It’s a game, called “Detention” (返校).
Maybe I’m Taiwanese, so I have a deep impression.
Although I only read the history about the story background, I still know that is terrifying. And the traditional cultures of Taiwan are so amazing in this game.
Just like my life!! Not kind of creepy. XD
There are so many details that I want to tell!!
But I can’t. That is spoiler I think. XD

I just want to say.
Thank you red candle games for the amazing work!!
And not only Taiwanese youtubers, but also some foreign youtubers really enjoy the game!!
They think it’s excellent. That’s incredible!!
Whether you play this game or watch somebody’s playthrough or not, hope you like this fanart. 😊
I am very proud of this game!!


Process video for the fingerpaintings in my last post