Beauty and the Beast Gladnis AU except we replace Belle’s kindness with Ignis’ sass.

“If I took my father’s place, would you let him go?”
“No, the oak tree nearby the entrance. Of course me, are you not paying attention or do you have excess of furr in your ears?”

“What are you doing here!? I told you not to come to the West Wing!”
“And I told you to let me go, but did you?”

“Do you realize what you could have done!? (flips the table)”
“Wow, okay, that on the table was a very fine tea set from the 14th century, most possibly from an important asian culture for what decoration suggests. Congratulations, there goes an entire, beautiful and valuable handmade antique worth millions in more than just one sense. You beast.”

“I’ll show you to your room”
“It was about time. The tower smells like wet dog. Do you come here often?”

“You will join me for dinner.”
“I’d rather not, thank you”
“It’s not a request! >:(”
“It’s dinner, I heard fine. The answer’s still no”.

“ :3 Could you read it again?”
“Why don’t you read it for me this time? :)”
“I uhm…I can’t”
“You never learned?”
“I learned, but it’s been so long…”
“That is no excuse, Gladiolus. Reading is like riding a horse: you never forget. Now read something for me; I accept no excuses. No stuttering either. You have a giant library, you don’t tell me you can’t read and expect me to fall for it.”

“How could someone like you ever love a beast like me? Aren’t you scared of me? ”
“Well, of course I am. I never said otherwise. You are terribly imposing and I’m pretty much terrified everytime you get close. But you behave the opposite, so I really don’t mind how ugly you are. You’re nice and kind.”
“…wow, that’s so sweet from you, Iggy”
“You’re welcome.”

One of my favourite tropes is when Mr. Graves picks up on an interest of Credence and then provides him with all necessary equipment to satisfy his curiosity or needs.

Oh, Credence likes nature? Let’s buy him books about it, buy pots to grow his own plants, buy seeds of rare flowers or take him for a walk in nature and teach him about different trees (which Mr. Graves vigorously read about just the evening prior to properly teach his boy) Or one morning when it hits Mr. Graves - what do you mean Credence doesn’t like coffee? Then fussing over buying his own fine china tea set, taking him shopping to choose his own tea flavours and getting him intricately decorated golden boxes where he can store his tea.

Just making sure that Credence feels welcome and knows that his needs will be respected, that he knows there will always be a place for him in Mr. Graves’ house.

Tom Kha Gai and Whiskey (a Malec fanfiction)

Hello. My first “shortest” Malec fanfic.

Warning: angst, a lot of angst. Dealing and reflecting with the aftermath of 2x12.

Summary: It’s has been a few days since the switch and the aftermath is rainy and cloudy.


It has been a few days. Slow, unsteady, and uneventful. Until news of a missing girl with unexplained circumstances brought Alec and Jace to an old Downworlders’ spice shop in Chinatown. After 10 minutes of useless interrogation with a few sale clerks. Alec withdraw and decided to let Jace take the lead.

He settled by the opened shop’s doors. Standing on the steps and listening to the soft rain. He distracted himself with the motions and movements of the countless mundanes walking about in a city that never sleeps. Across the street, there was a small noodle shop with a few individuals seated. A soccer game aired in the corner in a tiny television set. Occupying a group of elderly men. A young couple, smiling and whispering among themselves. While a young mother on the opposite side was feeding her toddler son. The smell of the noodles’ broth filled with spices, herbs, and curry was making Alec suddenly hungry and sad.

“I got nothing.” Jace said, standing next to Alec. Jace sighed.

“They don’t want to talk us.” Alec straighten his back. “I don’t blame them.” Alec said softly.

“You hungry?” Jace asked. Jace looked across the street. His fingers still unconsciously playing with the new ring hanging from his neck.

“Yeah, I think I might get something to go and bring Magnus something.” Jace nodded. He looked at Alec, sympathetic and with a hint of pity. Alec knows he wants to say something. Alec looked away and headed across the street. He has been receiving this unconsciously and unintentional “looks” and concerning lectures from both his siblings since the switch. It’s making him uncomfortable and it’s pissing him off. He doesn’t need pity. He quickly rushed to dodge the rain. Jace followed.

