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Cursed Blessing

I hope @justwritingscibbles doesn’t mind me borrowing Lightiplier  for a little Dark and Light interaction. Just a short one. 

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You looked up from your pillow, Darkiplier lying beside you in a contented haze, one arm draped over you protectively.
“Dark?” you asked.
“I was wondering, why me? There’s billions of people in the world, what’s so special about me?” He tensed, hesitating before replying.


“You?” Dark scoffed, hands balling into fists, “you’re the one they sent to reign me in?” The shadowy entity was confronted with another version of himself, but the flip side of the coin. The same face and body, but a glowing warmth and a pair of snowy wings marked Light for what he was; Dark’s opposite in so many ways.
“Yes,” Light nodded, far too confidently for Dark’s liking, “And let me just say I’m terribly sorry for what’s about to happen.”

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Build A Boyfriend - Jackson

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Tuesday afternoons were eventful. Especially when you could sit back on your couch with smoothies, highly amused at your friends antics.

“Oh come on! Just let me do his hair! Just the hair I promise!”

“No Casey! You always choose the hair! You chose my boyfriends hair!”

“Yeah but it looks good doesn’t it?”

“You know what nobody asked you.” May sassed.

You took a sip from your fruit smoothie before setting it on the side table and deciding to intervene.

“Ladies ladies! Let’s solve the rationally and maturally.” You suggested watching them look at each suspiciously.

“Rock paper scissors. Ready go!” You shouted watching as they intensely began the game.

“Ha! Rock beats paper May!”

“Best two out of three!”

“That was best two out of three! I won fair and square May. I get to choose the hair.” Casey grinned victoriously at May who glared at her crossing her arms.

“Okay.” Casey muttered pushing her glasses up her nose and settled onto the brown leather cushions that sunk holding her weight comfortably.

Casey clicked around for awhile before letting out a loud dramatic gasp making you and May jump in fright.

“I just found the perfect hair color. With those eyes and that skin yes girl we are getting places.”

You exchanged a look with May who reflected your look of puzzlement.

“And voila! Your boyfriend is complete! All he needs is a name! Here you go y/n!” Casey handed you the laptop grinning at you like a kid in a candy store.

You carefully balanced the laptop on your forearm scrolling through all the changes Casey had made. Unsurprisingly. The hair was chosen as a mixture of ash and platinum blonde that was a messy, shaggy look. The eyes were chosen as a rich mixture of mocha and hazelnut. His skin was to be slightly tanned and his build toned so he could ‘pick you up and kiss you without a struggle.“ May’s words not yours. His height surprisingly wasn’t 6’ like you thought, but only 5'9”. It wasn’t a bad height and Casey had quoted “you said you wanted a boyfriend taller than you so that what you got.” You now mentally had to prepare yourself for the personality side that was chosen by the one and only May. God help you..

Mysterious, but in a sexy way. Not creepy. Loving, possessive, protective, but not too much on the possessive side. Loves to cuddle and hug. Proud of his girlfriend obviously. Can’t baggage a man who is afraid to be seen with his girl. Plates sports. Has the voice of a god. No scratch that has the voice of a god and raps like a god. Slightly husky voice works too.

You turned your eyes onto May who was on her phone with an eyebrow raised and with the are-you-being-serious-right-now look. Casey nudged May who looked up at you innocently.
You rolled your eyes as she grinned at you knowing you would leave her section alone.
You scrolled down to the end where one box was completely empty waiting for you to type in the final step to unite every aspect of the form.

Many thoughts swarmed your mind, filling with ideas like a sink fills with water. The ideas slowly trickled through your short term memory until it suddenly halted like traffic a a red light. As fast as lightning your fingers flew across the keyboard typing a seven letter name that was sticking to your memory like glue.

It was only a matter of time until he would show up at your door as preached by both May and Casey. All you had to do now was wait.

Three days. That’s how long it’s been since you submitted the form to the company. Why was it taking so long? May said it only took a few hours to two days at most. Your form wasn’t complicated in the slightest. It’s not like you asked for him to have wings and to be able to fly. You had gotten the email saying it was successfully submitted, but where was he? He should’ve arrived the other day according to the new tracker device like they had at dominoes. The boyfriends would have a remote thing per say and it would show the company where they were and the boyfriends the way to the person to made them. Once they had made it they would click the successful button and then leave the device for the company to pick up. Simple according to the email you received. But the questions circled your mind like a storm waiting to pick up speed.
So here you are pacing your room as your friends watched worriedly from the couch.

