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A Promise to You

Pairing(s): Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak

Warnings: none. literally none - are y’all proud?

a/n: why do i keep writing short fics?? i hate myself??



Eddie giggled, his fingers gently curled around the warm palms covering his eyes. The room smelled wonderful; like sweets, vanilla candles, and Richie. He took blind steps, putting the entirety of his faith into his boyfriend’s hands. But, for once, anxiety did not rage in his body - he felt content, giddy even, just to have Richie so close to him.

“No peeking, Spaghetti Head!”

Richie practically radiated with enthusiasm and passion, and it made Eddie’s heart flutter.

“How am I supposed to peek with your big, fat hands on my face?”

Richie let out one of this contagious laughs, and although Eddie couldn’t see him, his lips also tugged up. Together, they took a few more steps before coming to a stop. Eddie was bouncing with anticipation, his fingers gripping Richie’s hands with slightly more pressure.

“Okay, my dear Eddie, are you ready to be romanticized?”

Eddie let out a snort, “You don’t have a romantic bone in your body, Richie Tozier.”

“You’re going to eat your words, Kaspbrak.”

Before another word could be said, Richie removed his hands. Eddie let out a gasp, his heart practically leaping in his chest as he saw the setup Richie had planned. Lit candles lined the dining table, which had been covered by a beautiful red cloth that looked incredibly similar to a bedsheet. Also residing on the table, a well-cooked dinner completed with spaghetti, meatballs, and baked bread. Soft music played in the background to finish off the sickening cliche setting.

“Oh, Richie,” Eddie spoke quietly, “Did you cook all of this?”

“Absolutely not. Stan truly is the man.”

Richie dramatically approached the table, pulling the chair out for Eddie and taking a large bow.

“Mi’lady,” he announced in a posh voice, “We are doing this full Lady and the Tramp style.”

He grinned as Eddie threw his head back with a laugh. Eddie took a seat, gripping the edges as Richie attempted to push the chair back in. He let out a long slur of curse words, pressing his body against the back of the wooden chair.

“You weigh like 10 fuckin’ pounds, why can’t I move this chair?”

Eddie glanced down at the floor to see what the chair was stuck on. As he did, Richie stopped trying to move him. Eddie gasped, eyes locked on the small box propped up against the leg of his seat. He realized Richie had been doing what he does best - putting on a show.

“Rich,” He leaned down to grab the box, but Richie beat him to it.

Eddie looked back at his boyfriend, who was now on one knee with the small box sitting perfectly in his palm. His eyes welled up with tears as Richie pulled the top open, Eddie’s mouth gaped out but no words came out.

“This isn’t a proposal, my sweet Eds, so don’t freak out.” Eddie let out a small laugh, hands covering his mouth, “I know you’re worried about going to college, about what will happen to us - so this is my promise to you.” Richie’s free hand enveloped Eddie’s shaking one, “I promise to never stop trying, even if you go to New York and I don’t. I promise to call you every night and send you nudes every chance I get (“beep beep, richie”) so you won’t forget the hot bod that’s waiting for you at home. I promise not to see the new Star Wars movie without you, and I will DVR every episode of that dumb show you like so much. But, most of all, Spaghetti, I promise to love you unconditionally until the end of time.”

Eddie cried even harder as Richie slid the thin golden band onto his ring finger, his other hand still cupping his mouth. Richie grinned at his boyfriend, who was staring down at the ring like it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

“You’re such a fucking sap, Richie Tozier!” Eddie laughed through his tears, grasping the older boy’s shirt collar and pulling him close to embrace him.

Richie smiled again, “You love the sappiness, don’t deny it.”

“You’re right.” Eddie agreed, his head stuffed in Richie’s neck, “I do. I love it - I love you.”

“I love you, too, Eds. So much.”

The position was awkward; Richie sat up on his knees, arms snug around Eddie’s waist - while the latter sat perched on the end of his wooden chair, hands fisted around Richie’s shirt to hold him impossibly close - but neither wanted to move.

The band weighed heavily on Eddie’s finger - sitting foreign, and he loved it. The feeling of it was almost enough to make him full on sob. His heart swelled in his chest until it sat almost uncomfortably, a warm euphoria soaking into his bones.

“Do you have one, too?” he asked, twisting one of Richie’s curls between his fingers, “A ring?”

Richie pulled away, pressing a sweet kiss to Eddie’s nose as he fished around in his own pants pocket. He pulled out another gold band - identical to Eddie’s - and held it up with a sheepish smile.

