fingers are really delicious

phil was busy decorating their hotel room and getting the cake ready, smiling at the fact that the boy he fell in love with 7 years ago is turning 25 in a few minutes. dan tenderly embraced him from behind, sneakily dipping his finger into the frosting and tasting it. “that’s really delicious, phil,” he remarked, kissing phil’s cheek with his chocolate stained lips, “thank you.” he propped himself onto the countertop as phil turned to him and smiled, checking his phone. “well it’s almost 12am, and i know it may sound a bit cheesy, but i thought of ending the last bits of your 24th year by telling you how much i love you,” he blushed. “it actually startles me; the first time i met you and held you tight, how it felt to touch your delicate figure for the first time, and how it really fit into my arms. it was the moment i realised you were real, and you were all mine. i never realised it was possible, but everytime i look at you lying next to me every morning, i fall in love even more. that actually happened for 7 consecutive years, imagine what a 7 years’ accumulation is like. that’s a lot, howell. and with a lot, i mean a lot,” he emphasised with smile painted across his face. “happy birthday, dan. i love you.” dan immediately checked his phone, his cheeks flushing. “it’s 12am,” he gently grabbed phil’s face, and they kissed. he kissed him vehemently, slowly nipping on his lower lip, their kisses curling into smiles they could feel against eachother’s skin. dan gently pulled back to take a breath, “and i’d like to start it this way.”