#TodayInHiddleHistory December 5th Edition

2008: Tom Hiddleston at the WhatsOnStage Theatre Goers Awards Nominations.
2010: Tom Hiddleston at the British Independent Film Awards.
2011: Tom Hiddleston at the War Horse Press Conference in NYC.
2012: Tom Hiddleston at the press night for The Bodyguard.


Junhoon at its finest

I really like the hc that Crowley’s yellow eyes aren’t the only snake thing about him n he’s got scales instead of skin in some places n stuff like that. I have this scenario in my head that I haven’t been able to work into a fic where Crowley usually likes the finest human food but sometimes he just. Gotta eat a tasty looking snake food because it looks too good. And once the cottage gets an infestation and Aziraphale is like “oh gotta call the exterminator i guess” but Crowley. He doesn’t call the exterminator he gets into an old set of clothes and tears up the baseboard while Aziraphale is out for the day intending to get the house put back together before he gets home so Aziraphale doesn’t find out this embarrassing thing he’s going to do. But he just finds the rats and pounces on them and unhinges his jaw and goes to town. But Aziraphale comes back early and walks in on him swallowing a rat whole. And is like “my dear what the fuck.” But Crowley can’t answer because he has a fucking rat halfway down his throat

Since foreign media have hijacked the issue

Some things you need to know about the Italian referendum:

the referendum was about REFORMING THE ITALIAN CONSTITUTION. It was about SOMETHING, not SOMEONE. However, Matteo Renzi made the referendum about him and pulled off a David Cameron. 

no, we didn’t vote to leave the European Union, as I said, the referendum was about internal affairs.

no, we are not leaving the European Union, the only party that truly wants to quit got 4% in the last election. 

NO, FIVE STAR MOVEMENT IS *NOT* FASCIST OR FAR-RIGHT but they are dangerous nevertheless. FSM is Italian incompetence at its finest as the Roman shitshow is currently showing, they are ignorant as fuck and see conspiracies everywhere. They don’t have an actual plan (besides “Renzi go home”), they just oppose whoever is in charge to create mayhem without giving a fuck about the consequences. They are populist and anti-establishment, but neither fascist nor far-right.

no, Italy is not going to turn fascist anytime soon. Stop spreading lies, this is fearmongering bullshit.

NO, ITALY DIDN’T SUCCUMB TO POPULISM AND FAR-RIGHT, at least not in the way media think. Renzi made the referendum about himself and the average Italian citizen doesn’t know shit about Constitutional Law (literally the hardest exam you will do if you study law in Italy). Understanding every aspect of the reform was mission impossible, let alone understanding the implications of the reform. People who hate Renzi such as Five Star Movement, Northern League, Berlusconi and some members of the Democratic Party have been campaigning to vote NO, against the reform, because they wanted Renzi to resign. Therefore, for a good chunk of the Italian population, the actual referendum question was “do u like Renzi?” and believe me, lots of people dislike Renzi, but that doesn’t mean they support populism. They just don’t like him, doesn’t mean they’re voting FSM and Northern League in the next election.
That being said, the reform was flawed and our Constitution is very important to us but I guess 25% of the people actually voted because they liked/didn’t like the reform. 

what is going to happen now? Nothing that Italians are not used to. 

Elections will be in 2018 and well, yes, Five Star Movement will probably win unless the centre-left gets their shit together. Even Berlusconi would be a reasonable choice compared to them.

Eating Habit

read it on the AO3 at

by Lopithecus

Bruce and Clark feed Ko baby food for the first time and discuss the future.

Words: 1042, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Sparks, Part 17 of SuperBat Prompts

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Persona 5 'Munehisa Iwai,' 'Tae Takemi,' and 'Sojiro Sakura' Confidant trailers - Gematsu

Atlus has released a new set of Persona 5 trailers introducing the first set of Confidants, “business associates” that players will build and maintain relationships with in Persona 5, including party members and various people around Tokyo. Depending your bond with Confidants unlocks special skill bonuses, useful services, and more.

Get the trailers below.

Munehisa Iwai

This frightening looking individual is the proprietor of Tokyo’s finest airsoft gun shop called Untouchable. Since the Phantom Thieves need to arm themselves against all types of enemies, you can see why keeping a man like Munehisa close is important. Helping him out will unlock a wider selection of wares, discounts, and even an option to customize certain airsoft guns! If you’re a gun nut, you definitely want to stay in this guy’s good graces.

Tae Takemi

If you’re feeling under the weather, you may want to stop by Tae Takemi’s medical clinic. Even though it’s located in a shady alley, her clinic is THE place to treat any injuries sustained during Phantom Thieving. Helping Tae with her “experiments” unlocks stronger health potions and consumables that can help turn the tide during fights. Yes, she may have a dubious reputation, but who else are you going to rely on for medicinal needs?

Sojiro Sakura

After the protagonist is given a second chance in Tokyo, he’s reluctantly taken in by Cafe Leblanc owner Sojiro Sakura and temporarily calls the attic of the café his home. If the protagonist chooses to help run the café throughout the game, Sojiro will teach him various coffee and curry recipes. How does that help the Phantom Thieves, you ask? Well, crafted coffee and curry can be consumed during dungeon crawls to restore SP. That’s pretty important, so be sure to stay on Sojiro’s sweet side in order to get those recipes! Oh, and he’ll also drop some fun facts about coffee here and there if you’re into that sort of thing.

Persona 5 is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan, and will launch in North America and Europe on April 4.

alynshirslover  asked:

8 for elsiana?

