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Make You Feel (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Prompt/Summary: You convince Pietro to smoke weed with you. Smut will occur, beautiful, beautiful, stoned smut.

Based on the song Make You Feel by Alina Baraz (which sounds amazing stoned, I highly recommend it for smoking playlists)

Warnings: 18+, Drug use (smoking pot), UNPROTECTED SEXY SEX

Word Count:  2171 (Oops haha)

IMPORTANT NOTES: This DOES include smoking pot, so please don’t bitch at me about weed, I am very pot friendly, and an avid smoker myself. So, I thought this would be interesting because smoking weed makes we wanna fuck someone. So, if you aren’t a weed fan, I respect that and please move along. Thank you so much, NOW ONTO THE GOOD STUFF

 This is my first Pietro, so be nice por favor <3

“I’m not sure about this Y/N.” You grabbed the handle to your door, pushing it open. A reluctant Pietro following behind. You closed and locked the door before turning back to the blonde in a blue t shirt.

“Hey, do you trust me?” You walked towards your best friend, crossing your arms.


“You’ll be fine. Come on.” You grabbed Pietro by the arm and lead him towards your balcony. You were a college student at NYU, and for credits, you were interning at Stark Enterprise, specifically Tony’s office assistant. When you mentioned how annoyed you were with your roommate and everything to do with dorms, Tony being the sweetheart he was, offered to let you stay in the tower, which meant living with the FUCKING AVENGERS. You had become close with Steve and Wanda, but shared a very similar sense of humor with Pietro, making you two extremely close. You hung out whenever he wasn’t on missions or you at school or in the office.

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stag do

this is pure fluff :’) my sweet lil bean

Word Count: 1,645

Rating: PG-13

hope you enjoy!!

It was very weird to have Joe away from you. Sure, you two were apart sometimes, usually for work, but he didn’t go on holidays very often, so going back to an empty bed at night was quite odd for you. You had to remind yourself not to go to his office and try to coax him away from his computer and into bed. He had only been gone for a few days, but the flat felt so empty without him that it felt like a lifetime. You had done your best to let him have his fun with his mates from back home; it was Ben’s stag-do and Joe rarely got to see him alone, much less all his old friends at once.

He had been really good about checking in and sending you lots of pictures, showing you that he missed you too. He even managed to sneak in a facetime call between the bars they were going to, and it warmed your heart to see him on your phone screen.

However, his little reminders didn’t keep you busy at home for long. You had spent the whole of the last few days deep cleaning the whole flat, washing all the sheets and remaking the beds, unpacking a few boxes of stuff that just needed to be put away, and even assembling a new table that arrived for the guest room just to keep yourself busy in your down time. Still, you found yourself bored without Joe beside you. So to say you were excited to have him back home was an understatement. You answered on the first ring when he called that evening.


“Ello love, we’ve just landed, I’m getting off the plane in a few minutes and then I’ll catch an uber home!” He updated you, and he sounded a bit tired, but also happy to be back on the ground.

“Okay! I can’t wait to see you!”

“Same here. Do you want me to pick up a Waga’s on my way in? I can’t be bothered to cook.”

“I can order it and then you can just come straight home,” you said a bit too quickly. You heard him chuckle into the speaker.

“Baby, it’s on the way and it’ll take five minutes. I’ll call it ahead so that it’s quick and then I’ll be home as soon as I can.” You could hear the smile in his voice, and it made you blush. You always got overexcited to see him, and he thought it was the cutest things. You were still shy about it, because a few of your exes had found it annoying.

“No, you don’t have to call ahead, don’t rush. Sorry to be pushy, I just miss you,” you mumbled.

“Hey, none of that, nothing to apologize for. I like pushy, and I miss you too. Were about to get off the plane, so I gotta go. I’ll see you soon. Love you.”

“Love you too. Hurry!”

And with that he hung up, and you began to wait again.

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A Blind Path Home, part 6

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.

Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?

Masterlist (if it works - links have been shity lately)

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Shh, I know, I know.

Breathe, it’s okay. Actually, no, it’s not okay, you are not okay, but you’re getting there.

Your wings hurt, I know, mine do too. We can only spread them so much to protect the people we care about. You can only protect them so much before you break yourself.

Your divinity is so thin, some days you can’t feel it. Some days, you have to force yourself out of bed to drink tea so sweet it reminds you of nectar and ambrosia at its finest.

Your claws are chipping away like glass from a shattered mirror, and your hands are bleeding, you’re leaving bloody finger prints on the bathroom mirror. You bite too deeply into your lips, your mouth almost always taste of iron.

But, as long as you know it’ll get better, it will. Just close your eyes my dearest deities, my lovely demons, my holy angels, my young stars, beautiful but deadly faes, I know you’ll get better. Not everything stays, emotions being right up there with human life, but you’ve got this. You’ve always had this.

spiralwaves  asked:

when you turn in a student ID you found lying on a walkway to the card office -- ignoring the way the photo flickers under your fingers and the printed name runs like water -- and you start receiving anonymous Tokens of Appreciation. your roommate has since demanded a housing change. :D

Definitely happens too too frequently for comfort.

The {Soul} Alchemist’s Trap Box 

I’ll preface this by saying two things – 1) I have yet to attempt to create these boxes, and 2) There is a third box – but one I do not intend to share. I do not uphold the Crede, nor fear the wrath of Karma – but the third box would undoubtedly bring down a maelstrom of horror on any who dare use it incorrectly. Hence… why I’m not including it. Tender eyes and what not.

To create these boxes, you will first need a few supplies:

  • (2) Boxes – of equal size would be ideal, but I would not think necessary
  • (1) Divider – as one of the boxes you will be compartmentalizing
  • (3) Separate Colors of Paint (at least) – one of which MUST be black
  • Salt – quite a bit, an entire carton or more, depending on the size of your box
  • Hair and Blood – your own
  • (2-3) Stones – regular, run of the mill stones would be best – larger than a quarter
  • Paintbrushes and whatnot
  • (Optional) Broken Mirror Pieces

Begin, first and foremost by prepping your paint: for which you will need your blood and your hair. Burn the hair and collect the ash, add this to your second color (i.e. not black) – in the photo tutorial, this will be marked in red, You will also need to add your blood to the same paint as your hair. While not necessary, it is strongly recommended that you add the blood. And you’re going to want to add at least a drop or two… or three. Mix thoroughly. While the paint shouldn’t spoil, I would recommend doing this just before the ritual, so everything is still relatively fresh.

