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You stood at the threshold of the place. You hold your hands out to inspect them one more time before you go in. They seem normal to me, they are your hands after all. You squint to look at your fingerprints once more. You have been told from a young age that your finger prints are almost unique, that only one other person in this world will have the same fingerprints as you. That person being your soulmate.

So, here you are standing in the threshold of Finger Print Mania, the only and the largest fingerprint matchmaking service. On your eighteenth birthday you can go to one of their locations and get your fingerprint put into their database. Then if your soulmate’s print is in the database, or added, you and your soulmate would both be notified. In the notification is their name and anything else, like a special message, a location, or job.

The problem is that you didn’t know if you wanted to put your fingerprint into the database. The whole experience is completely voluntary. You had never felt so vulnerable as you felt right now in this place. What happened if he never put his fingerprint in? (At least you thought it was a he). Could you go about your years looking at everybody’s fingerprints without going insane?

It’s better to not know, you decide, turning around and walking away.

It’s better to know, Michael decides, walking inside of the building.

Some people stop to stare at the super star, phones where whipped out. It is Michael’s twentieth birthday, and only now was he putting his finger print into the database. When he was younger he was convinced that he would meet her naturally. Now, touring around the world and never being home caused him to rethink his plan.

It took a total of thirty minutes before he could leave. He waited in line for the first ten. You would think that not many people would be there, but people of every age was waiting in line. Then he got his fingerprints scanned. Lastly they gave him a sheet and told him to write his name and whatever else on it. Michael had been tasked with writing whole songs, but his first words to his soulmate stumped him. He was sure she was pretty, but how can you write that on paper, never seeing her before?

Michael ended up writing something lame. He said his name, age, the band that he was in, and then something about wanting to meet her. When he passes the paper over to the lady behind the desk. She smiles at him, obviously knowing who he was, and looks down at what he wrote. He could tell by how the smile slightly dropped that she thought that he would be more romantic or something. But no. All the fans always romanticized them.

Miscellaneous Theories About V3 I Don’t Have Enough Basis to Make Full Posts About, I Just Think Would Be Neat: 

  • Because of the emphasis that Shirogane (SHSL Cosplayer) likes to make costumes more than wear them, I have this idea she is gonna be a murderer–but she’ll dress the corpse up as herself, and then assume the identity of the person she killed. Basically a slightly more confusing Enoshima-Ikusaba situation.
  • The “only two people can survive” rule is going to work like this: the killer is going to actually win at the class trial, and during the mass execution of all of the other students someone (probably Akamatsu since she’s the protagonist) survives.

I was trying to think of ways that the “two person” rule might be able to work, assuming this game will be roughly six chapters like all of the others.

  • Saihara is going to be integral to solving some of the cases, of course, but so will Kiibo. He has the “recording functions” feature that has been much talked about, but he probably has other useful functions–infrared sensing, fingerprinting database, some futuristic “luminol vision” to find traces of blood.

Also, in the event that there’s a poisoning but no one’s really sure, Kiibo can “drink” it to test it himself, since he doesn’t have a body that would be effected and would probably be able to analyze what it is on a dime.

  • This is a weird one that might be too out there but Shinguji (SHSL Folklorist) is going to murder someone because he thinks them to be some sort of monster.
#102 v4.1 and v4.72

PREMISE: Can two versions of the world’s best crime program work together to solve New York City’s worst crimes? V4.1 and v4.72 is a show about mismatched partners: two generations of crime-fighting software who can’t seem to get along. A bug keeps them from being compatible with each other, which means the tension and drama are sky-high! Follow these two hot-coded softwares as they crunch numbers and banter in binary in a show that critics called, “Surprisingly exciting even though it’s mostly about algorithms.” The FUTURE of crime fighting is v4.1 and v4.72!

CHARACTERS: v4.72 is advanced fingerprint organization software with the ability to cross-reference national and local criminal databases. v4.1 is an older version of the same software, slower but methodical and stable, and incompatible with Flash. The old software doesn’t understand v4.72′s new-fangled updates, especially its sleeker, more streamlined user interface. But v4.1 has  knowledge and experience that v4.72 can learn a thing or two from–like how to read data off of floppy discs.
          Officer Randy Franzo is the cop in charge of running v4.72 and v4.1 on the precinct’s only computer. He is mostly unaware of the tug of war taking place inside the processors.

NOTABLE EPISODE: Franzo needs to run some fingerprints from a decades-old cold case, and, as always, a struggle ensues between v4.1 and v4.72. They fight over the computer’s RAM and processing power, while Franzo remains oblivious. v4.1 is able to get access to the national fingerprint database faster, because v4.1 was friends with the fingerprint database software when they were at the police software academy together. Not to be outfoxed, v4.72 uses his connections on the deep web to track down incriminating evidence via a website selling Canadian pharmaceuticals. Together, they are able to identify the perp’s fingerprints, moments before an impatient Franzo would have tried a hard reset of the computer (S01.E09 – “0001101001101110011100011 Most Foul”).

CATCHPHRASE: “Defrag this!” / “Bazinga!” / “You still on punch cards, old man?”

TRIVIA/MISCELLANY: The programs that played v4.72 and v4.1 were actually married in real life.