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hypnotised (1)

pt 1, pt 2, pt 3

genre: angst
paring: baekhyun x reader

Sound of dripping water mixed with muffled TV in the background was the only sound surrounding both of you. The lights were off and you stared at the vanilla candles next to you with an uneasy feeling that had built up in your lower abdomen. You’ve never liked silence; and silence never was silent. It was tangling and creaky, leaving an unpleasant halo in the air. Sucking on your lower lip your hands trembled underneath white, wooden table. You felt his eyes on you, glowing in the darkness. His slim fingers tapped surface of the furniture and for a moment you thought that he is going to leave you without a word.

“I just don’t understand,” his pained whisper shook your heart with double force. “I thought we were happy, me and you” looking around your watered eyeballs glanced at his person.

“Because we were,” the smell of burned flambeau made your nose wrinkle. “We were and as you might have noticed it is in the past tense”

He slightly moved and emptied glass of whisky standing in front of him in one go. His ruffled, black hair looked oddly miserable while he sat in his grey t-shirt which you’ve bought him long time ago. Dark circles under his eyes showed his fatigue and your bony fingers almost reached out for him only to be stopped in a mid air.

“You know I love you,” his lips trembled and you felt tears leaking and dropping down your face. He searched for something, anything in you and when he spotted your anguish he stood up. “We are engaged, we have planned our future together” soft steps echoed in your ears before you could get up and leave. Baekhyun’s arms caged you from behind with comforting smell of his cologne.

“I know” your sigh was almost not audible when your shoulders shook with your quite sobs. “I’m sorry” you felt him kissing your crown of hair. It was too much. You needed to end it here, once and for all. “I can’t do it much longer”

“Why? Just tell me why” his presence was overwhelming, hovering above you as a hawk. “I need to know why

“It hurts!” he didn’t expect your outburst so he tightened his hold on your limbs and kept  you while you cried your eyes out. “Loving you hurts. I’m in constant pain, Baekhyun. I love you but all I gain from that is hate. I can’t go out, I can’t work because I’m being followed. How am I supposed to function? I’m so tired, tired of this flashing lifestyle and cameras. Sometimes I lay awake next to you and I feel as if my life has been sucked out of me, as if I was dying. It’s not your fault neither your career. I’m just… too weak for that” his chin rested upon your head and you could feel his tense body. “We don’t see each other for months and even when we are together we just don’t talk. We forgot ourselves, Baekhyun. It doesn’t work. We gave in” your hands shoot upwards and you faced him with a frown. “Maybe we did all of this too fast” he looked away, showing his hard jaw line and hidden neck veins. “I believe that we should stop this, now” without looking at him you started to fight with your engagement ring. You pulled it once, twice but it didn’t move so you cursed feeling new wetness on your cheeks. “Come on” your nails scarped skin around jewelry so hard that it almost broke.

“Stop. Stop it!”

Your head shot up. You’ve never heard him screaming, especially at you. His brown eyes shot deathly daggers at your person but underneath that anger there was raging love. His hands occupied your own and gently pulled the band off your digit. Silver metal with small, white diamond nested upon it rested on his open palm while both of you looked at it with different expressions. You suddenly remembered how he proposed to you; so simple yet so endearing. Just like him. Your throat let out terrible sound of your despair when he fisted his grip.

“It’s done”

Neither him or you moved. You could hear his heartbeats in the utter silence and you knew he could hear your heart breaking. Gulping you leaned over the table with sudden nausea. All of the facts hitting you like a waterfall.

“Sit down, you look pale” he guided you to the chair and sat you down as a child. “Do you want water?” when you nodded he went to pour it for you.

“Thank you” sipping cold liquid you felt as your whole body burned. “I’m fine. I just… I’m” you lost your words and your gaze fell upon his crouched form. He looked so young in the shadows. You tucked his hair behind his ear. It was silky and so familiar to touch that you had to back off. How could you survive without him? “Maybe you should go” it was for the sake of your sanity. He huffed and closed the distance between both of you.

“How about no?”

“Please, I’m not up to another argument” you ran your hands over your tresses and stared at his bare face with red eyes.

“I have an idea. I think we should try it” on his lips ghosted small smile but it vanished too quickly. Before you could replay he stood and left you in the kitchen. You followed him and you found yourself amused by his doings when he put his shoes on.

“So you are leaving?” your back tensed when he looked at you with a blank expression.  

“You’ve wanted me gone, right?” you managed to look unaffected by his cold voice and blinked away tears escaping your eyelids.

Yes, yes I have. Goodnight” he nodded and got out of your apartment.

Your whole person curled into itself so much that you could hear your bones cracking and screaming from pain - not only physical but emotional. You placed hand on your lips to prevent your soft screams of desperation from coming out.

Ding. Dong.      

Freezing you stared at the entry with unknown for you feeling.

Ding. Dong.

Your steps were cautious  and painfully slow but when you opened the door your heart leaped in your chest. And God, it hurt.  

“Hello, I thought that we could begin again. My name is Baekhyun and I love pizza with pineapple but I know that you hate it so you pluck it out and call me gross when I add it on my slice,” you gripped the frame so hard that your fingers almost broke. “I don’t mind staying on the corridor but I would be glad if you let me in. Both inside your apartment and into your life

You looked at him and with a heavy heart you decided. 


everything we needed to say, we said without words │ 579 words.

Streaks of lightning spark before him where the mirror once was as his skin tingles where his fingers meet the fluid surface of the portal’s opening- like touching the surface of a lake warmed by the summer heat, he thinks- his heart thundering wildly in his chest. Adrenalin rages in his veins and his purpose burns hot within; he needs to find Eve.

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Party Monster - Part2

Hi guys! This is a follow up to this one shot:

Plot: Harry and Y/N have some fun in the hallway of a bar.

Warnings: This is by far the smuttiest thing I have ever written, so if you’re uncomfortable by that, DO NOT READ THIS.
Also, this Harry is much more bossy and ruder than real Harry. If you don’t like that, also, don’t read. 

Picture is not mine.

I repeated the name of the drink Harry had told me to get for him as well as myself, and was relieved when the bartender smiled and nodded, apparently knowing the drink to the name I’d given him even though I had never heard of it before. My fingers nervously tapped the surface of the counter and bit the inside of my cheek, remembering the stern look Harry had given me when telling me what he wanted to drink.

“We got to expand your knowledge on drinks,” Harry had said, sitting on his seat with me standing between his legs, “so you’ll know which drinks that body of yours can handle and with ones will knock you right off your pretty feet.”

“Just so I’ll know what to order next time I want to piss you off?” I’d asked with a small giggle.

My remark had earned me an eye roll and he’d batted my hand away rather harshly from where it had rested on his cheek with a serious look on his face and a frown. But soon a smile had fought itself onto his face and he’d shaken his head, taking my hands into one of his and had brought them up to his lips for a kiss. His left hand had come forward and settled on my lower back, urging me closer by pushing me forward firmly and once I’d been forced to move he’d leaned in more so he could press a firm kiss to my clothed stomach.
Harry had ignored my gasp and only chuckled when my hands had settled into his hair to pull at the soft strands.

“I want your experiments to be done safely,” he had murmured, his gentle voice and soft lips making me go weak in the knees instantly.

The way his soft eyes had peered up at me had given me butterflies and I’d whimpered at the raw emotion in them. He was such a mystery to me. He was tender, sweet and kind one moment, then rough, bossy and dominant the next. And for the most part I enjoyed that, which made me a mystery to myself.

“Anything else?”

I was pulled from my thoughts by the bartenders voice and I quickly shook my head at his expectant look and raised brows.


“No, that’s all. Thank you, though.”

He gave me a short nod before turning around to get the drinks. I drew in a deep breath and squeezed the £20 note Harry had given me, hoping the money would suffice, even though Harry had assured me that it would. I’d never been to this bar before and so far I hadn’t quite decided if I liked it or not. The music was loud and many of the guests smoked indoors. I was glad Harry had refrained from lighting a cigarette himself so far, as he was aware of my dislike for them. We’d had our fair amount of arguments about his smoking habit and four out of five times it ended with him storming out and that one other time he’d blown the smoke right into my face before kissing me and with that successfully distracting me from screaming at him.
Admittedly, I felt a little out of place at this bar. I supposed Harry sensed that, because since stepping inside the dimly lit place he had been extra kind and attentive with me. A smile pulled at the corner of my lips at the thought of his hand being a constant, yet gentle, pressure at the small of my back and his lips ghosting over my cheek every few moments, making sure I knew he was having an eye on me. It set me at ease.
Not more than a week ago I would have thought it to be impossible for Harry and me to go to a bar together to enjoy a night out with each other. It almost felt like we were an us again.
But that was a discussion we had yet to have.

I missed knowing Harry was mine.

There had been a time where he would be by my side, hold me close and listen to me talk for hours. And when he’d taken my drink out of my grasp at the New Year’s party, had scolded me for being so reckless with alcohol and had even left a pretty massive hickey on my neck, he’d had me right back in his hands. Sure, I’d been pissed at him that night and god knows how furious he’d been with me, but it sufficed. We were back. It’d been a messy reunion, simply put, but when I’d woken up with his tattooed arms wrapped around me, after he had spent the whole night watching over me and making sure I was okay, I knew I wanted him back. I needed to have him back.

