Fingerprince was the second Residents LP I bought, a good 2-and-a-half years years after Meet the ResidentsI remember one morning when I did not expect to see him at my house, my dad came and woke me up and was like “Where’s that record store on Cleveland Ave. you always say is so great?” He drove us up to Checkered Records, and I remember being surprised / psyched to find this, PLUS four other Residents LPs! I didn’t have enough to get all of them, so I picked this (and one Zappa CD) and asked George to set the others aside for me for a later date. Amusingly, my old receipts show I purchased at least one Residents LP on four consecutive Mondays in November 1998. I mostly only ever listened to the first side of this and skipped the 18-minute “Six Things To A Cycle” on side two. Not-old-enough-to-drink me found it boring, but the closer-to-40-than-30 me processes things of this nature a lot differently (plus, like with some others, I’ve barely played this record in years.)

Nerd notes: This one is from the third pressing, identifiable by the front cover being “in color”, rather than just brown-and-white, as with the first two.