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Okay okay please do one where Harry gets jealous because you're becoming friends with your most recent ex again and he finds out you were hanging out with him while he was gone.... Maybe a fight and if you're down to write smut make it end in makeup sex?! No pressure just enjoyed your first piece xx

HEY! Thank you for requesting. Sorry it took longer than expected cause I HAD to sleep and finish homework. Please if you like it, maybe share it, and requests are open still! I did a little smut at the end in a very specific direction cause I was feeling some type of way…. so… *need a cold shower*

Rating: PG-13 (? i need halp with this)
Warnings: maybesmutokdead
Category: jealousy-smut
Word Count: 2,170

DISCLAIMER: Though pictures and gifs and whatnot of Jealous-Harry makes me feel some type of way, I believe he might not be the jealous type, and jealousy shouldn’t be like… a THING in a relationship, Just my point of view, I think jealousy in a relationship means something might be wrong… Seen a couple of jealous people in relationship and it’s bad. But here’s an imagine I guess.

01. What do you want?

Something was vibrating. And given your sleepy state, it took you a while to notice it was your phone. A couple of messages had popped up all at once making you snap out of your hazy state. You turned your eyes away from your books and saw the group chat an old friend had created last week. It was your high school group of friends, all confirming the place and time for a little party that night.

You’d known about it for a bit but had ignored it because of the massive amount of projects you had to turn in.

But after 2 days of straight up studying, you figured you deserved a party, so you quickly typed “see y'all there!” into the group chat and changed to be on your way.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to run into your ex at that party, for he was with you in high school, therefore, he was in the group chat. Did he go because you went? You’ll never know. The surprise was the maturity with which you’d handled the situation, and the fact that you actually ended up making peace with the guy.

Which is why right now, almost two months after that party, his name was flashing on your screen, as he called you.

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