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Imagine: teasing Sam while he’s hacking.

Sam X Reader

Content: Smut: Dry Humping

Sam’s fingers flew over the suspect’s keyboard. Flashes of color flickered over his face as he cycled between screens quickly with a shortcut maneuver. You watched as he licked his lips, intently focused on hacking into a zipped folder. His eyes narrowed catching some detail of significance. When he swallowed, your eyes followed the shift of his throat greedily. You pulled your eyes away attempting to continue through a pile of paper on the suspect’s end table. A slip of paper dropped from the stack in your hands, catching the air to flutter to the floor behind you. You turned to pick it up, eyes drifting over an accent mirror near the far wall. You paused. Sam’s eyes had lifted from the monitor to your form. You ducked your head hiding a smirk. Keeping a secret eye on the mirror, you stood, lifting your ass first in fluid motion you often used when dancing. He licked his lips, shifting lower in his seat. Shuffling the papers in hand, you turned just in time to see his head snap back to the computer.

“Got it.” He cleared his throat after a minute.

You dropped the papers on the end table, sauntering to the desk with renewed confidence.

“It looks like there’s a thread of emails here and-” His explanation was cut short as he glanced up at you.

You slid onto his lap, resting your elbows on the thin strip of cleared table before the keyboard keeping your back arched forward. You could hear him gulp audibly and feel him shift awkwardly trying to find a place to put his hands.

“What emails?” You asked innocently, seeing full well the emails in a smaller window behind the main one.

Sam released a shaky breath. He moved forward, chest pressing against your back as he reached for the mouse. You leaned against him, tilting your head to the side to give him view of the monitor. His breath touched your neck bringing a tingle to travel across your skin. You didn’t suppress the light shudder it caused.

“It’s, uh, here.” He replied breathlessly.

You responded with a deep hum. A smirk curled your lips as he shifted beneath your thighs. You scrolled through the emails, which would have been painfully dull if not for the pleasant distraction hardening every time you slid forward or back to “readjust” your reading position. Finally, you finished. Making a show of stretching your arms upward, you unleashed a satisfied moan and turned to face Sam. For his effort, he attempted to look unaffected. A muscle twitched in his jaw and his nails dug into the leather armrests.

“So, it doesn’t seem like the emails contained much, did they?” You asked in hushed tones.

He glanced between you and the monitor quickly, obviously having no idea what was in the emails. You twisted in his lap, grinding against an evident bulge between your legs.

“Sam?” You lowered your eyelashes, “You okay?”

“Yeah.” His eyes darkened briefly lowering to your lips before he found composure. “Yeah, fine.”

“Are you sure? It seems like you’re having a… hard time focusing.”

His hand paused halfway to the mouse.

“I know these emails can be… lengthy,” You continued finding it increasingly difficult to hide a smirk, “and having to sort through them is… really shafty…”

Sam sat back, embarrassment coloring his features.

“I know it would really… grind… my gears if I had to hack into every dude’s computer while Dean gets to take a break at the bar.”

“Are you done?” Sam interrupted.

“No, no… wait! I think I can come up with something for penetration and erection-”

Hot lips met the juncture of your shoulder and neck with leisurely-paced open-mouthed kissed, effectively transforming your teasing words into a sharp inhale. His fingers wrapped around your hips, gripping your pelvis firmly before pulling it back. A flash of sudden pleasure surged through your core. His nose dragged against your shoulder inching closer to your neck, heat building between your flushed bodies. A shiver ripped up your spine as he found a sensitive spot. He paused, pressing a kiss there. Your head lolled back against his shoulder. His hands slipped up your body, sliding under your shirt. His rough fingers pressed and caressed in disorganized trails, drawing each nerve to maximum stimulation. You gasped, unable to stop an onslaught of shivers from his touch. He sucked at the spot on your neck, locking his arm around your waist as you squirmed with assailing pleasure. His tongue flicked against the spot, his teeth following immediately. A cry broke from your lips. You slapped a hand over your mouth, surprised by the outburst. Sam chuckled darkly against your skin, the deep rumble sending an aching between your thighs.

“Oh, fuck…” You breathed, heat enveloping your body with a savage ferocity.

His hands grabbed your chest, barely restraining his strength as he kneaded. He closed his fingers over hardening nubs sending your hips to jerk forward in response. You bit your tongue holding back a moan, as your clit rubbed along his impossibly hard shaft. He moved quickly, grabbing your hips with a near bruising force. Every nerve in your body seeped with the heat building between you, overreacting with every little stimulus. Pleasure pulsed through your body with every breath hitting the tiny hairs along the nape of your neck, each finger digging against your hips, and every inch where your center rubbed against his.

He thrust up pulling your hips back. Sparks of unadulterated ecstasy exploded from the friction. Before the sensation could cool, he pushed you forward. White flashed before your vision. A helpless moan left your lips, an animalistic need for contact infecting every cell in your brain. You jerked against him, heat blazing, pleasure mounting endlessly. He grunted desperately against your ear, whimpers rising from your throat as you grinded together fueling an erotic fire threatening to consume your entity. There was nothing but sharp concentrated pleasure coursing through your core like live electricity. A strangled cry broke the room as he thrust against your sliding bodies finding an edge so high, you couldn’t believe a pleasure could be so intense, but it kept building, growing until you found a new edge before the other could finish. Your body shuddered, head falling to his shoulder, completely at his mercy.

He embraced your body, crushing you against him as he stiffened, broken groans tumbling from his chest as he shuddered against your back.You squeezed your legs together, his hold slackening as you felt a warm stickness in the apex of your jeans. You slid to his knees, turning to see Sam’s face. Surprise, mirroring your own expression, bloomed from a devastatingly sexy look of contentment. You jerked off his lap, stumbling to your feet.

“S-sorry!” You yelped, yanking your head away from the dark patch on his jeans.

“N-no, I’m…” The chair crashed into the wall as he pushed to his feet. He skirted around the opposite side of the desk muttering something you couldn’t catch over the blood pounding in your ears.

He retreated from the room. Your hands trembled, pleasure still lingering along your skin from his contact, as you hugged yourself close. It seemed the heat would never cool and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Control pt.1



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His hands began trailing up your thighs, making you shudder with every touch. Mercilessly whispering into your ears, each whisper leaving you gasping for air. Your body slowly being overcome with a sensation foreign to you.You couldn’t bring yourself to look him in the eyes. He notices and lifts your chin up, forcing you to look up and into his lustful eyes.

“Don’t be nervous baby. I promise I’ll be gentle with you” He purred in your ear. The feeling of his warm breath against your skin sent jolts of pleasure up your body, heating up your core whilst his fingers lingered over you nub.

“jungkook~~” You cooed. not being able to form any coherent sentences you were left with nothing but soft involuntary moans falling from your lips. He began moving in closer, close enough for you to be intoxicated by his sweet musky scent. Licking his lips whilst admiring yours, he leaned in and-


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K A I R O S | 04 | (M)


(n.) the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words, or movement

An arranged marriage AU.

Paring: OT7.
Genre: fluff, angst, a lot of suggestive parts and eventual smut.
Waring: Mature content
Word count: 6.7k
Author’s note: Tell me what yall think!! I’d love to know what’s going on in your minds guys.

Parts: | 1 | 2 | 3 …

“But mom, I’m not going to live with a bunch of strangers-!”

“I had the maids pack your things last night, your bags are outside.”


Cliche is underrated.

Especially when you just got kicked out of your own house by your ever so loving parents to stay with seven boys you’ve only heard notorious things about.

Oh, and you’re supposed to pick one to marry by the end of next month.

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The Captain

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader  

Word Count: 1,373

Summary: Steve and the Reader have been on one date and he shows up late one night…unexpectedly.

Warnings: Oral (female receiving), Captain America being a sassy little mofo, language. 

