how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon


We made a short, behind-the-scenes video to illustrate how Finger Monsters have changed over the years and eventually became the Dashboard Nodder.


This is what I do with my free time.

Day 84: Dead Ringer.

I got this shirt like last month! Yes I still acquire shirts, because I am an insane tee shirt hoarder. Do you actually expect me to stop buying tee shirts? If anything this blog just makes me want them more.

Anyway last month, on April 7th 2012 I threw myself a birthday show at Gilman! I asked dead ringer to play because they are super awesome, it’s kind of ridiculous how good they are! The show was with these other ridiculously awesome bands called City Mouse, and The Plurals, and Tire Swings!

After the show I bought this shirt and then two of the members of the band went and got pizza, but like the pizza was made wrong so they went back and had them make it again, and so I sat there with the other dudes in the band so they wouldn’t have to wait outside in the cold. We sat there until midnight and I spent the first few minutes of my birthday with dead ringer. It was pretty cool.

thedizzydinosaur  asked:

Is there an Aetheri version of the bogyman? or any other story/legend/superstitions of note?

Oh sure, although the big ones come from real things that exist(ed.) The predator species that used to eat spirits up in the days before the great war is the closest to what we’d call a bogeyman now–they still exist, but they’re extinct in Aetheri. If your spirit child is misbehaving, tell them a long-limbed, giant, smelly, narrow-jawed, needle-toothed, strong-fingered monster will open up their roof at night and pluck them out of bed at night if they don’t behave.

Spirits used to threaten their kids in a similar way by telling them slavers would come get them, but that’s less funny now that the trade’s seemingly getting worse.

Most other folktales seem to come out of the endless plains in Aetheri, which are sparsely populated and therefore mysterious. Rumor has it that the plains are full of small world-holes where the walls are thin and a lost traveller can accidentally stumble through to another dimension. Or that things will wander in occasionally, horrible things that terrorize the trade routes and make for really good campfire stories. Traders swear they see one of Russi’s old living constructs every so often shambling its way towards the mountains in the far north (not something to be scared of, just something to wonder about.)

Aetherians don’t have a lot of folktale monsters or witches to be frightened of, being magic themselves. If anything, their stories reveal that the huge wide openness of the plains creeps them out a bit.