He does have to admit, he is pitiful. In the past few nights, Alec continued to find any form of excuses to see Magnus. Food has been the easiest route he can think of. However, it’s still a sad attempt but it’s the only gesture, Alec could think of. His logic was Magnus needs to eat and Alec is very capable in getting food.

When Alec arrived, he knocked. Little wet from the rain from his quick walk. He tried use his speed rune, but it was a little hard with hands full with hot Thai noodles. After a series of knocks, The doors opens automatically. Magnus knows it’s him. It’s a little comforting to know that Magnus still opens his doors for him. The loft is lit and alive, with the balcony doors wide open. Letting in the cool rain and the echoing sounds of the rain drops. Alec isn’t sure if he should closes it.

He walked into the kitchen. Setting the food down. Magnus is no where to be seen. But Alec knows where he is. He’s in his studies, door closed and isolated across the loft. He has been locked in there every day. Alec took his dampened jacket off. He moved around the kitchen to prepare the food. He has made a detailed study of Magnus’ kitchen in the past days. Memorizing every locations of the forks, the knives, and the spoons. Where the bowls, the plates, the pots, and the pans are. The collection of fine China and golden tea sets. As Alec was finishing setting the dinner table, soft footsteps pulled Alec out of a semi-trance of his quiet preparation. It’s Magnus.

A hint of sweet musky sandalwood filled the air when he walked in. He looked perfect. His hair is up. His make up is done and flawless.

Alec misses him, so much. He wants to kiss him. To greet him like he uses to.

“Hi” Alec smiled.

“Hello.” Magnus grinned weakly. “Alec, you don’t have to keep doing this. I can feed myself.” But you don’t. Alec said to himself. Magnus hasn’t been eating much. He nibbles and picks at it.

However, he has been drinking. A lot.

“Tom kha gai? I hope I am pronouncing it right?” Alec smiled again. “Um…it smell so good. I was in Chinatown with Jace. Stumble upon this little Thai noodle shop…I…I hope…it’s good.” Magnus is looking at him, with the same hint of pity he saw in Jace. Alec bite his lips. Holding in his emotions. “…it’s spicy, I got the mild one too…just in case.” He looked away.

“Thank you Alec.” Magnus moved to help him.

They ate in silence. Listening to the rain. Magnus actually ate more this time, half his bowl. When he finished. He thanked Alec again. Putting the leftovers in the refrigerator and return to his office. Shutting the door.

Alec settled in the living room. Unsure if he should leave, but he decided to stay and made a pot of tea. The balcony doors still open. Still raining and cold. And it’s strangely comforting. He spend a few hours looking at some cold cases he has left at Magnus’ early in the week. Scattering them on the coffee table. Busying himself with work.

When Magnus reemerged, passing Alec towards his bedroom. Alec can smell the strength of a few glasses of whiskey coming off Magnus. Somehow, Alec felt a sudden surge of a need to be bold. He followed Magnus, who has disappeared into the bathroom. The sound of the shower was started as the heels of Magnus’ shoes dances on the bathroom marble floor. Alec wants to do something, anything. However, as he approached the bathroom, the boldness is gone. Alec stepped back and seated himself on the bed. Telling himself, that he should go. Leave Magnus alone. It is getting pitiful.

He looked up to see Magnus standing there, body wrapped in his silk green kimono. His face is bare and one hand wrapped around a glass of whiskey and the other around a nearly empty Dalmore’ bottle. He’s looked right at Alec.

“Do you want to know a secret?” Magnus’ voice was soft and hollow. “I actually can’t get drunk anymore. After a few hundreds years. I am grown immune to it’s problematic charm.” He finished the whiskey in one big gulp. “…it sucks.” He chuckled. “…all the pretending…and this was so expensive…Dalmore 62, perfectly aged.” His smile grew. Alec hasn’t seen Magnus smiled for a while now, but this smile. It was sad and broken.

