monster mac highlights
  • “is he really gunna go for eight?” “NO! no, he’s not!” “no. not eight. S I X T E E N”
  • ”he keeps talking about the spoke”
  • ”the MATH. THE MATH! “
  • “physically, this doesn’t work.” “physically NONE OF THIS WORKS”
  • ryan literally jumping up and down and shaking his hands violently like a madman
  • the math
  • “this isn’t math. this is art
  • geoff
  • “it’s in the nug club now”
  • the entire construction process
  • *michael laughing while holding the completed mac* “how do we…”
  • “it’s good to be alive”
  • everyone sharing, even ryan
  • “oh my god, he almost bit my finger”
To fall in love with a monster 
Means you open your ribcage wide open, see through his cold face, fully believe he’s soft inside, he just need to be loved more and you’re so ready to worship him 
Means you lick the scars on your hands because he doesn’t know how to touch without hurting 
Means you look away from warnings because they don’t understand him as much as you do
Means an ocean of forgiveness
Means it’s okay I don’t mind 
again and again and again 
Until you can’t tell the difference 
between I love you with please hurt me more 
Maybe you deserve a monster because you too are a monster under that skin 
Fall in love with a monster, 
Means fingers trembling 
picking up shattered glass on the floor
shutting the door when he leaves
Because a beast doesn’t know how to stay
Being a child of Hypnos would be literally the best

Honestly I would love to be a child of Hypnos.

- I could sleep just like THAT. I usually take FOREVER to fall asleep, it’s frustrating.

- I love sleeping. Who doesn’t?

- my powers could be like, snapping my fingers and making the monster fall asleep. Seriously. Then I could just go up to them and stab them. Easy.

- or like, another power could be dreams. I could make my own dreams, communicate with other people through dreams, warp people’s dreams, stuff like that. I could be like that giant in The BFG. :D

- Remember when Annabeth brought Jason to the Hypno’s cabin to try to recover his memories?

So basically, I could also retract and create memories, if I got into the person’s brain. Tell me that isn’t cool.

Being a child of Hypno’s would be VERY op, so maybe that’s why Riordan portrays the Hypno’s kid as always sleeping and almost useless.

But really, once the warrior in him wakes up, be prepared for ultimate-creative-monster-fighting-skills.

There were feathers in the hallway.

Tony blinked down at them slowly, then began picking them up. They were purple, a deep, rich hue, and each feather was as long as his forearm. He took a moment to be very, very glad that his parents were on trips and that Jarvis and Ana were out shopping, because he’d never be able to explain these.

There was a trail of them. Tony followed them, stooping to pick up each feather, because it wouldn’t do to for someone to stumble over any of them. It was… an awful lot of feathers. Like an alarming amount of feathers. He could probably make a suit of them.

They led to one of the guest rooms.

Tony should probably call someone. He remembered when Natasha had come into the mansion, how dangerous it had been. Natasha had told him that the only reason it had worked out so well for him was because he’d surprised her. Still, he was eighteen now. He should be able to handle it.

The feathers led to the closet.

Tony was never going to understand why these guys liked closets so much. Bucky and Steve had tried to explain it but he didn’t get it. Natasha hadn’t even bothered trying, just shrugged and said “I like it there.” He’d understood that a lot better than anything Steve and Bucky had said.

Tony stopped halfway into the guestroom, calling out, “Hello?”

There was a shuffling sound behind the door, but then silence.

He took another step closer. “He–llo! I heard you moving in there!”

The shuffling sound came again, then a noise like claws on wood.

Tony swallowed thickly, clutching the bundle of feathers to his chest. “…I’m not leaving until you come out!”

The door burst open so fast that he only had time to scream before whatever had been in it was on top of him.

Bucky and Steve fell out of the closet, scrabbling at the floor and leaving gouges in the wood. When they skidded out into the hallway they saw a giant black spider crawling across the wall, the red hourglass on its belly shining ominously as it leapt over doorways.