A/N: Alright, so I did this at the request of @love-me-some-pie21 and it’s based off of this post. I honestly never thought I would write for Marvel, just enjoy other’s writing, but I couldn’t resist this one. I hope I did our dearest Cap justice. 

Tags: At the bottom. And still open, just shoot me an ask if you’d like to be tagged in any future Chris/Steve. 

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There’s a knock on the door and you look at the time, wondering who in the world would come by this late. You live alone, in a quiet apartment building in D.C. and the only person you’d gotten to know was the handsome superhero down the hall. But it had only been one quiet and awkward lunch a few days ago. He’d never just dropped by. So when you opened the door to see none other than Captain America standing there, one hand on each side of the door frame like he was trying to hold himself back, it was a bit of a shock.

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Make Me Not Quit

 Ahem…Well JungKook’s lastest airport fashion

… just put me through pain. 

And by that I mean … SMUT on the way.

I just decided to combine these two requests as they fit what I have in mind.

I love Ur writing so much can I request a Jungkook smut the sex in car thing when we are traveling from Seoul to busan

hiii! can I request a smut scenario based off of Ariana’s song every day w/ rapmon or jungkook 

So I hope its ok and you guys enjoy it.

(If you want you can enjoy the song too)

Dirty Talk, Thigh Riding Smuttish Something

JungKook… Your heaven and hell… Your cute yet way too stubborn boyfriend. He was away for concert and it has been two weeks. He should have been back that day but you missed him so bad.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! Could I request how the dai companions would react to the quizzy constantly being anxious and having nervious ticks, like biting their nails or something? And would they try to get them to stop? Please and thanks!

Edit: Sorry! I forgot to finish Sera’s… fixed it now! 

Blackwall: After watching the Inquisitor make quick work of their already short, rough nails, Blackwall decides to make them a little fidget cube with whatever leftover wood he has. After giving it to them he invites the Inquisitor to the barn, offering to teach them the art of woodworking. 

Cassandra: She honestly couldn’t care less what habits the Inquisitor has, but can’t help making a small noise in disgust whenever they do it excessively in front of her. And whenever the Inquisitor gnaws a bit too much, Cassandra’s there with an extra bandage and a disapproving glare.

Cole: What first piqued his interest was the growing anxiety the Inquisitor was experiencing. He would do little things to try and ease their anxiousness, whiffs of scents that remind them of home, words of thanks and encouragement whispered in their ear. But when their fingers begin to bleed and they continue to bite despite there being no nail to bite, he realizes it needs to stop. “No, stop! You’re making the hurt worse. False comfort, knots in your throat, shaking, tightening… the fear makes you hurt.”

Cullen: He’s concerned, to say the least, when he sees the Inquisitor doing it, for it reminds him too much of himself and the Templars he’s seen going through the tougher stages of withdrawal. The next time he catches them biting their nails, he bats their hand away and instead slips a small, rough-edged rock into their palm. “It helps with the… nervousness.“

Dorian: He is…mildly appalled, to say the least, after watching the Inquisitor devour their nails like a starved Mabari. “What are you doing? Your hands look positively dreadful.” The next time he sees them biting their nails, he gifts them a small nail file and a sweet smelling cream that makes their hands softer than they’ve ever felt before. 

Iron Bull: When they first met he noticed the way the Inquisitor’s nails were rough and bitten down to little nubs, but never saw purpose in confronting them about it until dried blood found it’s way into their cuticles. “Hey there boss, you got enough things out there trying to make you bleed without you doing it to yourself. Now how do you feel ‘bout working off some of that nervous energy?”

Josephine: She knows the feeling all too well, and offers to schedule a spa appointment for the both of them next time they’re in Orlais. She hopes that the visit will not only alleviate some of the stress, but deter them from chewing on their nicely cleaned and manicured nails.

Leliana: Within a few days a pair of nicely tailored leather gloves are placed outside the Inquisitor’s quarters. “Try these, they feel much nicer than teeth,” the letter reads, and the Inquisitor agrees.

Sera: When she catches the Inquisitor spitting out one of their fingernails, she scoops it into a little pouch before coming up beside them. “Oi, why are you throwin’ these away? Perfect for makin’ nobs squeamish, so save some for me, yeah?” She shoves said pouch at the Inquisitor before going back to doing Maker knows what. Though if she ever catches them biting until they’re hurt, she pulls out some bandage scraps and shoves them at the Inquisitor the same way she did the pouch. “Pranks are good n’ all, but we can’t fix the friggin’ hole in the sky if you’re up a creek.”

Solas: He might find it a bit unpleasant, but doesn’t see it as his place to do anything about it until he sees blood along their cuticles and red bandages wrapped around their fingertips. “This is a rather difficult position you have been placed in, but what you have been doing helps no one.” An exasperated breath later, he continues. “There are some meditation techniques I know that may be of use to you…”

Varric: The first time he sees the Inquisitor biting their nails he thinks nothing of it. They’re in a stressful situation, and people deal with stress in different ways. But when it becomes excessive and harmful he decides enough is enough. Knowing that it is helpful to have something to fidget with, he passes along a small ring to the Inquisitor, letting them know what it’s for.

Vivienne: “Darling, would you please stop with that? It is… distasteful.” Vivienne gives them a rather foul tasting salve to spread on their fingers to keep them from gnawing at their finger nail nubs. Though after witnessing the Inquisitor bite at their nails despite the bitter taste, she realizes that it isn’t just a thoughtless habit. The next time the Inquisitor tries, Vivienne is there with a small mint, their hands in hers, telling them to “just breathe, the meeting will be over soon enough.”

Daddy’s Girl

Alrighty. So this request was from a long time ago and I feel really bad for not getting to it sooner but here it is. This was requested by an anon:

“Hi there :) Could you do a oneshot where Y/N calls Mr. J “daddy” for the first time while they’re making out and his reaction? He never mentioned his kink infront of her so she doesn’t know (it can turn in to smut if you want) of course you don’t have to write it if you don’t want to but it’d be really cool if you would <3″



It had been a long day at work. You and J met with some new prospects, handling possible business deals, and a slew of other pointless errands. Relief washed over your tired body as you stepped into the warmth of you and J’s house.

“What do you want for dinner J?” You yelled from across the room. He was off on his way to his office to no doubt do some more work. Gosh this man never takes a break, you thought to yourself.

“I don’t know darling, you pick. Just order something,” he groaned in a tired voice. He stalked off towards his office and left you in the spacious kitchen.

“Chinese it is,” you mumbled to yourself. Picking up the phone, you dialed the number of the closest Chinese food joint around and placed your order for the both of you and then some. You collapsed on to the couch and shut your eyes, pinching the bridge of your nose.

You and J hadn’t been together for very long at all. There were still many things you didn’t know about him, many mannerisms that you had no clue what they meant, you still couldn’t understand his moods most of the time and it frustrated you to no end. You understood that he didn’t like to talk very much, you understood that he was a fairly private person, but you were his girlfriend, he should be able to talk to you.

A couple minutes later the doorbell rang letting you know that your food had arrived. Your stomach rumbled loudly as you stood up, thanking your lucky graces that your food had finally arrived.

The kid standing outside the door mumbled an oh fuck as he realized who you were .With the Joker being one of the most if not the most wanted criminal in Gotham it was hard to not grab attention as well. Everyone knew who you were, the Joker’s girlfriend.

“That’ll be $21.95…,” he stammered quietly.

“Oh relax kid, I’m not gonna hurt ya. Here, keep the change,” you said after handing him thirty bucks and closing the door. “J the food is here,” you yelled, hoping he would hear you from his office. His heavy footsteps thumped down the stairs and to the kitchen.

“You got Chinese?” He looked at you with  face of mild disgust.

“Yea, you said to order something so I got Chinese. I was in the mood for it.” You opened the boxes dishes a bit of everything on to your plate and leaving him to do the same. You padded up to your shared bedroom and plopped down on the bed. You looked down at your plate and started shovelling all sorts of food in to your hungry mouth. The door cracked open and you looked up.

