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I normally don’t like crossovers or “X thing as Y” but I really wanted something a bit more lighthearted and fun to do but still a design challenge nonetheless, so here is Knockout, Deadbeat (oc), Helix (oc), and Starscream as Gems! throws confetti

so here’s a bit about them:
Knockout is Mookaite Jasper. He went through so many different gems because I couldn’t decide, but ultimately settled on this one because it had a nice ring and the colors fit pretty well.
Deadbeat is Bowenite. I chose Bowenite for him because it sounds like Bowie and my boyfriend @deep-sea-creep (his owner) loves David Bowie, and it happened to also be green. He has lemon hamsters (limb enhancers) so that is why he has weird sloth fingers and he keeps his wheel feet. I imagine his fingers work a bit like EVE’s from Wall-E.
Helix is Benitoite. I don’t have much of a reason for choosing it honestly, other than the colors fitting her well (that and that gem was the original fusion between my Aquamarine and my bf’s Serendibite before we changed it).
Starscream is Cinnabar and that has been the most definite one from the start. Benitoite calls him Cinnabon and no one else is allowed to.

Tbh I really like how these turned out and they’re so cute. Steven Universe style is just so much fun to draw in and I also adjusted a pen and it looks great for it so I’m pleased. I’ll probably do fusions later, one of them actually just needs to be colored. also please note that these are just for fun and were chosen mainly for appearance, rather than what the lore of Steven Universe would probably have them be as gems

Meet Buttercup. Buttercup is a 23-year-old three-fingered Bradypus sloth from Costa Rica. She was brought to the Arroyo family as an orphaned infant by local children and was the catalyst to their founding the Sloth Sanctuary. Now the sanctuary’s official ambassador, she loves entertaining guests and posing for photos. Her favorite pastimes include sunbathing and eating hibiscus blooms. Stay tuned for more from Buttercup!


Wild three fingered sloth scratching her itchy high in a tree…she’s on display like she has no care in the world. ❤️ #Slothlove #sloths #socute #costarica #manuelantonio #nature #NotAPet #nevergiveup #NoSlothLeftBehind #bradypus #BornToBeWild #wild #wildlife #wildanimals

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