Bucky and Steve caught up to her a few seconds later, skidding over the floors. It was worrying, that they’d only heard that one scream. What if Tony couldn’t scream again? What if he–what if Tony was–

They crashed through the doorway, tearing the door off its hinges.

“Help,” Tony sobbed, hands bleeding around the barbed chain he was clutching. “Help! It’s hurting him!”

They stopped in shock. The hulking feathered figure in front of the human was trembling, one wing forced straight up by the chain, the other pinned against its side. Half of the feathers on the extended wing were just… shaved off. Some feathers were even cut in half, and the barbed chain was digging into the flesh hard enough that blood was starting to rise beneath it. It took a lot to pierce a monster’s skin.

Natasha swept over to him, form shifting so she had hands, one pair grabbing at the chain while the other carefully but firmly peeled Tony’s free. “Let go,  Котенок. It’s hurting you, too.”

“Natasha help!” Tony exclaimed, sobbing again.

“I’m helping, Котенок. You need to move.”

Steve slithered over to wrap his arms around the brunet as Bucky leapt forward to help Natasha, tail wrapping around his legs so he couldn’t lunge forward again. “Shhh. Tony, let them work.”

Tony turned so he could cry into his chest. “He couldn’t even ask me for help! He made–he made this terrible sound, Steve, it was awful–”

“It’s not–we’re going to tear his fucking wing off,” Bucky muttered, hands shifting, tugging lightly along the chain.

Natasha hissed quietly in sympathy as the feathered mass let out a long whine, wing shuddering. “We might just have to let it happen. This is a Death Chain. Maybe sacrificing a wing would be better.”

“No!” Tony exclaimed, pulling back and wiping his eyes. “I can–I’ll go get bolt cutters! We can cut it off!”

The monsters looked at each other before Bucky asked, “Will that work?”

Natasha shrugged. “I’ve never seen it, but then I’ve never had a human care.”

“I’ll go get bolt cutters,” Tony repeated, determined, and ran from the room.

Steve slithered over and gently curled his fingers under the chain as well. “You said you’ve seen these before?”

“Not everyone thinks monsters in the closet are an adorable fairy tale to soothe their children about,” Natasha answered coldly. “This isn’t the worst I’ve seen.”

The monster let out another whine, other wing trying to shove out from under the chain and shaving off a few feathers.

“Whoa, buddy!” Bucky exclaimed, reaching out to shove his wing back down. “Calm down! We’re trying to help you!”

Tony came running back into the room. “I brought two!”

Steve grabbed one of them from his arms and flipped it around. “Just tell me where to cut.”

“Um–uh–” Tony circled the monster anxiously, fingers trailing over the chain. “Here? Here. Steve, here!”

Steve lifted the bolt cutters and Tony helped him slide them into place. It took more effort than the human had expected, and one of the handles broke off. Tony started to hand him the second bolt cutter, but Steve just grabbed the blades and squeezed them together with his hand.

Tony would have gaped, but he was too busy trying to pull the broken link of chain out. Once it was free he said, “Okay, okay, you can pull–”

Do not pull,” Natasha ordered immediately. “We need to pick the barbs out or we’ll do just as much damage.”

“Okay,” Tony answered, voice small, and obediently began picking the barbs out of the monster’s skin.

It took a while, but eventually Bucky picked out the last barb and the chain fell to the ground with a dull clank. Then Natasha carefully pulled the feathers on the monster’s head back, away from his face.

“…Thanks,” he managed to grit out, voice gravely.

“Are you okay?” Tony asked, reaching out to push more of his feathers back.

The monster’s wings shifted, and then a pair of talon-tipped hands appeared out of the feathers, catching his wrists. “Blood is very hard to get out without water,” he croaked, then reached out to cup the human’s cheeks. “I scared you. I’m sorry.”

Tony sniffled quietly. “It’s okay.”

His name was Clint. He’d escaped from a circus and he’d meant to keep running but the chains had gotten too tight, and the mansion was so close. He hadn’t meant to come bursting out of the door so fast, he’d just tripped and flapping his one good wing had been the only thing he could do to keep from falling and tightening the chains further.

