to the dance floor with a bounce in his step, Obi-Wan clearly laughing even from a distance.

The two settled into position, Anakin’s hands instantly settling a bit high on Obi-Wan’s waist with the redhead setting his hands to the others shoulders, the two settling into a slow dance.

“I see code of conduct still is not Skywalker’s strong suit.” Mace noted dryly as he joined the group with a glass of what looked like a blue wine.

“Oh let them be Mace, Force knows Kenobi could do with some lightness and humor. And a few long sleep ins with good meals following.” Adi noted, smirking at the Korun and now Grandmaster of the order.

“Fine, fine.” Mace snorted and took a small sip, glancing around. “…I’m glad the commanding faction of the army was allowed here.”

“It wouldn’t have been fair to leave them out.” Bail commented quietly. “The Commanders and captains were the least that could be invited.”

“My wolf pack told me that the rest of the vods planned a party at the barracks themselves.” Plo chuckled.

“Good, they deserve this too.” Adi said firmly, getting quiet agreement around from the rest of her companions.

And then Mace choked on his drink, staring at the couple on the dance floor that they had been speaking about moments before.

Obi-Wan was pushed a bit up on his toes, lips pressed to Anakin’s, the blond’s hands resting at the others waist in a soft kiss that spoke clearer then words of feelings long left to the shadows that neither wanted to hide anymore as Obi-Wan’s hands moved from the others shoulders to his face, cupping it gently.

Plo quickly caught Mace arm when he moved to intercept, shaking his head. “Leave them be Mace, let them have this. Peace and wonder and love. Love is not the path to the dark side, regardless what Master Yoda used to say.” He murmured. “Let them have this.”

“…You’re going to ask for those reforms, aren’t you.” Mace grunted but settled back, watching the two kiss.

It was a soft kiss, full of intimacy that was carefully being explored for the first time by both.

A first kiss, one of what they both hoped to be many and were reluctant to break.

Obi-Wan finally dropped down from his toes, staring up at the blond who was grinning back with a flush on his cheeks before he took Obi-Wan’s hand and tugged him towards the balcony that would lead to the ornate gardens outside, leading his former Master outside.

The redhead had a moment to look over his shoulder at the majority of the council, shame and worry in his eyes even as he followed the knight.

And then relief shone when Mace of all people raised his glass.

A tentative acceptance.

They disappeared out into the night and weren’t seen until morning, curled up together in their robes in the Garden of the temple.

When The Sun Goes Down [1] (Dean/Reader, vampire!reader, soulmate!au)

When the Sun Goes Down (i)

Dean/(female) Reader

Summary: In which you are hunted, but Dean can’t kill you because the universe couldn’t care less about your feelings. Features vampire!reader, hunter!Dean and Sam (as in canon). Also…Gordon Walker.

a/n: Soulmate!au (for I am a hopeless romantic and this is my true love). Also, vampires. This is new.

Without further ado, the story!

“We can’t keep living like this,” Connor insists. “I’m not going to keep living like this.”

“We don’t have time for arguments. Pack up—we’re going now, before the hunters catch up. Understand?”

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It’s Official Now→

“Hang on…Can you repeat that for me?”

After nearly tearing a hole through her sweater sleeves from her fidgeting Kara sighed a little. “I know you heard me the first time,”

“Yes, but I want to hear it again.”

“L-Lena and I…are dating.” Slowly lifting her gaze to look back at Alex Kara absently chewed on the corner of her lip, the silence only seemed to make things worse. “Alex…Please don’t be weird about this. I mean I’m an adult, and I made this decision on my own,”

“I don’t doubt that Kara, but I seem to remember her making you cry. More than once,”

Huffing a little Kara stared down at her sleeves, continuing to fidget with them. “Maggie made you cry too,” biting her lip at the quick ‘big sister’ glare she got Kara sighed.

“That’s different for one. And two, Maggie made me cry because she rejected me and I was heartbroken. Lena made you cry, because she got your hopes up and treated you like crap”

“But that was forever ago! I’d only just met her then…she’s nice now. Well, she was nice after that too! See now you are just confusing me. But she’s so sweet Alex, well, to me she is anyway and I really really like her. Even before we started dating she took care of me, and she was there for me when I needed her and she cares about me. Look Alex, I know you are in protective big sister mode right now and I love you for it, I really do. But I’m happy with Lena, I really do like her and I trust her. And I…She actually invited me to an L Corp Gala…”

“The one tomorrow night?”