He put the glass and bottle down and walked towards Alec. It’s a slow and uncertain walk. Alec feels weak, looking into Magnus’ eyes. They were red and swollen, filled with fear. The same eyes he saw when he shoved and pushed Magnus against the prison’s walls. While he was in Valentine’ vessel.

“What tragedy to bestow on us. Unlikely lovers…you and I. To love and despise at the same time is an interesting feeling.” He sniffed. Holding in his tears. Alec hated how he is heartbreakingly captivated by Magnus’ words and pain. Alec hates it.

“Darling, I know…I know why you doubted me. I know why you did what you did. I know.” Magnus is so close. The closest he has been since the switch. “But it hurts…still.” He cried, lips pouted, and as he pointed his finger to his chest. “…here…and here.” The he pointed at his own forehead. Alec wanted to reach out, to hold him, to change him, and to make him believe.

“Magnus, I am sorry…I am so sorry.” Alec choked on his words. Magnus runs his fingers softly through Alec’s hair.

“I am sorry too.” He stopped and pulled back. His face is stoned. “What are you doing here?” His voice is cold again. “Tell me…Alexander.” He grinned. “Someone like you shouldn’t be dancing with the devil.” His marked eyes showed, glowing in the dimmed room. They were alluring, beautiful, haunting, and dangerous.

“Because I love you.” Alec answered firmly. Magnus’ wide cat eyes were wet with tears and pulled Alec into an intoxicated trance. He pulled himself up onto Alec’ lap. Seated face to face. Magnus’ arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer. And the tears returned and his muffled cries filled the room. Alec steady and carefully wrapped his arms around Magnus. Slowly pulling him tightly in. He can feel Magnus’ fingers digging into his skin. Magnus tucked his head between Alec’s head and shoulder.

“I should hate you.” Magnus whispered. Filled with tears and pain. “I hate what you did. I hate your kind…so much.” His words were broken. “…I hate that you didn’t see me.” Alec pulled him closer. “I begged you…Alexander.” Magnus’ tone shifted to desperation. Alec head hurts and the tears is pouring out, painfully.

Magnus pulled his face closer to his. His lips seeking for Alec. Alec turned, wanting Magnus to lead. The kiss was weak at first. Then a sudden rage filled them. Blood so warm and pounding. So rush and desperate. Magnus pushed him back, pressing his body on to Alec. Lips pressed hard and sloppy. Old whiskey has never tasted so sweet, so bitterly sweet.

Selfishly, how Alec needed Magnus’ kisses and touch. The absence of Magnus was slowly drowning Alec inside. He was so afraid. Afraid that any wrong motion or act, he would be punished to never touch Magnus again.

Alec knows. He has know for awhile. That Alec is selfish. Incredibly selfish in anything Magnus is. He wants Magnus, in every form, every nature, and every way. He wants Magnus’ happiness, his sorrow, and his pain. And he will take it all.

The shower was turned off. Left unused. They’re in bed, arms wrapped tightly and cocooned in the silk comforter. Alec watched as Magnus’ tired greenish yellow eyes slowly dimming and drifting off. Soon, Magnus was asleep, his body pressed against Alec. The sound of the rain and the faintness of Magnus’ breaths as he slumbered filled the room. Alec kissed his soft raven hair and whispered. “I promise you. I will never hurt you again.”

When Alec arrived at the institution. He was late. But he didn’t care. Magnus let him hold him last night. It was very hard to pull himself away from Magnus this morning. Magnus kissed him and whispered softly in his ears. “It’s okay. I’ll see you tonight.”

Alec knew it will take time. He will wait and he will be patient. Magnus needs time.

“You’re late.” Izzy said, worried. Alec didn’t replied as he seated himself across from her. He sees Sebastian next to her. He nodded at Alec and Alec returned a nod. He’s still uncertain about Sebastian, but Izzy seems confident. Suddenly, he felt a present beside him. It was Jace. He seated himself down and pushed a file towards Alec.

“I thought it’s best that you do this one.” Jace sounded suspicious and guilty.