Take your first box and paint the interior black – this will act as your Trap Box. It will be the one used as a snare to collect unsavory spirits of many kinds. As for this part, it works just as any trap box would. Lure/command the spirit into the box, wherein it will be trapped, yadda yadaa. You will be using a Trap Sigil in the box – feel free to design your own, for this tutorial, I’ve elected to use this:

Since you’ve painted the inside of the box black (and yes, that is an important step), and added the blood/hair to a second color, use the third (here, white) to paint in your sigil. Shown here is just the flat bottom of the box – if you wanted to use the same symbol, I would make sure to bring the lines up the edges to the mouth – perhaps even continuing them onto the lid.

When the white has been painted and had time to dry, dip your finger into the red paint and mark the center of the sigil. It is now sealed to you.

On top of the box, you will be painting a “lock” sigil, but also using the red as a sort of guide – which I’ll explain later. For this design, the top of the box would feature (the main image above):

(Note: I used a white background, but if I were to make one, I would undoubtedly paint the entire box black – then paint in the sigil with white. Notice, also, that the tridents overlap the hand print. The painting process would go: circles/rings, hand print, trident – for which I have my reasons)

(It would also be at this point that you might affix your broken mirror shards inside the box – making sure not to cover the sigil, but filling in along that inside edges and the inward facing part of the lid would be both interesting to look at and useful for containing the spirit).

For now, this box is complete.

The second box is where things get a little more complicated. As I said, youll need a divider of some sort to section the inner compartment in half. It needs to be sturdy. This is a crucial divide and you would not want any commingling between the compartments! 

Again, I’d suggest painting the inside black, as well as the divider.

This shows the four inner walls of the left compartment. In all honest, it doesn’t matter which side is which – but does matter that the red, hatched circle is on the divider. Feel free to switch sides, just make sure the red is on the divider. For now, disregard the above fingerprint, as this related to the stones, which we’ll discuss later. Do not stamp it. Do, however, paint the above symbols on each “wall,” then fill the compartment with salt.

This, obviously, shows the other half – again, the circle that is not like the rest goes on the divider. Do paint the symbol fixed in the bottom of the box – as well as continue the same symbols (the “starred” circles) onto the inside of the lid, by either doing one on each half or one large one across the entire lid.

At this point, the construction of both boxes is complete. Feel free to decorate the outside of the “Filtration” Box (box #2) however you so desire.

Now this is where things get fun! Take one of your rocks (we’ll be calling this the “Evil” Rock) and stamp the same finger print as you did on the inside of the first box (hence why the fingerprint also appears in the first side of the second box – as this is where it will eventually go!). At this point, you will also want to make a separate (easily repeatable) symbol on the same rock. This symbol will pair it with the “Good” Rock. Of course, now recreate the symbol on the Good Rock.

In essence, what you’re doing is setting up a proverbial circuit. The first box ensnares the spirit – which is then drawn through the coordinating symbol (in this case, your fingerprint) into the first compartment of the corresponding box – the one filled with salt. The circuit continues, of course, with the second symbol on the Evil Rock, which leads through the divider to the Good Rock.

Theoretically, this sort of “filtration” process should cleave the entity into a Dark and Light aspect – (this factors into my beliefs that “evil” does not exist outside of the human perception and is thus a creation of the human psyche – thereby, this process should leech this “evil” from the host spirit and keep it trapped within the first rock, while the “good” – or rather, the purest essence of the spirit is transferred into the “Good” Rock, from whence they should be released.

The same rocks should be usable for quite a few spirits, but as I mentioned, you should free the “purified.”

For information on my personal beliefs in regards to the Trap Box – briefly touching on the Soul and the Spirit and whether or not it (ethically) should be used, see:  (Beliefs Behind the Trap Box) – which basically means read before you try to send me any flack!

i. answer me truthfully;
do you ever want to run away from your life, fly to where the ocean meets the horizon and listen to the screams of siren songs as the waves crash and you’re jolted awake by the taste of salt on your breath. am i living? you’re whispering, demanding, screaming.
ii. answer me truthfully;
are you living your best life? is this the best you can do? is this everything you want from these minutes, hours, days, which become months, years, decades, a life half lived. do you have the strength to say no thank you, this is not the path for me, i am not surviving to simply die one day with a powerpoint of memories to look back on. no thank you. 
iii. answer me truthfully;
you’re bruised from your past and you’re tearing at your lungs begging for more oxygen, more time, more space; more more more. you’ve prised open your ribcage one too many times and you’ve left finger prints all over your stuttering heart. what are you trying to find darling? what have you lost? what have you caged away that you're trying so desperately to set free?
iv. answer me truthfully;
are you frightened? because i am fucking terrified.
—  and answer me truthfully, i am begging you.

anonymous asked:

Will has a tramp stamp and Hannibal finds it. 👀



“You never mentioned that you had a tattoo.”

Will groaned and buried his face in his pillow. “I honestly forgot I even had it. Not exactly a spot I see on a regular basis.”

The faded ink covered an area approximately two inches across. A black paw print, of course. Hannibal traced it with his finger. “Would you care to share the story?”

“I was drunk. It was Mardi Gras. I was dating someone who encouraged too many of my bad ideas.”

Hannibal smiled. “It would seem you have a type.”

“You wouldn’t have liked her. Are you going to get on with the massage now?”

“Of course,” Hannibal said, though he remained still, straddling Will’s thighs, hands resting at the small of his back. “Aren’t you curious about mine?”

Will laughed over his shoulder. “You have tattoos?”

