• “Graham Nolan, you were named for a guy your sister had a thing with but at least we picked the one who saved her mother’s life and believed in her and got her a job instead of knocking her up and sending her to jail”
  • “Killian Nolan, you were named for your sister’s boyfriend which yes is kind of weird but at least we picked the one who’s always been there for her and saved our lives and he’s also Captain Hook which let’s face it is pretty cool”
  • “James Nolan, you were named for my brother who was kind of a jerk but at least he never hurt your sister”
  • “Leo Nolan, you were named for your grandfather whose choice in second wife was a bit questionable and whose treatment of said wife was also a bit questionable but at least he never hurt your sister”
  • “Leroy Nolan, you were named after a dwarf but hey it’s a cool name and he’s a cool guy who actually helped us a lot and never hurt your sister”
  • “Charles Nolan, you were named after a guy I met once long ago who convinced me not to give up on love and who also inadvertently helped save your sister from a dungeon and from never existing”
  • “Jake Nolan, you were named after no one in particular because we figured that just like your sister you ought to have your own name without any weird baggage or references to someone who hurt your sister”
  • “Luke Nolan, you were named after Luke Skywalker in Star Wars because he’s awesome and also your sister pretended to be Princess Leia one time and my little geeky heart exploded with feels but don’t tell your mother because she just thought that it’s a nice name”
  • “David Nolan Jr, you were named after me because let’s face it I’m pretty awesome”
Non volevo diventare nessuno, non me ne fregava un cazzo. Io avevo solo la spietata e dolce voglia di rivedere quegli occhi e tenerli ancora un po’ con me.
—  Bukowski
  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she thinks:I honestly don't understand what's going on with Dan. One night he practically asks for help and the next morning he denies it all and says he was just being funny. I feel like he regrets opening up to us and it makes me so upset. Does he not trust us enough? Does he think we'll make fun of him if he takes off his happy mask? Or is it because of the sarcastic replies he got to the "Captain Existential Crisis" tweet? Whatever it is, I hope he sees all the support he's getting. I hope he sees all the edits and loving messages. I hope he realises that we do not see him as a joke but as a person.


I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. Hopefully they’ll get answered.

Oh man please DLC give me the one conversation I’ve been wanting for the Solasmance. Just give her that closure of knowing who he really is and I’m good.

And let me keep what looked like a tamed dragon. Okay not really on the last one but wouldn’t that be fun INQUISITOR OUT–summons a dragon and they just ride away.

Can you tell I’m excited?

Colosseum Rome 2014 da Julius Tjintjelaar
Tramite Flickr:
Not part of any BW-turned-color-challenge, just the start of new work and because I like to challenge myself: sometimes color, sometimes B&W. Whatever I feel is right. This is a shifted vertical panorama photo, shot with a tilt-shift lens with combined exposure times, something I will do more from now on: merging a long exposure and a normal exposure together in a panorama photo. The first shot, the lower part of the panorama is a normal exposure. Immediately afterwards, I shifted the lens to the maximum upward position and took a long exposure of 431 seconds. This way I could get the whole scene into the frame and combine exposure times for different effects. Tech info: - Canon 5DIII - 24mm TS-E lens - f/7.1 (both shots) - ISO100 - Exposure times: 431s (7minutes 11 seconds) and 1/320s Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Website