I noticed him staring at me, still sat on his chair with his body turned to me, watching my moves observantly. The intensity of his eyes knocked the breath right out of me and the blood in my veins burned. I smiled a little at how he wasn’t paying his friends any attention, leaving all of his focus on me.
He looked so good. It was obvious, really, but Harry truly was breathtaking. His pink lips begged to be kissed, licked and bitten into and his hair screamed for someone to run their hands through it. His shoulders, their strength and broadness, promised to be perfect to hold on to.
My heart’s pace sped up at the memory of us on his bed, where I’d experienced first hand how good it felt to have those shoulders to cling to and bite in.
I could tell my cheeks were red, a suspicion confirmed by the cheeky smile taking over Harry’s features and I giggled, knowing he knew exactly what it was I was thinking about. He raised his brows at me and I grinned back happily, my heart dancing in my chest. Even when he was across the room, the effect he had on me was the same. The bond pulling me to him was as strong and powerful as it always had been.

“Hello, Beauty.”

Oh no. Harry’s playful gaze hardened and his lips set into a tight line. I sent him a pleading look, silently begging Harry to let me handle this myself, before turning to the man who’d greeted me. He wasn’t much older than me, I reckoned, and about the same height as Harry. He was tall and handsome, someone I would have perhaps had an eye on if Harry hadn’t taken over all of my heart and made me incapable of developing interest into anyone else.

“Hi,” I spoke hesitantly.

The male grinned, showing off perfect teeth. I granted him a small smile back, before turning my attention on the bartender, hoping it would be enough of a hint for the stranger to back off.

“Mind if I pay for you?” the guy asked politely, “Won’t ask for anything in return, promise. Though, should you be alright with it, I would love it if you’d grant me some company.”

I relaxed when I saw the blonde’s kind eyes. His offer seemed completely harmless and there had been no urgency in his tone either. I wasn’t going to agree, of course, but I was relieved that if I was to be hit on, it’d be by somebody nice. Especially since Harry was around, who’d have anyone’s head who’d treat me with disrespect and of whom I knew was watching the interaction closely.

“Thank you,” I said, smiling brighter at him this time, “but-”

“I’m already paying for our drinks, mate.”

Harry settled one of his hands between my shoulder blades, rubbing the skin gently before dropping it so he could wrap his arm around my waist. I hummed when he pulled me into his side and leaned my head against his shoulder, relaxing into his body happily. This was as couple-like as Harry would get and I blushed even more, only caring very little about how this move was him marking his territory over me.
Before our break up and during our messy relationship, I would have had his tongue in my mouth form the moment Harry as much as sensed another guy’s eyes on me. His hands would have taken hold of my hair and jaw, forcing me to endure his kisses as long as he pleased, meaning until the other male was gone. So having him settle for an arm around my waist was a nice progress in his habits.
The stranger’s mouth fell open open witnessing our interaction, before he raised his hands and took a step back from me and Harry’s looming figure. And his glare, too, I supposed.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized sincerely, “Didn’t realize she- I mean you, are taken already.”

“It’s fine,” I quickly spoke up before Harry could bite back whatever remark I knew was already ready on his tongue. “Misunderstanding.”

He nodded with a polite smile, though I noticed how he avoided Harry’s hard gaze, only looking at me for a moment longer. I couldn’t blame him for it, knowing all to well how evil Harry’s stare could be once he saw someone he disliked. I rested one of my hands on Harry’s stomach, watching for the stranger to disappear in the crowd again.
The shoulder I was leaning against didn’t relax until he was gone and I let out the giggle I’d been holding in, turning back to the bar and out of Harry’s grasp.

“What are you laughing at?” Harry grumbled lowly from behind me, coming closer until his chest was brushing against my back, pressing me into the counter in progress.

I gasped at the rough action and shook my head. My stomach turned with excitement and I hoped no one was looking at us.

“You’re silly, sometimes,” I bit out, “Now stop making it look as if you’re trying to hump me.”

“Oh we don’t have to stop with just trying, baby,” Harry breathed against my neck, making me shiver. His hands came around me and onto the counter where he took hold of my own pals which were resting on the wood and I whimpered when I felt him rub his crotch against my backside.

I cleared my throat, determined not to let it show how nervous he was making me. “That guy was in no way someone you needed to intimidate in order for him to leave me alone.”

“That’s your opinion,” Harry spoke hotly into my ear and I felt him shrug behind me.

I breathed deeply when he stepped to the side and released my hands, coming to stand by my side. I looked up to his face to find it decorated with a smug smile on his lips, obviously well aware of how flustered he’d left me. Noticing my gaze he turned to me.

“Are you alright, baby?”

“Yes,” I nodded in a sigh, then added,  "I like your friends.“

"Hopefully not more than you like me,” Harry grumbled, but I could tell by the twinkle in his eyes that he wasn’t being serious.

“I could never,” I replied with a smile, before standing on my tiptoes so I could kiss him on the cheek.

Harry’s arm wrapped around my hips before I could move away again and he pulled me into his side, his own lips finding the spot just below my ear.

“You know you can tell me when something’s wrong,” he murmured, voice suddenly much more tender and I quickly nodded.

Harry squeezed my body. “I mean it,” he went on lowly, “we can leave at any moment.”

How could he know? How did he always know?

Harry released me when the bartender set two glasses in front of us and picked both of them up, before nodding for me to follow him to our table. His friends were laughing loudly when we approached and I could almost feel myself shrink back a little. As I’d told Harry, I found them nice, but as he’d already expected, they were quite intimidating me. And that made me uncomfortable.
I was glad there were only three of them, a girl named Katy, so pretty I wondered how Harry was holding my hand instead of hers, a guy named Jamie who’s laugh was like a bark and another guy called David, the friendliest of them all but his constant smoking started to bother me a little.
Harry took his seat again and scooted to the side, making room for me to sit as well. His arm settled around me once I was next to him and he pulled me closer into his body so he could share his warmth with me. He handed me one of the drink we’d just picked up and clinked his glass with mine.

“Now this,” he began, “you will like. Very sweet and the alcohol doesn’t leave a too heavy taste in this one. I remember you saying that was what made you most sick on New Year’s.”

I smiled at his serious look. “Okay, teacher Harry. Is it a drink I could down without getting sick or not?”

“Definitely not,” he laughed, “Take a sip. As I warned you, it’s incredibly sweet.”

I was about to raise my glass when David cheered. “Get your girl all nice drunk, eh, Styles? Can’t get into her pants otherwise or what?”

“Shut up, asshole,” Harry barked and rolled his eyes, before turning his attention on me again with a sweet smile. “Go on, love.”

My throat was dry when I raised the glass to my lips and took my first sip. Harry was right. The taste was incredibly sweet and coated the taste of alcohol nicely, making it easier to drink.

“Easy,” Harry hummed when I took a third swallow.

The rest of the night continued and mostly I just sat silently on my half of the small bench I shared with Harry. Katy, who’d tried to make conversation a few times, had finally given up as no word she’d spoken made it to my ear, always overshadowed by one of the men’s comments. So after a while of not saying anything as well, she’d went to get another drink and when I saw a blonde guy approach her and her smiling at him, I knew she wasn’t going to be back anytime soon.
Harry’s arm was still around my waist and his hand rested on my thigh, squeezing and stroking the skin every now and again. He seemed to be enjoying himself. He was laughing along to his friend’s jokes and was sipping on his third drink. Though I didn’t exactly like it when Harry drank, I knew I couldn’t lecture him in front of his friends.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom,” I announced, leaning into Harry’s neck so he could hear what I was saying.

He looked at me with a confused expression and I pointed to where the bathroom was, repeating my words.


I briefly kissed his cheek, then began to walk through the mass of sweaty and chatting people, to the back of the bar where the bathrooms were.
The room wasn’t too crowded when I entered it. I did my business quickly, washed my hands and then decided to stall a little time, as I wasn’t too eager to return to the table of stupid jokes and cigarette smell. My fingers tapped against the cold surface and I hummed. Maybe I should just ask Harry to take me home or call me a cab if he wanted to stay.
I made my way back outside the bathroom and was about to turn out of the hallway and back into the bar, when a hand clasped my wrist and pulled me back.

“Don’t storm off just yet,” a low voice hummed into my ear any my heart skipped a beat.

“What are you doing?” I questioned and giggled when Harry wrapped both arms around me to pull my back into his chest.

“I’m bored,” he complained into my ear, head falling down so he could rest his chin on my shoulder, “Wanna do something fun.”

“It was your idea to meet with your stupid friends,” I reminded him.

“Oh, so now my friends are stupid?” Harry challenged and though I couldn’t see him, I knew he wore an offended expression.

“Not just now,” I laughed.

Harry’s grip on me tightened for a moment as he laughed himself, then he released me. I spun around to face him and he grinned at me, his eyes sparkling with a plan forming in his mind. My eyes narrowed.


Harry’s tongue darted out and licked his lower lip, making me ache to reach out and lick it myself. His hands found mine and he nodded to the hall behind him, his grin widening.

“Let’s go explore a little. We can find my friends later.”

I didn’t argue and followed him as he led me back down the hall and past the bathroom I’d been in. His hands squeezed my fingers and pulled me forward in a yank, making me walk quicker.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked. How far did this hall go?