“Perhaps when I’m finished here, I’ll allow you to see for yourself.”

A little possessive-m

Here you go babe, a mature imagine where Y/N returns after smoking with her friends. warnings include blowjobs lol. Enjoy.

You feel as if the world around you was spinning at the fast pace. It makes you dizzy. You clutch onto Sam. 

“Is anyone home?” He asks. 

“Yeah, i think so.” you mumble back as you feel your head ache even more. 

You felt like your the veins and arteries were popping inside your brain. After school today you and a group of small friends gathered at sam’s house to ‘relax’ if you knew what i meant. You haven’t even spoken to Justin today and you sure didnt tell him where you were for the evening. It was probably around 11 pm right now. You were gonna go home earlier but the high was so amazing, you almost couldn’t handle it as you sat there on the living room rug, inhaling the substance. We even played a game to see who could stand on one leg for the longest. You didnt last very long. You had bad balance in general. 


You raise your limp head up to see Justin standing at the door. 

Before you could speak, Sam begins. “She took more than she could handle today.” 

“Get in Y/N.” He speaks not looking at you, “I’ll take it from here. Thanks for looking after her.” 

Justin blankly thanks your friend before shutting the door. You feel as if you were gonna pass out as your body was so weak after getting high. You first felt so much energy but now you felt as if your soul was sucked out, leaving only dead body. You make your way to his bedroom. You spot Justin standing at the door. 

“Where were you today?” 

“I hung out with sam and some others.” 

Justin doesn’t say a word. 

“Thanks for letting me stay here by the way. I couldn’t go home like this, I don’t think my parents would approve.” you joke.

“I don’t want you seeing that guy again.” Justin says, ignoring your previous joke. 

You twist your eyebrows in confusion. He sounded.. mad.


You were not understanding the words coming from Justin’s mouth right now. He steps closer till you could feel his body heat in front of you. You stare back justin. Justin has a evident smirk on his face. He grips your chin, forcing you to look him in the eye. You were sure your eyes were shaking but neither less you keep your face still, not showing him any signs for weakness. He leans closer. You could feel his soft lips brushing against your earlobe. 

“Dont smoke with that guy again.” Justin whispers smoothly in your ear, his voice frightening you because of such a casual tone that he used. 

You knew you could sense yourself get in trouble. 

“Sam?” You barely whisper out. 

Suddenly you forgot how to speak properly. Suddenly you lost your voice. You weren’t sure if Justin had heard it but he had as he chuckles deeply. 

You could feel his grip get tighter, his fingers pushing themselves against your cheek. You were sure it’ll leave red finger prints. Justin suddenly pushes his lips against yours. You feel the possessiveness in the kiss. He bites gently on your bottom lip, slipping it against his teeth before letting it go. You feel the pain from the lip bite and the harsh grip he had on your face. But you couldn’t help but secretly feel turned on by his possessive actions. 

You didn’t even notice yourself walking back but you feel the end of the bed against your back knee. You look back at Justin with hungry as you take a seat on his bed. Justin narrows his eyes down at you, watching you with a furious glare. You were faced directly with his manhood right in front of you. You couldn’t help but stare at the large bulge in front of you, making your lower stomach tingle as you knew exactly what was under those grey sweatpants. 

Justin glares down at you, awaiting your next move. You batter your eyelashes up at him, before reaching your hand up his white t shirt. You felt his amazing structured abs and danced your dainty fingers around his lower waist. You lift up his shirt a little, exposing his bare hips. You slowly lean down, focusing your eyes on his expression as your gently suck on his little bird tattoo. Justin sucks his breath in. 

“You’re enjoying this too much babygirl.” 

Justin lift his shirt off, his muscles flexing as he does. Your mouth waters at the sight as your run your fingers across his lower back, feeling his back dimples. Before you could appreciate and kiss his body a bit more, Justin’s fingers travel to your hair, gripping it between his fingers. He yanks down harshly, forcing you to look up at him. He grins. 

“I love the way you look right now Y/N. How about you suck my dick?”

You take your bottom lip between your teeth, feeling yourself get wet at his dirty words. Justin never was the type to be vocal during the intimate moments you two have but you weren’t minding it at all, loving that he was making you wet without evening touching you. 

Justin yanks his bottoms off, resting them until he could free his shaft. You watch as he grips his fingers over his growing erection. You feel your stomach tighten at the sight. Justin swipes his thumb over his tip. You watch as he begins to slowly stroke himself. Justin’s other hand gripping your hair tighter, you could feel your hair being pulled hard as the roots of your hair tingled. You couldn’t help but get turned on by Justin pleasuring himself right in front of you. You reach your hand over his gently, wandering if he was going to scold you. Justin lets go of his erection. You take him in your hand. You gently wrap your fingers around his erection, you loved the way his heated skin felt against your cold hands. 


You glance up to see Justin’s eyes shut. You feel the rigidness of his shaft. You could feel the size grow stiff. You glance back down to see precum leaking out from his red tip. You gulp, feeling wetter by the second. You were debating whether to take him now or tease him a bit more. 

“B-baby I want to feel your mouth on me please.” 

Justin’s deep whine made you instantly wet your panties as you were surprised to suddenly hear him beg for you. You slowly lean down and take him in your mouth. You open wide as you wrap your lips around his shaft. You could feel how hard and big he was. You were already struggling. Suddenly Justin begins moving your head closer by the upper control he had as he forced you down by your hair. He hits so deeply until you feel him touch your throat, causing you to gag with his shaft down your throat. You feel the uncomfortable pain as he keeps your mouth there. 

“Fffcuk. Your fucking mouth is making me crazy,” Justin curses above you. 

You feel the sudden tears cover your sight. You were unable to see clearly anymore. You gag, the vibrations and humming coming from your mouth uncontrollably. Justin pulls you away. You feel the pain go away. Justin holds you still. 

“That felt so good Y/N. God your lips feel good.” 

You mentally smile at Justin as he praises you but that didn’t last long before he yanks your mouth back onto him. You hold place your palms against his thighs, holding his pants as you steady yourself, trying to push slightly because he was being too rough. 