“I was supposed to scare children,” Clint said, voice much less gravely now that he’d had time to breathe properly and they’d given him water and a can of sardines. “I don’t like to do that.”

Natasha didn’t look up from winding bandages around Tony’s bruised and lacerated hands. “How does that feel?”

“Hurts,” Tony admitted quietly.

“You’re lucky a barb didn’t go right through your hand,” Bucky muttered, peering through fridge. “Steak?”

“I haven’t had beef in… decades. So maybe not,” Clint answered. He gave Tony a long, appraising look. “Most humans wouldn’t start trying to pull a barbed chain off something after it basically attacked them.”

Steve snorted from where he was carefully pulling the other man’s feathers so they were facing the right way. “Most humans don’t walk up to a monster and offer them soup when she could easily eat him.” He paused at the man’s wing, where most of his feathers had been cut off, before quietly asking, “Will they grow back?”

“…Probably,” Clint said after a bit too long. He looked back at Tony. He looked like a person that hadn’t been scared as a child. “If I could just have a few days to rest, I can get out of your hair.”

“You don’t need to go,” Tony hurried to say. “The mansion’s big! You can pick any room!”

Bucky sighed loudly. “You won’t be happy until you’ve adopted every monster you can, will you?”

“He’s hurt,” Tony exclaimed indignantly. “And whoever might still be chasing him! They can’t get to him here!”

“Let it go, Buck,” Steve muttered, smoothing his hands down the feathers on Clint’s back. “You know Tony.”

Bucky sighed again, quieter, but he did know Tony. He was a fixer. “How about meatballs?”

“That sounds awful,” Clint admitted. “But I’m so hungry that I don’t actually care. It’s better than anything I’ve eaten anyway, probably.”

“I’ll cook them so it’s easier on your stomach.”

Clint nodded, humming quietly, and then extended his wings. He’d basically been clipped. He wouldn’t be able to fly anyway. So maybe he’d stay a little longer than a few days.

“Oh! The feathers!” Tony gasped, standing abruptly. “I need to pick them up before Jarvis and Ana get home!”

Clint watched him go. “Should probably go help him. The feathers that were cut will have really sharp edges.”

Steve made a startled noise and hurried after him. With his scales, he was extra impervious to injury. And it would be just their luck that Tony would slice his arm open.

“He’s going to keep you,” Natasha decided, leaning her elbow on the table and her chin on her fist. “He does that.”

Clint shrugged. Steve, Bucky, and Natasha seemed to be doing pretty well for themselves. It wasn’t like it could be any worse than the circus.


I made this playlist for darkiplier and Antisepticeye (their alternate personalities separately) I by no means ship them and this is in no way made for that but you feel free to let your imagination run wild. This is for them individually, some songs work better for dark, some work better for anti, some work for both. I hope y'all enjoy! P.S. You don’t have to like jack or mark to listen to this playlist it’s out for everyone who will enjoy listening to it ^_^

Darkiplier/Antisepticeye Playlist:

Playlist tracks:

