I’ve gained some new additions to my teaware collection today! I’m very excited about them. I picked up the cups, saucers and the teapot (from a different manufacturer, unfortunately) at an estate sale this morning. 

The sets are antique, for sure, which makes me happy. The cups I can place the maker’s mark as coming from 1946-1949, though I’m not sure how old the teapot is (please share if you know). 

Regardless, I’m super excited, because I now have a fancy china tea set which is stained with decades of tea and love. The gold edging on the mouth of the teapot is worn down from use, that’s my favorite part of the whole thing.

An image of the beautiful Czech spa town, Karlovy Vary or Carlsbad in western Bohemia discovered when looking at a vintage Czechoslovakian fine bone china tea set I found! #bohemia #carlsbad #vintage #retro #colourful #spatown #discovery