“Hey. Mind if I join you?” It wasn’t really a question, more of him letting you know he was coming to sit with you. You grunted in acknowledgement and went back to your food. You felt his hand creep up your calf, massaging the stiff muscles of your leg. He worked your leg muscles with vigor and caution before moving to the other leg. You closed your eyes and sighed at the amazing feeling of his hands massaging you. “Y/N are you mad at me baby?” You looked up at him and made eye contact with those wild blue eyes. Instead of answering him you just looked back down at your food.

“You know waht J? Yes. I am mad. I know we haven’t been dating for long or anything but I don’t think it’s fair for you to ignore me and be a dick whenever you’re pissed about something. I’m going to take a shower. I’ll see you in a bit,” you said as you stood up. He stared at you as you walked away from him.

No one had ever really been that honest with him and it caught him off guard. He knew he was an asshole but no one ever had the guts to point it out. He sighed and walked back to his office deciding it was probably best to leave you be for the time being.

After you had stepped out of the shower and dried off a little bit you plopped back down on to the bed and laid there staring at the ceiling. You had sort of zoned out and finally snapped back in to reality when the bed side opposite of yours dipped .

“Please don’t be mad princess. Come here.” You turned over to face him. His face was sincere and although it was difficult for him to admit, he was sorry. He hated seeing you mad at him. You scooched towards his open arms and laid your head on his firm chest. “Treasure this moment  because it’s a rare one, but I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to piss you off. I’m a little grumpy that’s all. I got word that one of my, no our, business partners has plans to kill me. I don’t want to get you involved,” he stated. You heart grew as you realized that he really meant it, he was just being like this to protect you.

“Fine… But ya gotta make it up to me,” you countered. A a wide smile touched his lips, putting his shiny silver teeth on view.

“Mmm come here princess, let me make it all better,” he growled, looking at you with a predatory look on his alabaster white skin. You grinned and crawled towards him returning his hungry look. “That’s it baby c’mere.”

You finally reached him and you threw your arms over his shoulders. You pulled him in for the kiss you had been anticipating. Your lips molded perfectly together creating a fiery, passionate kiss. His hands were roaming your body, trying to elicit the moans he loved so much. He traced his fingertips down your arms creating goosebumps. His lips trailed down from your lips, to your jaw, and finally to the base of your neck where he found the most sensitive part of your neck.

“Mmm daddy yes.” Your eyes widened and you pulled away in shock that you had just said that. “Oh my god. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. It just sorta slipped out oh my gosh,” you babbled. He pressed his pointer finger against your lips, silencing you.

“Come back to daddy princess,” He purred in your ear as he pulled you flush against his body. “What do you want daddy to do baby girl? Tell me,” he demanded.

“I want daddy to touch me,” you mumbled quietly. The hunger in his eyes was indescribable. He was filled with pure lust right now, his pupils dilated to the maximum. He grinned at you and pushed you down on the bed, laying you down. He kneeled over top of you and slid your shirt up your torso. His touch burned your skin as he touched your stomach and lifting them up to your breasts.

“So beautiful,” he mumbled as he drank you in. “Tell daddy what you want. Are you wet for me baby girl? Hmm? Tell me princess, tell daddy how good he makes you feel.” He briefly lifted you up to unclip your bra. He gently pushed you back down and slipped off the undergarment. The cold air made your nipples harden and he brushed his thumb over your hardened peak. You let out a quiet moan and subconsciously lifted your chest in to his hand. He smirked and pinched your nipple. You let out a yelp at the unexpected pain that only brought you pleasure.  

“Oh god J. Please I want you so bad,” you said in a needy voice, your desperation for him coming through. You reached up to run your fingers through his green hair but the moment you lifted your hands he had them pinned down to the bed.

“Oh baby girl you think you can move without my permission? Is daddy gonna have to teach you a lesson?” You loved when his dominant side came out. You shook your head and smiled up at him. His hand slid down your stomach, reaching in to the band of your pants. You gasped as you felt his finger lightly press against your throbbing clit. You needed him and he knew it. He studied your face careful trying to figure out your expression.

“If I let your hands go will you be a good girl for me?” He smirked at you as he looked at the vulnerable place you were in. The hand he was holding your wrists with moved down to caress your cheek and then wrapped around your neck. You threw your head back and moaned at the rush that his choking gave you. “Mmm that’s it baby moan for daddy,” he purred in your ear.

He dropped his pants along with his boxers and looked at you with pure lust.

“I want you so bad,” you moaned. He pulled off your shorts and your cute little thong and aligned his cock with your dripping hole. “Do it J, fuck me, fuck me hard,” you stuttered due to his hand lightly pushing down on your throat. He slowly pushed his way in to you, groaning at the tightness of your pussy. A sexy noise erupted from your mouth at the feel of him stretching you, filling you completely, bringing nothing but pleasure.

The slow intimate sex didn’t last very long as he picked up momentum and plowed in to you. Your hips connecting with every thrust, the sound of skin on skin filling the room mixed with the growls and groans coming from him. He definitely knew what he was doing as he reached down and started to rub your clit. The sensation of his fingers rubbing your sensitive nub and the feeling of his cock hitting you in all the right places threw you over the edge.

“Oh god J, I’m cumming,” you stuttered, unable to form complete sentences.

“Oh baby girl, did I say you could cum?” He looked at you with a mischievous grin on his face. Your eyes widened as you thought of what might come next. Your suspicions were confirmed when he filled you over, raising your hips. His big hand came down on your ass and you let out a small yelp. He caressed the spot where he had spanked you and then came down with another hit. “That’s what you get for being naughty princess,” he said as he leaned forward to whisper in your ear. The pleasure he was giving you was out of this world. You had never felt this way before and you loved it.

“God I’m so close, please let me cum, pretty please,” you begged. He grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled hard using your hair as leverage to pound you harder.

“Alright cum baby, daddy’s so close. Cum for daddy,” he said, giving you permission to do what you needed most at this moment. The rush of your orgasm flowed through your body, your pussy clenching around his cock. This sent him flying over the edge, finally finding his own release.

He collapsed beside you and you laid down beside him.

“Oh my god J. That was amazing. That was the best you’ve ever fucked me,” you said as you turned to look at him. He grunted in agreement, still overwhelmed from his orgasm. He reached over and pulled you in to his side, your head resting on his chest. You quickly fell asleep, exhausted from the amazing sex you just had.

“Goodnight princess, daddy’s right here,” he said as he kissed the top of your head, soon drifting in to his own slumber.


◦ pairing: reader x namjoon

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 1.3k

◦ a/n: I felt like I was slacking on the Joonie smut so here’s some to make up for it :D Also I suck at titles sorry lol

m a s t e r l i s t

Your hair clung annoyingly to your forehead as your hands scrambled frantically to find something –anything– to hold on to. The cold metal handle of the shower door was the only thing it found amidst your shallow, shaky breaths. His lips were soft, and slick under the running water. Namjoon’s hands stroked up and down your body, swiping bubbled layers of soapy water over you. The bar of soap pressed against your flesh, its subtle scent breathing through the plumes of steam growing in the shower. You could see the faint reflection of yourselves in the mirror through the thick coat of steam on the glass, and it was so fucking hot. His tall body stood behind yours, his long fingers lost in your cunt. He sighed with content and he brushed his thumb lightly over your already sensitive clit. “God, I love you so much,” he grunted, placing a kiss at the nape of your neck.

After spending over a year together, you had learned that the best way to some amazing sex was some highly provocative pictures while he was already sweaty at dance practice and a little audio recording right as he was on his way home. The result was always some exciting and very long-lasting sex trip through the rooms of your house. Needless to say, it never failed.

