finger prints of you

  • forensic files narrator: ... and he left his finger prints on the door knob...
  • me eating my 5th mozzarella stick: you absolute fucking idiot

Fateful play - One

Soulmates has been a popular thing since the early 2000 after they found ways to find their partner quicker, but it never interested you with hurrying for romance. In fact, that’s the reason you’re almost the only one, without a proper ‘mate’. Giving it a shot with a popular app that can find your destined soulmate through your finger print, that you were forced to do, given your best friend that just wanted the best for you. At first glance, there was no way in hell that you would consider staying with Taehyung. But maybe Jimin, was the one that were actually your true romance. In fact, wasn’t there only supposed to be one soulmate for each…? 

>>Part two 

BTS Reaction - Clenching around them [NSFW]

Idk what I just wrote lmao

Seokjin [Jin] -

Jin whispered small praises in your ear as his long fingers pumped in and out of your wet folds. One of his hands gripped a your bare thigh while his other was busy trying to get you off. Once Jin felt you clench around his fingers before cumming over them he was pretty eager for the both of you to get down and dirty. ;)

“Why don’t you try that on something else?”

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Yoongi [Suga] -

Yoongi threw his head back, screwing his eyes shut and holding your hips in a tight grip as you rode him. Sweat glistened across his pale skin and small groans slipped past his lips as he felt you clench your pussy around his cock. Yoongi dug his nails into your bare skin, moaning loudly as you smirked down at him. He’d look up at you through his damp hair, breathless.

“You really know how to get a guy going, don’t you babygirl?”

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Hoseok [J-Hope] -

Hoseok grunted above you, damp hair covering his eyes as he pounded into you harder desperate to hear your sweet moans. As soon as he felt your clit clench around his dick he’d send you a lust filled smirk, hands gripping the pillow on each side of your head before he thrusted into yo slowly causing you to arch your back off of the mattress. Hoseok would then breath out,

“Do it again princess.”

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Namjoon [Rap Monster] -

Namjoon bit his lips as soon as he felt your wetness clench around him. He buried himself deeper inside of you as he attached his plump lips to your neck, trying to conceal his moans. His fingers left prints on your hips as you continued to ride him in his studio chair, occasionally clenching. Namjoon lifted his head to look up at you, eyes full of lust as he muttered,

“That feels so good babe.”

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Joon in glasses? Fuck me up

Jimin -

Jmin panted above you, hair sticking to his forehead as his hands ran down you nude body. Small moans escaped past his swollen lips, burying his head into your neck as you clenched yourself around his stiff cock. Jimin propped himself up onto his elbows but he felt as though his arms were going to give out any minute, as they quivered beneath him. He would look up art you with a dazed and fucked out expression before whispering, 

“God, are you trying to kill me?”

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Taehyung [V] -

Taehyung’s low groans mixed with your small whimpers filled the room as he you gripped at his hair, overwhelmed by the pleasure he was causing to you. You hadn’t meant to do it but the way Taehyung’s cock was filling you up you couldn’t help but clench around him. Taehyung pulled away from you slightly gazing at you with darkened eyes.

“You don’t know what you just started kitten.”

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Jungkook -

Jungkook let out small whimpers as you circled your hips on top of him, teasing his hard cock. He could feel himself coming undone and you weren’t helping with the way you were clenching around his stiff dick and smirking down at him while doing so. Jungkook returned your smirk, panting heavily as he muttered, 

“God, you’ll be the death of me.”

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bts// rough sex


  seokjin was always more of the soft and gentle type when is came to sex. but when you got him mad- that whole persona changed. restraints, spanking and a lot of dirty talk. 

“you’ve been a bad girl y/n.” he would sneer at you from the botton of the bed where he stood shirtless, a belt in his hand. “and bad girls dont get to cum”

your naked form would be slightly out of breath and shaking from the almost orgasm jin had given you. just before you reached your climax, he pulled his long fingers, covered in your juices, from your soaked core.

now, as jin walked to the right side of the bed, the belt still in hand, your eyes twinkled in excitement and a smirk played along your lips. 

“turn around y/n, its time for your other part of your punsihment.” jin said and smacked the belt acros his palm. 

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  yoongi loves rough sex. you guys had only had somewhat gentle sex twice. the first time it was soft because it was  your first time together, and it had to be special. the second time was when you were feeling insecure about yourself and yoongi needed to show you just how beautiful you were. 

yoongi loves doggy style, its his favourite position because he loves your ass. he loves watching the way it jiggles when he pounds extra hard into you and the red marks from his hands practically glowing on your skin. 

what he loves most about rough sex are your moans. the way they go somewhat high pitched when he hits that extra sensitve spot in you. or the way you moan his name and your eyes roll to the back of your head when you finally cum. 