“Come sit down love. You’re gonna make a hole in the carpet.” May gently coaxed you to sit.

Taking one look at her you sighed and complied to her wishes and sat down on the couch.

“I just don’t get it. Wasn’t he supposed to be here day ago? Yesterday at the latest? Whar id something happened to him?” You whispered.

“The company would’ve emailed you about it.” May answered rubbing your back.

“What if the tracker broke? Then what?”

“The company would’ve sent people to his last location and informed you.” Casey whispered gently.

“What if….what if he isn’t coming? What if this is all fake or a sick joke?”

The girls went silent. May was the first to break the silence.

“You know it isn’t fake. You’ve seen my boyfriend.”

“Yeah but I didn’t see him delivered or even know you even did a form until you blurted the website out at lunch the other day. How do I know you aren’t lying to me?”

They were speechless which unknowing to them made you confirm your suspicions. You scoffed slightly standing up brushing off you clothes. “I need to get back to work, my break is over.”

“Y/n-” May started but you shook your head and walked out of the break room, letting the door close softly behind you.

Hours later you clocked out of work just wanting to go home and curl up on the couch and read a good book. You threw on your jacket and walked out the glass doors into the evening air of Seoul. You sighed staring at the buildings around you, unconsciously people watching. You groaned quietly as you saw a group of boys up ahead, one if then being May’s boyfriend. Oh goody.

You took a deep breath and trudged forward, intent on completely ignoring the group of boys as you secretly glanced at their faces. Out of the corner of you eye you saw a head of shaggy ash-platinum blonde hair. Your head whipped around in a double take. It was just a coincidence you thought. That website is complete bs. There’s no way that was the Jackson you thought you created. Well until he looked up and locked eyes with you. Mocha hazelnut irises bore into your y/e/c colored ones. He feigned a look if surprise before a smirk crawled onto his lips and you hated to admit it but that made him ten times hotter.

He was leaning against the wall a leather jacket across his shoulders, defining his muscles against the leather. He wore black ripped jeans that contrasted his gray shirt and tan combat boots. A cigarette hung out of his lips and his tanned hand came up to grasp it as his head tilted back slight to blow the smoke into the night air. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a device that was small enough to be a phone ad he nodded to himself before locking eyes with you again. The smirk was back as he pressed something on the screen and pocketed the device before pushing off the wall, stomping out his cigarette, and swaggering his way to you.

You felt yourself take a step back. Sure he looked like the Jackson you created, but he was still a stranger. Jacksons smirk grew in amusement with each step you took back. You took another step back and gasped as you felt your foot come in contact with air and you body began to bow in gravity’s favor. You shut your eyes waiting for the impact of the street and the possible impact of the crazy drivers of Seoul. Except you didn’t feel any impact except for the suddenly warmth that surrounded you.

“Easy baby girl. Wouldn’t want to get hurt now would we?” A deep voice whispered in your ear. You opened you eyes and jumped at the close proximity of your face to the Jackson look alike. His arms were wrapped around your waist, preventing any escape on your end.

“What cat got your tongue sweetheart?” You broke out of your day and pushed him back but he didn’t budge in the slightest.

“A thank you would be nice y/n.”

“How do you know my name?” You questioned suspiciously wiggling in his embrace.

He didn’t say anything but the small device made another appearance and what shocked you was your name and picture displayed on the screen. Jackson smiled at your surprise and he leaned in and placed a passionate kiss on your lips. He pulled away leaving you breathless and his husky voice broke the silence.

“Now that were on the same page darling, I’m Jackson if you didn’t already know. It’s lovely to meet you doll. I can tell we’re gonna get on just perfectly.”


A Man in Smart Clothing ~ A Markiplier Ego Fanfic

WATCH THE VIDEO “A MOUSE IN WOLF’S CLOTHING” BEFORE READING THIS IT WILL HELP WITH CONTEXT 👌This is based off a beautifully awesome idea from @amazingmsme which is gonna have a TON of hilarity and also MUCH TICKLES FOR THE EMO BOI 😜 LETSA GO!

When a day starts calmly you just KNOW it’s going to end up the exact opposite, it’s a strange concept but I can assure you that it exists. Dark knew this, he knew it and he accepted it but that didn’t stop him from hating it, he wasn’t a big fan of uncertainty. He’d been alone all morning and all lunchtime, not a sign of another soul….something was afoot.

‘I’ll bet you anything that I’m right!’

‘But…how can you be sure he’ll….’