His lips travelled along your shoulder, leaving soft kisses as his hand grazed up and down your thigh. He was tracing your hip bones softly with the soap before he dropped it suddenly to the hard shower floor and slammed straight into you. “Namjoon, fuck!” You screamed out, the echo reverberating against the white porcelain and glass of the shower. “Shit, yes, yes, yes,” you sobbed, your chest trembling with the glorious sensation of his cock hitting your insides. It wasn’t the first time tonight.

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My Queen [Thranduil x Reader] [Explicit]

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fanfiction for “The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings”, and is not endorsed by the originator(s) of the work. All official characters and settings are the property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement, offense, or solicitation is intended. This story has been written for entertainment value only. No profit is being made from this writing. Note, all original characters contained herein copyrighted to MoonofMorrigan.

Pairing: Thranduil x Reader (or his wife)

Author’s Note: I couldn’t ignore my own headcanon about King Thranduil’s wife anymore. So, ignore the movies concept of her being deceased. She is alive and well, and you, dear reader, are playing her part in this story. ^_~ Note elves celebrate the date of their conception so “birthdate” or “day of your birth” in this story refers to that. This story is also a gift for a friend of mine @miresgaleth  hope she, and you enjoy it. Feel free to reblog/retweet, like/kudos and/or comment if you wish.




For @miresgaleth.

Your hair was still dripping with water when you entered the chambers you shared with your husband. The air hit you as a cooling wind while you walked through the bath house to the royal bedchambers. You clutched at the thin white robe trimmed with gold which you had about your otherwise naked form.

When you entered you noted the barrenness of the room. It seemed strange to you. More to the point you noted your husband seated on the floor on a bed of furs in front of the fireplace, a goblet of wine in his hand. He peered into the orange flames as if transfixed. He had apparently been awaiting your return as there was another glass goblet sitting beside him full and untouched, beside it a plate of something. You couldn’t make it out. Quietly, you padded over to him in your bare feet, stopping only when you came to his side, and sat down. You knew he was aware of your presence even though he did not look at you.

You both sat silently for a moment, then he finally spoke just barely above a whisper, “I never dreamed this time would come. The time when we would leave these halls for the west.”

“You speak of it as if it is a time of mourning, not rejoicing. We have built our ships, and our beloved kin will go west with us. We will see Legolas once more, along with our other children. Does not that thought at least fill you with some joy?”

“Yes, of course my love,” he remarked with a nod of his head, “it is merely that we leave behind our memories of this place, and can never return to revisit them.” His voice became softer with his next words as he finally looked at you, “We will never make love in these chambers again…”

You can’t help the small smile that comes to your lips at these words. He looks away into the embers once more, then next to him at the unused goblet and the dish beside it. He takes the goblet into his hands and hands it to you with a gentle smile. Perhaps that little confession of what was on his mind embarrassed him a little? You can’t help giggling a little before you raise the cup to your lips. As you sip at it, he eyes you in a “oh don’t tease me manner” before turning his attention to the dish. He lifts it carefully to your eye view and you see upon it your favorite cakes and confections. You set your goblet down as you take in the different varieties of baked goods set on the small dish.

“I cannot give you much of a gift now, as any and all treasures that could buy such are on the ships already, but I wanted you to know I have not forgotten this is the anniversary of your birth.”

You take the delicate dish from his hand and pop one into your mouth, offering him one, which he denies with a gesture of his hand. As the sweetness melts on your tongue you cannot help admiring your husband’s profile, his throat, the flow of the silvery blonde hair about his strong shoulders… all of him. You always counted yourself among the luckiest of women to be the wife of this beautiful, kind, but strong king. The thought hits you once more, and you can’t help looking at him as you had when you first took interest in him as a woman. You set the dish down, and wait for him to turn his eyes upon you again. He does so a moment later and gives you a puzzled look.

“What is it?”

The smile upon your lips returns, you shake your head, and you watch a little more interested than you normally would be as he gives you a suspicious look, then tips the last of his wine to lips and downs it. You note the small bead of red liquid that tries to set itself on his perfect lips, which the tip of his tongue darts out to lick away before it strays. A tingling feeling shoots down into your belly making you clench your legs together a little more. It had been a while since either of you had any stirrings of amative feeling, or if he had, he didn’t attempt to follow through with it.

Perhaps his earlier musing was a hint?

You watch as he gets up with his goblet, stretches, then barefoot as well, heads to the wine table. He is clad in a matching robe to your own, and you know he obviously has nothing underneath the thin fabric of it either.

Well, even if it hadn’t been a hint, perhaps a little bit of wifely affection would help him at least stop being so melancholy? In fact, you remembered, the two of you were very fond of lovemaking before you had reared your children, even for a few years afterwards.

What better way to leave this place behind, and perhaps when they arrive begin a new life in the west? Perhaps you would welcome another child? Or perhaps not. But for tonight, as each moment passed and with each moment you watched him move in the familiar routines he had, you had to admit that it wasn’t exactly bearing a child that was on your mind, but rather the events that could lead to making one. However, your cycle was not near, so you knew you would not begin to nurture a life on this night. You just wanted to be as close as two beings could with him, to love him, and to make union with him.

“Perhaps I could comfort your spirit tonight dearest. Besides,” you began to slowly unhook the fastenings on your robe from the bottom up, stopping purposely just before you reached the last one which covered your bosom, and waited for him to turn back around, “I crave something far sweeter than cakes as your gift to me tonight.”

He turned around, a perplexed look on his face then realization and surprise a moment later when in perfect timing you unhook it and push your robe off your shoulders revealing your completely naked form to him.

You hear his breath catch in his throat, as he looks you up and down, with each pass his eyes make, they lingering longer on your body, and you recognize the desire beginning to glint in his eyes. His mouth opens to speak, but no words form when you purposely sit up a little taller pushing your breasts out more with the movement.

You hold your hand out to him in invitation. After setting his goblet back on the wine table he wastes no time in returning to you and taking it in his. He situates himself in front of you and slides his hands down your sides to your hips.

“Do you want to unwrap your gift then, or should I do it?” he asks as he leans in to kiss you.

“Well, what’s the fun of getting a gift if you do not get to undress it yourself?” you answer with a smirk. He returns it and lays a kiss on your cheek, and works his way to your earlobe, and after gently sucking on it, lays fluttering kisses along your neck. As he does this, you busy yourself with the lacings of his own robe and make short work of them. A moment later he is letting the fabric slide off his body with your gentle persuasion and you run your hands along the contours of his strong chest and shoulders before laying a kiss on his lips.

You both smile into it as you battle for the control and pleasure of the other’s lower lip, which you finally concede to him, and both of you gasp in the other’s mouth when you each plunge your tongues into the other’s warm mouth. You feel his hands wandering over you, a fleeting touch along your sides, a caress of the back of his fingers along the bottom of your breast before cupping it and running his fingers over the hardened nubs. You muse briefly as you run your own hands along his torso, and down his belly, and then grabbing and squeezing his buttocks, before running your hands back up his chest once more, how familiar, but pleasing he feels to your fingertips and to your lips as you kiss his neck and collarbone.

He trails his lips down your throat once more to one of your paps and takes it into his mouth. Gently, he sucks at it and runs the tip of his tongue over it in a rhythmic motion that sets your insides blazing. Once he releases it you scoot back on to the soft furs beneath you, raising your arms over your head, and stretching out your legs in front of you, him seated between them as he looks at you.

A soft smile is on his lips as he follows sync and lays on top of you, taking your lips in his and feverishly kissing you, which you return with relish. It isn’t long before you feel him dipping his hand between your legs, and gently rubbing your center point of pleasure. As he does this he moves down to your bosom and takes the nipple he left unattended in to his mouth. You begin start to feel the lovely waterfall of physical bliss begin to fall upon you with even more earnestness as he moves his hand and mouth in the same rhythm and pattern. Your hands tangle in his hair behind his neck and your lips fall on his warm shoulders with open mouth kisses that are cut short by your moans and sighs, until finally the waterfall becomes waves, and each one becomes stronger pulling you closer into the twilight of erotic heaven.