Justin feels your hesitation as he says, “c’mon babygirl, dont tell me you can’t handle it.” 

Despite you feeling unsure about it, Justin shoves himself into your mouth, pulling halfway out before plunging back in. 

“this feels so good. You’re so good to me Y/N.” 

You hear Justin constant groans and it makes you feel confident that you could make him feel this way. You begin to swirl your tongue around his sensitive tip, the saltiness coating your taste buds. 

“You’re a bad girl Y/N. I even forgot that i’m suppose to punish you.” 

You smirk at him, loving how he was shaking above you. He keeps his thrusts steady. 

“Y/N. Don’t go fucking around with him. I don’t want him to take advantage of you,” Justin breathes out. 

You couldn’t take his word seriously as you were too focused on bringing him to his high. Justin yanks your mouth off him, along with a string liquid which was mixed with Justin’s arousal and your saliva. 

“You hear me babygirl? I don’t want him to ever get to see you like this.” 

Justin looks down at you. He takes in your beauty. Your eye makeup smudged, dark patches around your eye bags, probably due to justin forcing your head down too hard, your hair was a mess, due to his constant tugging and your swollen soft lips, all wet and covered with his arousal. Justin groans out at the sight, sweeped away from your beauty. You were still fully dressed but that didn’t turn him off. He could stare at your face all day if he could. 

“Justin,” you say softly, “are you ok.” 

You see justin staring a bit too still for your liking. You lean down kissing his smooth structured hip. 

“You’re mine Y/N.” 

You stare up in confusion as you did not fully understand what he meant. 

“Dont worry, i haven’t sucked sam off if that’s what you’re implying. I’m not like that.” 

“Of course you won’t.” 

Justin’s voice sounded threatening and promising. You brush it off as you wrap your hand around his shaft, yanking him back to your mouth. You suck your swollen lips around his swollen tip. 

You glance up to see Justin’s bottom pink lip taken between his teeth. You feel his shaft twitch inside your mouth, indicating he was there. You feel his heavy pants become erict and unsteady. You see his lower abs clench as he releases his salty warm arousal in your throat. Justin hold you still by the hair. Justin knew you didn’t like the taste due to the last couple of times you’ve had sex together. You could feel his grip on your hair. To be honest, now you didn’t mind the taste of Justin. You quickly shallow. Justin pulls you off gently. He stuffs himself back in. 

“I was surprised you swallowed Y/N. what happened to ‘ew it’s disgusting, i hate tasting cum’,” Justin says in a high pitched teasing voice, mimicking you from when got angry when Justin forced his dripping fingers into your mouth. 

You fall back on his bouncy bed, feeling your head rebound. You feel the soft blankets as you spread your arms up, almost as if you were making a snow angel. You feel your hair slightly covering your sight. You swipe it away from your eyes. 

“That was different. I don’t want to taste myself, that’s disgusting.” 

You remember when Justin shoved his fingers into your mouth that one time, immediately after you had exploded around them. 

Justin quickly hovers over your, his bare chest pressing against your small body. He envelops his fingers between yours. He leans down, pressing his lips against your swollen ones. 

“I can taste my cum on your lips.” 

You groan in disgust as you swing your head to the right, avoiding his face. He leans down and pepper kisses your face all over.

“How about I return the favour baby?” 

Lost Series - Part Two

Part One :

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

Originally posted by chloequinzel

It had to have been at least an hour of sitting in a cold, dull gray room before someone finally walked in. It was an officer that I haven’t seen before. He sat down in his chair and leaned back.

“So. Y/N L/N…” He spoke slowly.

“Kinda unfair how you know my name yet I don’t know yours.” I said, running a hand through my hair.

“Harvey,” he smirked, “now, just tell me about-”

“My parents. I know. Can I smoke in here?” I cut him off, reaching into my pants pocket to pull out a cigarette. He arched an eyebrow.

“No. You can’t. If what’s in this record is true, then you’re not old enough.” He stated.

I rolled my eyes, “cut me some slack okay? If you’ve been alone for as long as I have you begin to not care about petty bullshit like that.” I spoke, lighting a cigarette anyway. He smirked,

“Let’s just get right to the point. Tell me what happened that night.”

I let out a shaky breath. “I honestly don’t remember much. I don’t think I could be of any help to find their killer.” I responded truthfully, exhaling the smoke. Harvey narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t lie to me. Just.. start from the last thing you remember.” His voice was rough. I mumbled an ‘okay’.

“The last thing I remember is watching a movie with my father, when there was a knock at the door. My father ushered me to bed. I believe I fell asleep but woke up once I heard shouting. I remember peaking out my bedroom door and seeing a man facing my parents.. I was scared, so I ran to hide in my parents closet. It was the place I felt safest cause I was surrounded by my mothers perfume. That was where I found the pistol you found in my bag.” I paused, taking a hit of my cig.

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Mad: Part 12

Originally posted by younggjaebum

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside, some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Contains smut, violence and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 13

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Venus in Sagittariusas a poem…

Even your odds and ends.
I love your teeth, crazy bones,
Madcap knees and elbows.
Forearm and backhand
Hair makes you animal.
Rare among things.
The small of your back could pool rain
Into water a main might drink. Perfect,
From the whirlpools your fingers print
On everything you touch
To the moons on the nails of all ten toes
Rising and setting inside your shoes
Wherever you go.

- “I Love Your Crazy Bones” by: Barton Sutter

Bad Combo (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW; purging, abusive parents, HAPPY ENDING

AN; I will hug all of you. This was hard to write and I’m sorry it’s short.

WC; 881

You hovered over the toilet, vomit dripping from your mouth. Tears were rolling down your face. You felt disgusting. You knew there was still food inside of you, and you just wanted it out. You couldn’t hear Evan crawling into your room over the sound of your blaring music. The music was to block out your screaming parents, who barely knew you existed. All they did was fight and throw things. Drink and hit you. You were preparing to shove your fingers into the back of your throat and force the food out of your stomach when the bathroom door swung open slowly.