“thats it kitten, moan my name.” 

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 sweat literally dripped off you both as hoseok pounded into you. the two of you watched the way his hard cock, that was covered in your juices and sallvia, slid so easily into your pussy through the reflection of the mirror. 

in the reflection of the mirror you locked eyes, lust and love were swarming your pupils. both of your hair looked crazy and your skin was almost as red as a tomato from the heat you were giving off. you would say that you yourself looked like an complete mess, but he, he still looked so  god damned perfect. 

his hands tighten on your waist to go even faster into you. both of your knees becoming a bit sore of the position you were in. 

“hm, you like this baby? you like watching sir beat your pussy?” he asked, his voice deep as he concentrated on  your face through the reflection. 

“yes sir, i love it.” you moaned out the answer, pushing your body to the same rythm as he was going, making the pleasure increase.

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  namjoon was basically the king at rough sex. he lived by rough sex- the way your breaths became uneven and mixed together, and the way you were so fucking submissive for him. 

the word daddy constantly rolled out of your little mouth as he worked his magic on you. a few times you almost said namjoon, but quickly caught yourself because you couldnt bare him to stop finger fucking you.

his fingers always reached the best parts in you.

there were finger prints on your neck from his choking you almost too hard, and your hair was  basically glued to your forehead from sweat.

namjoon looked down at your beautiful fucked out body that was sprawled across the messy bed and chuckled.

“tired already baby? daddy hasn’t even started yet.” 

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  everytime you guys fucked, marks covered your entire body. some were from his mouth, some were from his hands, and some were from the restraints he used to tie you up. 

his hands would slid down the sides of your warm body as he bit harshly onto your neck, starting his usual teasing. when he would be content with the markings on your neck, he would move down to your breasts and begin nipping and sucking on your nipples.  

jimin would then slid his tongue down stomach and stop at your inner thighs, starting to suck and bite there before slapping them and your already soaked pussy.

when he goes on tour, he loves when you send him pictures of his markings, and gets disappointed when he sees that some are fading away a little too quickly. 

“dont worry princess, ill see you again soon and leave even worse marks on you.”

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taehyung makes sure to pound into you hard. so hard that you’re practically begging him to stop- and he loves the sound of you begging. 

he makes you beg for his dick to be inside of you. he makes you beg for him to stop teasing you with the tip of his dick or the slight touch of his fingers. 

“come on babe, i know you want my cock to be deep inside of you, so let me here it.” 

everytime he pounds into you, your entire body moves forward from the impact. your moans letting him know how much youre  enjoying being fucked so rough.

taehyung knows that he fucked you rough enough when you can barely walk the next day. the way you stumble around the apartment in his oversized shirt and a playful glare on your face makes him want to fuck you even more.

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when you and jungkook first met, both of you guys were virgins. so for the first few months your sex life was very vanilla. 

over time you guys became very comfortable with eachother and started trying new things in the bedroom. this consisted of dirty talk, blindfolds and even some choking. 

jungkook wasnt sure about choking at first but soon came to love the image of his hand wrapped around you throat. 

his hips relentessly pounding into you as his kept his head by your ear to whisper dirty things into your ear.

“do you like the way i fill you up y/n? tell me how much you love it.” he would ask and demand, your hand coming up to run your fingers through his dark brown knotted hair and tugging. 

“god y/n, your so good.” he would moan out as you climaxed together. 

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Make You Feel (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Prompt/Summary: You convince Pietro to smoke weed with you. Smut will occur, beautiful, beautiful, stoned smut.

Based on the song Make You Feel by Alina Baraz (which sounds amazing stoned, I highly recommend it for smoking playlists)

Warnings: 18+, Drug use (smoking pot), UNPROTECTED SEXY SEX

Word Count:  2171 (Oops haha)

IMPORTANT NOTES: This DOES include smoking pot, so please don’t bitch at me about weed, I am very pot friendly, and an avid smoker myself. So, I thought this would be interesting because smoking weed makes we wanna fuck someone. So, if you aren’t a weed fan, I respect that and please move along. Thank you so much, NOW ONTO THE GOOD STUFF

 This is my first Pietro, so be nice por favor <3

“I’m not sure about this Y/N.” You grabbed the handle to your door, pushing it open. A reluctant Pietro following behind. You closed and locked the door before turning back to the blonde in a blue t shirt.