After the world focuses again, and you see him still attending to the areas he had already enticed such lovely pleasure from, you snake a shivering hand down his torso, his belly, and finally gently take hold of his hardened member. He gasps, a delightful sound to you, and stops working his wonderful rhythmic torture, his hands went to the furs sitting up, as you rub his phallus against you to tempt him into becoming one with you. Your insides ached for him. Your raw emotions begged for the closeness it would bring both of you. In these moments nothing and no one in the world exists save only the other.

Finally, as you look upon him, his eyes closed in pleasure and no doubt with the same raw emotional state you yourself had, you feel him slip inside of you. Your joined bodies start in a slow, beautifully agonizing rhythm, you perfectly timed with him, and slowly the thrusts become faster, more demanding, deeper.

It leaves you both moaning, whimpering, gasping, and finally, when the world falls away for both of you in your tidal wave of ecstasy, crying out in fulfillment, pleasure and joy.

As the last of the climaxes wears away, he collapses briefly on top of you, before finding strength to pull himself up just enough to kiss you tenderly and passionately on the lips. You both spend several moments affectionately kissing and continuing to touch the other in the sure way you both know would delight your partner.

As he is placing a kiss on your cheek, he asks with a hot breath in your ear, “How can you make me bear leaving here now?”

You look into his eyes which, though not sad, are flooded with emotion and love, “Because on our first night and day in our new home, I thought perhaps we could try to recount this night together, perhaps even make it… more memorable.” You finish with a knowing smile.

“I will trust you to guide me in that my queen.”

He laid another soft kiss on your lips then lifted himself off of you and settled beside you, gathering you in his arms as he did so. You hear him whisper just before his breathing became heavy with the sound of contented rest, “My beautiful queen…”

 The End

You Make Me Crazy

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1036

Warnings: swearing, slight angst (barely), arguing, smut.

**Just a silly little thing I wrote when I was bored… 

(Not my GIF)

Sam rolled his eyes at the two of you as he stood at the head of the map room table, his arms loosely folder over his chest. Here they go again. You and Dean had been fighting for over an hour about a new case Sam had found. Dean thought it was a pack of werewolves migrating up the interstate, but you knew better. The victims were found deep in the woods, most in various small caverns. Each victim was in a different state of… dismemberment.

“It’s a wendigo, you moron!” You shouted as you slammed your fists into the table, shooting from your chair. “Some of the victims still had their hearts intact! How does that still sound like a werewolf to you?”

Dean scoffed turning away from you. You knew you had him, he knew he was wrong. But he was a Winchester and would never admit it.

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100 Reasons Why - 09

Hoseok is a calm lover, always has, probably always will be. He enjoys the classic things, such as opening the car door, paying for dinner, going to movies, celebrating anniversaries with flowers and chocolates and giving you territorial hickies before you go out and brace the public.

At the age of 17, you had already known Hoseok for 12 years, awkward dates turning into afternoons comfortably spent binging shows together and driving to the corner store when there was no ice cream or snacks left. But he wanted more. He had always wanted a little bit more than you had offered him.

It was expected that the two of you would, in the future, have sex and then possibly “produce” children. But you were nervous. What if you messed up? What if Hoseok didn’t like sleeping with you? You could barely give him a handjob without his assistance at the time.

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Advice PT 2

Warnings: Smut

ORIGINAL Request:  Hey can u make a part 2 to advice, like idk a few years later and y/n is still a virgin and like she is in a relationship and the guy wants to have sex with her but she’s insecure about it so she end up asking justin to take her virginity cuz he’s the only one she trusts and then the end is up to you

This has been so heavily requested and I’ve just been busy. I’ve got four exams coming up this week….THE STRESS!! But here it is anyways.

Savorous flavour exploded throughout my mouth, the crunch of crispy goodness so satisfying to my ears. Dusting my bright red finger’s of the dust residue from the product onto my pants.  Something about flamin’ hot cheetos was just so addictive, and I honestly could not put the packet down. 

“Hey, stop hogging the Cheetos.”  A raspy voice, with a mouthful of candy suddenly chirped from beside me. Fiddling my legs around his lap slightly, I leaned back against the armrest of the couch and hugged the packet towards my body further, pointing towards him with a bright red stained finger.

“I’ll stop hogging the Cheetos when you stop hogging the Twizzlers.” I replied sassily. 

Justin looked down at the king size packet of twizzlers in his lap, then down at the cheetos in mine, before looking back into my curious eyes. “Swap?” 

Confliction passed over my face. Is a pack of twizzlers really worth a bag of cheetos? “Only if I get the Snickerz as well.” 

“What?! No way. Only If I get the Reese’s Cups.”

“Hmm? Deal.” 

The rattling of wrappers, bags and packaging echoed throughout the air as we exchanged candies between each other, a smile settling on my face once the twizzlers were in my hand, practically drooling at the pinky red goodness.

“So.” Justin suddenly began, munching on a now open packet of reese’s cups. “How’s that boyfriend of yours going?”

My eyes shot away from the candy in front of me, the sound of T.V in front of us suddenly disappearing into the back of my mind. “Why do you ask?”

Justin eyes me suspiciously, “What do you mean ‘why do you ask’? We always talk about our relationships, does it bother you now?” He raised his eyebrows, reaching over towards the bag of jolly ranchers between both our legs.

Yes, I know. We bought a lot of Candy.

“No, It’s just, you haven’t asked about him in a while. Just came as a surprise I guess.”

“Yeah I know. Like you said it’s been a while, I wanna know if the man’s treating my princess right.” He smiled, leaning over to tossel my hair.

Pouting like a child, I used my pointer finger to swat away the flyaways Justin released from my ponytail and sighed. “Yeah, Hes all good.”

“Awesome. How long you been together now? 2 - 3 years?” 

“Around that long.” 

“Wow. That’s a pretty long relationship. longer then I expected.” He mumbled the last part.

“Honestly, after everything that’s happened, I’m surprised weve last this long also.” I sighed quietly in hoped that he couldn’t hear me.

“What? What’s that supposed to mean?” 

My eyes widened in realisation that he had heard me, even though it really shouldn’t have been that much a shock considering the boy is literally less then a foot away from me.

“N-Nothing. Can you pass the sour patch kids.” 

Slowly handing the packet towards me, he continued. “Y/N, if somethings wrong, you can tell me. You should tell me. No one should treat you any less then you are.”

“Its nothing Jay, I’m not worried about it so you shouldn’t be either.” I mumbled, picking at the packet which suddenly didn’t seem as appetizing any more.

Justin sighed. “Y/N, it obviously bothers you If your acting like this so of course I’m gonna be worried. You can tell me.” 

My eyes darted up from my lap which the candy sat on over towards Justin truthful eyes, looking for any sign that spoke ‘Just kidding. I don’t wanna hear about you dumb problems.’ But to no avail.

“Lately,” I dragged on, “He’s been pressuring me.”

“Pressuring you into…?” Justin questioned. 

“Into…Sex -”

Justin’s eyes widened, shooting forward to sit up straight. “What?! Y/N That’s not okay!”

“No! Justin wait, before you blow up - He isn’t doing anything. I just know he really wants it. Like, every time we get in the mood, and I pull away, he tells me that’s it’s okay and that he’ll wait until I’m ready. But I can just tell by the look in his eye that he’s disappointed or annoyed. I’m just…not ready.” I sighed.

“Not ready? Or not prepared?” Justin suddenly questioned after a few seconds of silence.

Stunned, I glanced up “What?”

“Y/N, I’ve known you long enough to know that you love to be prepared. Like your obsessed with preparing. Are you not ready to have Sex because you don’t wanna lose your virginity yet? Or because your afraid you won’t know what to do.” He questioned, yet the last sentence was more of a statement if anything. 