Eyyy thank you for the prompt, Katie!!!! Here is some prime gay! The finest gay I have written in quite some time ;D

8) Counting Stars
Leliana / Elsa Cousland
Rating: SFW (General) 
Word Count: 929 words 

It was a quiet night and for that Elsa was grateful. There had been no mishaps whilst they had set up camp, no darkspawn ambush, no hungry pack of wolves that they needed to fend off and surprisingly no bickering that made Elsa’s brain ache and throb with each passing second. The wind was warm even though the sun had already set, heralding in the beginnings of the summer months that Elsa had been silently longing for.

She breathed in the smell of the camp fire, inhale deeply and exhaling slowly, letting her muscles relax from the long day of walking and fighting. There was peace in this sort of evening and yet Elsa found that she couldn’t embrace it fully. The Blight was still upon them, the future of Ferelden and perhaps even the world at stake and the memories of those she had lost still haunting her thoughts.

Looking up in the stars, Elsa wondered whether her family danced amongst them, eternal in their afterlife and gazing down upon her. She remembered the tale that Leliana had told her of Alindra and her Soldier, of how they would one day make it back to each other across the stars. It was a mystical thing, a brilliant thing and Elsa held onto that shining thought with every fibre of her being. Searching the sky, she spotted stars that seemed to shine brighter, a cluster of four that seemed to catch her eye amongst the constellations. Perhaps that was them; her mother, father, Oriana and poor little Oren, together and waiting for a time when she and Fergus would join them. That was if Fergus had not joined them already.

“Are you feeling well, ma chérie? You did not eat much at dinner.”

Dragging her eyes away from the stars, Elsa smiled sadly as Leliana walked over to her. Her lover knelt down on the ground, pressing the back of her hand to her forehead before moving down to caress her cheek.

“I’ve just been thinking,” Elsa replied, moving her hand to cover Leliana’s and linking their fingers together. She pulled Leliana’s hand to her lips, kissing the back of her hand softly and watching as her face lit up into a radiant smile. “A dangerous pastime, I know.”

“Only because you overthink even the smallest of things, mon cœur. Or perhaps because every time you start thinking, Alistair finds himself stepping into a trap as an experiment. He is still sulking over last night, you know.”

“Oh he’ll get over it, I’m sure! Besides, he shouldn’t be fooled so easily by any stray piece of cheese that he finds. He’s easier to trap than a starving chicken.”

Leliana giggled, leaning down and placing a kiss upon Elsa’s forehead. She shook her head in amusement before moving to lay down beside Elsa, snuggling into her side and placing her head upon her shoulder.

“What were you thinking about?” Leliana finally asked, her fingers tracing light patterns upon her stomach.

“I was just counting the stars and wondering if my family were up there.”

“I’m certain they will be somewhere, waiting for when they can see you again. Life could not keep us from her loved ones forever, surely.”

“I hope so…”

“The stars can mean much, or so I have been told. There are many stories of the stars and what they represent. Constellations that hold fantastic beasts and gracious heroes, they are quite a sight to behold. Yet, I believe that everyone sees something different when they look into the sky and there is some beauty in that, non?”

“What do you see? What do you think the stars represent?”

“Lately I have begun to wonder about the stars and you.”


“Yes Elsa, you. I was gazing upon them the other day when I was waiting for you to wake up, your chest rising and falling and your eyelashes fluttering as you slept. I looked at you and then I looked to the stars and I could not help but wonder if the stars represent how many years I could continue waking up to you.”

“But counting the stars is impossible… you would lost track and I am certain there are more than we can see!”

“That was the point of it, Elsa. An endless sea of years stretched before us, whether we are alive for all of them or not. That is what I felt when I look at you, an endless sea of love and hope.”

Elsa closed her eyes, taking a breath in as the words slowly processed in her mind. Her chest felt like it was about to burst with the sheer force of love and warmth that filled her, making every inch of her body ache with such a sweet sensation that she could not even begin to describe it. She held Leliana closer, her eyes pricking with tears as she relished in the surprise and warmth, not quite believing that such sentiment was real, or that indeed any of this was real.

“Elsa? Are you alright? You’re crying!” Leliana asked as she leant over Elsa, her fingers brushing away the tears that had begun to fall.

“Yes, yes, I am better than alright!” Elsa laughed, pulling Leliana into a soft and joyful kiss. “I just don’t quite know what I ever did to deserve you.”

Smiling, Leliana kissed her back, cupping her cheek and pulling her further into her, forming a gentle embrace.

“Whatever we did to deserve each other, I am thankful for it everyday.”
The victory at Standing Rock could mark a turning point | Bill McKibben
The defeat of an energy company by indigenous activists shows what nonviolent unity can accomplish. There are lessons here as we enter a challenging new age
By Bill McKibben

More on the Standing Rock victory:

“Indigenous organizers are some of the finest organizers around the globe – they’ve been key to everything from the Keystone fight to battling plans for the world’s largest coal mine in Australia. If we manage to slow down the fossil fuel juggernaut before it boils the planet, groups like the Indigenous Environmental Network and Honor the Earth will deserve a great share of the credit. Right now, for instance, Canada’s First Nations are preparing for “Standing Rock North” along the route of two contested pipelines out of Canada’s tarsands. But in the Dakotas it’s been particularly special: they’ve managed to build not just resistance to a project, but a remarkable new and unified force that will, I think, persist. Persist, perhaps, even in the face of the new Trump administration. 

“Trump, of course, can try and figure out a way to approve the pipeline right away, though the Obama administration has done its best to make that difficult. (That’s why, instead of an outright denial, they simply refused to grant the permit, thus allowing for the start of the environmental impact statement process). But if Trump decides to do that, he’s up against people who have captured the imagination of the country.”