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Blush. Looking forward to whatever you come up with! Love your writing!


It’s beautiful out here. Epic, in the full and classical sense of the word. When a guy spends most of his time in the city, it’s easy to forget how, in some places, the horizon can stretch on and on and endlessly on. It’s easy to forget about the beauty that lives in absence. 

The skies roll black with thunder, wrathful and proud. Mulder watches from his motel room window, slouching in a rickety chair, feet propped up against the ledge. Lost in the billow and furl of clouds folding over onto themselves, the bright shocks of lightning touching down here and there, beyond, again. He loves a good storm. He feels like they’re on his side, somehow. Storms, in his experience, bring good things. 

Like little green agents in big red bathrobes. Quivering and warm and sweet in those good-girl panties of hers. Fuck. 

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Title: Finest Female on the Force

Author: AccioInvisibilityCloak

Fandom: Shipwrecked Comedy, The Case of the Gilded Lily

Ship: Fig Wineshine/Claudette Knickerbocker

Summary: Fig has taken a shine to someone. Ford teases her about it. 

In which the Kickstarter for this project hasn’t even been fully funded yet and I already wrote the inaugural fic AND made it gay. This is all speculation and definitely nothing like whatever magnificence Shipwrecked has in store for the actual film, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! (Honestly, though, is lady cop/reporter not the best film noir femslash concept ever? I love it so much.) Also thanks Jules @threeminutesfast for the conversation that inspired this idea! And the title is of course from the Claudette/Joanna Sotomura character poster post by Shipwrecked! :)


Finest Female on the Force

Fig Wineshine burst into the office she shared with her partner in crime solving, Ford Phillips. He had called her at the newspaper, convinced her to take a long lunch and rush over immediately to help him with a surprise visitor.

“What gives, Phillips?” Fig said, sauntering in to perch on the corner of the desk and glare at him. “I had a shot at section one with this article, bub. You’d better have something good.”

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