Dark’s head shot up at the sound of whispering voices entering the living area, he furrowed his brows as Wilford and Bim paced in together as they discussed something heatedly. Dark narrowed his eyes as they quietened at the sight of his presence, Bim sent Wilford an anxious look to which he only rolled his eyes and tugged him along by his jacket sleeve. Stalking straight over to where Dark was sat.


Dark sighed as Wilford addressed him pointedly, Dark sank into his chair furthur as he regarded both men carefully.


The latter smiled nervously, eyes darting between the two other egos.

'What do you want?’

Wilford rubbed his hands together as he cleared his throat, in some sort of an attempt to project seriousness.

'Okay so, this is gonna sound a bit random-’

'Wilford…everything that’s ever come out of your mouth has been random, there’s no point in warning me now.’

Bim snickered as Wilford sent Dark a light glare, he chuckled briefly before gesturing for the moustached to continue.

'Basically….we need you to scream.’

Dark blinked a few times as Wilford stared at him.

'You need me to….what?’

Wilford sighed exasperently as Bim grinned with amusement.


Dark donned a slightly bewildered expression, flicking his eyes between Wilford and Bim as his face scrunched with his confusion.

'Whatever for?!’

He exclaimed, Wilford waved his hands as he dismissed Dark’s confusion.

'Look we’ll tell you after, can ya just do it?’

Dark let out a light laugh, he shook his head as he stood from his chair. He was not in the mood to deal with Wilford’s incessently annoying quirks.


Dark spoke firmly as he started walking away, he heard Wilford make a noise of surprise before he shuffled to stand in front of him.

'C'mon Dark, it’s just a noise! You’ve only gotta do it onc-’

'I’m not catering to your stupid little whims Wilford.’

Dark tried to swerve round him, but Wilford side-stepped so he couldn’t get past. Dark gritted his teeth and glared at the man’s determined demeanour.

'Wilford get out of my way.’

He tried to swerve again, but Wilford only copied his movements with a gentle, yet heavily amused glint in his eyes.


Bim watched the interaction practically on tip-toe, he shivered at the electricity that seemed to surround the two men as they stood face to face. Dark was almost snarling as his hands balled into fists at his sides.

'I am not going to scream.’

Wilford snickered as he raised an eyebrow, he sighed resignedly.

'I guess I’ll have to make you scream then-’

Wilford and Dark both furrowed their eyebrows at the sound of a light, sudden snort followed by a giggle; they both turned to see Bim covering his mouth with an embarrassed and slightly mortified expression. Wilford gaped lightly.

'Really Bim? Really?’

Bim stammered and Dark had to fight off a tiny grin at his outburst, Wilford folded his arms with a slightly incredulous look.

'Sohorry Ihi’m sorry….’

Bim bit on his bottom lip as Dark looked back to Wilford, he smiled as he started to side-step him; Dark evidently thought he was too distracted by Bim’s sudden interruption to notice. But…he was wrong.

'Oh no ya don’t!’

Dark grunted as Wilford reached forward and grabbed his forearms before he wrestled him to the carpeted floor, Dark’s unpreparedness was his downfall as Wilford ended up perched on his thighs. He turned to Bim who was still stood with an embarrassed grin.

'Hey Mr Euphamism, are ya gonna help me out here?!’

Bim giggled bashfully as he wandered over, Dark tried to tug at his arms as Wilford passed them to Bim but his grip was just as strong. Soon they were above his head and Wilford looked over the set-up with a satisfied grin.


Dark glared at the pair of them, Bim gulped gently and avoided his gaze as Wilford chuckled amusedly.

'Wilford this isn’t funny!’

'Uh…I think it is! Now then, down to business….’

Wilford cracked his knuckles with a look of deft mischief, he wiggled his fingers in the air and revelled in Dark’s brief flicker of fear. Dark was fearful because of how Wilford knew him very well in certain ways….like how to make him scream, for instance. Dark clamped his mouth shut as the fingers descended onto his sides, scratching light and fast.

'You p-piece ohof shi-hit….’

Dark’s lips were quivering in the form of a small smile as Wilford traced over his shirt, a devious smirk in place.

'Come on, don’t you hold out on me now!’

Wilford spoke, almost repimandingly as he suddenly squeezed Dark’s belly, this effectively made him erupt into loud cackles.


Dark squirmed and jumped as Wilford’s fingers probed every inch of his belly, sweeping over his waistline teasingly; the moustached man crowed triumphantly.

'Aha! Now we’re starting to get somewhere!’

Bim was slightly shocked at Dark’s intense reactions, but he too revelled in it gleefully as Dark replied scathingly.