“Hey, do you trust me?” You walked towards your best friend, crossing your arms.


“You’ll be fine. Come on.” You grabbed Pietro by the arm and lead him towards your balcony. You were a college student at NYU, and for credits, you were interning at Stark Enterprise, specifically Tony’s office assistant. When you mentioned how annoyed you were with your roommate and everything to do with dorms, Tony being the sweetheart he was, offered to let you stay in the tower, which meant living with the FUCKING AVENGERS. You had become close with Steve and Wanda, but shared a very similar sense of humor with Pietro, making you two extremely close. You hung out whenever he wasn’t on missions or you at school or in the office.

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Shh, I know, I know.

Breathe, it’s okay. Actually, no, it’s not okay, you are not okay, but you’re getting there.

Your wings hurt, I know, mine do too. We can only spread them so much to protect the people we care about. You can only protect them so much before you break yourself.

Your divinity is so thin, some days you can’t feel it. Some days, you have to force yourself out of bed to drink tea so sweet it reminds you of nectar and ambrosia at its finest.

Your claws are chipping away like glass from a shattered mirror, and your hands are bleeding, you’re leaving bloody finger prints on the bathroom mirror. You bite too deeply into your lips, your mouth almost always taste of iron.

But, as long as you know it’ll get better, it will. Just close your eyes my dearest deities, my lovely demons, my holy angels, my young stars, beautiful but deadly faes, I know you’ll get better. Not everything stays, emotions being right up there with human life, but you’ve got this. You’ve always had this.

stag do

this is pure fluff :’) my sweet lil bean

Word Count: 1,645

Rating: PG-13

hope you enjoy!!

It was very weird to have Joe away from you. Sure, you two were apart sometimes, usually for work, but he didn’t go on holidays very often, so going back to an empty bed at night was quite odd for you. You had to remind yourself not to go to his office and try to coax him away from his computer and into bed. He had only been gone for a few days, but the flat felt so empty without him that it felt like a lifetime. You had done your best to let him have his fun with his mates from back home; it was Ben’s stag-do and Joe rarely got to see him alone, much less all his old friends at once.

He had been really good about checking in and sending you lots of pictures, showing you that he missed you too. He even managed to sneak in a facetime call between the bars they were going to, and it warmed your heart to see him on your phone screen.

However, his little reminders didn’t keep you busy at home for long. You had spent the whole of the last few days deep cleaning the whole flat, washing all the sheets and remaking the beds, unpacking a few boxes of stuff that just needed to be put away, and even assembling a new table that arrived for the guest room just to keep yourself busy in your down time. Still, you found yourself bored without Joe beside you. So to say you were excited to have him back home was an understatement. You answered on the first ring when he called that evening.


“Ello love, we’ve just landed, I’m getting off the plane in a few minutes and then I’ll catch an uber home!” He updated you, and he sounded a bit tired, but also happy to be back on the ground.

“Okay! I can’t wait to see you!”

“Same here. Do you want me to pick up a Waga’s on my way in? I can’t be bothered to cook.”

“I can order it and then you can just come straight home,” you said a bit too quickly. You heard him chuckle into the speaker.

“Baby, it’s on the way and it’ll take five minutes. I’ll call it ahead so that it’s quick and then I’ll be home as soon as I can.” You could hear the smile in his voice, and it made you blush. You always got overexcited to see him, and he thought it was the cutest things. You were still shy about it, because a few of your exes had found it annoying.

“No, you don’t have to call ahead, don’t rush. Sorry to be pushy, I just miss you,” you mumbled.

“Hey, none of that, nothing to apologize for. I like pushy, and I miss you too. Were about to get off the plane, so I gotta go. I’ll see you soon. Love you.”

“Love you too. Hurry!”

And with that he hung up, and you began to wait again.

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You're Cute

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Request #1: A fall/autumn college au with mechanic!dean and cubby/curvy reader?

Request #2: Could please do a Dean x reader where the reader is plus size (like size 20 or more) and they’re shopping for Halloween costumes and the reader isn’t sure whether to laugh or cry that all the women’s costumes are sexy?

Pairing: Dean x plus!size reader

Word Count: 1,400ish

Warnings: language, self-confidence issues

A/N: Combined these two since they fit well together…

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A Blind Path Home, part 6

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.

Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?