Harry didn’t reply, instead he suddenly came to an unexpected stop. The music from the bar could still be heard, but faintly and I knew by the lack of light in the hallway, that this wan’t exactly a part of the bar you were supposed to be in. I could barely make out Harry’s face when he turned around to face me and it caught me off guard when his hands let go of mine and settled on my shoulders. A shriek escaped me when he suddenly pushed me to the side and my back collided with the cold wall behind me. Before I could react properly, Harry stepped closer and connected our lips, catching my gasp with his mouth. His body stepped impossibly close, pressing me further back and I wrapped my arms around his neck, welcoming him even closer as I let myself melt into him. He wasted no time and pried my lips open, letting his tongue slip inside and explore. Harry easily guided the kiss and I followed his movements without complaining, already seeing stars and feeling dizzy.
His hands found my hips and I giggled when he tickled me, then they lowered to settle at the back of my thighs.

“C'mon, baby,” Harry whispered against my lips, before turning his head away so he could continue to trail kisses along my jaw and down to my neck.

I whined when I felt him bite into my skin and jumped up so I was now leaning against the wall with both legs wrapped around his waist. My hands settled into his hair and my stomach fluttered when he moaned into my neck, the animalistic sound caused by the faint pain of me pulling at his strands forcefully.

“Harry,” I whimpered.

His lips stretched into a smile and he pressed one last tender kiss to the sensitive skin he’d allowed his teeth to mark, before he finally connected our mouths once more, allowing me to get consumed by the taste of him. And yet it wasn’t enough.
I let my arms drop to his shoulders, run along his strong arms and down to in between us and to his lower stomach. A gasp fell from his perfect lips and against my cheek when my fingers began to clumsily pull at his belt, before I finally managed to undo it. My shaking fingers unbuttoned his jeans and I pulled at the zipper.

“What are you doing, little girl?” Harry hummed, his satisfaction evident in his tone.

“Harry,” I whined and pulled at his boxers, “please.”

If it’d been anyone else, I probably would have been embarrassed at how incredibly needy I was sounding and how clumsy my actions were. But with Harry I didn’t. He was just as desperate to be with me, really be with me, as I was to be with him.
His soft lips pressed another kiss to my lips and he let his tongue draw along my lower lip, then he pulled away. My eyes closed momentarily when he pressed me further into the wall, letting it support my weight so he could move his hands down, pushing my dress up my legs and giving him better access.

“You can rip them,” I whimpered into his neck, squeezing his neck as I practically clung to him.

My eyes closed and he groaned at the noise of my panties ripping apart under his forceful pull, freeing me and uncovering me completely so I was bare and ready for him. One of my hands fell back to in between us and I managed to push his boxers down just far enough to free his already achingly hard cock.

“Would you look at that,” Harry hummed, “you’re so desperate for me to take you, baby. So needy. Look how fucking wet your little cunt is.”

I gasped and tightened my grip on his shirt when he surprised me by brushing his fingers against my heat in a rough and swift movement, bringing them up to my face. True to his word, they were wet. My mouth went dry and my heart hammered against my chest. I flinched when he brought his hand closer to my face and I swear my blood turned to fire when he leaned in and began to lick them clean right in front of my eyes. Oh god. He would be the death of me, I knew it.
Harry grinned smugly and pressed himself against me briefly, making sure he had my attention as he continued to let his tongue glide over his fingers.

“Good,” he whispered.

The whine falling from my lips was caught by his kiss and I wrapped both arms around his shoulder, bringing him in closer. I tightened my legs around his waist, urging his hips forward as I longed to feel him bare and ready against my needy core. I gasped when he brushed against me and my eyes fell shut. I couldn’t wait any longer, my desperation for him to take me growing by the second. It almost hurt.

“Harry,” I moaned into his ear, knowing he had a weakness for me to beg for him.

“No, no,” Harry shushed me and shook his head. One of his hands found my backside, partly uncovered by the hitched up dress I was wearing and he squeezed it harshly.

“Push your dress down first, love,” Harry commanded, “Wanna see your tits when I fuck you.”

“But Harry,” I whined, frowning at him.

I pressed the heels of my feet into his back and pushed him closer against me.

“We’re in a hall,” I whimpered, “I can’t cover my chest and my cunt at the same time should someone walk in.”

“No one’s gonna walk in on us,” Harry’s rough voice murmured into my neck and I gasped when he allowed his teeth to mark a different spot on my skin with a harsh bite, “Now do as I say. Off it is.”

I gave him one last pleading look, begging him to just take me already, but he shook his head sternly and I knew there was no arguing with him. Giving in, I loosened my hold on his shoulders and began to pull at the top of my dress, undid a zipper until the material loosened and fell down to my stomach, allowing my breasts to spill out and press against Harry’s clothed chest.

“Good girl.” Harry grinned at me briefly before leaning down and attaching his mouth to my left breast, kissing and suckling at the sensitive skin.

“Fuck,” I whimpered and let my mouth fall open in a silent cry.

The sensation of his hot tongue and soft lips on my breast while his hard length rubbed up and down my core drove me crazy. My fingers clenched into tight fists in his shirt and I prayed that no one would interrupt us, that should someone plan on walking down the hall this guy was about to have me in, that they would have the decency to wait until Harry and I were done. There was no way I would be able to walk out of this bar with him, without having had him fuck me first.
Harry’s cock brushed my clit and I cried out at how sensitive I was, letting my head fall into his shoulder. Harry laughed and bit down on my nipple before licking and kissing it quickly, then he withdrew.

“What do you need, baby?” Harry whispered and his eyes held mischief when they locked with my watery ones.

“You,” I whimpered, clenching the material of his shirt in my hands. My lips felt almost too numb to form the words. “In me. Please, Harry.”

“Sure your cunt can take it?” Harry continued to taunt me before chuckling, “bet it’s already squeezing really tight and I’m not even in yet. Gotta open up, yeah?”

I nodded and widened my legs as good as I could without falling from his hold. My mouth met his shoulder to muffle my moan when he finally moved forward and thrust all of him inside of me. He halted his movement, just resting inside me and groaned into my neck, enjoying the warmth and slick feeling of me around him. I felt so full. And yet…

“I know you can do better,” Harry’s rough voice spoke into my ear, “’ve been deeper in you before, baby. C'mon.”

My breath hitched when he moved back and I braced myself, gasping when he slammed himself in once more, this time even deeper. My legs felt like jelly and I could have sworn I felt myself drip onto the floor. No one, literally no one, could have ever made me feel as good as Harry did. Not one guy had ever managed to reach as deep inside me as Harry did, so deep even I believed it impossible.

“H-Harry,” I breathed shakily and pressed my lips to his neck, kissing and suckling needly on his skin.

“Keep quiet, yeah?” Harry hummed, “Wanna give you what you want. Wanna make you come so good, but you have to keep that pretty mouth of yours shut so no one comes looking for us, yeah?”

I managed a weak nod and closed my eyes. Harry’s hips began to move in a steady rhythm before speeding up and slamming into me with quick and harsh thrusts, rubbing my inner walls at just the right places. My teeth found his neck and I tried with all my might to keep the whines falling from my mouth each time he thrust back in me, quiet.
Harry’s hands both rested on my bottom, squeezing and stroking the skin before holding me still so he could slam into me properly. His own moans were kept to a minimum, too, but I knew he needed this just as desperately as I did.

“Squeeze,” Harry groaned and his eyes closed when I obeyed and squeezed my inner muscles around him as good as I could.

My nipples rubbed pleasurably against the fabric of his soft shirt. Sweat formed on his forehead and he laughed breathlessly when my tongue licked some of it off.

“I’m close,” I whispered and cried out silently at a particularly deep and heavy thrust.

“Look at that,” Harry murmured, eyes set on in between us, ignoring my words, “You’re dripping.”

My head fell back and my eyes met the ceiling. I felt myself squeeze around him tighter as my orgasm tried to force its way closer. Harry hoisted me up higher, taking me by surprise and earning a shriek when he slammed inside me once more, the new angle allowing him to hit the spot that had my toes curl. He grunted and began to suckle on my breasts.

“Come,” he whispered, before taking my nipple back into his mouth, allowing his tongue to circle it, “and you better keep it down.”

My eyes met his evil grin and when he rammed into me once more I was done for. Both of my legs squeezed his hips and he bit onto my nipple when I tightened around him. The cry falling from my mouth was by far the loudest I’d let out yet, and my cheeks were on fire. My skin prickled and I felt like the immense wave of pleasure just kept on hitting me.

“Fuck,” Harry moaned and I felt him move back and push back in with difficulty given to how tight I’d become, before he too came loudly, emptying himself inside me.

“Ha-Harry,” I whimpered and closed my eyes when he thrusted some more, helping me and himself through the orgasm.

“You did so good,” he praised, kissing my breasts, “so fucking good.”

Out of breath and completely tired, I managed to wrap my arms around his neck. I gasped and whined when he slipped out of me, part of me already missing the familiar stretch of him. Harry’s tongue licked my neck, his hands came to settle on my hips so he could slowly set me back on my feet. I didn’t let go of his shoulders though and he chuckled.

“What’s the matter, baby?”

“Can’t stand,” I whispered, already feeling like I could fall asleep right there, “My muscles won’t work.”

“Awe,” Harry cooed and hummed in surprise when I connected our lips in a heavy kiss.

I let Harry zip my dress back up again, covering my breasts, before he crouched down slightly so he could cover my lower half. Next, he pulled his boxers back up, covering his softening length. Once he was dressed himself, he wrapped both arms around my waist and brought me into his embrace.