The thought had never occurred to me. Was I really just avoiding Sex because I was inexperienced?

“I-I don’t know.” I stuttered “Maybe I am.”

“Y/N, look at me.” 

My eyes raised over to peer up at Justin, shooting me a comforting but firm look. “Sex, It’s a great thing - really. But your never going to be prepared at it if you don’t give it a go. There isn’t a way to be prepared for Sex. It just happens. And when It does, It’s magical.” 


“Really. You just gotta go for it.”

“Will you show me?” Before I was even processing the words passing through my lips, they had already escaped and a wave of dread and humility had overcome my body before I could even catch a glimpse of Justin’s reaction.

He was stunned. Completely quiet, with a mouth slightly agape, all before he shook his head, cleared his throat and peered down on me with a mask of emotions. “You want me to show you?” He whispered.

“W-What…Oh my God! I’m sorry….I didn’t mean to say that. That was stupid, I’m sorry.” I rambled. “You probably think I’m weird or completely crazy or somethin-”

“No Y/N , It’s alright.” Justin quickly added, placing a gentle hand on my shoulder to calm me. “I don’t think it’s weird, a lot of people do it.”

“Do what?” I questioned.

“Ask there best friends for experience. I’ll do it - if you want.”

“Y-You’ll do it?” I questioned almost in a statement type of way.

“If you want.” He repeated.

My mind stirred with crazy thoughts, all battling each other for the correct words to slip past my lips. But before I could be consumed In thoughts and emotion’s I quickly let the first and most gut ridden thing escape my lips. “I want you to take my virginity.”

“I’ll do it.” Justin softly replied, stroking my cheek. “And I’ll do it just the way you want. Tonight is about you.” Slowly, with each word, he position himself on top of me, slowly crawling up my body before my hand shot out, stopping him before he could connect our lips. 

“No Justin. I want to do this. I wanna be in charge.”

Justin was surprised by my confidence, but nonetheless smirked and sat off my body. “Well, lead the way princess.”

Quickly, I placed the many packets of candy on the floor, and shuffled forward to place myself over top Justin, straddling his lap. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” He offered.

“Okay, what turns on a guy? How do I start?”

“Well,” Justin began, licking his lips. “For starters, every guy is different so I wont say this will work for sure, but for me, I love it when a girl is confident. Like you.” A blush founds its way onto my face, causing justin to smirk. 

“Try starting with a little grinding.” Justin informed. His hands suddenly grasped each hip, gripping the flesh tenderly as he began rolling them around his crotch. “Move like this.”

Moving in sync to his hands, I circled my hips, rubbing down onto his area until I could feel him standing against me. 

“Damn baby. Your really good.” He moaned. 

Brushing back my hair,  I continued to roll against him until I was satisfied with the hard on I had currently given him. At this point he was practically a grunting mess, eyes squeezed shut as he sat back and enjoyed the show I was putting on.

“Now what?” I questioned.

Justin’s eyes slowly squinted open through some conflict and eyed me breatlhlessly, “Well, you’ve turned me on that’s for sure. At this point you have a choice. You can tease him a bit with a blowjob or just get straight into it".

“I know how to do blowjobs do I don’t need any practice at that.”

“Then guess we’re getting straight to the dirty part.” Justin smirked. Before I knew what had even hit me, Justin’s hands shot out towards me and in a matter of seconds, my shirt - along with my bra - was on the floor.

Instantly as instinct, my hands shot over towards my breast, hovering over the exposed and hardened nip in attempt to hide myself. Justin has seen me naked before so I really don’t understand where this sudden shyness came from - but I guess this just seemed a little more intimate then the other times.

Justin shook his head, his hand approaching mine, just slightly brushing over the skin before grabbing a hold of my wrist gently prying it off.

“Don’t hide. Your absolutely beautiful.”

My cheeks flushed red as my arm was removed and placed down at my side. Justin suddenly leant forward, placing his lips down on the skin between my neck and collar bone.

“absolutely beautiful.” He repeated, this time quieter.

My head rolled back in pleasure after feeling the graze of his teeth on my neck. This was becoming way more then practice - and is it bad that I didn’t mind?

“Justin.” I moaned.

This one word sent both Justin and I over the edge. He suddenly jumped up, pinning me underneath him then quickly yanked my denim jeans down until they were pooling around my ankles.

His fingers crawled up my legs, meeting my thigh before stopping right at the waist band of my lace underwear.

Slowly sliding his fingers under the waistband, a shiver ran up my spine at the feeling of his cold fingers making contact with my sensitive nub.

His fingers whirled and spun magics against me, and after a simple few minutes I was a panting mess.

“Has anyone ever touched you like this?” Justin rasped into my ear. “Has anyone ever made you pant? Made you so wet that I could do this with ease.”

And suddenly, a force and feeling of fullness had taken over, running throughout my whole lower stomach as two fingers slid into me with no hesitation. My eyes widened, back arching into Justin’s chest until I had both arms wrapped around his neck.

“Does it feel good?” He questioned, pumping in and out of my tight heat.

My head shook up and down quickly, not being able to Let any words slip from my mouth at the feeling of mass pleasure. The feelings of my juices not only pumping in and out along with Justin’s finger - but dripping down my leg, dissolving into the bed sheets.

Justin’s fingers sped up for a good couple of seconds, soon slowing down before fastening one more time. Repeating this motion multiple times - it was as if a sudden switch had flicked inside my mind, as I spun around and positioned myself on top of Justin, his wet and slick finger falling out of me.

“My turn.” I growled.

Before I even knew it, I had removed my underwear along with the shorts and Calvin’s of Justin, positioning myself on top of his erect dick.

With Justin positioned lying underneath me, and myself hovering over Justin with one of his hand resting on my cheeks, my lip fell in between my teeth in anticipation. It was all finally happening.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Justin questioned, all seriousness present in his eyes.

My focus flickered up to his face, spotting the lust hidden behind his orbs and instantly lowered myself onto him as an answer.

Justin growled sexily, a whimper escaping me at the burning sensation shooting through my Entire pelvis.

“Is it hurting?” Justin asked once I had settled his whole length inside me.

My head shook up and down slightly, my lip caught between my teeth worried that if I opened my mouth a cry of pleasurable pain would escape involuntarily.

“Do you want me stop?”

“No.” I quickly replied. “It hurts. But I feels really good.”

And soon I was moving just to prove that I could handle his length. It started slow and painful before soon, the pain had mostly subsided leaving me with a mass amount of pleasure.

My speed quickened as my high began approaching. Panting and breathless grunts filling the room as i continued.

“Oh fück baby girl.” He growled. “You said it’s your first time? i think you might of lied. Feels so good damn.”

“Shit Justin.”

Sweat layering my body, hair clinging to my face. Thrusting faster And faster to approach my high. And that was quickly approached, especially when Justin reached over and gripped my ass.

My vision went blurry, eyes widening in shock as my first and probably most forceful high to ever be given by a guy over racked my body.

The feeling of Justin slipping out of me, watching as he pumped himself aggressively until white streaks of cum had shot up and landed straight on my stomach was too hot handle. And as my high subsided I was left panting on his arms.

“I’ve never came that fast before.” Justin said. “Was it good?” His eyes met mine, sincerity laced between tired orbs.

“Amazing.” I smiled, cuddling my arm to nestle it on his cheek. “Couldn’t have asked for better.”

Our lips met suddenly, alarming me slightly. Wasn’t this technically cheating?


“Yeah baby?” He asked, placing wet kisses down my already bruised shoulder.

“I think I have feelings for you.”

His actions halted, eyes meeting mine. Worry flooded every inch of my body as I anticipated his reaction. Should I have just confessed that?

“Me too.”