Wilford giggled as he showed no signs of letting up. Bim meanwhile, was grinning happily as he saw the joy spread across Dark’s monochrome complexion; he giggled as Dark thrashed when Wilford’s index finger delved into his navel.

'Wow Dark, you’re really ticklish aren’t you?’

A strangled noise flew from Dark’s throat as he heard the gentle tease flow through Bim’s innocent voice, as a result he couldn’t even muster up the courage to look at him as he replied.


Wilford laughed as he turned to Bim momentarily.

'That was a nice touch there Trimmer.’


Bim grinned as he continued to spectate, Wilford’s fingers were now moving furthur up to torture Dark’s ribcage. There were yelps, squeaks and a fair few delicious screeches….but no screams.


Dark squealed as his tormentor fluttered and scratched under his arms, he wailed through his laughter as Wilford scrutinised him with a smirk.

'Sorry Darkipoo, but we’re not done till we get a scream from ya! The question is….’

Wilford halted his movements as Dark caught his breath and looked up at him.

'Are ya gonna give us what we want….or are we gonna have to force it out of ya?’

Dark shivered at Wilford’s words, but nevertheless produced a defiant sneer. He was Darkiplier for fuck’s sake, he wasn’t going to concede to this pastel prat that easily.

'Bite me Warfstache.’

He growled, but rolled his eyes as another giggle pierced the room. Bim was biting his bottom lip as Wilford stared at him with a steely look.

'Bim, after this you and I are having a talk.’

Wilford tried to sound serious but he couldn’t hide his wide grin at Bim’s giggliness and his mind’s functionality. He looked back down to Dark.

'Sorry, where were we? Ah yes….’

Wilford’s eyes danced with gleeful malevolence as Dark’s words sunk in, his eyes roamed over the smart man beneath him as he smiled with a cold gentleness.

'If you’re sure-?’

'Positive, you don’t particularly worry me Wil.’

Wilford narrowed his eyes before leaning down to hover over him, Dark tensed at their new proximity and he couldn’t help but clench his jaw tightly as he held his breath. Wilford’s sugary scent washed over him as said man mumbled.

'Don’t I? I’m not sure I believe you….’

Wilford smirked with heavy pride when Dark remained silent, he looked to Bim with excitement.

'Time to bring out the big guns! Ya better hold him tight Bimmy!’

Bim let out a laugh and tightened his hold on Dark’s forearms, the owner’s lips were twitching prematurely as his muscles quivered. Wilford grinned as he maneuvered himself so he was facing Dark’s legs, and he started to slowly trail over the thighs before him.

'Nonononohohoho Wihihilfohohord wahahahait!’

Wilford tutted at Dark’s desperate words as he walked his fingers down to his shaking kneecaps, Dark was giggling rapidly all the while as he realised what was coming.

'You had your waiting time, you could have prevented this….but ya just had to be a defiant little bitch didn’t ya?’

Dark was grinning and shaking his head in rapt anticipation, the factor of being unable to see Wilford’s movements making the entire thing worse. He jumped violently as Wilford scraped behind his knees teasingly.


Dark yelled breathlessly, his gaze was affixed to Wilford’s motionless form. Wilford smirked and laughed. He laughed deeply and richly, cheeks almost aching as he sighed.

'Oh Dark, whatever gave you that impression?’

Wilford scribbled the sensitive backs of Dark’s knees, closing his eyes as he awaited the sweet sound. Sure enough, Dark screamed.


There were honest to god tears in Bim’s and Wilford’s eyes as they heard the sound, their laughing fits consuming them. Wilford immediatly rolled off Dark as he cackled, Bim at the same time released Dark’s arms so he could cover his own mouth as bubbly laughter spewed from him. Dark’s scream had begun relatively normally. Half-way through however, it seemed to crack and dip into a mid-level tone and trail off in an echoing resonance.

Dark was so confused. At his current freedom, at his companions’ hysteria…at the whole goddamn scenario frankly.

'Ihihihi fuhuhuckihing tohold you!’

Wilford exclaimed as he cheeks donned a rosy flush, he pointed at Bim as he spoke whose expression was a mix of….everything. Dark had drawn his legs close to him and cleared his throat loudly.

'What. Is. So. Funny?!’

He punctured each word with a harsh grind to his own teeth as he glared at Wilford piercingly, the latter didn’t even notice as he waved towards Bim.

'Oho my gohod, shohow him….’

