I lose followers whenever I post porn or nudity. You guys need to grow up and enjoy these finer things in life 😇

Not gonna lie even though i have been in the bowl for a hot minute it still stings a little bit when a man mentions something negative about my race, size, or, height. Most of the time I ignore or do not worry about the things that have been said. But every now and then you have those little thoughts that will attempt to creep into your mind and try to make you believe that you are not worthy of the finer things in life or deserving of the company that you keep.It is so important to keep those thoughts at bay and have positive outlets to keep you on track. Because I am deserving, I am indeed a luxury.

See newbies, even us vets have questionable thoughts and possess vulnerability. It’s the human mind at its finest.

*Position head up even higher and continues by even more fabulous*

Heads up, I’m just letting everybody know that I will be buying all of the red, white, and blue sugar cookies in your local supermarket, because they’re on sale and I’m a grown ass man who appreciates the finer things in life.

anonymous asked:

Do you mind me asking how many followers you have?

I don’t really see them as followers, per se.  I like to think of them as an elite squad of sophisticated scholars, artists, possibly a ninja or two, and maybe some pirates, who are all drawn together by good taste and a love of sharing the finer things in life.  Right now, our team is 152 people strong.     

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