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Video of me swimming a Finfolk Productions tail at Lake Phoenix

Deep Sea Merfolk

Deep sea merfolk live in clans in the very depths of the ocean. They have an almost ghostly appearance, similar to those of deep sea fish. Translucent skin, large eyes, bodies that seem like they’d explode with the pressure that surrounds them. Generally beautiful, I’ve seen both males and females but I haven’t noticed a major distinction between them culturally. Vaguely human, with various fins and scales depending on where. I only know one clan. 

The people are incredibly haughty, considering themselves above humans and other land animals. They’re a very old people and it shows in the way they communicate. They are part of the very essence of the sea itself. Like the ocean, they can be gentle or very dangerous, warnings are due to those who wish to interact with them I wouldn’t suggest it. 

They can call up storms with their songs, even from the depths of the water they can and will cause monstrous waves and storms which wreak havoc on land. 

Like the area they live in they are a quiet people generally, and seem to be territorial with other clans. They like songs, blood, mirrors and consider themselves worthy of worship by those on land. They are old, cold, and dark like the ocean. Even other merfolk or spirits that live in water and land they consider themselves better. They’re possibly one of the oldest earth spirits, definitely a culture older than one I personally have encountered. They existed before land itself did. They’re powerful, and enjoy drowning those who have wandered too deep into the water. 

~Mod Wind

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It was great performing at @discoveraqwa for their birthday today! We (the @perthmermaids) will be there tomorrow until Monday this school holidays!

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Children of the Sea

I’ve been spending an awful lot of time with a relatively small group of sidi that live in the depths of the earth’s ocean. They have a name for their people but prefer to be called Children of the Sea, and generally hide from any land dwellers (I have access due to a set of personal experiences) and it is rare for them to be seen by humans and even other spirits.

Species: Water Sidi, elementals

Location: The depths of the ocean, the clan I know personally seems to live in the Atlantic Ocean but since it’s so deep and they use different words for their location it’s difficult to pin down exactly. They live in all the oceans on Earth, in the deepest parts, and possibly beyond Earth’s oceans. 

Society: The Children of the Sea live in clans, ranging from 20 to 100 or possibly more or less people in each clan. The clans have elders that the others respect and even obey, but they only kneel to the whole spirit of the Sea, whom they call the Mother. The clan they live in is unlike the courts of the Fae people, although they consider themselves of the same ilk. There is no true hierarchy, or roles and stature. Families respect their elders, and they would never bow their head to royalty other than the Mother. 

Personality: Each individual obviously has their own unique personality but they do have some defining traits as a people. Secretive, evasive, and haughty. They specialize in storm calling, lord over creatures of the sea, and are fiercely protective of their home. They have a deep dislike of the land and all that inhabit it, going so far as to banish one of their own if they were to so much as touch land without unavoidable reasons and express permission to. But generally they stick together, incredibly close to their kind and especially those who live in the same clan. A threat to one is a threat to all, regardless of personal feelings towards one another.  

Biology: The Children are omnivorous, both hunting fish and eating plants grown in the water. They have large eyes, accustomed to dim lighting in the water. They don’t speak out loud, since it would be useless. They do have sounds that carry in the water but are used rarely, for states of emergency only. Most communication is done through telepathy. They have almost clear skin, and a merfolk-esque tail. They could even be classified as a merfolk, although the lines seem to be blurred. Beautiful in a terrifying way, deep sea fish. 

They are an ancient people. They call themselves the first children, born of the waters before even the land was born, but I don’t know how I’d check that fact. They say they are the beginning of life in the waters, coming from the Mother herself to spread her life to others. They once created fish and sea creatures, but have since lost the ability or the need to continue creating lives themselves. They now rely on the Mother to create their lives and the spirits of the animals to continue their progeny. 

Reproduction: They are a sexual people but it isn’t used for reproduction. They are born of the Mother they worship, and die to join her again. They have incredibly long lifespans. I’ve met both males and females and spirits who were neither. Since they don’t need to reproduce it means nothing to their culture and there’s several genders as well as sexualities. Children born are taken care of by the clan, since there’s no specific parents to watch over individuals. Children stick together and raise each other, never straying far from the clan’s territory. 

Magic: They are naturally brimming with magic, like the rest of the Sidi, but specialize in water. Their ways are their most closely guarded secret, impossible to learn from them.

A word of warning, they’re impossible to go near if you’ve touched land, they will drown and eat you without a second thought. They aren’t evil creatures but incredibly dangerous. I strongly suggest staying away if you wish to survive. They’re as murky as the water they reside in, with the dangers of the sea at their beck and call. Do not underestimate them or their home, it is not kind to strangers. 

~Mod Wind

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I’ve had this lying around for months. I don’t know what to even do with it so here goes. Original poopie!!<3 

A finlady from my comic, Thalladus :) She worked as a metaphor for danger in the first draft. I named her Yarrow for shits and giggles :o love her though.

I hope to post more about my finfolk soon! (Info about them under the cut. And a really stupid picture.)

Comishes are staying open! Im gonna decide If I open up another slot or not tho…

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