Wilford was wiping his eyes throughout his residual giggles, Dark flicked his head to Bim who gulped at the intensity of his gaze. His hands shook gently as he took his phone out and shuffled towards him gently.

'Ihit uhm, just…juhust watch thihis….’

Bim had pulled up a video on his phone, Dark leant in and watched confusedly as an image of a mouse was narrated over and then…


Dark heard Bim snort and start giggling afresh as he watched the short video, after it finished Dark was in a slight daze as Bim spoke carefully.

'I uh, I showed Wilford and he said that it was what yohour scream sounded like….’

Dark turned to him, causing him to trail off gently under his focused stare. He raised an eyebrow.

'Please. Continue.’

Bim shivered and cleared his throat.

'Well, I said I didn’t believe him and he said that he would prove it and uhm…well, this happened so….’

Bim trailed off again, Dark tilted his head as he examined him a little.

'I see….’

Dark pursed his lips, mulling over the whole thing. But soon he sighed, running a hand through his hair as he crossed his legs on the floor with gentle exhaustion.

'Well….Wilford’s not exactly incorrect-’


Wilford punched the air in victory, Dark chuckled as he shuffled over and stuck his tongue out at Bim.

'Suck it Trimmer!’

Bim giggled lightly as he replied.

'I’d rather not thanks….’

Dark grinned and laughed loudly as Wilford narrowed his eyes, shaking his head gently at Bim who was muffling his embarrassed giggles. Wilford’s eyes sparkled as he spoke.

'Y'know this is why you’re still single….’

Dark zoned out as Wilford and Bim’s voices became background noise as he thought to himself. Calm days were good, certainly, but they most definately were not his preferred kind of day.

FANFIC DONEEEEE i’ve legit watched the video ref for this so many times 😂 it’s called “A mouse in wolf’s clothing” and let me tell you, it is the shit™ 👌Let me know if ya like the fic and as always, luv yous xx

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Omg I'm sorry I meant 5, not 4 ^^" so uh again, 5 with OiSuga please?

#5. “Is that a threat?”

Suga’s apartment is clean, unlike Oikawa’s. Oikawa isn’t a messy person, per say, he just… he hoards a lot. There’s a lot of clutter around, knick knacks he doesn’t need, books scattered on every surface. The place itself is pretty clean, he just has a lot of stuff

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Originally posted by bangtanofarmys

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x writer!reader

Words: 1257 (I think)

A/N:: Okay so, I’m starting a drabble series to show my friends here how much I love them. And I’m starting with @baxngtan and @kookie-bby. Nel babe, if you read this, I love you and I’m glad I’m friends with you. Yui, you’re precious sunshine to our group and you’re so cute, I have to thank your existence.

Eyes drooping, yawns barely supressed, mind still too active, her fingers wildly tapped away at her keyboard. Pausing to adjust her glasses, she let her mouth widen into a yawn before turning her attention back to the word document open in front of her. She barely registered the bed dipping next to her, as she drowned herself in the world she was weaving using the threads of creativity that were spun by her mind. She was a writer, her work was to write, her work was to spin out new spools of thread that wove the fabric for a new world that others could wrap themselves in, her work was to make such a world that anyone could dive into it, hiding away from reality, and she loved her work.

She was barely a few hundred words in. She had barely started setting the story up. She needed to go on for a lot more hundred words. And her mind was reeling out words at the speed of light and her fingers could type only so fast. But as she typed, she saw the world take shape. She wove through with each word, a new aspect of that world. Her fingers moved the cursor back to a sentence prior when she realised there was a blank in the colourful picture she was trying to paint using her words. And this is how she had decided to work for the next hour or so at least, to write up at least a bit of her world, and a bit of what was happening in this world of hers.

She didn’t realise the bed had dipped under another body’s weight till she felt a weight rest on the dip of her back. Realising it was her boyfriend, who really had heard her when she had mentioned she would not be going for the party tonight to get some time alone in her apartment to write, whereas she was sure by his uninterested hum, eyes focused on his game that he had heard not a word. Hearing his satisfied sigh as he settled in comfortably made her chuckle involuntarily. “So you did hear me that day, Jungkook?” she spoke, her tone amused though she realised that she should be maybe just a bit annoyed at him, but she wasn’t. She was just happy.

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Tex/ct. I really like the idea of tex just wreaking ct. After it's all over Tex is pretty impressed with CT cause she has a baby face, but looks are deceiving and she knows some damn good moves.