“Yeah! Wait…How did you know about it?”

“It’s a huge social event Kara, all sections of Law Enforcement get informed about them,”

“Right…Well she invited me, as her date and she…She seems ready to come out in the sense of our relationship. Which I mean she’s never been seen with anyone, ever. So this is like a huge deal and she seems really excited about it! It’s really cute actually,”

“And what about you? Are you excited about it?” Alex asked, focusing her gaze back on her beer before taking a long sip from it.

“I am actually…I’m…nervous. But I’m confident and comfortable in our relationship and I know the pictures and the questions will be overwhelming but I’m excited to be there to support her. She’s actually creating and funding an alien medical facility, so see, she’s not all bad”

“I never said she was bad! I’m just surprised that’s all. She doesn’t seem like your type of person, but if you are happy…Then that’s what matters to me.”

The sisters were quiet for about fifteen more minutes of their show until Kara ended up perking up after a rather large handful of popcorn.

“Oh! She’s also cool with the whole Supergirl thing!”

“You…told her? Kara!”

“I didn’t! She found out!….She did! I swear!”

“And how did she do that?”

“I…er…well funny story…I sort of broke..her bed.”

“….Nope. Don’t want to hear it. But Kara, you be sure to tell her that your sister and your sister’s girlfriend are good with guns and if she makes you cry,”

“Yes, yes I know. I’m trying to get her to come to a game night, so if she does you can big sister talk her then,”


Kara had definitely not been expecting Samuel to pick her up from CatCo that day, but then it all sort of hit her at once that today was in fact Friday, which meant the Gala was in a few hours, but she knew Lena was having her dress delivered so she never expected Samuel to pick her up. But it was a nice surprise nonetheless.

It had been awkward to say the least when she had to cancel the Superfriends game night, but they were able to reschedule to Saturday so all in all it wasn’t too awful, plus James seemed to be completely focused on other things which Kara was confused and slightly worried about.

She’d been doing her best not to think about the gala, she didn’t want to let herself get panicked over it. After all it would be fine, she’d have Lena and really, she’d also have delicious finger foods so truly what could go wrong!


Even though Samuel had given her her wrapped dress when he’d dropped her off Kara had waited to open it and it was only when she was just about to unzip the protective bag did she hear eager knocking at her door, she’d expected Alex, or Winn even but instead she was met with a small team of tiny but excited middle aged women. Before she could even come up with a proper greeting they were all but pushing her back into her apartment, talking about make-up and hair styles and what would look the best, and that she was taller than they thought she’d be. It didn’t take long for it to click this was her new and first style team.

Within the hour Kara had been all dolled up and changed, but the make up and hair was definitely not over the top, in fact it kind of suited her and even she could admit that she looked pretty. Glancing down at her phone she was busy texting Alex when she heard the knock, instantly perking up she did feel a small bit of panic settle in her chest but the excitement quickly took over as she skipped over to the door -thankfully not having her heels on yet-

Pulling it open she blushed a little, offering Lena a shy smile.


Malec Drabble Alphabet - F

F - Feline

“What,” Magnus started, righteous fury in his eyes, “is this?”

“Um, not what it looks like?” Alec replied, his statement turning into an unsure question. He had frozen mid-step; his arms out as he attempted to catch the tabby cat that was currently lounging on a wrecked sofa.

Chairman Meow meowed, the tattered remains of Magnus’ favorite sofa beneath him. Well, maybe not his favorite, he did redecorate every other week after all, but it was the principal of the thing. Still, Magnus sighed and picked up the cat, stroking its fur gently. The Chairman purred happily.

He turned a glare back to the flustered shadowhunter, who was glaring daggers at the feline in his arms. “Honestly, Alexander, what did you do?”

Me? It was that crazy furball of yours!”

Magnus gasped, offended on behalf of his cat. “I’ll have you know ‘that crazy furball’ only does stuff like this when he’s upset. So what did you do?”

The other man sputtered, his arms flailing. “Nothing! I swear!”

“Really? So you didn’t ignore him like you usually do?”

