finer points of forgiveness


Good morning✨

Superpowers! I frequently think about the fact that we have them. Compassion, joy, love, patience and forgiveness can change a life (or even save a life) when offered to one in need. I believe our superpowers will save the world. It’s quite simple. These superpowers are contagious! The more we reveal our powers, the more likely we are to spread them to the next person. It’s very much like recycling. Using your superpowers as an individual may seem small, but as kindness spreads by example, the effect becomes global.

If thoughts are real, that’s where it begins. Choose love. Let your thoughts wander to that which brings you joy. As you share your joy, you will inadvertently inspire. Dwelling in a place of love and joy has the effect of opening your heart to feel compassion, patience and forgiveness more easily. These things are compatible.

I could go on and on, but I like to keep my morning thoughts concise. I’m going to revisit this post in the future, and put a finer point on it.

Happy Saturday💙