Connie and Texas sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G. Connie likes it rough, Tex does too. Let me goddamn fucking do you.   nsfw obvs

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(requested) Preference 2: The Tickle Challenge

Jai: You stood behind the camera while the boys stood behind the couch ready to start. “Ok boys, you can start now.”
“Hi guys, we’re Dare Sund- Beau!” Beau started to say the Janoskians instead of Dare Sundays, and Luke got mad at him and started yelling at him. I just laughed at them and told them to do it again.
“Hi guys, we’re Dare Sundays. And today we’re doing the tickle challenge!” As Luke was explaining the challenge, Jai kept pulling faces at you, making you laugh. Once Luke was done, Jai said,“But today James and Daniel couldn’t make it, so my lovely girlfriend y/n is here!” He motioned for you to come out from behind the camera, so you reluctantly went to join them. “Well, y/n, you’re going first!” Beau smirked at you.
“What?? No I’m not!” You protested.
“Sorry, babe,“Jai said, picking you up and putting you on the couch.
“Ok, 3 2 1!” Beau started tickling your sides, Luke your stomach, and Jai your legs, thighs, and feet. You screamed out and started laughing. You tried to get them to stop, but of course they kept going for the full thirty seconds. Luke called time, but Jai kept going, laughing at you as well. You glared at him and tried to push him away, but he kept at it. You managed to grab onto his hand, so you pulled him on top of you. He leaned in for a kiss, but you slipped out from under him at the last second. “Your turn,“you said, grinning evilly at him.

Daniel: "Hi guys, we’re Dare Sundays! And today were doing the tickle challenge.”
“This should be interesting,” you mutter to yourself. You reluctantly agreed to do the challenge with all of the boys, and you were starting to regret it because you were very ticklish. “Ok Daniel, your first,"Luke said. You sighed in relief. At least you didn’t have to go first. Daniel lied down on the couch and closed his eyes. "3 2 1!” You and the boys started attacking him with your fingers as he squealed below you like a little girl. You laughed at him while running your fingers across his stomach. “Ok times up!” Jai shouted as everyone stepped back. Daniel jumped up and brushed himself off before walking behind the couch next to you. You giggled as James reluctantly made his way to the couch. “What are you laughing at?” Daniel whispered in your ear.
“You sound like a girl when you’re being tickled,"you said, laughing again. He stuck his tongue out and glared at you. "Let’s just wait until it’s your turn.”

James: “Ok y/n it’s your turn.” Daniel said to you. You, James, and Daniel were doing the tickle challenge and they had both gone, leaving you to go last. “Are you sure I have to do this?” You asked. You were very ticklish and really didn’t want to do the challenge.
“Yes babe, you have to. Now c'mon,"he said, picking you up and putting you on the couch. You gulped and waited for the tickling to start. You heard them count down and braced yourself for what was about to come. You felt the two pairs of hands graze your body and you immediately burst out in giggles. "Sto-pp,"you said in between laughs, but the boys just shook their heads and continued. You tried to take in air, but you we’re laughing too much that it was almost impossible. Finally, it was over, and the sudden feeling of nothing left you out of breath. You sat there panting as the boys laughed at you. You just ignored them and got up, still breathing heavily. "You ok babe?” James asked, grinning at you. “I will be,"you said, walking up to him and hugging him. He just laughed and kissed the top of your head.

Luke: "Hi guys, Luke and Jai here and today we were going to do a Twin Talk Time but we decided to do a Dare Sundays!"Luke said for the opening. "Today,"Jai continued,"we’re doing the tickle challenge. We thought it would be more fun with more people, so Luke recruited y/n to join us.” Luke waved you on and you joined the boys next to the couch. After they explained the rules, you all did noses to see who would go first, and you lost. “Damn it,"you muttered, before slowly lying down on the couch. "You ready babe?”
“I think s-” before you could finish, the boys had already starting tickling you all over. You swore you could hear your laugh from miles away as you rolled around on the couch. You were extremely ticklish, so this challenge was killing you. “Guys, s-stop!”
“Sorry babe, times not up yet.”
You rolled onto your side, which ended up being a bad idea because as soon as they started on your side, you couldn’t take it and you ended up rolling off the couch and on to the pavement.
“Y/n are you ok?” The twins asked, as Luke walked around the couch and knelt down beside you.
“Yeah, I’m ok. I think I scraped my knee though,"you said, looking down and your bloody leg. You both looked at it, then up at each other, and then burst out in a fit of giggles.
"I can’t believed you rolled of the couch,"Luke chuckled, wiping his eyes.
"I told you I was ticklish!” you both just sat on the ground, looking into each other’s eyes when Jai said,“Ok love birds, let’s continue with the challenge, shall we?”
“Ok Jai, it’s your turn!”