Eddie took the ring, gently sliding it onto Richie’s ring finger. His cheeks were still tear stained, Richie’s quickly becoming the same way, as they met in a loving kiss. Eddie’s arms circled around Richie’s neck. One kiss became two, then three - and, after the fourth, they settled for resting their foreheads together.

Eddie sensed a new type of bond, and he knew Richie did, too. He could tell by the way Richie gripped his hips, the way his fingers rubbed soft circles into his back. This was no longer some silly love - it had blossomed into a complete infatuation.

And Eddie never wanted it to end.

The promise lingering in the air - wrapped around his finger - assured him it wouldn’t.

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@trained-trainwreck it’s yo boy.

She woke to familiar fingers curling in her hair, strawberry locks draped across the pillows. Her arms shifted, curling close to that source of warmth for five more minutes – just five more minutes of blessed, uninterrupted sleep with no nightmares attached…

“It is getting long.”

Eleeria emitted a noncommittal noise, a small ball curled into Shanks’ larger form. One arm wrapped around him, the other pressed against his chest, savoring his warmth. “Mmmm….ten more minutes of sleep and then we can talk about my hair…”

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slow hands

Seokjin Bingo part 12 ♢ 3 ♢ 4 ♢ 5 ♢ 6

➢ fandom: bts
➢ pairing: seokjin x taehyung
genre: smut, angst
➢ prompt: bingo square - fingering
➢ warning: transphobia
➢ word count: 1,675
➢ notes: i’m very behind on my schedule but here’s taejin smut with transboy!tae and quietly pining!seokjin for thanksgiving! i am very thankful for kim seokjin and for all the members loving him in their own different, little ways <3


The gentle hands of a lover, the slow, mesmerizing touch of a man. Maybe that’s all Taehyung needs. Maybe that’s all he really wants.

cross-posted on ao3

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And so you got drunk with him. Even though 13-year-old you swore that you would never drink. And you sat next to him at a party with 100 other people. And you memorised his eyes and felt alive. 

And when he told a joke, you laughed. Properly laughed. Laughed so much that you could barely breathe. And when you looked up, he was still gazing at you as intently as when you’d looked away.

And at some point in the night, he reached for your hand and you let him. And you found your fingers curling around his like they knew something you didn’t. 

And you were happy. And it was like you’d never felt that kind of happiness before. And you told him clumsily, your head on his chest, “please don’t hurt me, I won’t know what to do if you do." 

And he kissed your forehead and said, "okay”. And somehow, somehow, that “okay” was enough for you.
—  Sue Zhao 


by fondleeds

With a stuttered mixture of a laugh and a groan, Harry lets his head droop, pushes his forehead against Louis’ chest and leans into him, fingers curled around the railing. 

“You’re driving me crazy,” he breathes.

Louis lets out a puff of laughter, and when Harry lifts his eyes, the look in Louis’ gaze is one he knows too well, so distinctively coy and mischievous and gently charming, his lips quirked up with a smirk. Harry’s heart falls into the palms of his playful hands. “You’re into it.”


AU. Harry plays on Saturday nights at The Motley. Louis bartends on Saturday nights at The Motley. It’s a thing.

ok so obviously we know eddie loves to lay on richie’s chest but have you ever considered:

  • richie crawling into bed and pushing eddie’s shoulder until he rolls onto his back and richie can wrap himself around eddie like an octopus
  • limbs EVERYWHERE
  • one leg hooked up over eddie’s hips, his arm draped over eddie’s stomach, his nose buried in eddie’s neck
  • richie being the little spoon
  • turning away from eddie and reaching behind himself to grab eddie’s arm and tug it over his own body
  • curling his fingers around eddie’s wrist so the smaller boy doesn’t move
  • pushing his entire back into eddie’s front when it’s cold
  • richie crashing through eddie’s window at 2am, his eye swollen shut and his lip busted
  • “can i sleep over? dad’s drunk again.”
  • eddie rearranging his pillows so he can sit up and richie can hide his face in eddie’s lap
  • richie wrapping his arms around eddie’s midsection and crying into his shirt
  • eddie petting richie’s hair and back until he calms down
  • “it’s okay, i love you, im never going anywhere.”
  • just
  • someone showing richie tozier unlimited affection bc he never gets enough
  • cuddle slut richie tozier
Sweet Dreams 💦

Originally posted by bigbadroman

Pairing: Billy x Reader

Request: Billy Smut with doggy style.

Summary: Billy sneaks into your room after an argument with his dad.

Warnings: Smut, visuals. NSFW.

