finger tentacles

you, Mister (Eddie Brock/Venom x Reader)

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: Venom’s jealously finally reaches a breaking point while Eddie and you are getting intimate.

Rating: R (Fem!Reader, fingering, double penetration, tentacles, size kink, over-stimulation, unprotected symbiote sex)

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When he kisses you, the world falls away around you. His hand is under your ear, thumb caressing your cheek, and it was soft, slow, reassuring in ways that words could never be.

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knife-wielding-tentacle  asked:

hey u. i thought of a heartbreaking au that is actually plausible. winter-soldier!peter au. i mean why the hell hasn't hydra taken interest in spidey yet god damn it he's young, smart as hell, probably stronger than both cap and bucky, etc etc etc. please. what do you think,,,,,

That’s really interesting actually. He’s really smart and small, which is good for stealth, then u got the spider-man talents and… boom. Winter Solider mark II, but unsuitable for winter bc y’know. Boi can’t thermoregulate for shit