- sellouts by Breathe Carolina feat. Danny Worsnop

- bad romance (cover) by artist vs poet

- see you again (cover) by Breathe Carolina

-my songs know what you did in the dark (light em up) by fall out boy

- Ghostbusters (I’m not afraid) by fall out boy

- the death of me by Asking Alexandria

- drag me to the grave by black veil brides

- paralyzer by finger Eleven

- monster by lady Gaga

- don’t threaten me with a good time by Panic! At the Disco

- mercenary by Panic at the Disco

- blood by my chemical romance

- kill all your friends by my chemical romance

- Astro zombies (cover) by My Chemical romance

- burn bright by My Chemical romance

- gorgeous nightmare by escape the fate

- kill or be killed by new year’s day

- defame me by new year’s day

- eternally yours by motionless in white

- devil’s night by motionless in white

- nightmare by set it off

- why worry by set it off

- N.M.E. by set it off

- my house by pvris

- he’ll above by Pierce the veil

- disasterology by Pierce the veil

-lane boy by twenty one pilots

- heavy dirty soul by twenty-one pilots

- feel by sleeping with sirens

- five nights at Freddy’s 1 song by the living tombstone

- your so creepy by ghost town

- sick like me by in this moment

- I’m a mess by Frnkiero andthe patience

- world destroyer by Frnkiero andthe patience

- joyriding by Frnkiero andthe Cellabration

- black box by 3oh!3

- makeshift love by good Charlotte

- one of then will destroy the other by mayday parade

- living hell by new found glory

- after midnight by blink 182

- bang bang by Green day

- Redeemer by blood on the dancefloor

- the black by asking Alexandria

- let’s kill tonight by panic at the Disco

- I never told you what I do for a living by my chemical romance

- demolition lovers by my chemical romance

- issues by escape the fate

- malevolence by new year’s day

- I’m about to break you by new year’s day

- creatures by motionless in white

- four corners two sides by sleeping with sirens

- feed my Frankenstein by Alice Cooper

- monster by skillet

- whispers in the dark by skillet

- out of hell by skillet

- Mr doctor man by Palaye Royale

Cuddles of Many - Conor Maynard



I twisted and turned in my bed feeling so alone and so scared something would happen to me. I got up grabbed my keys and didn’t even bother to put on a coat or shoes. I just kept my bunny slippers on and headed towards my car. I jumped in and pulled towards Jack’s apartment complex. As I headed to the apartment I got out of my car and headed towards the door. I knocked multiple times and waited. The door opened and I saw Jack looking slightly annoyed.

“Why the hell are you here at four in the morning?” He asked resting his head against the door frame. “I was alone and scared and wanted to cuddle.” I answered. He chuckled at me. “This is why I love you, showing up at my flat at four in the morning just to cuddle.” He said. “What can I say, I just love my boyfriend.” I responded. “I can tell now come on Ms. bunny slippers.” He laughed moving out of the way so I can enter.

I rolled my eyes at him and let myself enter his flat and he closed the door behind me. “Now bed.” Jack said tired. I walked towards his room and fell onto his bed. Jack laid beside me and pulled me closer to him and kissed the top of my head. “Better?” He asked. “Way better.” I smiled turning so that I was facing his bare chest. “Night beautiful.” He whispered kissing the top of my head. “Night.” I hummed closing my eyes.


I heard a knock on the door and woke up and saw Jack groaning. “Don’t worry babe I’ll get it.” I whispered kissing his cheek. He mumbled a thank you and let go of me. I got up and left my feet bare footed because my slippers were probably still wet. I went to the door and looked through the peephole and saw a blond girl. I rolled my eyes and unlocked the door opening it.

“Oh did I come to the wrong door?” She asked. “Depends.” I responded still holding onto the door frame. “Who you looking for?” I asked. “Jack, Jack Maynard.” She responded. “Why are you looking for him?” I asked.  “Well you may think it’s stupid but I wanted to cuddle.” She smiled. “Who are you again?” I asked as politely as I could. “Oh sorry I’m Lana, Jack’s girlfriend.” She smiled.

“Jack!” I yelled for him as my heart broke in a million pieces. I heard Jack groan but he came around and wrapped his arms around me laying his chin on my shoulder with his eyes closed. “Who is Lana?” I asked. “Hmm?” He said and opened his eyes. “Shit.” He said. “I’m leaving.” I commented not even bothering to grab any of my shit. I brushed pass Lana and moved towards my car and realized that it wasn’t going to work. I mentally cursed at myself and leaned up against it closing my eyes.

MInutes passed and I heard a girl. “Need a lift?” I looked up and saw Lana. I wanted nothing more than talk to her. “You might be mad at me I get it, but why be mad at each other if we didn’t know about the other. It’s Jack’s fault.” She explained. “Yeah, I guess.” I said wiping some tears from my eyes. “What time is it anyways?” I asked. She lifted her phone out of her pocket and looked. “Like about five thirty.” She answered.

