Intertwined (FinEst Drabble)

This is a little late, but here’s my contribution to APH Estonia week. I’ve been really busy, so this is short, but I wanted to submit something, so have a fluffy FinEst drabble. It’s the finest pairing, after all.

This is human AU, with them being college graduates.


Eduard and Tino had been best friends since practically they were born. Their parents were friends, so they grew up always at each other’s houses. They were always together, through thick and thin. 

When Eduard’s mother was killed in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver, Tino was there to hold him as he grieved. When Tino’s relationship with a certain Berwald Oxenstierna ended after five years, though mutually, Eduard held his hand and listened to him rant, even though he himself used to be friends with the man. 

Tino and Eduard vowed that they’d always be best friends. But something was changing between them. After college, they were growing closer than just friends, as though someone tied and invisible string around both of them and suddenly yanked it, smashing them together. 

Naturally, that led to Tino spontaneously kissing Eduard on a snowy New Year’s Eve. While the bespectacled young man was surprised at first (it was his first kiss, after all–and don’t laugh) he found himself leaning in closer, responding with an almost-desperate gesture of affection by clumsily kissing back.

As the two embraced, both realized simultaneously that they were what the other needed.

sunday,today, woke up very early again. took some boxes to my new room and found out they have 2 more pitbulls and a basketball court right across the street and its just so sweet smelling over there. i walked to this church and went to church lol and then they had a potluck so i get fed and watched the warriers game and I’m not complaining at all ya know? then i went back on bart to SF and the craziest clare moment happened and I’ve been laughing about it all day because how does this even happen but i passed by these 7 old muscle cars on the pier and i was like ayyyy ima get a pic one time for my dad or something so i end up going up to this guy and girl in this long el camino that had thissign in the back that said ‘frisco’s finest’ and i asked him if i could take a picture with them haha and then he was like well do you wanna get in the back and smoke with us so i got in and they were the most beautiful people I’ve ever met it was like a dream and they were just homies but they have known each other forever and kinda tease each other and I’m like pshhh i know you guys are in love. and she had the best bamboo hoop earrings and she was telling me about her daughter. but so this guy is p drunk also and ket wanting me to hangout so he ended up giving me a ride to school and  dreams do come true


In love with this groove. Those floating pads and subtle bass work together to perfection. Big up House of 909. 

Lucky I’m in Love With My Best Friend - A FinNyoEst Fanmix  [Listen]

A very mushy friendship-turned-romance mix. While this fits any version of EstFin, I thought of FinNyoEst while making most of this. This is pretty much for the APHEEWeek going on though I started making this prior to it. Oddly enough it fits with Sunday’s prompt “Luck” and Monday’s pair “EstFin”. But now it is day four and this is my first work of the week. I’m promising seven complete things (including gasp another mix that actually should not take so much time) even if I end up posting whatever didn’t get done a few days after apheeweek.

It starts off a little oddly think of it as it takes many, many, many years before anything romantic even buds. Then it skips time to those first romantic ideas and blossoms from there.

As I like to do, art is mine. Tracks and lyrics under the cut:

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