“Um, well…” Alec scratched the back of his head guiltily.

“Ah, thought so.” Magnus shook his head in disappointment. “You know that when I’m not here you need to pay at least some attention to him. He’s sensitive.”

“Sensitive? He’s a cat!”

“Yes and cats are fickle creatures. Look at me.” He gestured grandly, holding the Chairman in one arm to do so.

Alec crossed his arms, his next words dry and sardonic. “Magnus. You’re a warlock. You just have cat eyes.”

“Yes, it is a sad truth,” the warlock sighed dramatically, as if it really were a shame. “But oh well. Now for your punishment.”

“Punishment?” Alexander’s eyes went wide, his cheeks reddening.

Magnus chuckled, pleased that he had caused his favorite shadowhunter to squirm. “Not that kind of punishment, darling.” He approached the younger man slowly, teasing him further. Leaning in close enough that they were breathing the same air, he paused… and then deposited Chairman Meow straight into Alec’s unsuspecting arms.

“What–” He started, only to be interrupted by Magnus’ cheery voice.

“Your punishment is to take the Chairman to the bedroom and sit with him while I clean up your mess.”


Magnus placed his index finger in front of Alexander’s wonderfully delicious lips, immediately shutting him up. “Really Alexander, you’re a big, bad shadowhunter; surely you can take care of one cat for a few minutes?”

“He has it out for me,” he grunted when Magnus dropped his hand, though with less vehemence than before.

“Nonsense. He likes you; that’s why he wants your attention so much. And I can see why he would,” the warlock added with a wink, knowing that it would soften Alec up enough for him to do it.

Just as expected, he finally agreed. “Fine, fine I’ll go.”

Magnus pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, causing Alec to flush again. “Thank you.”

He watched them go fondly, trying not to laugh at how Alexander was looking at the Chairman like he would explode. Thankfully, it wouldn’t take him long clean up the mess so hopefully they wouldn’t get into too much trouble on their own. Still, he hurried up a bit more than he normally would, replacing the couch and doing some necessary redecorating at light speed.

When he was done, he also went to the bedroom, a little afraid at what he might find… only to see Alec sitting cross-legged on the floor, scratching Chairman Meow as he purred happily.

Well then.

Neither seemed to realize that Magnus had made his entrance.

“I hope you appreciate this, cat… and this doesn’t mean I trust you,” Alexander said seriously. “Ok, well, maybe this isn’t so bad, but don’t go and take that as an invitation to come sit in my lap at any time.”

I knew some part of him liked the Chairman, Magnus thought triumphantly, glad his punishment idea worked out so spectacularly. Still, he should probably intervene, he didn’t want to take any more risks; who knew how long those two could keep the peace? 

So he came to stand over them, smirking. “Can I take you up on that invitation Alexander?”

The absolutely priceless (and adorable) look he got in return made revealing himself more than worth it.

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Special side note: this particular drabble was requested by a lovely anon; hope you enjoy it!

phil was busy decorating their hotel room and getting the cake ready, smiling at the fact that the boy he fell in love with 7 years ago is turning 25 in a few minutes. dan tenderly embraced him from behind, sneakily dipping his finger into the frosting and tasting it. “that’s really delicious, phil,” he remarked, kissing phil’s cheek with his chocolate stained lips, “thank you.” he propped himself onto the countertop as phil turned to him and smiled, checking his phone. “well it’s almost 12am, and i know it may sound a bit cheesy, but i thought of ending the last bits of your 24th year by telling you how much i love you,” he blushed. “it actually startles me; the first time i met you and held you tight, how it felt to touch your delicate figure for the first time, and how it really fit into my arms. it was the moment i realised you were real, and you were all mine. i never realised it was possible, but everytime i look at you lying next to me every morning, i fall in love even more. that actually happened for 7 consecutive years, imagine what a 7 years’ accumulation is like. that’s a lot, howell. and with a lot, i mean a lot,” he emphasised with smile painted across his face. “happy birthday, dan. i love you.” dan immediately checked his phone, his cheeks flushing. “it’s 12am,” he gently grabbed phil’s face, and they kissed. he kissed him vehemently, slowly nipping on his lower lip, their kisses curling into smiles they could feel against eachother’s skin. dan gently pulled back to take a breath, “and i’d like to start it this way.”