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The {Soul} Alchemist’s Trap Box 

I’ll preface this by saying two things – 1) I have yet to attempt to create these boxes, and 2) There is a third box – but one I do not intend to share. I do not uphold the Crede, nor fear the wrath of Karma – but the third box would undoubtedly bring down a maelstrom of horror on any who dare use it incorrectly. Hence… why I’m not including it. Tender eyes and what not.

To create these boxes, you will first need a few supplies:

  • (2) Boxes – of equal size would be ideal, but I would not think necessary
  • (1) Divider – as one of the boxes you will be compartmentalizing
  • (3) Separate Colors of Paint (at least) – one of which MUST be black
  • Salt – quite a bit, an entire carton or more, depending on the size of your box
  • Hair and Blood – your own
  • (2-3) Stones – regular, run of the mill stones would be best – larger than a quarter
  • Paintbrushes and whatnot
  • (Optional) Broken Mirror Pieces

Begin, first and foremost by prepping your paint: for which you will need your blood and your hair. Burn the hair and collect the ash, add this to your second color (i.e. not black) – in the photo tutorial, this will be marked in red, You will also need to add your blood to the same paint as your hair. While not necessary, it is strongly recommended that you add the blood. And you’re going to want to add at least a drop or two… or three. Mix thoroughly. While the paint shouldn’t spoil, I would recommend doing this just before the ritual, so everything is still relatively fresh.

Take your first box and paint the interior black – this will act as your Trap Box. It will be the one used as a snare to collect unsavory spirits of many kinds. As for this part, it works just as any trap box would. Lure/command the spirit into the box, wherein it will be trapped, yadda yadaa. You will be using a Trap Sigil in the box – feel free to design your own, for this tutorial, I’ve elected to use this:

Since you’ve painted the inside of the box black (and yes, that is an important step), and added the blood/hair to a second color, use the third (here, white) to paint in your sigil. Shown here is just the flat bottom of the box – if you wanted to use the same symbol, I would make sure to bring the lines up the edges to the mouth – perhaps even continuing them onto the lid.

When the white has been painted and had time to dry, dip your finger into the red paint and mark the center of the sigil. It is now sealed to you.

On top of the box, you will be painting a “lock” sigil, but also using the red as a sort of guide – which I’ll explain later. For this design, the top of the box would feature (the main image above):

(Note: I used a white background, but if I were to make one, I would undoubtedly paint the entire box black – then paint in the sigil with white. Notice, also, that the tridents overlap the hand print. The painting process would go: circles/rings, hand print, trident – for which I have my reasons)

(It would also be at this point that you might affix your broken mirror shards inside the box – making sure not to cover the sigil, but filling in along that inside edges and the inward facing part of the lid would be both interesting to look at and useful for containing the spirit).

For now, this box is complete.

The second box is where things get a little more complicated. As I said, youll need a divider of some sort to section the inner compartment in half. It needs to be sturdy. This is a crucial divide and you would not want any commingling between the compartments! 

Again, I’d suggest painting the inside black, as well as the divider.

This shows the four inner walls of the left compartment. In all honest, it doesn’t matter which side is which – but does matter that the red, hatched circle is on the divider. Feel free to switch sides, just make sure the red is on the divider. For now, disregard the above fingerprint, as this related to the stones, which we’ll discuss later. Do not stamp it. Do, however, paint the above symbols on each “wall,” then fill the compartment with salt.

This, obviously, shows the other half – again, the circle that is not like the rest goes on the divider. Do paint the symbol fixed in the bottom of the box – as well as continue the same symbols (the “starred” circles) onto the inside of the lid, by either doing one on each half or one large one across the entire lid.

At this point, the construction of both boxes is complete. Feel free to decorate the outside of the “Filtration” Box (box #2) however you so desire.

Now this is where things get fun! Take one of your rocks (we’ll be calling this the “Evil” Rock) and stamp the same finger print as you did on the inside of the first box (hence why the fingerprint also appears in the first side of the second box – as this is where it will eventually go!). At this point, you will also want to make a separate (easily repeatable) symbol on the same rock. This symbol will pair it with the “Good” Rock. Of course, now recreate the symbol on the Good Rock.

In essence, what you’re doing is setting up a proverbial circuit. The first box ensnares the spirit – which is then drawn through the coordinating symbol (in this case, your fingerprint) into the first compartment of the corresponding box – the one filled with salt. The circuit continues, of course, with the second symbol on the Evil Rock, which leads through the divider to the Good Rock.

Theoretically, this sort of “filtration” process should cleave the entity into a Dark and Light aspect – (this factors into my beliefs that “evil” does not exist outside of the human perception and is thus a creation of the human psyche – thereby, this process should leech this “evil” from the host spirit and keep it trapped within the first rock, while the “good” – or rather, the purest essence of the spirit is transferred into the “Good” Rock, from whence they should be released.

