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im in a bit of a slump so i cant bring myself to finish these but some scribbles of s3 luke ideas and also him in that goofy ass iconic skywalker poncho!!!!!

Promptio week: master list

Day 1: In the Dark- The Parking Garage

Potential bonus: In the Light- Good old fashioned dirty train shenanigans (aka Prompto is ‘accosted’ by a ‘stranger’ on a train.

Day 2: Mythological Creatures: Bear and Fairy AU, picks up where the first story left off. Gladio is wondering what he might become and if dying wouldnt have been better than what comes next. Prompto doesn’t much care what he is as long as Gladio is alive. Meeting somewhere in the middle is…complicated. Also Ignis makes things worse. So much worse.

Day 3: Dessert- Post-apoclyptic AU (which could almost be canon except Noctis is walking around, being a little shit.) Just because they’re living in a wasteland, full of mutated creatures, bandits, an armed cultish militia, and a sun that can’t be seen most days doesn’t mean Prompto can’t give his boyfriend a fucking cupcake on his fucking birthday!!! (Prompto’s very bad, no good, awful day.)

Day 4: Gods- Everyone knows the houses of War and Love don’t exactly mesh well. Which is a problem for Gladio of War, who has taking a liking to Prompto of Love(and Nature). Noctis of Death suggests he kidnap Prompto (it worked for his parents.) Iris suggests he leads an army to conquer something in Prompto’s name. Ignis of Knowledge suggests riddles and honestly Gladio doesn’t even know what that’s about.

Day 5: Momento- The world is dark. Every hunt is likely to be the last and they rarely see each other as more than tired blurs passing by on the road. But they keep each other close, as best they can.

Day 6: Family- Bar AU. Prompto had never had a family, not really, but working at the Regalia has changed that. …he’s not always sure that’s for the better though. Aka family dinners with the bar’s crew are long and loud and Gladio keeps groping him under the table but they can’t leave for at least another two hours.

Day 7: Either the train thing, for 'Free Day’ or ABO babyfic for Firsts. Depends on how it all plays out.

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dude look on rmnb we are keeping oshie


*aggressively pulls up RMNB*

this is absolutely not official, and I’m not allowing myself to get my hopes up too much, but I’m getting a little excited now

So tomorrow the lovely cast of my school’s senior musical (and their designer, me) are headed to a massive awards gala and I’ve been informed that one of the girls doesn’t have a dress. Normally I’d just give her one of my old dresses but we’re nowhere close in size so I called in a few favors and got a tacky old evening gown in a nasty beige. Picked up a bottle of dye, let’s see what we can do.