“How about I take you home now, huh? I think our night out is over.”

I nodded against his shoulder and pressed a kiss to his chest. “That would be good.”

Hope you liked my first attempt at writing smut. Let me know if it was okay.

Rest of what I wrote can be found here: 

Over and Over Again

Anonymous Requested: We broke up but no one makes coffee the way you do and I really need a cup so can I come over? 
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff 
Word Count: 3,520


It starts with one hazy winter morning and a single phone call.

You’ve always been a relatively light sleeper, a trait of your life you’ve always secretly hated because it’s always stopped you from getting through the night peacefully, but this time it’s a part of yourself you just want to fling off a cliff and curse to the heavens and back. Who on earth would even bother trying to call you at a time like—!

“What the fuck?” You let out in a groan, voice husky from sleep as your hand blindly reaches across to the nightstand, fingers dragging along the surface to try and feel for your phone. Your head is swimming with the abruptness of early morning, the neurons in your brain going at a rapid pace in hasty attempts to right yourself up for the new day. “What time is it…?”

Somehow, your fingers manage to clasp around the rectangular object that is your phone, and you peel an eye open long enough to catch the bright green numbers on your digital clock. The fact that the sun hasn’t even risen over the horizon should be warning bell number 1 that whoever is calling you definitely doesn’t deserve a reply if they’re going to interrupt what little sleep you already get, but you think you would much rather give this person a piece of your mind as—!

You don’t even bother trying to read the fine print of the caller ID before you tug the phone from the charging unit, rolling onto your stomach and—“What?”

“Oh, sorry, is this a bad time?”

The arm that isn’t propped up to keep the phone to your ear straightens like a board, driving you off the bed, the warmth of the covers long forgotten as your heart immediately sets on going into overdrive as it courses through your body. The feelings are almost vague, foreign, nearly forgotten, yet something so nostalgic that your heart already knows the answer before your mind could conjure up a question.


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Zuko X Reader - Soot

Warning(s): Sexual themes



       Fire and sparks lighted your skin as his fingers dances across the surface. Both of you were still fully clothed, but the way his eyes shown with desire and want made you feel vulnerable and exposed, but somehow, in a good way.

       His hands moved slowly as he peeled away your clothing, wanting to map out every inch of your body in his mind.

       You let him do as he pleased, loving the feeling of having all his attention on you.

       The cold air make you suck in a quick breath. Your Fire Nation gown was gone and forgotten about, laying somewhere on the bedroom floor. Zuko’s eyes were devouring your now-exposed chest, hardened nipples and all. The need to cover yourself never came, like you assumed it would.

       “You’re beautiful,” His voice was quiet, only wanting you to hear this proclamation.

       A blush took over your cheeks as you smiled bashfully, “I’d feel even more beautiful if you took off your robe, I don’t want you to feel left out.” you countered, a teasing tone lacing your words.

       He chuckled, even though all he wanted to do was touch you, and complied with your words and shed himself of his royal robes. Now you both were left in only your underwear.

       He straddled your legs, “Better?”

       “Much better.”

       Zuko took this as the ‘okay’ to continue with his actions. His lips met the skin just above your underwear line and worked their way up. Some were soft and feather-like, others were hard and would most definitely leave bruises, all the way up your torso. He kissed each swollen mound on your chest before capturing your lips in a kiss.

       One hand went to the back of his neck, the other getting lost in his dark hair. Zuko wedged one of his knees between your legs, arms wrapping around you to pull you flush against him.

       He bit your bottom lip, pulling on it, before kissing along your jaw and neck, looking for that familiar spot that turned you into a mess. You moved your head to the side so he had more access to your neck, which he took advantage of.

       When his lips sucked at the junction where your neck met your shoulder, you let out a soft moan, there it was. His hands rubbed your hips and thighs as he sucked desperately at your neck.

       Moans and soft whimpers left your mouth, only a glimpse of what Zuko can turn you into. There was a pool of heat building up in your core, your whole being heating up with every touch Zuko gave you.

       You felt Zuko’s hand wander from your thigh to the only place you really wanted to be touched right now. His thumb ghosted over your little numb of nerves, making you gasp.

       Zuko always loved to hear the little noises that left your mouth, because he was the one who made them happen, and since they sent a spark of arousal to his core. He loved the way your face flushed, the way you so willingly let him to whatever he wanted to you, the way you called his name.

       As he pushed your panties to the side and slipped a finger past your lips and into your heat, a strangled version of his name escaped you. Your hands gripped his shoulders, anchoring you to reality.

       “You’re so wet [Name],” he cooed, watching your face contort with pleasure as he moved his in and out of your slick vagina, “Did I do this to you?” He asked with false shock.

       You struggled with your words for a moment with this new pleasure coursing through you, “Sh-Shut up,” You managed to say, “You’re o-one to talk.” you added, one hand letting go to venture down his hardened member pressed lightly against your leg, rubbing him through his underwear, “Did I do this?” You teased.

       A ragged breath left him, “Damn right you did this,” his voice was knocked down an octave, “And you’re going to do something about it.”

       You giggled at his statement, which he ignored as he practically ripped your panties off of you, his own underwear following shortly.

       Zuko kissed the spot right above your heart before looking at you, that was his usual language of asking permission to enter you. No matter how many times you’ve made love to him before, he always asked. It was one of the things you adored about him. Even in he heat of the moment, he was a gentleman.

       You nodded, leaning up to kiss his lips lightly.

       Just before Zuko could thrust into you, there was a third voice.

       “It’s about time, I told you I wanted grandchildren.”

       Zuko’s head whipped around to the doorway of his bedroom, and there stood his uncle clad in his pajamas and bathroom robe.

       “UNCLE!” He screeched, and quickly covered you, not caring about himself.

       While you were thrown into a fit of laughter, his uncle spoke up again, “You’ve been married for a year and a half, it’s about time.” Even though you couldn’t see him, you could here the smirk in Iroh’s voice.

       “OH MY GOD, uncle get out! You’ll get your grandchildren soon enough!” Zuko yelled before casting a string of fire at his uncle. Thankfully he shut the door soon enough and just left the door black with soot.

       You could hear Iroh laughing down the hall.

       You were still giggling when Zuko turned back to you with a scowl.

       “Are you really gonna let that old man ruin the mood Zuko~.” You teased, rubbing your hands on his chest.

       His scowl softened at your teasing voice, slowly smiling at you, “No,” He bent down and kissed your ear before adding, “We have grandchildren to make.”

AHS Imagine – Torture.



Gracefully, your finger left the chalky surface of the table. The grime was smooth, and revealed that the counter had not been cleaned for some time. Pulling out your magnifying glass – which you had happily accepted from your aunt – you re-examined the table. A clear line from where your finger removed the fragments of dirt exposed the original chestnut shade of the table. For someone your age, your curiosity and appeal for adventure was far more advanced than any other eight year old. You yield from the table and place your magnifying glass back in your belt. You looked around; the endless corners and rooms to venture to in the incessant hotel was boundless. Detail was entrancing to you, the floors covered in carpet filled with congregation of shapes, the soft hums from the vents, the mysterious aura that wrapped itself in the silence of the hotel. You dragged your backpack by its tarnished strap to where your mother stood enervated at the receptions desk. She was handed the keys to the room, the room you would sleep in for the next 20 years.

“Mom?” You called, pulling at the hem of her dress.

Her attention that was on the receptionist was now on you, her dull eyes showed distress. From the moment you finished your cereal that morning, all you saw was the road your mother drove for hours on.  

“Y/N, Mommy’s very busy right now” She said breathlessly, irritation leaving her lips without a single thought of it.

“Can I stay in the lobby for a little bit?” You asked, pushing your bottom lip out in plea.

Your mother sighed. She removed one of the keys from the chain and handed it to you.

“30 more minutes okay? Ask the nice lady to help you to our room. You won’t get lost, yeah?” breaking from her stern stare, she gave you a curious smile.

You nodded in response, taking out your magnifying glass and began to venture around the lobby.

Your carelessness distracted you from the couple that stared down at you from the stairs.

“That girl,” Elizabeth paused, turning her gaze to James.

“She’ll be trouble.” James furrowed his eyebrows in curiosity.

“How so darling?” he questioned, keeping his gaze on you.

“She’ll find out the truth, her meddling will ruin us all.” Elizabeth’s hand rested on James’ shoulder, pulling him to her.

“I want you to get rid of her.” Her eyes showed no remorse, and hid the fear she felt.

“And how do you expect me to kill a child, its inhumane and completely undignified.” March removed her hand that was now gripping onto his shoulder.

Elizabeth smiled, placing a kiss on his cheek.

“You’ll figure it out I’m sure.”


“You know, I hate Halloween.” Continuing to file your papers, you listened to your co-workers annual rant.

“I mean, its good for the candy and parties but, ghosts and pumpkins? That shit doesn’t fascinate me… what fascinates me is all the fuss about Halloween.” As much as you disapproved, your mouth stayed shut and you quickly filed your last paper.

“Has it ever occurred to you that not everyone likes what you like?” you asked, hinting your sarcasm as only a tease.

“Shut up” She huffed.

You replied with a giggle, since you were too tired to think of a crafty remark. Swinging your bag over your shoulder, you parted from your co-workers. Stepping out of your building, you reached for your umbrella.

