“Don’t anyone move… Looks like you walked straight into a mime-field”

Okay I know technically Brawl Hall is the hall that fights back against the Joker and the Joker’d students but I couldn’t resist drawing this. I can never resist drawing Kailani as a villain, plus Kailani would be stubborn enough to try and charge in head first ultimately getting Joker’d herself. I was going to give her a more Jester look but her normal outfit just screamed mime. And lets be real, Mimes are just black and white silent clowns. Ignore my tragic attempt at drawing an invisible bat. 

Sometimes, all I need to know...

…about someone is that they ascribe to the idea that “the author is dead”.  Look, I took a minor in Literature, too.  By the way, it’s the easiest damn degree ever invented, especially if you get professors who ascribe to this theory because it is literally impossible to be wrong about anything so it’s a free A every single essay or assignment.  If you can read, even a little, and write complete tripe for five pages, you can get a 4.0 in Literature.  I’ve heard the bullshit advocating for “the author is dead”, but really, it’s bullshit.  Author intent matters.  Artist intent matters.  If you want to write your own damn story and make it say what you want/mean what you want, WRITE YOUR OWN DAMN STORY.  If you want the power of the author/artist, become the author/artist.  Don’t pervert someone else’s work and vision.

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I just saw this post telling white girls (so...white guys are totally cool to do this? Weirdly seixst phrasing) not to dress up as something from Day of the Dead because appropriation and stuff. Don't know enough about that holiday so sure. Then in the replies people were talking about how actually Halloween is really a Celtic holiday Samhain so we need to be respectful and not appropriate it and I don't even know how you respectfully do Halloween or wtf appropriation on that front.

………………… oh god like do they know the celts were like…. white……..? I mean this entire debate is so fucking stupid is2g. also DAY OF THE DEAD IS A THING IN ITALY TOO? like you don’t dress up - you mostly go to graveyards - but IT’S NOT A MEXICAN THING IT’S A *CATHOLIC* THING THAT IN MEXICO HAS SPECIFIC CONNOTATIONS? argh god whyyyyyyy

appreciating beauty...

Dancers are as fit and strong as any sport figure, yet get far less appreciation and vastly lower salary.  Here are a few exquisite dancers revealing their strength, power, finesse, and beauty. 

(Ms L is old, not dead.)

Power, splendour, grace, & style.  The last two are of Rudoph Nureyev, one of the finest dancers ever.  Ms L was lucky enough to watch him dancing in Romeo & Juliet, and see him backstage after the show.  Bliss.  

March turns into April and the sky with it turns gradually from greyish white to a pale blue, a white canvas glazed over day after day by the ghosts of all the finest impressionists and the paintbrushes not even Death could pry from their cold hands. They start leaving the windows open, and in the evenings the clanking of cutlery is accompanied by the sounds of life in the Mews, sometimes the laughter of people having a pint at the nearby pub. Everything else disappears when Eggsy speaks, though, his voice a blanket for Harry to curl up in during the last chilly nights of the season.

Chapter 23 of The Black Prince.

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i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018