The same rocks should be usable for quite a few spirits, but as I mentioned, you should free the “purified.”

For information on my personal beliefs in regards to the Trap Box – briefly touching on the Soul and the Spirit and whether or not it (ethically) should be used, see:  (Beliefs Behind the Trap Box) – which basically means read before you try to send me any flack!


Hi my loves! Currently working on highschool!Harry and daddy!Harry requests, but here’s a little something to tide you over until they are finished. Hope you guys are all well and as always, my ask is open. Love each other a little harder today. xoxo-S

You still didn’t know how you had ended up here, but waking up in the bed of Harry Styles had become a regular occurrence over the past few months. You had met by chance through some mutual friends and suddenly you were answering his texts and letting him cook you dinner on the weekends he was in the area and spending more time between the sheets with him than you’d like to admit.

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#11- The Misleading Murder Knife

Wonderous Item, Very Rare

Created by a mysterious group of Drow assassins, this enchanted dagger was used in many murder cases to frame other parties and escape capture.

The Misleading Murder Knife acts as a +1 magical dagger. When you attempt a sneak attack on humanoid, you have advantage. On a success, the target goes to zero hit points. By saying the command word, you can cause the dagger to transform itself into a dagger of a different shape permanently. It does not take on the enchantment of the new dagger and cannot be turned back into the original form. You can also morph the dagger so that it has someone else finger prints or blood if you have seen the person before.

i. answer me truthfully;
do you ever want to run away from your life, fly to where the ocean meets the horizon and listen to the screams of siren songs as the waves crash and you’re jolted awake by the taste of salt on your breath. am i living? you’re whispering, demanding, screaming.
ii. answer me truthfully;
are you living your best life? is this the best you can do? is this everything you want from these minutes, hours, days, which become months, years, decades, a life half lived. do you have the strength to say no thank you, this is not the path for me, i am not surviving to simply die one day with a powerpoint of memories to look back on. no thank you. 
iii. answer me truthfully;
you’re bruised from your past and you’re tearing at your lungs begging for more oxygen, more time, more space; more more more. you’ve prised open your ribcage one too many times and you’ve left finger prints all over your stuttering heart. what are you trying to find darling? what have you lost? what have you caged away that you're trying so desperately to set free?
iv. answer me truthfully;
are you frightened? because i am fucking terrified.
—  and answer me truthfully, i am begging you.
Bad Girl (Final Part)

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(The final part to this accidentally long fic. Read part 1 and 2 here if you haven’t already This contains choking, forced orgasms and restraints)

It was like an out an out of body experience; the way you were so mentally exhausted but so physically awake, the powerful pulsing feeling between your legs still making you squirm. 

“Hoseok, please, un-tie me.” 

You murmured, your saliva in a puddle over your mouth and on Hoseok’s manhood. With the same agonisingly sexy grin, he shook his head. 

“Patience baby.” 

He replied before placing an affectionate kiss upon your lips, not caring if your mouth was messy from the oral. 

“B..but I want to touch you.” 

You pleaded as you watched him walk back to that set of drawers, his luscious behind moving with a soft jiggle. You began to wonder what was in there and why he’d never brought anything out of them before. This time, you watched closely to see what he was getting. It appeared to be a plastic bottle of something and then your head became too heavy to keep up. Frustrated, your head sunk in to the pillows, your wrists becoming agitated from being held up for too long. There was a shift on the bed, telling you your boyfriend was back. There was a cap opening and then a crunch of a plastic bottle being squeezed. 

“Hoseok, what’re you doing now? Please be gentle with me…I’m so sensitive.” 

You had to ask because you couldn’t look; all of your energy was going down the drain. 

“This is lubricant baby, for your pussy. I’m going to fuck you now but this won’t be gentle. This is punishment, remember?” 

You whined, knowing you wouldn’t be able to handle it. All you wanted was for your hands to be free and hold Hoseok or at least be able to rest. Suddenly, there was an icy cold, thick liquid running down the slit of your pussy. Hoseok’s fingers slowly spread the lube around your womanhood and as soon as his coated fingers went inside you, you shrieked from the tenderness of that area, thrusting your hips rabidly to try and get him away. 

“Hush now Princess, I know you’re sore.” 

He cooed, pulling his fingers out of you as gently as he could. 


You tugged berserkly on your restraints that you could swear were glued to the bed posts. 