“(Y/n)?” Evan said loudly, trying to talk over the music. “Oh, oh god.”

You looked up and let your hair fall behind your shoulders. Evan knelt next to you, scanning your face with wide eyes. He reached over for some toilet paper and gently wiped the vomit from your mouth.

“I’m disgusting.” You whispered, a scowl on your face.

“No, no,” Evan whispered. “God no, you’re not disgusting.”

Evan had tears falling down his face, more than you had cried all together tonight. Evan pulled you into his arms and sat with his back against the bathroom door.

“Why- why would-” Evan stammered, his face buried in your hair.

“They-they tell me I’m not s-skinny enough.” You whispered, talking about your parents. A shaky sigh came from Evan, and he held you up so you were looking him in the eyes.

“You’re perfect.” Evan said, an odd wave of confidence in his crying eyes.

“You’re you, and that’s perfect.” Evan held you in his arms until the sun was shining through the single bathroom window. He had fallen asleep, so you were just laying in his arms silently. Your eyes were planted on a fading bruise on your wrist, from where your mother had dragged you by the wrist so tightly she left finger prints. You hadn’t noticed Evan was awake until a finger gently traced the bruises.

“Did your mom do that?” Evan asked, his voice soft.

“No.” You mumbled, a sigh coming through your lips. “Yes.”

Evan took a shaky breath as he interlaced his hands with yours. “Come-Come live with me, please.” Evan pleaded, squeezing your hand.

“Evan-” you whispered. “I can’t. Your family is just barely making it, I can’t do that to you guys.”

“Please, (y/n), please. I’ll do anything for you, I’ll get another job, I’ll sell everything I own.” Evan begged, tears gathering in his eyes.

“You deserve so much more, so so much more. So much that not even the richest man could give you.” Evan mumbled, setting his chin on your shoulder Evan treated you like a goddess, even though you saw yourself as so much less.

“It’s just a bad combo,” You whispered, trying to convince yourself. “Some people have it worse.”

“A bad combo?” Evan’s voice cracked. “Please, let me help you, I love you so much.”

A tear slipped down your face and you nodded lightly. Evan sighed of relief, glad you were finally going to let him help you.

“Can-Can we get your stuff today? I want you safe as soon as possible.” Evan asked, letting go of your hands and wrapping his hands around your body.

“Okay.” You mumbled, listening to the silence. “Okay.”

Evan eventually got up from embracing you and left with you to go get his car. When you drove back Evan quickly packed all of your things before your parents could wake up from their drunken sleep. You left a note, and told them not to look for you. You knew they wouldn’t, anyways.

When Heidi came home that night, she was more than confused. She was willing to let you live with them as long as you wanted as long as you could help around. Evan unpacked your stuff into his room, insisting you stay in the same room as him. You shyly accepted and ended up cuddling together every night. Heidi wasn’t home much, but you and Evan had been going strong for a year. Every Friday was movie and pizza night, and sometimes Jared would come over. You got to finally meet the people in Evan’s life. Your parents had never looked for you, but you realized you didn’t need them to be happy. You kept making yourself throw up for a while until Evan slowly helped you break the habit and feel better about yourself. Evan had changed your life for the better- hell, he had practically saved it. You would never tell him or anybody else, but one day you wanted to marry him. It was another late night where you both lie awake in each others embrace, whispering back and forth.

“Evan?” You whispered, a smile shining through your voice.

“Yes?” He whispered back, holding you against his bare chest.

“I love you.” You kissed his chest and closed your eyes, burying your face into his chest.

“I love you too, beautiful.” Evan smiled, putting his hands in your hair and kissing your head.



Defending HR when Harry Wells snaps at him.
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The slap was so loud it echoed. Your hand stung as soon as it met with the side of Harry’s face, but the satisfaction you felt was completely worth it. A few seconds passed by and everyone just stood there in silence looking at you with shock on their faces.

“Sometimes you can be a real ass.” You told him as he turned his face back towards you, his fingers gingerly rubbing the red hand print you had left there. “Watch your tongue next time.”

He and no one else said anything. Narrowing your eyes, you took HR’s hand in your own and pulled him out of the room, wanting nothing more than to escape the center of everyone’s attention.

You Look Like the Girl of My Dreams

A/N: Based off a true story of mine while working in my county Sheriff’s Office…without the romance of course! -Admin Germane :3

Word Count: 1,040

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You could feel your eyes getting redder and redder. The dark circles under them getting deeper and deeper. Your hands wouldn’t stop shaking, and you could feel the bun in your hair slowly fall apart. The low lighting in the room burned your eyes, and the documents, pictures, and evidence on the large examining table were sprawled about in all directions. The ten other bodies in the large room moved and worked with you, but you were the one that suffered the most. A hand touched your shoulder and you jumped, turning around to look at your assailant.

“Detective L/N, are you alright?” It was the Lieutenant; the head of the investigation unit at the police station you worked at. The ten other people in the room looked up at you both, as if noticing for the first time how frazzled and sleep-deprived you were. Alexis, the only other female in the room, moved towards you and rubbed your back gently as you heaved out a heavy sigh.

“Yes sir. I-I just need more time.” your voice shook as you spoke, and you could feel the pitiful eyes of the other men boring in on you.

“Y/N, why don’t you and your team rest up and come back tomorrow and finish up?” the Lieutenant suggested. Your eyes widened and you scrambled to make the mess on the table more orderly, looking even more frazzled than before.

“N-No! I-I’m almost done cracking this case LT, I swear! I-I just need a few more hours and-”

“Y/N, just give it a rest,” your co-worker, Suho, cut you off with a gentle voice. “You need to eat and sleep, otherwise you’ll never figure this out.”

“Here, I’ll even give you my card, all of you go get something hot to eat.” the Lieutenant handed you his company card, and you took it with shaky hands.

“C'mon darling, let’s go.” Alexis said, guiding you out of the building with the nine men following behind you.