“Oh for heavens sake!”

The mouth of your umbrella was turned inside out, and the handle was close to tearing off. Your hand wiped the countless drops of rain that piled onto your forehead before thrashing your hands in vexation. Finally, after fighting with the umbrella for long enough, you left it on the side of a nearby trashcan.

Sighing, you continued down the unburdened street, consuming your anger in quiet, irritated hums. You angered quick, and held grudges, but nonetheless you continued your way towards the bus stop. You were now riled, irked and without an umbrella. The rain that pelted on your simmering head seemed to slow down, but when a glimpse of luck seemed to shine through the blurry stream of raindrops, Mother Nature thought otherwise and decided a little rain could simmer down the fire that continued to boil in your blood.

Finally, the bus stop was in sight, and almost instantly you ran towards it. As if on cue, the bus screeched to a stop in front of you and you quickly got on.

You sat quietly with your head resting on the cold window, feeling the pattering of the rain hit the glass. The streetlights outside blinded you, since they were the only source of light seen.


The bus reached the entrance of the hotel. Being the only one on the bus, you thanked the driver – like you normally did - before walking into the mouth of the hotel. You dragged yourself to the elevator eager to rest in your warm bed.

“Y/N, I’m guessing luck wasn’t with you today.” Liz raised an eyebrow, eyeing your drenched frame.

“No kidding,” You giggled, waiting for the elevator to open.

Once inside, you slumped back and began picking at your wet clothes from your skin. The hotel had been quiet since your mothers passing, everyone knew her, everyone respected her, everyone missed her. 

“Y/N, you’re ruining my carpets” his abrupt voice shook you from your thoughts. You were so concentrated on your drenched clothing that you unrecalled the elevator stopping on your floor.

“Sorry James,” You smiled, stepping out of the elevator.

“Do you not have an umbrella?” He asked, following behind you.

“I did, but it decided to break” you sighed, bringing a strand of hair behind your ear.

“I could lend you mine? Liz tells me it will be raining dejectedly for the next few days.”

“And I certainly don’t want you ruining my carpets anymore.” His firm stare quickly vanished and was replaced with a joking smirk.

“Well since your carpets are of up most importance, I’ll use your umbrella.” You bantered back.

James blocked your way before you could reach your room,

“I’m very fond of you, Y/N and I would love it if you would have dinner with me.” James said, handing you a pasty letter which had your name carved in cursive on.

“When?” You asked, bringing your attention back to James.

“Well, tonight.” James grinned.

“A late invitation means you don’t have time to deny my request, darling” James’ smile stayed on his lips as he tipped his hat.

“I’ll see you tonight, Y/N.” Without ease, he turned the corner and disappeared from your sight.

You sat quietly on your bed, your hair in natural waves and in the silvery dress that was placed on your bed once you entered.

Taking a deep breath, the pit in your stomach gnawed at your throat, trying to convince you that going was a bad idea. Decisively, you peeled yourself from your bed and quickly walked out of your room giving yourself no time to think about your actions.

Finding his room was like a scavenger hunt, it thrilled you yet distracted you from your nerves.

You reached his floor, passing the coloured walls that in a way, lead you to his room.

Room 64

The hunt ended but your nerves remained, numbing your tongue and quickening your heartbeat. You reached for the knob, listening to the music that bled through the wooden door.

With one swift movement, the door opened, revealing a room that looked similar in style as yours.

No one was there, but Ms. Evers. 1930s jazz kept the room from silence.

“Ah, you made it! I was convinced you wouldn’t show.” James appeared from the corner, holding a fresh bottle of wine in his hand.

“Please, do sit” He motioned to the vacant seat at the dinner table.  

“I’m glad you came, darling” he spoke calmly, pouring you a glass of wine.

“So am I” you smiled,

“Might I just say you look ravishing tonight?” James added, bringing your hand in his, before gently kissing the top of it.

Ms. Evers entered with your meal,

“I’ve noticed this is your favourite, Chicken Alfredo?” You smiled,

“Yes! Thank you, it’s amazing” you hummed, taking in your first bite.

“Don’t thank me, thank Ms. Evers who cooked it special for you” James grinned leaving Ms. Evers flushed.

The night continued, and so did your conversations with James. He told stories of the Hotel, always reminded you of how beautiful you were, and how he was going to show you real music.

After a bottle of wine, you realized it was already past 2am.

“Well as much fun as I’m having,” You pulled away from James, who was ready to pull you in for a dance.

“I should get going.”

James pulled you close by the hand and quickly kissed your cheek.

“I’m hoping we’ll do this again?” He asked, making his dimples prominent as he smiled.

“Of course.” You giggled, pecking his cheek back. He walked you to the door, but not without sneaking a peck on your lips.

“Then until next time, Y/N.” He winked. You watched as his figure disappeared behind the door, and you only hoped you would see James again.


You think back to that day a lot, the day he invited you to dinner, the day you fell in love with him. As unexplainable as it was, to you he was your other half. His presence would bring the butterflies in your stomach to flutter…it was a gift almost. The kindness he showed you, the feeling of being special, that’s what you loved. You loved him, more than you thought you would.

He came home early, a sigh leaving his lips as removed his hat and placed it on the rack.

“Long day?” You asked, watching his eyes light up from the sound of your voice.

“I’ve had longer, just…busy” He sighed, making his way to where you sat.

“How was your day, darling?” He asked before placing a kiss on your lips.

“Lonely.” You giggled,

“Well I’m sorry to say but I have to go back to the office, I just wanted to see you” James said, pecking your lips again.

“I’ll be back around 8:00pm.” James said as he left the room again.

Sighing, you noticed he left his hat, and he always said his hat made him look “professionally approachable” to guests.

You got up from your seat and got ready to drop his hat off. By now, the halls were too familiar to get lost. You found yourself in front of his door faster than you‘d expected.

Your hand found the knob and opened the door only to have regretting nausea reach your throat.

James was kissing Elizabeth in a way you’ve never experienced. If your heart could stop at any time, it would be at that moment. Unaware of your entrance, he continued to kiss Elizabeth, sending your foot to kick the door closed. James paused.

“Y/N?” He turned around, watching as you crumped his hat in your fist.

At that moment, he reacted in a way that added to the confusion. He began to laugh.

“You’ve caught me darling, red handed as they say” James straightened out his suit and walked forward.

You stared back, shocked at his reaction.

“It’s about time really, I’ve been waiting to see that look on your face.” He said, leaning calmly on the cane he had retrieved.

“What look James?” your body was tense with vexation.

“The look of someone who’s had their heart broken, how does that feel by the way?” James asked, tilting his head.

“You’re disgusting.” You spat between your teeth, feeling the hot tears pour down your cheeks.

James’ smile faded, and bit longingly at his bottom lip.

“Not true, darling.” He said crossly.

“I’m a torturer, Y/N. A revelation!” He bickered. You watched as his eyes turned from calm to unhinged. He was soulless, unsympathetic to your feelings, and depraved from goodness.

“I’ve been trying to figure out new… approaches for torturing, because slitting your throat would be far too easy… and far too messy.” His face stayed icy, and completely certifiable.

“Then I thought,” He paused, picking up a nearby flower that he had previously given to you.

“What can give a person everything they’ve wanted, and simply take it all away?” He looked back at you.

“Affection. It sickens me really, but it’s genius don’t you agree?”

You scoffed,

“Why would you do this, James?” You were numb of all emotion. Your heart drummed in your ears. Blood pulsed in your veins as shock carried you.

James was now inches from you. You stood frozen, unable to react as his hand lightly cupped your chin, pulling you close to him.

“Because, darling, love is the best kind of torture, and the best way to keep you away from my secrets.” 



Waiting Anxiously - Part 1

I sit there in my bed, my legs tucked close to me as I pull my knees to my chest hugging myself tightly.
My heart rate picks up, my head starts to pound, my throats feels tight, my chest feels heavy, beads of sweat are forming on my forehead.
Most of the time I can feel these things coming on and I can prepare for the wave or try and stop myself from even stepping in the water. This one had no warning though, just a sudden increase in paranoia over nothing.
As I sat in my bed I could feel the emotions intensify. I reach over on my night stand and quickly put my headphones on and press play on the iPod I keep plugged in at all times. I smooth my finger over the surface and turn the volume up.
I let the smooth beat and the soft vocals fill my ears and let the words seep into my mind.
I have found just a handful of songs can stabilize these moments if not get rid of them completely.
Tonight it was Twenty One Pilots, Car Radio.
I feel my eyes well up as the words speak volumes louder than the actual music playing in my ears. I rest my forehead on the tops of my knees and breath.

“Fear will lose. Fear will lose. Fear will lose.” I repeat in a whisper tone to myself.

I’m taking deep breaths through my nose and letting them out of my mouth slowly, tears are dripping from my eyes. I want this to be over and I’m not sure if I’m talking about this moment or everything.
The song comes to an end and my finger twitches to the previous button, the song starts over. My arms tighten around myself and soon the buildup becomes too intense. I let go of my legs and let a scream out, the sound only lasts for a second as I place a pillow over my face to muffle myself.
I let out one more scream as tears run down my cheeks, my hands are shaking and I can hear my pulse.
I lay down on my back and pull the pillow off my face. Another deep breath in and out.
All my lights are off and it almost starts to seem peaceful staring into the dark. I can feel my heart slowing, I take another deep breath.