“So that lift?” I asked. “Yeah where are you going?” She asked. I gave her the address and she nodded. I got in her car and realized how cold I was. I mean I was only wearing a long shirt and only panties under. I was freezing. Lana on the other hand was all warmed up with a fluffy jacket and boots and all. She was a very beautiful girl and I understood why Jack wanted to be with her. We didn’t talk much in the car until she stopped in front of the building.

“Here let me give you my number.” She smiled pulling out her phone. I sighed. “I don’t have my phone. It’s at Jack’s but I’ll give you my number.” I smiled as she handed me her phone. I entered my number and gave her back her phone. “Text you later.” She smiled. I nodded at Lana and got out of the car running towards the door and entering the code. As I entered I headed towards the elevator to just see a piece of paper reading ‘Not Working’

Just my luck. I thought to myself. I headed towards the stairs and found myself walking all the way up the flights and flights of stairs. Reminder my feet were still bare and were now freezing making it hard for me to walk or do anything. As I made it to the door I opened it and let myself in heading to the couch and laid down and curled into a ball trying to warm up. That’s when all hell broke loose. Tears fell down from my eyes warming up my face.

I heard shuffling around and saw Conor looking at me. “Y/n?” He asked confused. Conor was my best friend and is always there for me. And I needed him more than anything at the minute. I looked at him and he rushed to my side. “Y/n are you okay?!” SHe asked concerned. I shook my head and shivered. He picked me up and cursed at me. “Y/n you’re so goddamn cold. Why aren’t you wearing any clothes.” He asked.

“J-jack.” I responded as he placed me down on his bed pulling the covers over me. “What did he do this time?” He asked annoyed. “Ch-cheat.” I answered. “That fucker.” He said about to leave. “No Conor d-don’t go.” I said through my tears. He turned and smiled at me. He laid next to me and turned to his side. “You’re most likely going to get sick you know.” He said. “I know.” I replied as my stomach did a jump. Every time I was around Conor it did it and I never understood why.

“Get some sleep.” He commented kissing my forehead. He always did that and it made me feel all warm and better inside. “Can you Get m-my stuff fr-from Jack’s?” I asked. Conor nodded at me and stroke my hair which he knew made me fall asleep faster. And I did. I feel asleep in less than five minutes.


I yawned opening my eyes and stretched out my body. I rolled over so I was laying on my back and sighed remembering what has happened. I was dying. Well inside. My mom has always said that it took nine months to make my heart don’t let someone go breaking it in fifteen seconds. Me and Jack had been dating littler under six months and me and Conor have been friends ever since I was about a newborn baby. He was there when I was born. He was there when I had my ups and downs. He was there when I had my very first period. And I could never ask for any other best friend.

I got up and found my car keys and phone next to me with my bunny slippers looking like shit on the floor. I got up on my feet and smelt the most amazing smell in the world. I walked out of Conor’s room and made it towards the smell and found Conor over the stove. “Did you really make my favorite?” I asked with a sweet smile. “Pizza pancakes? Most definitely I saw my girl in pain and I knew her pizza pancakes made her smile.” He smiled at me. I laughed and moved towards him wrapping my arms around Conor. “Thank you Conor.” I whispered laying my head on his back.

“You don’t need to say thank for anything I do. I do it because I love you and can’t bare to see you hurt.” He explained. I smiled and moved away swiping my finger in the mix and placed it in my finger. “Hey hey you get your dirty little monster fingers away from the batter.” He hissed swatting me away. I laughed at him. “I have clothes here?” I asked. “Yup, yin the draw with the rest of your clothes.” He explained. “Thanks Conor.” I sung walking back to the room.

