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we don’t fight anymore [Stanchez, 800 words]

I asked myself: if they were dating, why did Rick never help Stanley fix the portal? And then I wrote this drabble :V

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the-winged-wolf-bran-stark  asked:

I don't think it's in your area of expertise but... what are your thoughts on the Jojenpaste theory? How do you think Jojen will meet his end?

I don’t believe in the Jojen Paste theory. @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly and @poorquentyn already covered this quite nicely so I’m just gonna let them do the dirty work for me:

  1. if you’re trying to log on to the Weirwood Net, logically you’d use something made from weirwood
  2. the paste is red because weirwood sap is red
  3. although the show and the books are completely separate, jojen dying on the show when he did probably confirms that he was not made into paste
  4. and @poorquentyn points out that weirwood paste seems related to shade of the evening, suggesting that Bran ate a plant

With all that out of the way, I can spend my time talking about more important things, aka ASOIAF themes. Because thematically, this passage has never suggested cannibalism to me:

It had a bitter taste, though not so bitter as acorn paste. The first spoonful was the hardest to get down. He almost retched it right back up. The second tasted better. The third was almost sweet. The rest he spooned up eagerly. Why had he thought that it was bitter? It tasted of honey, of new-fallen snow, of pepper and cinnamon and the last kiss his mother ever gave him.

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Title: where the heart is

Rating: K-T

Summary: She’d been so afraid that suddenly, she would wake up and be back in Crocus in her lonely flat with nothing but her notebook for company.

Word count: 3,006

Warnings: otp feels, dorks, hurt/comfort

So a little while ago, there was this post, about how Lucy probably doesn’t have a place to stay in Magnolia since she sold her old apartment. Naturally, her dork in shining armor would come to her rescue, no? And of course, the two would reevaluate what, exactly, makes a home ♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Dorothy Dandridge at a May 26, 1963 Freedom Rally in Los Angeles.

“Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a better person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in.” - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Laura Craik on Rihanna's 'weight gain'

Some male sports writer recently called Rihanna fat, which was charming of him — and also blind of him, for a finer figure never lived. Obviously, Ri responded with the sass we’ve come to expect from a woman who once rolled a joint on a man’s head and posted the pic on Instagram, via a meme whose message basically translates as: ‘If you can’t handle me at any weight, you don’t deserve me.’ Word.

The fashion industry is making strides towards diversity, albeit slow ones. Yet the overwhelming message is still that the ideal body shape is a fork prong: clothes hang better on it, according to designers. What they really mean is ‘clothes are easier and more cost-effective to design for skinny people’.

Yet past puberty, this straight up-and-down body shape is unachievable for most women, regardless of race. Nor do all women even aspire to look like this. ‘It’s actually pretty annoying, because now I don’t have a butt,’ Rihanna said in 2012 after her weight dropped naturally while touring. She is a joyful reminder that the female body comes in myriad glorious forms, and that beauty ideals aren’t simply dictated by the catwalk. Rihanna has never been a size zero, and wouldn’t want to be. Life is pretty great already, thanks.

Inevitably, as the weather heats up, so too will the body-shaming, as seasonal as sunshine, casting a pall that the sun cannot shift. Alas, not everyone is endowed with the same body confidence as Rihanna. If only. Robbie Williams recently revealed that his greatest fear was ‘obesity, and the shame that comes with it’ — a shocking and sad admission. Regardless of gender, it can feel as though we’re all under scrutiny. Life’s too short to body-shame, and too precious to waste obsessing over the shape God gave us, whichever our god may be.

Child Labour

The house of Givenchy has faced many daunting challenges throughout its noble history of dressing celebrities for big occasions, though perhaps none as great as designing a miniature nurse’s uniform, a task that puts dressing a heavily pregnant Kim Kardashian for the 2013 Met Ball to shame. Who, you might ask, needs a $1,015 miniature nurse’s uniform? Why, that would be Blue Ivy. Apparently, the five-year-old is to be present at The Royal Birth, because Beyoncé and Jay Z are ‘worried that their daughter might feel left out when the twins arrive, so they’re trying to make sure she feels involved every step of the way’. Uh-huh. Grown men remain traumatised by watching a birth, some decades later. Here’s a little tip: just skip to the bit where they’re all cleaned up and dressed in matching Gucci Babygros. You’ll save a ton on therapy bills.

Rubber Stomp

Life: you start off at a fetish party in a rubber dress, and end up at Sainsbury’s in rubber sandals looking for the frozen sweetcorn. I didn’t mean to acquire a pair of Crocs, but they were so comfy; the logo barely perceptible, so that from a distance, they look like any other strappy sandal. I blame Christopher Kane. Everyone’s wearing rubber footwear this summer: witness Miu Miu’s pool slides, Kane’s crystal-embellished crocs and Birkenstock’s more affordable neon pink sandals (£25). Here in rain-battered June, rubber footwear is not only looking like a chic option, but a canny one.