Authors Note: I’ve never done one with visuals before so I hope this is okay! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately, life got a little busy but I’m still here and can’t wait to write all the request you guys have sent in. 💕💕

Tagged For: @yoinkpeter - @samuel-maurice455 - @total-fucktrash

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Marks--Billy Hargrove

Written by @rune-of-a-writer

Request: Honestly god bless you for writing for billy… it’s so hard to find stuff for him. would you be interested in writing a billy piece where he and the reader are sort of fwb and both assured the other that feelings wouldn’t develop but the reader catches feelings hard… ending can be angsty (billy doesn’t feel that way about reader/just wants sex) or fluffy (mutual admission of love lolol) I’ll let you decide THANK YOU you’re amazing ❤️❤️

Warnings: Smut, cursing

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x female!reader

Summary: You and Billy both promised each other that during your arrangement you wouldn’t grow feelings for one another. But now that you’ve broken your side of that deal, it’s getting harder by the day.

Word Count: 3,190

Listen To: Meet Me in the Hallway by Harry Styles

You had given Billy a call after waving goodbye to your parents. They were leaving for the weekend to head down to the casino for their anniversary. The second their car pulled out of the driveway you were dialing his number and telling him to come over. It was late, almost 7 o’clock— part of you wished he’d stay the night, but you knew he wouldn’t.

After calling him you rushed to the bathroom to get ready. It’d take him ten minutes to get to your house which was enough time for you. You brushed your teeth and put fresh lipstick on, fixing your pajama shorts and tank top. Once you had finished getting ready, you sat yourself down on the couch and waited for Billy to show up. You didn’t have to wait long because almost two minutes later your doorbell was ringing. Biting your lip to withhold your smirk, you got up and answered the door.

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Dean really likes the new coat.

Like, really likes it.

He likes the way it sits across Cas’ shoulders, fitted and tight but not so tight that it bunches. It tapers in, just a little, at the waist, and when Cas holds his arm in just the right way, Dean can see the holy-hot-damn curve of his bicep, lightly defined, even through the fabric.

It’s a bit longer than the old one, and it’s got this really, really damn nice flow to it when Cas walks around. There’s a weight to it.

Dean likes the fabric, too. He likes the darker colour, the way it looks next to the new, blue tie. He likes the heavier feel, the way the canvas catches on the calluses of his fingertips.

What he likes most, though, are the lapels. He likes how damn… grabbable they are. He likes – he loves – fisting his hands in them, curling his fingers into the thick fabric and yanking Cas in.

He loves holding Cas in place, just so, and kissing him within an inch of his life.

hair pulling w/ tom

this was randomly inboxed to me, anonymously and in several parts

  • Tom is definitely weak for having his hair played with
  • like sat on the sofa after a hard day and he’s sorta slouched down and your arm is across the back of the sofa and you don’t even realise that your fingers are gently running through his hair
  • but he definitely is and he’s so content he’s almost falling asleep, and it’s just so soothing and his hair is so soft and I am w e a k…

  • sometimes you’ll be lying on the bed facing each other almost a hands width apart and it’s dark except for the moonlight coming through the window and you’re whispering softly
  • and your fingers trace over his cheek and neck and then slide into his hair, gently twisting the short strands at the base of his neck and
  • he hums low in his throat and his eyes slide close and he looks so soft and you really wanna kiss him but you’re not sure if you’re there yet…

  • ooohhh… The first time you do kiss it’s hesitant because you’ve been friends for so long
  • you both feel that this is much more than just friendship but you were both comfortable with how things were that neither of you felt the need to change anything 
  • but after that first kiss you both look at each other and it’s like something snapped and kinda lunge at each other
  • the kiss is kinda desperate and his hands grip you tight and your fingers curl into his hair and you tug and he moans low in his throat omg

  • that’s when you realize his thing for having his hair played with (or tugged) and you pretty much exploit it 
  • to be fucking honest he doesn’t mind much and it doesn’t take long for you to realize YOU have a thing for playing with his hair
  • honestly most of the time it’s absentminded but you’re pretty much obsessed with his hair
  • you get all pouty when he cuts it for Chaos Walking until you realize that the shorter strands make tugging on it more forceful
  • and holy shit how hot would his moans be?
  • honestly I’m so weak for Tom and his hair and holy shit I love him. 
Not Northside Material - Part 2

Originally posted by always-klaus-forever-kol

A/N: Y’all are amazing and the support for the first part of this was awesome and I love you all so here is part 2! I hope ya still like it, the other parts are already coming together and I tells ya it gets good (I think). 

Part 1

Summary: Sweet Pea introduces himself and his friends to the new girl and it puts Jughead on edge… almost as if that was his intention.

Word Count: 2,849

Warnings: Still just Swears and Serpents

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dominqueweasley  asked:

sharing clothes prompt + andreil? good luck on exams!!

