• Me: I have so much that needs to get done.
  • Me: *Spends the next five hours looking at my favorite tag*
  • Me: *looks at the clock*
  • Me: I regret nothing.

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Today was supposed to be a "work day."

Because yesterday was my birthday AND because I hurt my shoulder/neck pretty bad doing who the hell knows what, I lounged around most of the day and alternated heat and ice (which is good, because it feels so much better today despite my sleepless tossing and turning). (Don’t worry–I also got to go out to eat at my favorite restaurant and drink a yummy martini, and I had breakfast with a good friend–my mentor teacher from last year.)

So I told myself last night: you have to do work tomorrow because you didn’t do diddly on your birthday. You have grading and planning to do. Do it now so you’re not stressed and panicked the Sunday night before you go back from Break.

So what did I do first thing this morning? I rearranged my living room and hung up curtains (after what, 3 years of living in this house?) and cleaned my dining room chairs.

And now I also have a master plan to make a little breakfast nook with a wall bench in the kitchen because why the hell not?!

Have I graded or planned? No. Haven’t even taken anything out of my bag. But my house looks good, and I’ve done several loads of laundry and downed several cups of coffee. ✌🏼

anonymous asked:

they actually changed the names of the Netflix death note, light yagami is now light turner. and ya i get that they're doing an americanizied version with American kids in Seattle and what not but by casting white people it's kinda like saying Japanese Americans don't exist which is whitewashing at its finest. i'm all for remakes and whatnot but once you bleach the entire story that's when i'm out. (also side note why does white light look like a crack head? light yagami was a golden child)

ah i didnt know they changed the names !! i didnt watch the trailer but i looked up the cast and characters online

i cant believe they actually casted an entire cast of exclusively non asians, not one asian in a thing that was based completely off of an asian manga ……………………………