Beau: “Hi guys! Beau here, and today I’m accompanied by my wonderful, beautiful, smart, gorgeous, one in a million-”
“Beau!” you stopped him, feeling the blush rise in your cheeks. he just smiled at you and finished,“girlfriend y/n. And today we’ll be doing the tickle challenge!” As Beau was explaining the rules, you could feel the pit in your stomach getting bigger. “Ok y/n, ladies first,"he said, motioning to the couch. You wanted to get this over with, so you jumped on the couch, closed your eyes, and prepared for the worse. You were expecting Beau to count down, but he surprised you and just started moving his hands all over your body. You bit your lip and tried not to laugh. You must have been making a weird face because Beau looked at you and started cracking up. He kept going, his fingers fast and light. It was taking everything you had not to laugh, and you felt like you were going to burst at any second. Finally, you gave in and giggled uncontrollably. Your laughs just grew as fingers continued down your stomach and sides. You heard an alarm go off, meaning the challenge was over for you.
"Beau, stop!”
He just laughed and kept tickling you, ignoring the alarm still going off in the background. You managed to somehow push his fingers off of you long enough for you to get up. You ran over to him and pushed him on to the couch. “You’re about to get it,"you said, before attacking his stomach.

a/n I hope these weren’t too repetitive, it was kinda hard to write it differently five times. anyways, I hope you like it. feedback is always appreciated and requests are open!!!


taking control | jungkook (m)

makes me wanna do things that i shouldn’t;;
smut | dangerous woman by ariana grande | 1.185 words | happy birthday, nicole.

“Just sit the fuck down, Jungkook.” She said, pushing against his broad chest covered in a black shirt, the song echoing on the hotel room while he shifted on the end of the bed. She rolled her eyes at his stiff tense shoulders and leaned down, pecking his lips just enough for him to reach his fingers to the back of her neck and for her to slip away, whispering: “Be good and you’ll have it.”

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Sexuality (M.C)

~Your POV~

I knew I was straight. Hell yes I liked men. But I loved hooking up with girls, it’s just a spark that I feel when I’m with a girl.

It’s just, a woman personally knows what a woman wants, so the pleasure is immense and I still have yet to find a man who can please me as well as a femal has.

A close friend of mind casually hook up, we were both lonely single girls. So one vulnerable night a thing between us happened and it was so mind-blowingly amazing, we had to come back for more.

She made hard tremors run through my body and I made her scream in pleasure at the top of her lungs. I love the female body, I love pleasing the female body, but I knew I was straight. I was sure of sexuality. It’s just a matter of experimentation.


“Fuck !” I shiver. The way she moved her tongue against my clit was leg shaking good. The way she wrapped her sweet plump lips around the swollen bud made my walls clench around her fingers. The fingers that fucked me and teased me to a hard orgasm.

“harder, baby !” I call out and she sucked harder, finger fucking me faster, teasing my g-spot, from light tapping to fasting rubbing.

I removed her fingers and mouth from my dripping core, placing myself so that my heat was against one of her thighs and her core was against one of mine.

I began grinding against her thigh and the friction on my clit made my moan loudly.

“Fuck, Y/N !” She called out.

I leaned over to kiss her lips as I sped my hips, rocking faster. Humping her leg harder and faster.

“Such a dirty little bitch” she purred in my ear.

“I’m gonna cum everywhere !” I scream. Grounding myself down on her leg.

“God dammit !” She grabbed on of my boobs and began tweaking and tugging on my sensitive, perky nipple. She took my leg amd moved me so my pussy was right on hers. Scissoring, the contact of her warmth on mine made me groan quite loudly.

“I’m so close!” She screamed. She was full-fledge lesbian but I didn’t care. I loved my best-friend and instead of making our relationship awkward, it made us stronger somehow.

We rubbed ourselves against one another harder to reach our orgasm and we both began spazzing out, cumming.

“FUCK !” I shout

She just lies there, moaning and trembling.

“God, I love this” she whimpered, her hips bucking as she stared at me.

“Tell me about it”

“My friend Michael always talks about getting a chance to fuck you. I’m not sure I want to give him that chance. I want you all to myself” she whispered.

“Even if he did, you’ll always have me for yourself”

She was quite the dominant one and I loved it. The way she fucked me with her strap on, or the way she tied me up and ate me out until I was squirting or the way she watched me as I held a vibrator to my clit. Watching as my pussy dripped.

