finger ;~;

Jimin stuffing 15 candies into Jin’s mouth.


This girl!

I will be studying Fashion Cultures from September, leading to my research on the archetypes of Star Wars costume!

I never really make any post, but the way all my dash is talking about harry right now is really upsetting me.
I think that dropping a surprise single or like performing it at the brits and then starting promoting it actively and giving all the necessary infos would actually be a good strategy. I genuinely don’t understand why everyone seem to think the opposite. Why do you think it wouldn’t be wise? Cause he was off social media for like an year? I mean, and so what? Surprise droppings are a thing that - surprise! - not only Beyoncé pulls. In fact, I think this town was a surprise drop too.
I feel like larries are the only ones being upset and I don’t get why. I don’t like Jeff too, I swear to god, he makes me so mad, that fucking quote about metrics made me roll my eyes like few other things in my life have, but from hating Jeff to saying that Harry’s work would be a flop or a disaster or that Harry’s gotten arrogant.. I’m sorry but I don’t think any of these things are true and I’m really upset about my dash. Of course anyone is entitled to their opinion and I know that not all the people who are against this strategy are hating on harry, but I am seeing posts of people legitimately saying nasty things about him and I don’t like it. Harry has done NOTHING to deserve your hate and I think that before judging him we should at least giving him and his team the benefit of the doubt.

PEW PEW! a quick 30-35 minute (total) coloursketch I did of Brainstorm doing them fingerguns thanks to a suggestion by @leekalba over on Twitter :D (I guess this also counts as an emoji prompt! XD)

Been trying to challenge myself with some quick-draw pics and it’s worked some times and not sometimes too…


For those asking: the new Vicbert scene from the American edit of Victoria from the MasterpiecePBS Instagram. It’s actually an extended scene and starts up right after the “a love like ours can burn down a city” line.

Their Instagram has lots of interview clips with Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes and Daisy Goodwin as well!

I’m sat here writing and need a latin translation and I get this.

The other choice was ‘friendly fire’ which turned out to be Amica Ignis. I can’t use their names in the title! This is the issue when everything in the game is Latin based…

Oh… and what could I possibly be writing that needs a latin title????