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Singing and smoking this afternoon on some Canoga’s Finest in a freshly cleaned Illadelph.

Stay regular super stoners~
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Stiles was not one without limitations. He just chose to ignore them. He had been told that he would never be able to do well in school due to his ADHD. He ignored the limitation. He had been told that he would never make first line at lacrosse. He ignored the limitation. He had been told that he would never win the heart of Lydia Martin. He ignored the limitation. Granted he won her heart in a strictly platonic way but these are mere details.

The one limitation that Stiles knew he would be unable to ignore was the one that he so desperately wished didn’t exist. Stiles was not Pack.

No one had told him, no one had had to. It was an unspoken barrier between himself and those he thought of as his friends. Sure he did research, of course he fought beside them, obviously he took care of them, but the one thing he could never be was one of them.

I actually love how this one came out. I couldn’t hide it any longer. I really love this boy. When we first met I was really shy and worried he wouldn’t accept me as a friend. but now it’s more than that. For so long I haven’t loved anyone as much as this amazing, talented, bright, and funny (and damn cute) Brit named Finney… finestelite when you read this remember I love you, and no matter how long it takes I will come see you. Yes we will have problems here and there but I will never leave you. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. And always remember that you’re perfect the way you are.~

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Okay sooo vanillahobbit tagged me, so I’m going the thing. Five things I like about myself.

1) I can easily change a conversation topic. It’s one of my secret weapons and I do it all the time.

2) I think my eye color is nice???

3) My art/writing is alright

4) I am very kind and compassionate……. to cats

5) I’m pretty sure that I have a good imagination most of the time

That was a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be. I tag: fangirlforlife19 orokay thetrashhero garrustheirin anobodyartist isriana
((If you’ve already done it/don’t want to do it then just ignore this))