It’s not a thing.

It’s just - convenient. Or a natural result of living in each other’s pockets. The point is, there’s no reason for Matt to take one look at Neil when they’re moving back into Fox Tower and laugh.

“What?” Neil asks, though he’s mostly drowned out by Nicky’s explosive, “Thank you!”

Nicky attempts to high-five Matt, but Dan hip-checks him out of the way so hard he staggers. “Ignore them, Neil. You’re fine.”

“That’s usually his line,” Allison says. Her mouth is curled up in a smirk, her gaze coolly evaluating. She has an arm slung over Renee’s shoulders, and Renee herself is wearing a much more earnest smile. “I’m curious though, is it all And-”

She’s interrupted by Coach’s voice booming down the hall from behind them. “What are you idiots all doing in the hallway? We’re not delaying practice just because you’re all too busy yapping to unpack.”

“We’re admiring Neil’s outfit,” Nicky says, and then squeaks a little.

Andrew appears from behind Coach’s broad body, a bag over each shoulder. He looks at them all as coolly as ever before walking straight past into their room where Kevin is presumably already unpacking.

Coach looks Neil over and then snorts. “I don’t care. Get your asses into gear or you’ll be running laps till you puke tomorrow.”

That makes the Foxes scatter. Neil follows Andrew into their suite, closing the door behind him.

It’s only then that he looks down at what he’s wearing. It’s a t-shirt and jeans, both black. The shirt is a part of the Fox uniform, but it’s not like he was the only one wearing one. Renee was wearing her team hoodie, as was Matt. Anyway, he knows his outfits have been a source of contention and amusement for the Foxes in the past, but he’s hardly the only one to have ever worn something considered unusual. Allison has turned up to the Tower in both a ballgown and a giraffe onesie for a start, and that’s without even mentioning Nicky’s clothes.

Andrew is unpacking food out of one of the bags into the kitchenette. Neil says, mostly to himself, “I don’t get it.”

Andrew doesn’t look up as he says, “You’re wearing my shirt.”

“This is my shirt,” Neil replies, grabbing the hem of said shirt and pulling it away from his body to examine it. It’s definitely his shirt. He remembers washing it. It’s particularly soft, and fits him a little loosely in the way he prefers.

“You stole my shirt,” Andrew tells him, “Number 10.”

Everything the Foxes have is branded, from their training gear to the stuff they’re given to wear on campus or for media events. When Neil looks at the breast of his shirt, he notices the number three on it next to the fox print logo.

“Oh,” Neil says. “…do you want it back?”

“No,” Andrew replies.

“…okay?” It comes out like a question even though it isn’t meant to.

This time Andrew looks up, if only to give him a flat look. The effect is lessened a little by the way the look drifts, tracing over Neil’s shoulders.

“Do you like it?” Neil asks, because that kind of aimless watching tends to mean one thing. His tone is dubious, but after a moment of silence on Andrew’s part the feeling of guessing right starts to solidify in his gut. 

It’s not as though he hasn’t got used to the idea that Andrew likes things by now, and not just in terms of the things Neil does to him. It’s things about Neil himself - the shape of his legs, the sounds he makes - and Andrew might not always tell Neil those things outright, but Neil reads him very well. 

But it’s…clothes. Neil just doesn’t really get it. 

While he’s been considering it, Andrew has returned to shoving a bag of corn chips and several bottles of spirits into a cupboard. Then he stands, kicking the cupboard door shut, and walks around the little bench towards Neil.

Neil stays still, even when Andrew gets within arm’s length, even when he curls his fingers into Neil’s - his? Neil’s? - shirt and holds on, even…especially when he pulls Neil down and kisses him.

Maybe it’s kind of thing, then.

Gamer(Jungkook AMBW Smut)

I don’t know why I keep doing this to her, but I also needed to get out my frustrations with a man who just has been trying to creep in my mind. Hopefully it’s over now. Here you go @silhouetted-beauty love you sis <3 

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Keep Your Promises

A/N: Late night smut for you lovelies. Feedback is appreciated. Enjoy. ;) 

He didn’t make it easy for you to leave for work this morning. Giving you soft, wet kisses down your naked collarbone as reasons to stay. His hands not helping as they pull you tighter against him. Bare chest pressed against yours. You know how needy he is when you feel him whispering soft pleas against your skin between every kiss, coaxing you to call in and lay with him for the day. You didn’t wanna go. God you wished you could stay, but you had an important meeting you couldn’t miss.

It’s probably the same reason why he didn’t hesitate to get his hands on you before you could even set your things at the front door. Leading you to the bedroom so he could finally taste what he’s been craving, starving for, all day.

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