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when I get home today, I'm going to draw a reference up for all the mafia!au kids. I know requests are closed, but could you put all the outfit ideas for each member in a post or something so it's easier to access? thanks so much if you do this 😘

~Okay well sorry this took so dang long! I really love seeing you guys come up with your own ideas for how you imagine them in this?? But I don’t mind sharing how I envision them!


The pants are wrong. But i cant find a photo that works. Imagine the looser, rolled-up slacks that are more 20′s fashion. And finger-less gloves! 



Okay minus robe in that left pic hahahaha but, suit and that scarf. It seems so…actor-ish and dramatic like I can totally see him like this haha. He does wear just plain suits as well, though.


I’ve uploaded another ref photo of her as well but here’s something else I could see her in!


But the trench coat would be brown, not black.


Yes. A cane. He always has it.

Flamey Crafts - Dragon Scale Glove Prototype

Not counting days here because depression is killing drive and also I’m just fucking around doing my own thing which makes me quit for hours, or even days at a time because I feel insecure. I don’t forge my own path often.

I’m adapting my dragon scale finger-less gloves for sale. I have a pair of my gloves and they’re REALLY hard to use for anything more than looks, so I decided to add a flat palm which…is really hard. Like scales go in a round because they’re always moving so I have to do every other row backwards when I’m doing a flat half.

But honestly even these gloves are hard to manuver, so I’m going to try another prototype with all half, which will be hard but I think look the best and work the best. I’m going to try in this metalic yarn I have that doesn’t come apart as easy as this yarn, which I mostly did to see how the color change would look in the scales.

I think the yarn looks good. Once I get a pattern down, I think this can turn out well.

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( ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ: what is your favorite animal?

American Opossum/ Possum

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White faces. Little finger less glove hands. Opens mouth when frightened or agitated. Passes out from being overwhelmed or extreme stress ‘playing dead’. Immune to rabies because their body temperature is to high. Eats trash. Carries babies on back. ‘Free cat!!!’ meme. Puppy noses.

I also love Bats and tigers. : T )

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Combat boots crunch and slide over packed snow.  “Greetings and salutations,” she mumbles, approaching her drug dealer.  If you looked at Athena, you would never really guess she doled out drugs to the high school potheads and hoodrat addicts. Ivy almost felt safe buying from the adorable, little blonde. She thought that no cop would ever suspect a thing…

“Can I buy a gram of green?” She’s shoving her finger-less glove clad hands into her ratty winter jacket, searching for her twenty. “O-Oh, and some Vicodin?”

So I’ve just started watching Steven Universe and I gave in and decided to make a gemsona/oc. Her gem is a Diamond (because its my birthstone). Her gems are on the back of each wrist (next to the back of the hand like where your watch goes) on a pair of finger-less gloves. She has an ISTP personality and shes really laid back and tomboy. BTW the thing on the back of her head is a tiny pony tail ^-^

An alternate take on the TMNT. The age-old challenge of trying to differentiate 4 characters who started out as pretty much the same character. And yes, I gave them pants (and put Donnie in ‘athletic’ skinny jeans)

“Leonardo: Sports pants, arm greaves, and shoulder pads.  Mostly for sword protection.  I started with him and made him the "default” off of which the others are based, as I consider him the balance between the three of his brothers (i.e. the “Mario”)

Donatello: Tall and skinny (following TMNT2012). Least likely to leave the lair, most likely to tinker around the garage, hence the jeans, and finger-less work gloves-I realized that it would be a great contrast if there was at least one turtle who didn’t wear gloves. Also carries a satchel containing all the gear the turtles take on their missions. Raph and Mikey make fun of him for it, but then turn right back around when he has something they need in the bag (like smoke bombs, throwing stars/rocks, mission parameters tablet, and/or pigeon puppet).  

Oddly enough, Donnie takes inspiration from Mikey when building gear for turtles; sure, it sounds stupid when Mikey says it, but it looks really cool when Donnie actually builds it!

Also: Metal Bo Staff (taken from *sigh* the 2014 movie).  Like Peter Parker’s webshooters, sure, it provides some tension when Donnie keeps breaking his primary weapon (and can lead for some great improvisation, like Raph did in the pilot when he broke it and used the pieces as escrima sticks), but, like how “Oh no! I’m out of webs” eventually gets old, so does “Oh Sewer-apples! There goes my Bo-staff!”  Plus a telescoping staff can become a lot of different things, so there’s that!

“Raphael: Short and Stocky (again, following TMNT2012) I wanted to push the stockiness, hence the gun show. Raph’s favorite fictional character is Ryu from Street fighter (who’s constant drive for self-improvement is something Raph admires and aspires to), who he emulates by ripping his martial arts pants, and constantly wearing sparring arm gear.  Raph overcompensates because he feels inadequate compared to his brothers: Leo, the disciplined teacher’s pet, Donnie, the smart technical prodigy, and Mikey, the gifted but lazy goofball.  Its what drives a lot of his issues, but he’s almost as protective of them as Splinter is.”

“Michaelangelo: Short and Skinny. I know they were all "born at the same time,” but I wanted to emphasize Mikey’s age and immaturity in comparison to his brothers. Hence he’s the “little brother” (Leo-> Donnie, Raph -> Mikey). Mikey wears skate shorts and sandals for obvious (if slightly stupid)reasons.  Mikey’s natural athleticism translates well to ninjutsu, but even better to extreme sports, which he prefers (much to Splinter’s consternation), as he feels it allows him to be more creative.  He also finds himself at odds with his brothers’ hangups  enough at times (Leo’s discipline, Raph’s rage, Donnie’s aloofness) that he longs to find friends outside them, hence their initial foray (which Mikey instigated by sneaking out against Splinter’s orders, and the others following him)“

Things I think about way too much… What do you think?

Lucky ran around town, her black hair with green stripes tied in pigtails. With a black crop top, and black shorts. Black and green striped thigh high socks, and elbow length finger less gloves. Black combat boots hitting the cement hard. Her green eyes shining through her black mask. “GET BACK HERE JINX.”