“Has it already been a day?” you questioned as you noticed the sunset outside; your team arrived at the station yesterday at sunset as well, after you collected your evidence from the scene of the presumed homicide.

“Yup! That’s why we need to get some food in ya!” Chanyeol said, patting your back as he skipped over to his patrol car, Baekhyun following him and sending you a kind smile.

“Y/N, you don’t you ride in my personal with Chen and I? I don’t trust you driving in your patrol car while you’re in this state.” Xiumin suggested. You just nodded and waved off Alexis, who gave you a smile as she rushed off to join Suho and Lay.

“I’ll even sit in the back with you, Y/N. You can use me as a body pillow all you want.” Chen said, sending you a wink. You rolled your eyes and managed to crack a smile. Your investigation team of the guys and Alexis is what you loved most about your job, even if the boys sometimes got on your nerves. You all worked well together and were an unstoppable team; solving cases of murder and mystery.

You hopped into the back of Xiumin’s land rover and sighed in relief. You closed your eyes and sunk into the soft leather, humming in delight. You heard two doors open and close and the car whirring to life. You felt the car moving before you felt Chen’s hand on your shoulder.

“Y/N, don’t you want to take off your blouse?” Chen suggested. You thought about it for a minute before looking down at your uniform.

Your over shirt was covered in the black, finger print dust you used on the crime scene. You nodded and you unzipped the blouse, your black shirt underneath covering you as you threw the blouse on the floor of Xiumin’s car. You left your duty belt on; you didn’t want anyone to try and steel your pistol or cuffs when you arrived at the restaurant.

You looked at Chen who opened his arms to you, and you crawled into them. Chen held you close as Xiumin drove and you basked in the scent of his faded cologne and store-bought coffee. You had always been closer to Chen than any other member of your team; well, besides Alexis. You just understood each other so well, and you didn’t know if the love you felt was brotherly or something more. So you lightly dozed in his arms as Xiumin drove, and (to your dissatisfaction) Chen was shaking you out of your doze only a few moments later.

“Hey sweetie, come on, get up. We’re gonna get you some food, alright?” Chen cooed, pulling you out of the car as Xiumin came up and linked his arm with yours.

Every member of your team piled into the restaurant, placing in their orders and gulping down hot tea and coffee and they all ideally chatted. You sat in between Alexis and Chanyeol; the two of them keeping your spirits high as you snuck glances at Chen who sat across from you.

“Hey, Y/N, can I braid your hair?” Alexis asked, her eyes gleaming with hope.

Normally, you didn’t like people touching your hair, but since you were so tired and your bun was almost disseminated, you agreed. Alexis quickly went to work, her fingers running through and weaving your hair together.

“And…done!” Alexis sang, and you sent her a smile in thanks. You saw Baekhyun and Chen whispering to each other while stealing glances at you, and they giggled.

“What’s so funny?” you asked, crossing your arms under your chest. Chen smirked and shook his head.

“It’s nothing,” he said, eyeing you up. “You just look like Lara Croft is all; it’s a good look for you.”

You looked down at your outfit; the black v-neck, the tight khaki duty pants, the heavy black boots and the belt with your pistol on your hips made you blush and chuckle.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” you said. Chen smiled and sent you a wink, making your cheeks flush in color. You never thought being called Lara Croft would be the compliment that spurred on the love you felt for your co-worker.

Paper Hearts Pt. 3

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Part 1 Part 2Jungkook X Reader

Genre : Angst/Fluff

Summary : Jeon Jungkook, your best friend, soon becomes something you never thought possible : Distant…. All because the one he cared about most was oblivious towards his feelings.

A/N : Again, thank you all so much for reading and liking this, also for the sweet messages I got in this!! I feel like this part is really angsty, so be prepared. I’m currently suffering from a load of Jin feels, so expect very emotional Jin moments!~

“Wow, babe. You really forgot about the shit we shared?!” Surprise bubbled inside of your chest at the new “nickname” he’d given you, spreading to every limb in your body. “Baby, I’m sorry for last night, okay? I fucking miss you, and I can’t stand being without you, Y/N,” he whimpered.

“Should’ve thought about that when you shoved your dick up some girl,” you snort, crossing your arms over your chest. “Fuck, this is all because of that ass, Jin! If it wasn’t for him, you’d believe me!” He screamed, the smell of beer lingering in the air between the two of you.

Marching down the hall and into your bedroom, Jungkook slammed the door behind him. Followed by the rather vulgar action was the sound of shattering glass, and a scream that belong to none other than…

Kim Seokjin.

“Jungkook, what the fuck!” The older shouted, disbelief and pain laced in his usually soft voice. You wanted to go to the two, to at least try and calm Jungkook down, but your muscles were tense, reminding you of cement, resulting in you standing in the living area looking like an idiot.

The sound of something falling to the ground, which was followed by a grunt, made its way to your cold ears. The sound traveled from your eardrums and spread to every limb you owned, bringing you back to the present and knocking you out of your trance. You began your journey towards the closed door of your room, picking your pace up to a light jog.

You knew Jungkook was drunk, resulting in his inner demons gnawing at his broken soul. Anger and intoxication was never a good match - you knew that much.

Grasping the brass knob of the wooden door, you turned it and pushed the barrier open with a little too much force as you stumbled into the silent area.

“Y/N”, Jin panted, blood painting thin crimson stripes starting from his forehead all the way to his left cheek. The sight was nauseating, and you grabbed your abdomen in attempt to silence your gags.

Not only was he bleeding, but the sharp lining of his jaw was now decorated with a medium sized blotch of purples and blues. “Y-Y/N. It’s not safe in here. Please go back outside,” he pleaded, wincing at the sharp pain he felt in his jaw area, as he furrowed his eyebrows in pure frustration.

Paying no attention to him, you twisted your body to face an infuriated Jungkook. His almond brown hair was ruffled and the palm of his right hand was bruised, his knuckles covered with blood, which dripped from his shaking arm and onto your hardwood floorboards.

