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You sat on one of Bobby’s junker cars, immersed in conversation with Dean, watching the muscles ripple in his back and shoulders as he tightened bolts. “Y/N. Earth to Y/N.” Dean looked up at you, snapping his fingers. “Hey, you with me?”


“Lost you for a second, sweetheart.” He raised an eyebrow, smirking at you. “Thinkin dirty thoughts?” 

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Homeworld Roleplay


“How do you plead, Onyx?” A blue hand raised from the dazzlingly blue throne as the words echoed among the gathered assembly of aristocratic gemstones. The hand belonged to the largest of the species, Blue Diamond. She was breathtakingly beautiful, even with the cold expression she currently wore as she held her court. The Onyx below her had committed theft from an Opal’s residence, and the Diamond was forced to take authoritative action because of the fit the Opal threw. Blue Diamond nearly sighed at the boredom that overtook her court. The Onyx flustered, “W-Well ma'am. I only meant to rid Opal of the useless item. No harm intended?” A collective scoff from the assembly caused the Onyx to shrivel. Blue Diamond snapped her fingers as the court silenced and two guards rushed forward to take Onyx to a prison cell where she would be dealt with.
“Are there any standing claims remaining? Or shall I declare out court adjured?“ Blue Diamond spoke quietly, and tapped her still hand on her throne as the court continued to bore her. A voice suddenly piped up….


three modes of persuasion + triumvirate 
    ↳     ( authority ; ethos  //  emotion ; pathos  //   logic ; logos )

   surprise gift for @mcsprk ; a treasured mutual & the 
   dork that got me into the space bisexuals in the first
   place ☆.‘゚★°


It’s simple to me now, really.
I knew what I had.
I had this beautiful human who I thought loved me tremendously and mutually,
and you simply did not see what you had.
I watched myself transform from ‘everything’ and ‘always’ to ‘sometimes’ and ‘maybe’,
and the first realization of that hurt like the fists I threw at my body in frustration and heartache,
but now, it’s simple.
You’re soon going to realize your name no longer sounds like poetry.
Why? Because who the fuck else was writing about you through your best and bitter times.
I loved you, but with exploring your corners and crevasses, I soon enough learned that the deeper I got, the more cold and empty you were.
And I always thought you were the one who put the stars in the sky,
but who cares if you’re just going to burn them out five minutes later.
You’re going to miss me.
This. Everything.
You’ll miss my hand on your leg;
my breath in your lungs,
but by then,
you’ll just be an old poem.
—  You won’t forget me
- Katey Chrest

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