“The hard part is done, you’re safe and sound, don’t let these thoughts scare you, I’m here now.“ I wipe the tears from my face as the last word escapes my lips.

I’ve struggled with anxiety for years and my mom used to say that saying to me after every attack, every breakdown, every episode. I don’t think she even realized how much she has helped me, even since her passing.
I let out another deep breath as the song comes to an end for the second time, I let it play to the next Twenty One Pilots song and close my eyes. I don’t fall asleep easily, it’s not till about the fourth song that my mind finally shuts down.

The next morning is always a little hazy after a late night attack, I’ve become used to it though. The sun is barley peeking through my dark curtains, I throw my blanket off me and let the cool morning air hit my skin. I mumble and groan as I sit up on the edge of the bed.
Its Friday, I have my earliest class on Friday, I don’t know why I thought that was a bright idea.
I drag myself out of the bed completely and shuffle my feet under me into the bathroom. A quick rinse to my face with icy water, tying my hair in a high ponytail and brushing my teeth is all I do before grabbing my bag and heading down the stairs and into my car.
I toss my bag in the passenger seat and start up my old little Nissan. I turn the radio on and it’s playing Stressed Out, which I still don’t find myself getting sick of but I don’t listen to the radio very often.
I pull out of the parking lot and drive off to school, it’s just a few minutes down the street so I enjoy the few minutes alone.
People fill the courtyard as I pull up to the building, I grab my bag from the passenger seat and take a step onto campus. I glance up at the sky, its gray like always but it hasn’t rained yet.
I walk past the crowds of people, I give smiles to most hoping thats enough to steer clear of conversations, it works.

Economy Health, its even more boring than it sounds, and at 8am it’s deadly.
My major is business because, well I really don’t know what I want to major in. I was told business can almost be a general degree and that no matter where I decide to go it will look good, so thats where I am at. I take a seat in the middle of the room and take a pen and notebook out of my bag, I set my bag on the ground in between my feet. Other students start to take their seats, it is definitely not a full class. The professor comes in just a few minutes before class should start, he throws his briefcase on the metal framed desk at the front of the class.
The moment he starts to ramble on about stock markets I daze off, I usually can get a few key notes even from the most bland of lectures but due to my lack of sleep I’m not retaining much. I start to draw swirls and starts throughout the notebook page, it feels like time is ticking by slowly as my small doodles fill the page but once I look up to try and get an once of knowledge the professor is giving out the next weeks homework and wishing us a well weekend.
I yawn as I scribble down the assignment, I grab my bag from between my feet and head back outside.
Now I remember why I had picked such an early class for Friday, so I could have the rest of the day to do whatever. Although I am really not sure it was worth it.
I head back to my car, making the same smiles along the way. Another yawn comes from me as I take a seat in the drivers seat and put my bag in the passengers.
Once I pull up to my apartment I make a stop at the floor below me, a couple of knocks and Shay answers the door with a blanket wrapped around her.
She groans as I walk in and close the door behind me.

“Mornings are the worst.” Her voice is still rough from just waking up.

I plop down on the couch and sink into it, “Mhhm.” I close my eyes and I could easily fall right back to sleep.

Shay takes a seat next to me with a cup of coffee in her hand, we stay silent just enjoying the moments and I am especially enjoying the quiet moments.

I’ve known Shay since I was 13, so ten years now. We became close instantly, inseparable. She knows the deepest parts of me that no one else sees, as well as I know hers. We have built each other up and have let each other fall if needed.

She was the only one I would turn to when my mom passed away from cancer, I was 14. I had no on else, I had no idea what to do or where I was going to live.
My dad had committed suicide when I was just a baby, I didn’t really know any other family.
I was scared.
Shay and her family let me live with them temporarily, but  before I knew it they were requesting adoption papers. It was about a year before they got the approval but it was all worth the wait.
Shay and her family have provided me with everything I could of ever needed for life, including a literal best friend and sister. We both decided to stay in Seattle for college but we got separate apartments to just sort of grow on our own, but we are only one floor apart so we really don’t stay away for very long.

“Are you excited for tomorrow Alanis?” Shays voice makes my body jolt as I was falling back to sleep.

“Nervous.” I mumble.

“Come on, ya know I won’t plan anything too crazy. It’s your birthday, you should be celebrating all month!”

“I don’t trust you.” I let out a small laugh with my eyes still closed.

“Well, you’ll be happy you did tomorrow night!” It’s like I can hear the smile on her face.

Shay gets up and gets ready for her full day of classes, I stay asleep on the couch when she leaves.
When I wake back up and it’s near 1pm, I stretch my arms above my head as I sit up on the couch. Shay still has a few hours at school, I decide to head up to my floor and get some laundry done because I know Shay will want me to wear something special for tomorrow.
I turn on a small wireless speaker I have in my apartment and put my music on shuffle. I sort my clothes and start my first load of laundry. I have a choice of getting homework done or letting my mind melt on paper. I chose to let my mind melt, I reach under my pillow on my bed and pull out a black note book with the phrase “Sit In Silence” written on it. I have traced over my original letters so many times that it’s almost hard to make out the words.
This is where every thought and feeling is written, every up and down. Some pages are filled with words, others with poems and some are like a diary entry, it just depends on the day.
I pick up a pen on my way to the couch as I turn my music off, I sit with my legs criss crossed on the couch and place the note book on my thigh, a deep breath in and a deep breath out before my pen touches the page.

“The thoughts run in.
My sanity runs out.
I can’t make out the words they are writing down.
Heavy letters.
Loud voices.
I’m trying so hard to sort the noises.
This is what its like.
This is a peaceful night.
Welcome to the inside of my mind.
No one fits in.
And I surly won’t make it out alive.”

The page is finished of with meaningless doodles and the date.

I place the note book back under my pillow and head to the kitchen to make coffee and a grilled cheese.
My Friday is wasted away, Shay had homework to attend to and so did I.
My head rested on my pillow by midnight and no attack to wake me up, a birthday wish granted.

Im horrible at not creating a back story, so thats basically what part 1 is.
Feedback is always welcome.
I promise Josh will be introduced in the next chapter & I will try to update every weekend if my life allows.
Thanks, loves.

☔🚇 Waiting for the Bus in the Rain 🚇☔

inspired by welcome to night vale/satellite high’s “waiting for the bus in the rain”, a spell to make the bus come faster when you’re waiting for the bus in the rain in the rain

Waiting for the bus. Where is the bus? The bus is late. Waiting for the bus in the rain. (in the rain) When the bus come? Where the bus at? Got my bus pass. Bus is much better than a train. (than a train)

☔ have a coffee with you. 

🚇 (spell will be more effective if you have cinnamon in it)

☔ mix a few drops of coffee with the rain. 

🚇 tap your fingers along a rainy surface to the tune of satellite high’s waiting for the bus in the rain

☔ chant, or hum along to the lyrics. 

waiting for the bus in the rain (in the rain)

Higher (pt 2)

Originally posted by formerprincejunmyeon

Member: Exo Suho/Junmyeon

Type: Fluff/Angst/Slight Smut/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

The man touched your elbow slightly as you both landed in front of the doors to the penthouse. His hand went to the knob, turning it and swinging the door open.

“I’m pretty sure this is illegal,” you pointed out, and the man’s grin grew wider, the dimple at the side of his mouth becoming more apparent as he motioned for you to enter.

He chuckled, “Nothing’s illegal when you have money.”

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The man who didn’t want to be found

Happy Holidays @heroickillian . I am your CSSS and it has been great to get to know you. I hope you like this fic I made as a present. :) Special thanks to @amagicalship, @brooke-to-broch and @kat2609 for being my betas

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Ao3  - FF 

The man who didn’t want to be found

“Mr. Jones,” Emma said as her eyes focused on the blue eyes of the man standing on the other side of her desk. “You have the wrong person. I’m not a private investigator, I chase skips.”

“I know, Miss Swan. But when I asked who the best tracker was, everyone directed me to you. Even some of the highly recommended PIs I’ve met with.” Jones sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I beg you. I need to find him.”

Emma could see the desperation pouring out of him: in his voice, in the way his fingers fidgeted over the surface of the desk, the way his blue eyes looked at her pleadingly.

She sighed, “I can give it a try… but if he’s as good as they say at hiding, I might not be successful.”

“That is all I ask, lass.” Jones smiled as he took a photograph from his jacket and placed it on the desk.

Emma looked at the picture: the man was strikingly handsome, with dark hair and a mischievous grin. The same shade of blue eyes were looking at her, but there was a dangerous edge in them.

“His name is Killian. Killian Jones.”

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”I’m not saying she wouldn’t go for you.” Barry began easily, causing Harrison to tense and adjust his dark-rimmed glasses before shooting him a glare. It wasn’t easy going up against a speedster, especially when that speedster was Barry Allen; headstrong and determined and extremely confident that he had what it took to win your heart. “I’m just saying, I probably have a better shot.”

Practically tossing one of the books you’d lent him against the desk where the rest of the pile lay, Harrison growled, “You know, Allen… Unlink you, I actually have enough game to get a date without manipulating the speedforce.”

Yeah?” Barry challenged before hovering his hand over the heap of books you’d been begging Harrison to read. “Is this her reading list?”

With narrowed eyes and a suspicious gaze, Harrison nodded before placing a hand on his hip and leaning back against his desk; his palm flat against the worktop as he agitatedly drummed his fingers over its surface… “Why?”