“We’ll have to see” she winked at me.

“And we will”


*Few days later*

She called me over for an important meeting of some sort, I was sitting in her couch waiting as she paced the living room.

There was a knock at her flat door and she smiled.

“Our special guest is here” she smiled, rushing to the door to open it.

“Mikey ! I’m glad you made it”

She came back into the living room with a pale boy.

“Oh YOU’RE Michael. I see you around campus quite a bit” I smile.

He nodded and smiled. He was a cute guy, seemed pretty boyish, he just looked like he had a fun personality.

I had questions about it. I fingered myself to the thought of him but in reality I’m not sure if he could fuck me how I wanted to be fucked by a man.

“Well. Here’s what’s gonna happen” She smiled.

“Y/N. Michael here is gonna fulfill your dreams of how you want to be fucked by a guy. Trust me, he’s a good one.” She giggled.

“What about you ?” I question.

“I’ll be on my bedside chair, pleasing myself as I watch you get fucked like a sweet little girl. Damn I can’t wait ti hear your screams” she walked off upstairs, already beginning to strip.

I clasped my legs to get a bit of friction. I hope he can fuck me like I want. I didn’t want to wait. I trusted her word.


I was on the bed, naked, waiting for this to happen as Michael put his condom on his perfect cock. It looked so soft, and the girth of it was to beg for, the length wasn’t too small, or too big, seven to eight inches tops.

“All fours, baby” he said.

All got on all fours and I immediatly felt my juices running down on my leg. I heard him come uo behind me and he licked up my mess.

I heard her from the side, her vibrator right on her clit.

He teased my entrance with his tip before pushing in and stretching me what felt like miles wide.

“UH !” I moan loudly.

So far its ok though he barely started.

He began rocking his hips slowly buidling up speed, our skin slapping. At first I felt nothing special until he arched my back down and I screamed in pleasure as I felt his throbbing tip rub against my g-spot.

“Oh fuck, yeah. Right there !” I grunted.

“Fuck her good, mikey” she called from the corner. He vibrator deep inside her.

“Oh god !” I called out as he thrusted hard, holding himself there against my sweet spot.

“Gonna cum all over my cock, baby ?” He growled in my ear, fucking me like no man has ever fucked me before.

“Oh yes ! Keep going! ” I begged.

He pulled out and placed my legs on his shoulders, pulling me up by by shoulders and holding my there as he stood away from the bed. He was one strong motherfucker. This was also a new position.

He began bring me down on his cock and I was moaning loudly, staring him deep in his eyes.

“Oh, yes ! Fuck me, just like that, You’re gonna make me fucking cum” I cried.

He was thrusting violently tight against my sweet spot then he threw me down on the bed. Leaning over to bit down on my nipple but only hard enough for me to feel it and moan at the pleasurable feeling.

He bent down to my heat and began attacking my clit with his wet, warm tongue.

He was better than I anticipated. He used hus fingers to fuck my tight heat, pressing hard on my sweet spot until I was trembling.

He dug in my bestfriends drawer, pulling out a g-spot vibrator. Those things make me squirt hard.

He turned it on it’s highest setting and pushed it in me, holding it against my g-spot while sucking harshly on my clit.

“OH MY GOD ! MICHAEL, FUCK YES !” I shout. I wrap my legs around his head and I was ready to cum. I was losing it.

“Yes, yes, yes !” I whimpered biting my lip.

It wasn’t long until I was gonna reach my climax and let go really hard.

I was ready and that’s when the wave of pleasure crashed over me.

“OH MY FUCKING- SHIT !” I clenched hard and squirting hard all over the bedsheets, some getting in his face, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“Oh fuck, yeah !” She screamed from the corner. Working her big blue dildo in and out of her, rubbing her clit fast.

Micheal turned of the vibrator and removed from me, replacing it with himself. Stuffing me full and fucking me hard again.

“YEAH !” I cried.

God this felt so good. He knew how to fuck.

He was groaning and panting, it was sexy and breath-taking so was his dick.


He kept going until I was sore. Until I couldn’t give anymore. He made me cum at least five times, I cried because I came so hard. Because it felt so good, because I was so overwhelmed with pleasure, I cried.

I came along with him, ome last time. My body shaking harder than ever.

“Mi-michael. Fuck” I stuttered.

“Call me up incase you want more” he kissed my forehead and winked at me.

“O-oh. I will”

Yes. I was DEFINETELY straight.


*In honour of it being Michael’s birthday, I made this. So here ya go*

~Snow xx