You knew that Jungkook didn’t have the heart to put his hands on you in any abusive way. Striding up to the Maknae, you place a hand on his broad shoulders and began your speech of reassurance.

“Jungkookie, I know this isn’t you. Please stop it; you’re drunk. Can we please just talk it out? Seokjin doesn’t have to be there if you feel that he’s a bother,” you cooed. The boy began to visibly relax and actually take a moment to consider your offer. “I- I… Fuck, I don’t know what the hell’s wrong with me these days,” he breathed.

“Shit’s been bad ever since that argument you and I had the other day. I’m not even really mad at anyone other than myself. One-sided love really fucks people over, you know?” He laughed bitterly and you noticed how his eyes began to form small rivers at the brim.

Jin stayed silent, and you were thankful for that. Putting your thumb to work, you drew tiny circles on your best friend’s shoulder. “Kookie, it’s alright. Everyone faces difficulties in life. But it was also my fault. Don’t be so quick to beat yourself up about things,” you coo.

Jungkook blinked furiously in attempt to prevent his tears from falling, but to no avail, as the drops found purchase on his soft cheeks. “No,” he shook his head wildly, his hands flying up to cup either side of your face. “No, I should’ve just expressed my love to you in a more obvious way. Forget that, I should’ve just told you I love you, rather than screaming just because I was having a shitty day.”

Jin’s heart melted at the sight of a sobbing Jungkook, pouring out his cooped up feelings as if there was no tomorrow for him. He’d been with the Maknae for almost four whole years, and he’d never experienced such a devastating situation from any of the boys - not even Yoongi, who he once found crying in a fetus position on the white tiles of their bathroom.

Jungkook always had a caring, innocent, and friendly persona that relentlessly followed him throughout the years of his life. Witnessing anything other than the squint of his eyes whenever he grinned - or the giggles that would radiate off of the walls when he made derp faces - caused a certain energy of emotion inside his worn-out body.

One that would begin at the tips of his long fingers and travel up his slender arms and then rest in the center of his chest. He knew the feeling quite well. He felt it whenever he rested his gaze on any of the members in the dorms; it was love. His love for all six boys was unwavering and irreplaceable.

The year of 2013 had been where it all began. Being the oldest, Jin prepared meals for the boys and looked out for them every single day. He’d scold any of them if they took a joke too far, annoyed him, or wouldn’t behave in areas such as amusement parks (which was mostly Taehyung and Hoseok’s doing)

Jungkook was empty inside, and he felt anything but his hyung’s never-ending love. He needed your love, but not in a friendly way. He needed to know that you loved him in an intimate way, and he sure as hell didn’t receive even the slightest bit of intimacy.

Shutting his eyes, Jungkook sniffled before opening his mouth. What you had in mind was that he was going to apologize or fuss about how unfair life is, but you were surprised when you heard the faint sound of his singing.

“Remember the way you made me feel

Your mind flashed back to where you’d first met Jungkook, which was - believe it or not - (literally) on the side of the road. You were testing out your new bike you received as a gift from your friend, Seoyeon, who loved the outdoors. You were riding at a steady pace when you suddenly felt the bicycle go over a “speed bump”, which you later found out to be a man’s foot.

“Aish!” The stranger grunted, jerking his foot away from the wheel. Halting your bike, you gazed up at the rather handsome boy, smiling like an idiot when you recognized the face that was endlessly pasted on social media sites, along with six other boys. Then it hit you; you were talking face-to-face with one of South Korea’s most famous idols.

Your lips formed an “O” as your eyes widened. “J-Jeon Jungkook?!” You hollered, your hands flying up to your eyes as you rubbed them. “Oh- Oh Jesus Christ!” You breathed. The idol chuckled at your childish behavior and stuck his hand out for you to shake. Grasping his hand with your own, you give it a firm shake before returning it to the handle of your bicycle.

“I- Um… I’m honestly sorry for running over your foot! Please forgive me!” You bowed, your cheeks flushing a bright pink. “No need to speak so formal, beautiful,” he grinned. “You look about the same age as me.” Your head snapped up, mostly in surprise at what he’d called you.

“Um, okay. Well, I’ll have you know that ‘Beautiful’ isn’t my name; its Y/N.” “Y/N,” he sighed, content plastered on his handsome face.

Such young love but something in me knew that it was real

Jungkook would then exchange phone numbers with you, and when you asked why he’d say : “You need to pay me back for running my foot over.” However, you could see that was a rather poor excuse to conceal the true meaning behind his sudden need for your number.

A week later, you and the Maknae would go out to eat ice cream - which you had to pay for to keep up the lie about “paying him back”. After several trips to places, such as the mall or to a restaurant, Jungkook would drag you over to the dorms and introduce you to his hyungs. What you thought would be an embarrassing event turned out to be a fun and exciting moment.

Taehyung was the first to warm up to you, then Hoseok, Jimin and the others followed soon after that. You remember Yoongi acting distant for the first couple of weeks, but his shell was soon cracked, or should I say slapped off of him by Seokjin. “Excuse me, child, but is this how we act around guests?!” He scolded, plopping himself down next to the silent boy.

“Have more manners. Don’t you see that she’s uncomfortable?” After letting out a sigh, the oldest of the two blew on the red blotch that was on Yoongi’s cheek and caressed it in a soothing motion. “I really hope that my finger prints on your face helped you to realize that you were being rude, even if it was unintentional.” You giggled at the “Eomma’s” behavior, which resulted in Yoongi rising from his seat to lightly hit your arm as he, too, chuckled along with you.

Frozen in my head. Pictures I’m living through for now

Trying to remeber all the good times. Our life was cutting through so loud

Memories are playing in my dull mind

Those seven boys were the light in your darkness, the angels within your demons, the reassurance which calmed your fear. Every event was an adventure, as well as each and every one of their personality traits. From Yoongi’s sarcasm to Taehyung insisting that he is the “secret toilet” of the group. You loved their flaws, their perfection, and everything in between.

But what you loved the most was Jungkook, who over time, became your best friend. The boy who’s shoulder you cried on because your boyfriend cheated on you for two months, the boy who checked on you after practice to make sure that you weren’t sleeping on the desk, the boy who you loved.