“Watch this.” And with that, Barry was pitching over the desk, thumbing through book after book with impossible legerity before finally setting them aside and crossing his arms over his chest to give Wells a derisive smirk. “I just read all her favorite books… All of them.”

“That’s annoying…” Harrison huffed, pursing his lips and staring at your books with a frown.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Barry and Harrison both competing for your affection at the same time*

Request: I no longer have the actual request but I was asked to surprise @a5ginger with something for Harrison or Barry and I decided to do both… I was going to save this for your birthday, but you seemed like you could use a little cheering up! So, here! Hope it turned out okay. :) And just know that I’m totally in love with you and I’m glad we struck up a conversation! :D Thanks for being so awesome! And thanks for being a great friend!

Kacchako 05: “I took a pregnancy test”

Genre: Drabble/Fluff/Family

Pairing: Bakugou x Uraraka

Rating: [T for language]

Word Count: 1532 words

Drabble Prompt: #16: “I took a pregnancy test”

Author’s Notes: For the anon who requested prompts 19, 16, 18, 13, 10, 8, 4, 3, and 2 for kacchako. I’m so sorry I’m so slow! But I guess…6 more to go? Also another anon requested #16 so this is for both of you!

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Treasure Hunt

Happy Birthday @chrissascorner​! I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends. Love you sweetheart! :) Here’s a little thing I wrote for you.

Initial inspiration for this fic came from this article


Summary: While tracking a missing yacht, Emma Swan, PI is forced to work with a team she’d never imagine working with in the first place. 

Rated: T

(A huge thanks to my beta, @amagicalship)

Treasure Hunt

“Let me get this straight. You need me to track down a yacht belonging to the mayor of the town you are Sheriff for?” Emma reclined back in the chair, fingers drumming on the surface of the desk as she gave her old partner a smug smile.

David sighed. “I know exactly how this sounds, Emma. But there are reasons why she wants a P.I. handling this and not the local authorities.”

“You’re going to have to give me more than that, Nolan. And you know it.”

“Regina Mills is a powerful woman, but she has a weak spot. Her son Henry has been threatened. And as much as she trusts her former FBI agent now turned into local sheriff, aka me, she also knows the person we are dealing with has connections in all the agencies.”

“Who do you suspect took the yacht?”

Gold.” David paused, giving Emma a moment to digest the information. They both knew about Gold’s involvement in several underhanded activities in the NorthEast area and the possibility of bribed personnel in all the agencies. It was one of the many reasons why taking him down while working for the FBI had been impossible.

Emma cracked her neck, the tension of the busy day getting to her. “Why would he take her yacht?”

“He has history with her mother. And it’s a win-win situation for him. He can use it to conduct his dirty affairs and if it gets caught, it will splatter her reputation.”

“He’s the same sneaky bastard he always was, gotta give him credit for that.” Emma cocked an eyebrow. “So, what’s the plan? Me and Ruby track him down and retrieve the yacht?”

“No. You just track the yacht down. Someone else is in charge of the retrieve. This is a joint effort.” David shifted in his seat uncomfortably and Emma sat up straight in her chair.

“I don’t play well with others, David. You know that.” She raised an eyebrow knowingly at him. He should know by now that she didn’t trust easily.

“Emma, you can’t retrieve a yacht of this magnitude and Regina is not taking any chances with the authorities. She wants this to be fast and she’s willing to cut some corners - within reason - to get there.”

“Who’s going to do the extraction then?”

Jones Marine Risk Management and Vessel Extraction.” David cleared his throat.

“You’re hiring fucking modern pirates?!?”

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uni . *

lol this one is a little bit smutty 

Shawn’s arm is draped around you lazily, fingers tracing over the lace in your top as he chats with one of his teammates who’s sat across the table. Three beer bottles and four glasses of some mixed, fruity beverages are in a line, all of which are empty and all of which have some residue of your bright red lipstick on the rim. You tap your fingers on the surface in something that sounds close to a steady rhythm and lean further into your boyfriend, waiting for the world to stop spinning.

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High School Trends That I Remember Fondly

Okay so let me share with you all some quality high school trends from my days in high school because boy were we a bunch of sass masters

These all took place from 2007 -2012 because I went to a weird fusion school that lumped every grade from 7th to 12th together ( that means we had thirteen year olds up to 18-19 year olds in the same school )

Anyway let’s go

7th Grade( I was a smol 13 year old)

First off there were like 30 kids in each class okay?


- Pencils as hair decor ???? Why????

- Swiping needles from Home Ec and sticking them in your finger JUST under the surface of the skin to freak out the teach

- Referring to lunch as ’ the troph special’

-Girls sending guys Valentine’s that just said ’ U R No Good ’ and ’ Allen Ur Not In My League ’

- Guys sending girls tiny stuffed animals for V Day with cards that said ’ I’m Soft For U’ and ’ Be My Plush One?’

- Claiming various things had ’ killed our ancestors ’ :

’ I can’t do long division , my thirty seventh great grandfather died doing that’

’ No I can’t answer that question sir, every male in my family so far has died answering English questions ’

’ I’m not allowed to be disciplined , discipline killed my grandma’

- Wearing rubber bands as bracelets or rings and the tighter you could get it the cooler you were ???? This kid almost lost a finger by third period I mean …..

-Asking our biology teacher what would happen if insects could speak every class period

’ What if wasps could speak but they only spoke Mid-6th Century English ’

’ What if spiders all speak Russian’

’ Do you think bees know English ’

- Pestering our history teacher for the history of the Leaf Village ( I’m sorry Mr. Hoagland )

- Replying ’ Deleted’ when your name was called

….. I accidentally started this one

8th grade ( I was 14 )

- Rap battles to settle arguments ????

- Yoyo fights. It got intense.

-Every white boy in school dressed like a bad Western movie character , cowboy hats and spurs and SO.MUCH.PLAID.

- ’ The Dew Crew’, a gang of boys who drank nothing but Mountain Dew as refreshment , was born and monopolized the school’s soda supply of Mountain Dew . All of them made it to adulthood but it is suspected they no longer require sleep and eat only the disdainful glares of women for survival ( at their peak there were 15 of them )

- Intense shouting of someone else’s name every time something went wrong ( usually the name Sasuke )

- Pentagrams everywhere ; drawn on any surface we could find unsupervised for a second , started by me doodling in art class and picked up by my squad . The school board thought someone was possessed by the devil it was GREAT…. I NEVER GOT CAUGHT

- In Chemistry we watched Finding Nemo about 3 times a week because the teacher was really forgetful and he let us watch it when he forgot his lesson plan , so by the end of the first month that year every kid he taught would call various roundish objects ’ the butt’ and I was nicknamed’ Dory ’ by everyone I knew

Also the principal was nicknamed’ Bruce"

-Hardcore Zombie prep planning , there was a gang and everything .

The Apoca-Punks are still strong

- Disney discourse in English class because our teacher was a huge nerd for Disney and loved nothing more than to watch us argue over which princess would beat Gaston in a fight faster ( Kida won by a landslide but we all agreed Mulan would murder him in five seconds flat )

Also he nicknamed all of us after Disney characters and I was Lilo ( my best friend was Stitch )

- Okay so I brought a bag of chocolate as a treat for the class one week and I was really tired and out of it so when the teacher ( our English teacher Mr . Bagley, who was also the principal) asked me to ’ explain the historical properties of chocolate’ I got sarcastic and went ’ For many years chocolate has been used in medicinal treatments for ailments of all kinds. Perhaps it will even cure the lack of hair on Mr . B’s head’ ……

For a second it was dead silent and then he laughed and said “Well put , you continue to live up to your nickname, Lilo!”

- Shakespeare quotes at inopportune times

“ Exit, pursued by a bear”

“ We are in the middle of a test , Austin. ”

“ A rose , by any other name , would smell-”

- The drama kids dramatically snapping during arguments

- Okay so there was this weird loft zone in the second gym( because our school had two , a sucktastic old one from the fifties and a newish one from the eighties ) nobody was supposed to go up there unless they had permission and it was for filming a basketball game ???

But everyone went up there anyway and at least ten couples lost their virginity up there ( what a weird place to do it tho , we kept the wrestling mats up there)

I sluffed class a few times and took a nap there

And it became a Thing to draw a little baby face on the wall if you lost your V card there

-Supergluing coins to stuff????