I was feeling a lot better from smelling the pancakes. Now to the fact I had clothes here. It was normal because I always had my depressed days and I always had clothes here. So yeah. I grabbed a pair of leggings and long tie dye shirt saying good fines with a peace sign. I grabbed a black bra along with black matching pantoes and black socks and made my way into the bathroom starting the water to the shower. I dressed out of my pajamas and jumped into the shower. I felt my short hair from just above my shoulders get wet as the warm water fell down my back. I needed this.

I finished in about less than twenty minutes mostly because I couldn’t shave or that I wanted to. I hopped out of the shower and started to dry off and put on my clean clothes. By time I came back into the kitchen Conor was just placing the plate of pizza pancakes done. “Yay they’re done!” I beamed. Conor chuckled at me and I sat down biting into the pancake and fell onto the table. “They are way better than my moms.” I moaned against the table. “Weird cause I can’t cook for shit.” Conor laughed.

“I know, you burnt a frozen pizza.” I laughed. Conor laughed along with me. I continue eating my pancakes dying every time I took a bite and heard a knock on the door. “I’ll get it, continue eating.” He said getting up. “Can I eat your pancakes!” I asked as he went into the hallway. “No keep your damn monster hands away.” He hissed before opening the door.  I laughed and sneakily grabbed one of his pancakes out of the two he had left. I had that quickly and heard the door close. Conor walked back with something in his hand.

“What you got there?” I asked him as I place the plate in the sink. “Just something Jack gave me to give to you.” He commented throwing it on the table annoyed but then looked at me. “You dirty little monster!” He yelled. I giggled at him and he ran towards me. I basically had nowhere to go because I was stuck in the kitchen. He ran towards me and wrapped his arms around me attacking me. “Conor!” I whined. “Your such a little monster!” He hissed. “I ain’t little!” I whined. “You’re smaller than Mr.” He confirmed. “Yeah yeah no shoo.” I said pushing him away. He chuckled but let me go. I ran towards his room once again grabbing his last slice. “Y/n!” He yelled towards me. I giggled once again and closed his door locking it. I heard the door knob jiggle and I heard him groan.

“Come on babe, open up.” I felt weak in my knees as I heard that nickname. Not going to lie I never felt this way when Jack called me that. I fell to the back of the door and smiled to myself. “Come on let me in. I promise I won’t kill you.” His sweet voice said. I smiled and moved away opening the door. His body must of been against the door cause once I opened it he feel on top of me. I giggled as he picked himself up.

“Hey there.” He smiles at me. I smiled at him resting my hands on his shoulders. “Hi.” I responded laughing. He smirked sr me. “God you’re so beautiful.” He said in awe. I smiled at him feeling my stomach do the thing. “Your not so bad yourself Maynard.” I smiled. “Am I the only one who feels my stomach fall every time I’m around you?” He asked. “I feel it also.” I commented. “Good.” He smiles. I smiles back at him and pulled his head closer to mine so I can kiss his beautiful lips. I placed mine on top of his and he smiled against my lips.

He later and pulled away and smiled. “So beautiful.” He said again kissing my lips and pulling away. “So fucking beautiful.” He responded kissing my lips once again. “I love you Y/n.” Conor said. “I love you too.” I responded connecting our lips. “I just can’t keep my lips away from you.” Conor commented as he kissed my neck then my lips. “Conor.” I whined giggling. “I’m sorry, I just realized that I loved you all this time and my brother got to you but lost you and now all I want to do is kiss you all over and fuck your beautiful vagina.” He whispered in my ear. I laughed at him. “You horny male.” I laughed. “Sorry love.” He laughed.

“Can we cuddle.” I asked with puppy eyes. He smiled and nodded getting up and off me and pulled me up and placed me on the bed. He laid next to me and pulled me into his side. “Beautiful.”

Good For You pt. 2

a/n: no shitty ass smut for now, just kinda moving forward

Summary: He needed you as some sort of stability, you needed him as some form of rebellion.
Word Count: 1k+
Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader
Warning(s):language, blasphemy i guess ??

You peeked under the table when you felt your phone vibrate on your lap.

Wanna go to the party at Jake’s tonight?