“Please, I can’t take you. You’re too big…you’re going to hurt me.” 

Your eyes widened at the sight of Hoseok’s erection at it’s full capacity; you’d barely be able to fit your hand around it, never mind take it inside your over stimulated pussy. 

“Just try to relax Princess. I’ll ease you in to it, okay?” 

Though his tone was reassuring, your body tensed when his large tip met with your entrance. You couldn’t relax, it was too hard to calm your mind. Your chest started to heave, anxious that it’d be too painful. 

“Baby, please relax for me.” 

He whispered, cute Hoseok making a quick return to the scene. You took a deep breath, biting your lip and gazing in to Hoseok’s hungry dark chocolate eyes. Your boyfriend began to ease himself inside you, going slowly, inch by inch. You gasped, your walls instantly clenching around his shaft as he stretched you. You felt full, uncomfortable, but shockingly, it felt good. It felt good for Hoseok to be intimate with you, bonding with you somehow at last.  All you could do was wrap your legs around his waist as he moved forward, his lips claiming yours as he burrowed himself deeper inside you. He tried to take your mind off the sensitivity with his passionate kiss, his warm, soft hands holding your face as his hips moved more roughly. You were beginning to become thankful for the lube as without it, Hoseok’s powerful thrusts would hurt a lot more. You hissed through your clenched teeth as he seemed to forget to be gentle. The man got carried away, lost in his own sexual bubble, grabbing your hips and and moving you up and down the bed to meet his aggressive pounding. You could barely understand your own body. His cock felt amazing inside you but a tinge of pain hit as soon as his neat but fuzzy pubic hair met the moist, soft skin of your clit. You couldn’t fight your cries anymore; it’d be sure to wake the entire street up. Hoseok seemed to like you being loud, his eyes somehow turning darker, animalistic. He told you he wouldn’t be gentle and oh boy, was he being honest there. He lunged forward and held your neck tightly in his grasp, making you roll your eyes back in to your skull. Oh, this was alien, a completely different sensation. The inability to breathe well blocked all pain sensations and left only pleasure. You could only feel the relentless fucking, Hoseok’s thighs hitting your pink behind as he moved and your boyfriend turned in to a dominant. Maybe that was one of the reasons he was called Wonho on stage. Wonho, the dominant; Hoseok, the cute, adoring and loving boyfriend. The grip on your neck got tighter, you gulped, your mewls only encouraging Hoseok to go faster. 

“That’s right Princess, you like it when I choke you don’t you? You like being a bad girl and being punished, don’t you?” 

Hoseok grunted, his athletic body glistening with sweat. It was a heavenly vision. All you could manage was a whimper and a slight movement of your head. When Wonho released his hand from your neck, all you wanted to do was pounce on him and use every last ounce of your energy. You could barely believe it but your third and you prayed, last orgasm was beginning to bubble inside your core and Hoseok could feel you getting even tighter around him. 

“Fuck! Princess, you’re driving me crazy.” 

He growled, pushing his damp hair away from his eyes before finally reaching over and un-tying you from the bed post. You could have cried with relief. You flexed your hands and wrists quickly before being hauled on to Hoseok’s lap. You were encased by this thick, muscular arms, his hands holding your hips and guiding you up and down on his swollen cock. The feeling of your breasts pressed against his chest was other-worldly and though your pussy could barely handle the intrusion, you were glad to feel at home. Home was where he was. 

“Ride my dick baby. Cum for me.” 

You had to bite your lower lip painfully hard as you rode him, your pussy beginning to throb, that familiar dull pain returning as you needed to cum.

“Ah! Hoseok! I can’t!” 

You squirmed on Hoseok’s length, your orgasm feeling like it was going to rupture your core. Hoseok took your neck in his grasp again, fucking you harder, his eyes burning in to yours. Your heart smacked against your chest, your lungs trying hard to pump air out. 

“Yes you will!” 

He ordered, trying to fight his own orgasm until he squeezed one last one out of you. He needed it, whether it hurt you or not. You squeezed his broad shoulders, holding on to them for dear life. The choking didn’t help this time. Sweat dripped down your body as your orgasm reached the surface like a shattering earthquake, even the smallest hairs on your body stood an edge, a frustrated scream escaping your mouth. You physically couldn’t take anymore; you’d reached your absolute limit. Though Hoseok’s hand was back on your waist, you still struggled to breathe. 

“God. I want to cum inside you.” 