There’s still a dime on someone’s locker and it’s been like ten years

-’ Ambrosia’ , AKA this super delicious combo of cherry slurpee , Sprite, and orange Fanta that our English teacher made us during parties . He literally made it in these huge plastic bins and just ladeled it out to everyone

9th Grade( I was 15)

- The Goth Invasion

Everyone who was punk enough wore black ripped jeans and eyeliner and streaked their hair with red and black

One kid never left the Goth phase , we love u Scott ( it’s cool he was our school’s Warren Peace anyway )


He was really salty about it too , he said “ Warren isn’t goth he’s Punk there’s a difference you capitalist Bible thumpers’

Scott got 54 Valentine’s that year but just shrugged and gave his candy to me and my squad because we were , as he put it ’ the only punk crew in class, plus you’re all really cute ’

He never kept a girlfriend very long but he was the nicest guy you’ve ever seen ( everyone thought he was gay but just too shy to say it )

Over the years he is consistly hotter , and more unashamedly Goth

- My sister arrived in school and was immediately the most popular kid in school and was nicknamed ’ Princess ’

- My squad got nicknamed ’ Squad 7 ” due to our obsession with Naruto and other anime , and we each were nicknamed after characters from the show by my friend Indi ( who was named after Indiana Jones, no lie)

Melanie was ’ Kiba’ ( which delighted her because she would marry him in a heartbeat )

Mackenzie was ’ Neji’ because according to Indi she was the most monologue-y
Chandra was ’ Hinata’ because she was shy but fierce

And I, Aubrey , was ’ Gaara’ because according to Indi :’ Your dad is kinda sucky and you’ve got two siblings . You’re sort of the social outcast of school and when you get annoyed enough it’s like you’ve got this terrifying supernatural thing in your eyes , I love it ’


10th Grade( I’m 16)

- ’ Because I’m Batman ’ being an answer to every question

- Goonies puns

- Three girls got pregnant and were called the ’ Baby On Board Squad"

- Due to this teen pregnancy scandal , my heavily Christian community had our school hold assemblies about how ’ Sex will kill you’ and how ’ every time a teen has Sex Thoughts, an angel cries’ ….. There were ’ God Is Abstintent ’ posters everywhere

So naturally we revolted and the drama class put up these fliers reading ’ Without Sex, You Wouldn’t Be Around . ’

’ Satan Loves You and Wants You To Explore Your Perfectly Normal Urges ’

’ Sex Won’t Kill You- But STD’s Could! Use Protection! ’

’ Wrap It Before He Taps It And The Angels Won’t Be Crying “

” Boys Like Girls.Boys Think Of Girls In Sexual Ways. Boys Best Treat Her Right First . Boys Best Be Stepping Up As Baby Daddys If They Tap Dat “

And many more golden rebellious posters

- Shouting ” Go Go Power Rangers “ when dealing with a problem and just out of nowhere any kid wearing the appropriate Power Ranger colored shirt would appear

So you’d get a guy in red , a guy in blue , a guy in black , a guy in white , a guy in green , a guy in gold , a guy in silver, a girl in pink and a girl in yellow and they’d all pose dramatically and do the Power Rangers moves

- Rubber band slingshot warfare using hairpins as ammo

- The school dividing into Benders and Non Benders , and the school’s most loved outcast was deemed Avatar( I got the honor so my squad was nicknamed accordingly )

- High School Musical was the biggest thing ever because our music teacher WROTE THE SCORES FOR THEM I MEAN…….

We all knew every song by heart that year

Everyone shipped Chad and Ryan

11th Grade( I was 17 )

-Percy Jackson was huge and everyone wanted a godly parent

- Every girl used a dramatic break up song to end things with her man it was GLORIOUS

- Taylor Swift was playing on the radio every day

- My class finally realized that my friend Courtney and I had the same exact birthday and birth year , and thus introduced us to substitute teachers as ’ The Fraternal Twins’

Courtney and I are both gonna be 23 on March 20 at 6:40 am

- Our history teacher thought my friends and I were in an assassin cult because we were always drawing kunai knives and swords and guns , so he banned kunai drawing????? And it thus became the Cool Thing to graffiti everywhere??? All because I drew one on my ASVAB????

-The sheriff pulled me out of homeroom because I’d been overheard singing P!nk’s ” Funhouse" and the Secretary thought I was an arsonist because of the line “ I’m gonna burn this sucker down ” and thus rumors spread like wildfire that I’d:

~ Murdered someone
~ Witnessed a crime

~ Started a gang war
~ Shot a cop
~ Robbed the one gas station in town
~ Insulted the sheriff’s daughter by not inviting her to my birthday party so he was here to bribe me to do so
~ Stolen the sheriff’s prized collection of horse paintings

12th Grade ( I was 18 )

- Posters everywhere about the world ending ( it was 2012)

- Harry Potter mania

- John Lennon Memes????

No really on the anniversary of his death the school was flooded with posters of him everywhere saying “ In Loving Memory Of A Dreamer ” and the radio only played his music and the drama class went around stating facts about his death it was surreal and I was part of it

11 Questions Tag.

I was tagged by the sweetest @joly-and-the-satellites
1) How many works in progress to do you currently have?

Currently I have two works in progress but I rather procrastinate with poems and short stories than finally finish my work.
2) Do you/would you write fanfiction?

I write fanfiction but I’m not very active. I’m currently writing a one shot.

3) Do you prefer real books or ebooks?
Real books. I like the feeling better. I like the smell better and it’s just different to read while sitting in candlelight, hearing the sound of the paper as you turn the pages and let your fingers brush the surface? You can even feel the difference in the papers which I really like so yes.

4) When did you start writing?

I always wrote alot. I wrote my bad dreams down when they started to get traumatizing so that’s with what? 9? Earlier? Maybe. I started actively writing in high school
5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?

I do. I have friends who really care about my progress but I don’t tell alot of people I write so they can’t know it and I also don’t publish alot.
6) Where is your favourite place to write?

Anywhere in candlelight.

7) Favourite childhood book? 

I loved the Grimm’s fairytales so  I guess that also shaped my taste in books alot and fun fact: My s/o gave me a small book with their stories and I really made an effort not to screech in there like I kept the enthusiasm down a bit but I’m still secretly screaming.
8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?

For fun in hopes of publication eventually to make people think. 
9) Pen and paper or computer?

Writing is easier on computer since I think too fast.
10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?

Never. I wish I had though. I used to talk alot with one of my teachers because he said my writing was ‘intense’. 

11.) What inspires you to write?

It could be everything. A single sunny day to the most heartbreaking experience. Everything is worth writing.

I tag: @courfee @notactuallybatman @damienvoid @petalprouvaire @pylades32 if you guys haven’t done it.

The Gifts

     Karrista stood frozen in place, both hands over her mouth to hide the fact it was hanging open.  Only her eyes moved, examining the pair of armor stands and the outfits on each of them.  As the shock faded, she approached the first dress.

     Garren’s gift was nothing short of magnificent.  The gold leather bodice sported metal ribbing along with an ornate filigree decolletage.  When Karrista brushed her fingers along the surface, the material felt cold and metallic.  She realized that it had to be gilded, molten electrum soaked into the surface of the leather, giving it the appearance of metal rather than leather.

     The skirt drew her attention next, the material flowed like silk, only it was far more black than any other fabric.  The material looked to drink in the light and her own armor looked a washed-out grey compared to it.  The waist of the skirt were golden scales etched like feathers. 

     The armor had cutouts for the swell of her hips, however they were tastefully covered by a set of black silk feathers with golden shafts.  The style reminded Karrista of the ventral fins of a fish.  Her attention moved to the back of the dress, finding the back had to have been customized just for her.  The back was open enough for her wings, and the gold filigree went around her neck and came down in set of four jointed rings.  Two were for her shoulders, the other two for the equivalent joint of her wings.

     The last bits were a pair of black silk gloves with more of the golden-leather as gauntlet bracers.  Fingerless tips would allow her talons to be used freely.  This was not a dress worn for fun, or to a mere dinner.  As Karrista looked the outfit over, picking at it, touching and feeling it, the idea came to mind.  When her tiara was finished, this would be what she wore when she crowned herself queen.

     Karrista turned her attention to Lochlyn’s gift.  It was as different from Garren’s as it was from the giver, like night and day.  The armor was unenchanted, Karrista would take care of that herself.  The leather was a mix of fine supple and hardened.  This black wasn’t the void-looking silk of Garren’s gift, but a flame-kissed oiled and tanned leather.  The joints and edges were rivet with a dark warm metal.

     She yelped loudly upon realizing the material.  Demonsteel rivets, buckles, and strips holding together treated Fel Hide.  The fact that Lochlyn even considered having this made brought a tear to her eye.  The implicit acknowledgement of her nature, and the protective, functional design gave her a little bit of hope once more.

     She lifted the skirt panels, looking to see how the bottom half of the armor attached.  She was surprised that the bottom amounted to a pair of hip-length boots that buckled to the armored cuirass under the skirt.  The bracers and spaulders had similar buckling underneath the demonic-inspired pauldrons.

     This was battle armor, pure and simple.  Heavy duty for a caster, though it suited Karrista’s preferred position in the thick of things.  She had a few headpieces that would suit the armor, jeweled enchanted pieces.  Her scythe would not be as useful as a sword would be, and she had just the sword.  The enchantments and the jewels she would imbue the armor with would be a bright ruby, almost blood red.  She would have to get both armors back to the Rift soon, she had work to do.

Mentions: @lochlynkiden @marquis-garren-nishan

this is how you love her:

when she hands you her heart,
look her in the eyes
run your fingers over its surface
find the cracks,
the edges,
its open deserts –
let your fingers bleed over it
(let her know she is worth fighting for, worth bleeding for,
that she deserves the life and love you give)

pour your soul into the craters in her heart,
find the inches of her body she hates the most
and soothe them with your lips;

love her openly, honestly, passionately,
crown her your queen
and name her kingdom your heart,
point to your chest and say:

this is your home,
this is your palace,
and I will die to defend you,
and I will live to love you.

love her with passion, with beauty, with grace,
take her hand and use her fingers to trace her image into the stars,
tell her: i worship you, i love you, it is you who holds the key to the heavens

love her. love her so hard, so well, that she begins
to love herself.

- a note from the lover to the loveless / (z.s)