And before we knew it, we were attacking each other in loving and joyful kisses.

SUMMER (Bellamy x Reader)  

Request: Can you do a bellamy x reader where the reader is Octavia’s best friend and she’s at her house over the summer playing in her pool and Octavia’s hot college brother decides to join in and takes quite a liking to the reader. Smut pls

warning: NSFW


The sun pricks your skin, the hot rays engulfing you in a warm bath. You sit opposite your best friend at her house in her backyard. Out of the two of you, Octavia is the only one who has a pool among other expensive things in this mansion she calls home. “Get up. We’re going in.” You smile to Octavia. She sits up, her hand blocking the sun from her narrow eyes.

 "It’s gonna be cold.“ She whines, eyeing the blue water that matches her eyes.

“It’s gonna be fun.” You retort, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Ugh, fine. Only because you’re my best friend.” She rolls her eyes playfully, standing up beside you. You chuckle at her, wondering if you applied enough sunscreen. Oh well. If the sun wants to leave burns on your skin then so be it - if anything it’ll be a memory of this hot, summer day you’re spending with the best person in the world. The bright blue of the water sparkles onto your feet as you step into the calm ripples, Octavia beside you yet still out of the pool. Once you’re in, O just watches you from the outside wondering how you can survive in such a cold pool. 

 "Little sister!“ 

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anonymous asked:

30- The8

30. First time having sex against a mirror

I’m honestly not sure about this but I hope you find it enjoyable ♥

Having sex against a mirror hadn’t particularly crossed your mind until one night with Minghao when you had had sex at your place for the first time, and you had caught him staring into the mirror you had up on the wall. He had been practically hypnotized by the sight, and while you didn’t know what exactly he was focusing on, you could easily tell he enjoyed it.

There was no mistake in the way his grip on your hip had gotten tighter and the desperation in his thrusts had increased.

When that happened the second time a few nights later, you looked at Minghao playfully while he continued thrusting into you, and you caught his attention by tugging at his hair lightly. He turned to look at you, his eyes hooded and lips parted with heavy breaths slipping through them. A smirk spread to your lips, and you were barely able to hold your moans back enough to speak.

“I see you looking at the mirror a lot. Do you want to fuck me against one or something?”

Your straight-forward words had him groaning as he hid his face in the crook of your neck and nearly whined. “Yes.”

And with that and some more talking about it later, it was set, and the next weekend you were dancing at a small practice room of a dance studio. At first you actually danced, too, since both of you were keen on learning the choreography, but to you it was more of a foreplay with the very suggestive moves, immense amount of touching each other and all that.

Two hours into dancing, you were both slightly out of breath and Minghao’s hand was casually on your breast as he stood behind you, your ass pressed firmly to his crotch, where his hard-on was already prominent. He swallowed and eyed you hungrily through the mirror in front of you. “I just…” His other hand moved from your waist to between your legs, and Minghao swallowed again when he felt you shiver. “…want to see how good you’d look through that mirror while I fuck you.”

The corners of your mouth tugged into a grin as you stared right back at him through the mirror, practically challenging him with your gaze. You played with his hair and placed your other hand on top of his on your breast, biting your lip in excitement. “Let’s do it.”

His face showed surprise for a mere second, but not much longer he was smirking and kissing your neck while slowly moving both of you closer to the mirror, until you were pressed against it, sighing contently.

“You know I love dancing with you,” he said huskily by your ear while sliding your top up, so that he could also slide your bra up enough to cup them, “but god, it’s never ended this nicely.”

Your breathing grew heavier as well when Minghao teased your nipples while playing with your breasts, all the while grinding against your ass. With your cheek pressed against the cool mirror, you slid one of your hands to his crotch so that you could palm him. “I agree. But you know what?”

Minghao hummed curiously and got the hem of your shirt underneath your bra above your breasts so that it was held up, before sliding one of his hands down your body to tease the waistband of your leggings.

Barely able to keep your voice steady when his slender, long fingers began sliding into your pants and underwear, you still grinned. “It’ll only get better.”

With that, you slid your hand fully into his pants and bit your lower lip when you felt just how wet he was, on top of being hard and more than willing to just fuck you already. Minghao let out a quiet moan against the skin of your neck and bucked into your hand.

Fairly soon he concluded that your leggings were just too tight, and so he pushed them down along with your panties enough for him to be able to get his fingers where you both really wanted them to be - between your legs.

You whimpered when his fingers slid between your lower lips, lightly squeezing your already slightly swollen clit between them as they moved straight to your core, dripping with your arousal.

“Damn, you’re wet,” Minghao rasped to your ear and slid a finger into you. You sighed contently, but held a smug grin on your face.

“Funny you say that, because I’m surprised you didn’t have a wet spot on your sweatpants with how wet you are,” you laughed, but bit down on your lower lip when Minghao continued fingering you, soon adding a second long finger, which had your hips bucking against the digits.

He chuckled and nibbled the skin of your shoulder lightly. “If it helps, my boxers do have a spot - a big one.”

Shaking your head, you giggled and twisted your wrist a little, running your palm over the sensitive head of Minghao’s cock, which earned you a hiss from him. “Oh, I know.”

It didn’t take long for both of you to be ready, however, so it wasn’t much later that Minghao was pushing his pants down and grabbing a condom from his pocket. You quirked your eyebrow at that, and he smiled a bit sheepishly.

“I-I always carry one,” he muttered, and when you could easily name a few other occasions where he had had an “emergency condom” on him, you decided to just let it slide.

He was simply the type to always be prepared, and in all honesty you couldn’t say you wouldn’t have been grateful.

Once he had put the condom on and you guided him to your entrance, you finally let out a content sigh as you moved your hips back a little, feeling him slide into you. Minghao grunted and held your hip steadily, pushing in completely in one swift thrust that made you moan as you leaned against the mirror, one hand on it and one on Minghao’s hip.

“Fuck,” you whimpered and pushed against your boyfriend almost desperately, only to have him chuckle quietly against your neck, his breathing heavy.

“Look at yourself,” he whispered, eyes glued on the mirror on your left, and nearly purred at the sight. “You’re so beautiful, baby.”

You turned to look that way as well, and found yourself clenching around Minghao when you saw it all - his hips connected to yours, your leggings down to your knees and his hand holding one of your breasts snugly.

He chuckled and leaned in to kiss your cheek. “I knew you’d like it, too.”

Even as he began thrusting into you, you were unable to tear your eyes off your reflection. Moans slipped through your lips one after another, and there was something about the coolness of the mirror against your cheek and nipple that wasn’t in Minghao’s hand that only turned you on more. You looked hungrily at how his cock would occasionally be visible through the mirror, only to push back into you right afterwards, hitting so many good spots inside of you.

Slowly, Minghao moved his eyes to the mirror in front of you and swallowed hard when he saw you from the angle, your free breast squished against the mirror a little. He grunted and began sliding his hand down from your breast, only for you to grab it and shoot him a glare. “Don’t you dare.”

He chuckled and returned his hand to your breast, at which you nodded approvingly and even moaned when he rolled your nipple under the pad of his forefinger, and moved his hand from your hip instead. It slid to your clit with ease, and you whined when his middle finger found your nub, swollen, hypersensitive and oh, so wet.

“Yes,” you breathed as he began rubbing your clit in time with his thrusts, his hips rolling perfectly and your hand on his hip tightening its grip. You could already feel your orgasm building up inside of you, and you knew it wouldn’t take much for it to crash over you.

Minghao breathed by your ear, his breath hot and heavy and giving you goosebumps, and his grunt definitely went straight to your core. Your face contorted in pleasure, your mouth open in a silent cry and your eyebrows furrowing a little, and he groaned at the sight. “You look so damn hot like that, baby. Fuck, I can tell you love it.”