He proclaimed, his hands holding you so tight that his finger prints were marking your skin. You were lucky Hoseok held you upright as he reached his own climax; you had no energy left. He let out a loud grunt, followed by a cry, bellowing from his body. It sounded like he was in pain too. It was understandable; the man had slept with an erection and held all of his frustration on until then. Now he knew what it was like to be overly sensitive. 

Time stood still, perfectly silent, only interrupted by your jagged breaths and loud heart beats. Being cradled in Hoseok’s arms was something you’d longed for, for what seemed like an eternity. Sweetly, Hoseok placed a cushion soft kiss upon your cheek, then another one on your jaw, followed by your neck. You giggled, making him smile from ear to ear, his skin glowing with happiness. 

“Hey. Are you okay?” 

Your boyfriend uttered softly before tucking your loose strands of hair behind your ears. You must have looked like a crazy woman with a red face and messy sex hair that resembled a nest but Hoseok thought you looked wonderful post coital. You nodded. You were just about alive. 

“Just sore…and very tired.” 

You answered truthfully. Hoseok chuckled warmly, his eyes sparkling before kissing your lips. Your heart melted, your soul falling for him so deeply. With him still inside you, he shuffled back on the bed and laid you down, your head finding the plush pillows once more. 

“I’m going to pull out of you now, okay baby?” 

Your ball of fluff boyfriend was back for good, constantly worrying about you and babying you. You hummed in response, telling him it was okay before bracing yourself. As carefully as he could, he eased his now softened manhood out of you. You winced; you’d never felt so sore in your life. After everything, you were just glad you wouldn’t be touched down there for a while. Hoseok climbed off the bed, wobbling slightly. You grinned, watching him trying to walk with his now weak legs in to the bathroom. It was hard not to laugh; he was walking like a penguin. He returned with some tissue and ordered you to spread your legs. Instantly, your body tensed up, making Hoseok laugh. 

“Silly Princess. I’m just cleaning up the mess I made down there. I’ll be as gentle as I can.” 

It made a change for that morning, him being gentle. It certainly felt uncomfortable and irritated but more so, it felt very intimate, him wiping his own semen from your body. For some reason, it made you feel a lot closer to him. The whole experience made you feel closer to him. When he’d thrown the tissue away, he dropped down next to you and wrapped the silky blanket over you, making sure you were tucked in well. 

“Can I hold you?” 

Hoseok asked softly, his once lust filled eyes now like a puppies. You giggled, amused at the question. 

“What kind of question is that?! Of course you can.” 

Hoseok smiled but you could still see the vulnerability in his eyes. He wrapped his safe arms around you and held you close to him, desperately needing to be entwined with you. Skin on skin, you could feel his heart beat against yours, soothing your soul.

“I was worried you might resent me or think I want to hurt you…that you might think I don’t love you and that’s not true at all. I love you so much. I want to be with you, always. Please tell me you know that?” 

He stared in to your eyes, anxiety masking his face. Vulnerable, stressed Hoseok tugged at your heart strings. How could he go from such an arrogant dominant to a soft, gentle man? It truly confused you. 

“I know Hoseok. Please, don’t worry. I love you too, more than you’ll ever know.”

 “Baby, it’s 6pm. I made you Ramen, you want some? I’ll feed it to you if you like?” 

The heavy fog of tiredness rested upon your head. At least you weren’t hungover any more. You must have fallen in to a very deep sleep. Yet, you still smiled at your attentive boyfriend who was gazing at you like you were his everything. 

“Yes please baby. Did I fall asleep? What happened?” 

You asked before yawning loudly, stretching your aching arms out to the sky. Hoseok sat at the edge of the bed, the cutest smile on his angel face. 

“I was talking away about how much I loved you and you fell asleep in my arms. I wiggled out and went to the store. I bought you your favourite chocolate…I watched you sleep for a little bit. You look so beautiful when you sleep, you know that?” 

You couldn’t help but blush and try to hide your face but Hoseok was having none of it. With his finger, he tenderly tilted your chin up, making you look at him. After all your time with him, he still made you feel giddy when you looked at him. 

“You’re breathtaking.” 

He uttered. You bit your lip. If you weren’t in such a state, you’d leap on him and make him yours. 

“Hoseok, I’m curious…” 

He raised an eyebrow but then encouraged you to go on. 

“Do you prefer it when I behave or when I disobey you?” 

You asked, only because he seemed to enjoy giving you your punishment so much yet he seemed so angry at you for it at the same time. Hoseok smiled charmingly before pecking you on the nose. 

“I like it when you’re you. No matter what, you beguile me, (Y/N).” 