You fought the urge to furrow your brows. Was he really inviting you to a party? And who the hell’s Jake?

“Y/N. Put your phone away, respect the bounty that was given to you in this table,” your father sternly said.

“Sorry, dad.” You put your phone face down before continuing to eat in silence.

Their tense conversation became white noise as your mind flies back to the text. Why would he invite you to come? No one ever had before, what changed now?

Ah, yes. Business.

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Being Number 1 isn’t Easy

The continuing story of Negan and Number 6

Catch up with Negan and Number 6 here

Negan x wife (reader - Y/N)

Y/N=your name

Ne - reader’s nickname for Negan

I switch between the reader and Negan’s POV in this, but I have labeled the changes

Warnings-sexy Negan times & language.

1300 words

Want on or off my taglist? Just let me know!

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We let youth covered up ourselves in vines, tangling in complicated breaths and heartbreaks beating simultaneously.

We makes home out of everything / night city lights / a pair of arms / couple pairs of arms / your eyes beneath my laughter line / the sound your soul makes minutes before the sunrise / out of nothing.

We grow monster in our lungs and called it love / called it your laugh resonance down to my collarbone to the inside of my stomach / called it slipping through the thin ice and still speeding, speeding, speeding.

We teach our heart how to be brave / how to sew itself new / how to let go / how to hold on / how to not be drown in these waves of overwhelming feelings / how to befriend our demons / and not let it consumes us.

This, me, you. We’re thumping our soul in one beat with fingers intertwined. We grow monster in our lungs and called it love. When does the monster becomes the angel? When you help me make peace with my pain, and I am to yours

Negan Playlist

bad company - five finger death punch /// monster - skillet /// poison - alice cooper /// die motherfucker die - dope /// cold hearted snake - kat graham /// empire - alpines /// I write sins not tragedies - panic at the disco /// I’m a man - black strobe /// dangerous - david guetta /// are you gonna be my girl - jet /// heartbreaker - pat benatar /// monsters - ruelle /// indestructible - disturbed /// face down - red jumpsuit apparatus /// you’re going down -sick puppies

Scaring The Kids

Originally posted by lucifersagents

This is for @cici0507​ Heaven vs Hell Challenge. I got the prompt Krampus-Heaven with Gabriel 

Characters: Y/n, Gabriel, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Gabriel x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Angst, scared Weechesters, tiniest bit of violence, arguing, dumb ass Gabriel, fluffiness and cuteness in the end.

Word Count: 999

Summary: Y/n is left to deal with Dean and Sam after a witch’s spell turns them into children, but Gabriel always seems to make things more difficult than they need to be. 

A/N: Ok, so I was gonna do a pure fluff thing, then it turned into this instead. Still some fluff, but bit of angst as well. And I had to make the kids adorable, just cos. Hope u like it!  

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“Dean, I’m scared”.

The older boy nodded, his oversized clothes hanging off him, both brothers having been turned back into children.

“I know Sammy. I’ll protect you”.

Dean held the gun in his hands, now a lot heavier than it was just a few minutes ago.

“Stay behind me, Sammy”, he instructed, aiming the gun at the bedroom door, the hoofs clomping in the hall.

The door burst open, the monster covered in a tattered rag, its ugly face on show for them to see.

“D-Dean”, Sam squealed, his childhood fears now rearing again, not able to defend himself right now, too reliant on his older brother.


The gun went off, Dean’s smaller body falling to the floor as the bullet hit the thing right in the shoulder, his aim a little off now that he was no longer the trained man, but the boy in training.  

The creature flinched, snarling at them.

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Monster Fingers Attack!

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Age Gap

Just a reminder that I currently have my requests closed due to overwhelming love. I want to spend my time on these to make them perfect for each and every one of you which means not rushing them, requests will be back open soon! xoxo

ps the next several weeks are busy and activity may be low. 