You nodded desperately as your orgasm began approaching you faster and faster, and whimpered when Minghao just continued complimenting you, telling you how amazing you felt and looked. Whining, you dug your nails into his hip and balled your free hand that was resting against the window into a fist. “F-fuck me a bit harder, I’m so close–”

Obeying readily, he delivered you a few sharp, hard thrusts that, along with everything else, threw you over the edge, with a high-pitched moan falling from your parted lips. He breathed heavily and chased his own orgasm that he reached a moment later, his eyes still locked on your reflection.

Minghao placed a series of slow, wet kisses along your shoulder, his hands still on your breast and clit as his hips continued moving slowly against you. “So, so beautiful…”

You panted and slowly let your hand fall off from his hip and took it to the mirror instead, your legs quivering a little and your heart beating erratically. “Well, that was… wow.”

Minghao chuckled and kissed your neck while moving his hands away from your breast and clit, after which he took your bra and shirt down and patted your covered chest. “Wow’ is about right.”

Snorting, you nodded and winced a little when he pulled out of you. While he went to take the condom away, hiding it well in the bin of the practice room, you leaned against the mirror, still trying to get your composure back. It wasn’t exactly an easy task: your pussy was still soaked and pulsated a little from your orgasm, but you felt also really sated albeit blown away.

Swallowing hard, you nodded at the direction of Minghao’s training bag. “Could you bring me a tissue?”

Grinning, he grabbed his pack and brought it to you, stealing a kiss from you while handing it to you. “Anything for my girl.”

“It’s just tissues,” you mumbled with a blush rising to your cheeks, but smiled either way and leaned against Minghao when he wrapped his arms around you.

You could already tell it wouldn’t be your last time having sex with a mirror nearby, whether you’d be pushed against one or just looking into one, and you knew you didn’t mind in the least. Being able to see yourself and him while having sex added a nice thrill to it that you’d have to try again, and not just once.

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Calling The Shots (Sami Zayn Imagine)

Sami Zayn x Reader
Warning: Smut. Power Play (kind of dom/sub). Deep Throating. Marking.
A/N:  Had this idea for a while, a dommy Sami in the way I actually see him and not in the warped way I’ve seen done. I like the way it turned out. For @sunshinesamizayn
     Tagged; @celestialsami @livingthestrongstyle @tatyanawaka @lclb13 @shadow-of-wonder @kurominonsense @kelstenkiara @sietefinns @castielscamander @oraclegazes @socyd @lindseyrae20 @eliza-kitty-cat @daintymissdevitt @princess3733 @nickysmum1909 @50shadesofadamcolebaybay @raphaelvavasseur @alexahood21 @unepetitecrise @grey-acefinn @gts-widow @fightblissfight @caramara3 @rainfoxx13 @hiitsmecharlie @widow-png @racheo91 @moxtiel @blondekel77  @fallavvay @wrestlinghasruinedmylife @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @totorototo-ro @grappling-giraffe@sunshinesamizayn @devittslegos
~2100 words

It had always veered on the edge of romantic with you and Sami.

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library — selena gomez.

“Selena…” I murmur warningly, sliding her hand off my leg. I was trying my best to study for the upcoming exam, but she seemed to be having none of it. 

“C'mon, baby, it’ll be hot…” She whines softly, batting her lashes at me. I bite my lip and shake my head, trying to focus on the words written across the textbook. I didn’t need to be banned from the library for public sex.

Selena looks around, making sure that judgy old librarian wasn’t around before leaning down to press her lips to my neck. I gasp quietly, though try to ignore her as best as I could. Perhaps if I pretended nothing was happening, she would quit.

I was so, very wrong. She only continued to suck at the skin of my neck, teeth sinking in and harshly biting it. I whine, huffing silently as I shut the textbook and get up from my chair. Selena looks at me in confusion, and I motion for her to stand as well before taking her wrist and dragging her to a secluded section of the books.

“What are you—” I shut her up by smashing my lips against hers, causing a groan to escape her. She eagerly kisses me back, her hands tangling themselves in my hair instantly. I slam her body against the bookshelf, watching as it rattled a bit before going back to kissing her, my teeth sinking into her bottom lip and tugging at it a bit before releasing it. 

“You’re such a fucking slut, Sel.” I murmur against her skin as I kiss my way down her jaw and to the exposed skin on her neck. She whimpered at the contact, my teeth sinking into her olive skin like it was nothing. I had never been one to play nice with Selena. 

My hands crawl under her silk blouse, loosely held up by spaghetti straps as I found her tits. I was happily surprised by the fact that she didn’t have a bra underneath, and tucked the thought in my mind so I could punish her later for it. I took one of her nipples between my thumb and index finger, rolling the little nub until it hardened under my touch, repeating the action with her other nipple. 

“How wet are you right now, Selena?” I purr into her ear, sliding my palms down her bare skin, dipping them into the hem of her skirt. 

“So fucking wet, baby. I’ve been thinking of your fingers in my cunt all day.” She whimpered as my digits made contact with her clit through the soaked fabric of her panties, bucking her hips up. I rub the little bundle of nerves through her panties, teasing her. Selena whines in protest, her eagerness to get fucked highly visible.

Deciding to be a little lenient with her since she was so sexy when she was turned on, I slipped her panties down her legs, letting the pool at her ankles while I teased her slick folds. Selena whimpered at the contact, trying her best to get some kind of pressure to help her out. 

“P-please don’t tease.” She whines out, and I chuckle, glancing around to make sure no librarians or citizens were around to catch us. 

“Beg for it, babygirl.” I whisper in her ear, gently nibbling on the skin. 

“Please, please.” She whines. “I want your fingers deep in my cunt, baby, I want you to pound me until I squirt everywhere. Need you to stretch out my tight little pussy and fuck me like the whore I am.”

I obliged, sliding two fingers into her instantly. I didn’t give her any time to adjust to being stretched out, instantly pumping my fingers in and out of her at lightning speed. Selena’s legs spread even more to get a better angle, get me deeper into her slutty cunt. Her moans slowly became louder, above a whispering level, so I had to cover her mouth with my free hand. 

“You have to keep quiet if you want me to keep fucking you, baby.” I coo, curling my digits up to hit her sweet spot. She cries out when I do, and I look at her with a warning gaze, stopping my actions momentarily. 

“Are you gonna be quiet?” I ask, and she nods eagerly, dying for me to continue my actions. I began to move my fingers inside of her once more, adding a third to continue to stretch her out. I mercilessly ram at her sweet spot, feeling her clench around my fingers. She was so very close. 

I pulled out when she was near climax, and she lets out a whine at the loss of contact, looking at me with her puppy eyes. I chuckle, turning her over and bending her the slightest so she leaned against the shelf. Sliding her skirt up, a view of her plump ass came to me, and I eagerly gripped at the skin.

My hand smacked her ass, earning a moan from her. I repeated my action, getting down not my knees and spreading her asscheeks apart to see her cunt, in all its dripping glory. Leaning forward, my lips latched onto her clit, sucking at the little bundle of nerves. 

“My baby always tastes so good.” I comment, running my digits along her slick folds. My tongue soon follows, taking one long lick at her cunt. I slightly dig my nails into her hips to remind her to keep quiet as I begin to deliver kitten licks to her cunt, eagerly lapping up her juices. 

My tongue circles her hole, teasingly slipping into it before going out. I did this multiple times before I began to fuck her with my tongue, my free hand kneading her clit vigorously. 

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna come.” She whines out through gritted teeth, trying her best to be silent. I slip my fingers into her pussy, pounding the tight little hole until she came, squirting all over my fingers and the library floor. I lapped up what I could, her cum dribbling down my chin as I ate her out through her high. 

“Excuse me!” We hear all of a sudden, and I turn my head to see an old lady in front of us, about ready to have a heart attack. Selena pulls her panties up and the two of us instantly take off running, laughs escaping our lips. 

A/N: I know this is very late, and I’m so very sorry, I really am, but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless, babies!