I hate this part

You did everything together, laughed together, smiled together, cried together - the list could go on and on. So why the sudden change? You hated this without a doubt. Well, who wouldn’t hate the feeling of your heart being ripped out of your chest? Jungkook’s broken soul felt just like that to the both of you.

This wasn’t an easy situation to fix, either; there’d always be the memory of this depressing time fixated in not only yours and Jungkook’s mind, but the other boys’ mind as well.

Paper hearts…”

The melodic tune came to an end, and Jungkook was walking out the door, brushing last you while doing so, but not before you took hold of his wrist. “Jungkook- Please,” you breathed, relieved when he turned to face you.

“Can we please talk about this outside? I mean you don’t expect to just walk out of here after singing me to heaven, do you?” You laughed, more to yourself, seeing that you were the only one who took part in your fit of giggles.

With a stiff nod, you allowed Jungkook to pull you out of the heavy room and into the hall.

Instead of heading towards the living area, Jungkook pulled you towards your front door and held it open for you as he stepped past it. Shutting the door behind you, you cross your arms over your chest as you gaze at the Makne. “Jungkook, can’t we figure this out? Please? I hate to see you like this, and you hate to be like this; I can tell. Why do you keep torturing yourself?” You questioned, concern and pity lacing your trembling voice.

This had been exactly what Jungkook had feared : pity. He felt weak, worthless, embarrassed. He knew that he was broken, touched with an anger and sadness he’d never experienced before, but he wanted to work it out himself. Pity would lead to others comforting you, yes, but that wasn’t a good thing for Jungkook. They’d only be offering tranquility because they knew that he had a problem, like demons messing with his every thought, slowly consuming his mind.

Jungkook felt stupid, for lack of better words. And how was he going to fix this? He had no idea where to even start. The familiar touch from you was what brought the broken boy back to the present, as he snapped his head in your direction. “Jungkook?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows.

He took a deep breath, getting ready to apologize for his foolish actions. However, the only sound the slipped past his chapped lips was a small whimper, one that you could barely hear. The boy’s hands began to shake furiously, and he moved them behind his back out of pure embarrassment.

Jungkook’s breath hitched in his dry throat, and he blinked furiously, mentally praying to Jesus, Buddha, and all the other Gods he could think of, to provide him with the strength and courage he so badly craved for.

You were worried sick, with no clue as to where this conversation was headed. Jungkook looked horrible, as if he hadn’t slept for the few days you’ve been apart. The black-purple under his eyes decorated his empty coffee colored orbs, and he was undeniably dehydrated; you could tell that much just from looking at the way the skin on his lips were peeling.

Not to mention his cheeks. They were no longer round, but appeared as if some of the skin was sucked into his mouth. Has avoiding him caused him this much pain and sorrow? You felt weak, depressed, and empty, but you sure didn’t feel as if you could literally drop dead any minute…

“Y-Y/N…” Jungkook groaned, grasping your arm weakly. “I-,” he began, but to no avail as his knees buckled and hand slid down your arm. The next minute, the broken Maknae was laying on the wooden floor of your porch, his eyelids shut.

You and Jin would then carry the unconscious boy into your living room and place him on the love seat, that is, after Seokjin had to snap you out of screaming your head off and disturb the neighbors.

When you felt Jungkook’s hands, they were ice cold, as if he’d had no blood circulation in that area whatsoever. Grabbing your hot pack, you wrapped it in the boy’s palms, as you sat back to observe the mess before you.Jin thought it was best for him to leave, and you obliged.

You knew Jungkook needed you more than anything, and you wanted him back in your life. He craved your love and affection…

Love is complicated… One-sided love is dreadful.

Canadian comic artist Gisele Lagace’s denied entry to US for having incomplete commissioned artwork with her.

Gisele Lagace (artist on Archie, Jem and the Holograms and others) posted this on her Facebook page yesterday

Welp, no C2E2 for me. Was refused entry at the border. They kept pressing about the comics I had and the sketches, and well, I had to be honest and said that I did get paid for commissions but before hand, but since they weren’t complete, it was considered work in the us. Comics wise, I had maybe $700 in value if I had sold everything. Honestly, it’s not a lot.

Was asked if I was the only one doing this as I looked surprised to be refused entry. I said no, many artists from around the world attend these to promote themselves. I don’t think they cared.

My car was searched and is a mess. And to top it off, I was body searched and finger printed too (they do that when you get refused entry apparently.) It was an awful experience.

Things then went worse when they searched me throughout and found 2 white pills in my wallet. There was no identification on them and I wasn’t sure what they were. Once I calmed down after being touched all over, I remembered they were generic acetaminophen from the dollar store that I carry around in case Marc gets a headache as it sometimes happen. I forgot they were even in there.

Anyway, I wasn’t turned around for the 2 acetaminophen, as they found those after I was refused entry for the comics in my car and the unfinished sketches but they kept us longer there until they were convinced they weren’t narcotics. I never took drugs in my life!

And to think we drove close to 2 days to get there. For nothing. (No, I didn’t get anything from that body search. Maybe Zii would think it’s a good deal.) Anyway… Driving back home.

Now that I’ve been refused entry in the US for this, it’s on file. Don’t expect to see me at a US con until I can figure out a way to get in and being absolutely certain this won’t happen.

This is deeply shameful treatment involving deliberate humiliation. 

Is THIS the face that the US wants to present to the world? Really?


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Warnings: Choking, voyeurism.

“Babe, I know you’re really nervous about this but I promise everything will be okay.”

You nodded at Bobby’s soothing words before you leaned up to press a chaste kiss to his lips. He stood still, letting you reassure yourself for a moment, before he pulled away and reached for your wrists. You let him lead you to the bed and tried your hardest to avoid glancing at the figure just out of reach.

Bobby brought his hands to your cheeks and held your gaze for what seemed like forever before he spoke. “Just watch me,” he murmured, “keep your attention on me.”

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