Bad Combo (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW; purging, abusive parents, HAPPY ENDING

AN; I will hug all of you. This was hard to write and I’m sorry it’s short.

WC; 881

You hovered over the toilet, vomit dripping from your mouth. Tears were rolling down your face. You felt disgusting. You knew there was still food inside of you, and you just wanted it out. You couldn’t hear Evan crawling into your room over the sound of your blaring music. The music was to block out your screaming parents, who barely knew you existed. All they did was fight and throw things. Drink and hit you. You were preparing to shove your fingers into the back of your throat and force the food out of your stomach when the bathroom door swung open slowly.

“(Y/n)?” Evan said loudly, trying to talk over the music. “Oh, oh god.”

You looked up and let your hair fall behind your shoulders. Evan knelt next to you, scanning your face with wide eyes. He reached over for some toilet paper and gently wiped the vomit from your mouth.

“I’m disgusting.” You whispered, a scowl on your face.

“No, no,” Evan whispered. “God no, you’re not disgusting.”

Evan had tears falling down his face, more than you had cried all together tonight. Evan pulled you into his arms and sat with his back against the bathroom door.

“Why- why would-” Evan stammered, his face buried in your hair.

“They-they tell me I’m not s-skinny enough.” You whispered, talking about your parents. A shaky sigh came from Evan, and he held you up so you were looking him in the eyes.

“You’re perfect.” Evan said, an odd wave of confidence in his crying eyes.

“You’re you, and that’s perfect.” Evan held you in his arms until the sun was shining through the single bathroom window. He had fallen asleep, so you were just laying in his arms silently. Your eyes were planted on a fading bruise on your wrist, from where your mother had dragged you by the wrist so tightly she left finger prints. You hadn’t noticed Evan was awake until a finger gently traced the bruises.

“Did your mom do that?” Evan asked, his voice soft.

“No.” You mumbled, a sigh coming through your lips. “Yes.”

Evan took a shaky breath as he interlaced his hands with yours. “Come-Come live with me, please.” Evan pleaded, squeezing your hand.

“Evan-” you whispered. “I can’t. Your family is just barely making it, I can’t do that to you guys.”

“Please, (y/n), please. I’ll do anything for you, I’ll get another job, I’ll sell everything I own.” Evan begged, tears gathering in his eyes.

“You deserve so much more, so so much more. So much that not even the richest man could give you.” Evan mumbled, setting his chin on your shoulder Evan treated you like a goddess, even though you saw yourself as so much less.

“It’s just a bad combo,” You whispered, trying to convince yourself. “Some people have it worse.”

“A bad combo?” Evan’s voice cracked. “Please, let me help you, I love you so much.”

A tear slipped down your face and you nodded lightly. Evan sighed of relief, glad you were finally going to let him help you.

“Can-Can we get your stuff today? I want you safe as soon as possible.” Evan asked, letting go of your hands and wrapping his hands around your body.

“Okay.” You mumbled, listening to the silence. “Okay.”

Evan eventually got up from embracing you and left with you to go get his car. When you drove back Evan quickly packed all of your things before your parents could wake up from their drunken sleep. You left a note, and told them not to look for you. You knew they wouldn’t, anyways.

When Heidi came home that night, she was more than confused. She was willing to let you live with them as long as you wanted as long as you could help around. Evan unpacked your stuff into his room, insisting you stay in the same room as him. You shyly accepted and ended up cuddling together every night. Heidi wasn’t home much, but you and Evan had been going strong for a year. Every Friday was movie and pizza night, and sometimes Jared would come over. You got to finally meet the people in Evan’s life. Your parents had never looked for you, but you realized you didn’t need them to be happy. You kept making yourself throw up for a while until Evan slowly helped you break the habit and feel better about yourself. Evan had changed your life for the better- hell, he had practically saved it. You would never tell him or anybody else, but one day you wanted to marry him. It was another late night where you both lie awake in each others embrace, whispering back and forth.

“Evan?” You whispered, a smile shining through your voice.

“Yes?” He whispered back, holding you against his bare chest.

“I love you.” You kissed his chest and closed your eyes, burying your face into his chest.

“I love you too, beautiful.” Evan smiled, putting his hands in your hair and kissing your head.

spiralwaves  asked:

when you turn in a student ID you found lying on a walkway to the card office -- ignoring the way the photo flickers under your fingers and the printed name runs like water -- and you start receiving anonymous Tokens of Appreciation. your roommate has since demanded a housing change. :D

Definitely happens too too frequently for comfort.