Plot: [Hey lovely could you make an imagine where the reader is dating josh but she doesn’t want to make it public cause she doesn’t want to get judged because of the age gab between them?thank you love:)]

Josh stared at you as your thumbs floated above your phone screen. You bit your bottom lip and scrunched your eyebrows. You looked up, moving your eyes back and forth running scenarios through your mind. 

“Just post the photo Y/N,” Josh cut the silence. 

“I can’t.” 

“Why?” Josh asked, yearning for a breakthrough, and slightly annoyed because this had been going on for about twenty minutes. 

“You know why,” you replied. 

“Yes, because you’re (age gap between you two) years (younger/older) than me,” Josh said. 


“So, what?” josh inquired, “as much as the fans want to be a part of our relationship they’re not, and I’m not going to stop loving you if people freak out or think it’s weird.” 

You looked back down at the photo on your phone, it was a cute picture, you and Josh cozied up on the top of a mountain, holding coffees, the wind blowing your hair slightly in front of his face but not enough to hide his brown eyes. The comfortable chill in the air was nearly palpable even through a screen. 

“It is a good picture,” you laughed. 

“I know, and we’ve already been dating for about four months so I think it’s time we put the rumors to rest. The more you wait the more people make things up.” 

Your thumb circled in the air around the “share” button on Instagram. 

“Let me just edit it a little more,” 

“Oh my gosh… you’re killing me babe!” Josh threw his hands in the air, slumping back into the couch the two of you were sitting on. He threw his head back on a pillow and his next words gritted through his teeth, “Darling… I love you… Just post the photo.” the “darling” was less out of admiration and more out of ‘I’m using this word to keep my anger from spilling out of my mouth’. 

Before you even knew what you were doing you posted it, you hit share, you threw your phone across the couch, and covered your mouth with your hands. You stared at the phone you just chucked, as if it were nearing an explosion. Josh lifted up the phone, and looked at the screen, and back at your face. He smiled and squinted his eyes trying to read your silence. 

“You did it… lots of likes already,” he laughed.

“Don’t tell me,” you said. 

“You don’t have to read the comments if you don’t want to, but you do have your notifications on, which you should probably turn off. Plus all of them look nice so far.” 

“Fine tell me.” 

“Are you su-…” Josh began. 

“No, don’t.” 

“Y/N… calm down, you know the clique is supportive. You get negative remarks here and there, but not nearly as much as the good ones.” 

You put out your hand signaling for him to hand your your phone, you grabbed it from him as if it were alive, carefully wrapping your fingers around the metal monster. You began to read some of the comments, heart rate up and breathing escalated. 

“You’re so pretty!” 

“Thanks for making Josh happy!!” 

“the ship has sailed.” 

“<3 <3 <3″ 

“Awh!!!! I love this!!!” 

Those were just some of the comments left on the photo in the first three minutes. Josh tried to grab your phone from you before you saw the negative ones but unfortunately your eyes hit it like a dagger and your eyes started to well up. 

“He could do better, plus he looks like he could be her (dad/son)” 

You started crying, Josh moved closer to you. He gently took your phone from your hand, read the comment, locked the phone and set it face down on the table. He began to rub your back with a gentle force, causing your body to rock back and forth, lulling you with shushes. You laid your head on his lap, muffling words into his jeans that consisted of you knowing you shouldn’t have posted it. 

“It’s going to get better babe, this was probably a surprise to them and they’re acting on their thoughts without adjusting to the situation.” 

“What if it doesn’t, what if they hate me forever,” you said between gasping breaths. 

“They wont, and if they do…well… so be it, because I am going to love you forever.” 

You looked up at Josh with eyes like a puppy, the same eyes that were spilling out tears began to clear up, “Forever?” you asked. 

“Yes, Y/N… the age between us, the comments… they mean nothing to me, but you mean everything to me. I’m not willing to let that go.” 

The edges of your mouth curled up and you began to cry again, but this time a different kind of cry. A cry of relief, a cry of happiness, a cry of purpose. You sat up on your knees, wrapping your arms around Josh’s neck, he settled his hands on your back. Your phone lit up with more notifications, but you just held on tighter.