old lok book 4 fandom things that still make me laugh
  • the picture that kept on being passed around with korra’s face photoshopped on that scene from mean girls because “it’s october 3rd”
  • “but where’s korra it’s been twenty minutes” 
  • that one post that was just a low-resolution screenshot of mako in the trailer with 22 by taylor swift playing as the audio
  • the kill la kill fandom briefly rising from the dead to celebrate their anniversary and make jokes about kuvira’s eyebrows and then fading back into obscurity
  • haveweseenmakoshirtlessyet
  • entire lok fandom losing its crap when the first promo picture was released and drawing fanart like twenty seconds later, it was crazy
  • endless speculation about toph, i remember this one post where some edgelord was like “but what if……..korra found her SKELETON” like no buddy she literally just found toph. toph is too stubborn to die
  • everyone being really worried about bolin and then cheering when he left kuvira’s army
  • mako’s va shipteasing and then korrasami happened. legends only
  • i didn’t let myself ship korrasami while the show was airing but the fandom absolutely lost it at “yeah……you’re looking snazzy as always” they did not know the greatness that would soon befall them
  • that week when everyone thought that asami was dead but she was actually completely fine
  • SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AND YOU’RE TO BLAME (”you give metalbenders a bad name!!”)