“What is it?” Alec opened the file. A collection of profiles, pictures of Downworlders. In the stack was a picture of Magnus. “What is this?”

“They want a DNA sample…”

Note: sorry for the angst. And the grammatical errors. Did it on my iPad (late in the night) and posted it using the the Tumblr app and the app kinda of suck.

Choose Your Mistakes #17

Part seventeen of the interactive fanfiction, Choose Your Mistakes. Please check the FAQ and the Setting Info if you have questions, and be sure to make your choice below.

You chose to go through the dusty, black door. 

Originally posted by myend-ismybeginning

The warm glass door was certainly inviting, but some niggling concern in the back of your mind made you hesitate to give in to temptation. It just seemed like a bad choice.
You returned to the front of the church instead to find the black, dusty door. Your handprint was still alone in the dust on its surface. You weren’t sure what you would have done if it wasn’t.
The silver handle was cool to touch. The door creaked loudly as it opened, revealing its dim interior.

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trous·seau, n. [French, from Old French, diminutive of trousse, bundle. See truss.]

Traditionally, a young lady and her mother would gather various items in preparation for her future married life. The collection would be stored in a beautiful chest or luggage which went with the bride on the day she was wed.

Back in those days, things cost a lot more than they do today in proportion of what people earned. For example, a bedspread may have only cost a mere $35 then, but average income per month at that time was about $150!

People were married much younger in those days as well, making it far more difficult to begin a home. Therefore, loving mothers would prepare an easier transition for their daughters by slowly setting aside items they could spare — a bed sheet set here, some gifted china there. In many instances, a mother would begin collecting and preparing their daughter’s trousseau as early as their first birthday. These collections could contain bridal accessories, jewelry, fine linens, cushions, china, silverware, pillows or quilts, toiletries and bath towels — in addition to the standard clothing and lingerie.

Victorian “Trousseau Tea”

In Victorian times, the bride-to-be would lovingly collect a few sets of new clothes to see herself through her wedding, honeymoon and newlywed days. If she was from a wealthy family, her garments would be sewn by a professional seamstress. Most of the time, however, her mother or she herself would sew them with painstaking care, often adding beautiful touches such as monogramming the bride’s new initials.

There was also a pre-wedding tradition called a “Trousseau Tea” which was a get-together hosted by the bride’s mother usually in her home; with neighbours, colleagues and acquaintances invited to view her daughter’s trousseau. It was a moment for those attended to share in the couple’s/family’s joy as well as awe over the bride’s collection in delight and possibly a bit of envy.

Checklist For Assembling One’s Trousseau

✓ Fine table linens: napkins, place mats, preferably monogrammed.
✓ Fine china: plates, bowls, cups, tea set.
✓ Fine stationary: thank you cards, blank cards, a monogrammed stamp.
✓ Candles, drawer liners, potpourri sachets, decorative elements like soap dish sets, etc..
✓ One classic beautiful bedspread, or set of bed sheets.
✓ A self-assembled book of family recipes.
✓ A couple of childhood keepsakes such as books or toys that meant a lot to you and that you might wish to save for your children, even if it’s only to share a piece of your childhood.
✓ A small box of childhood and family photos: a sweet reminder of the family you grew up in.
✓ Beautiful silk pajamas, lingerie.
✓ Lace, lots of lace for embellishing.


Ceramics by Young-Mi Kim

If you are a tea drinker, then you know that the fine art of drinking tea always calls for a finely crafted tea set. Designer Young-Mi Kim’s series Through Landscape displays her magical appointment of porcelain into the extraordinary. With strong attention directed to shape and color, a strong subtlety exists throughout these works.


Time for tea by mcfarlandmo

Hux headcanon
  • Hux drinks what ever the SW universe equivalent is of fine single malt whisky. His favourite malt would be the Balvenie Double Wood finish.
  • He takes an interest in everything has officers report to him, from supply chain logistics to training protocols (this is canon, I believe) – and even likes to run data analysis on the statistics he gets in reports. Hux would have performed as well in industry as he has in the military.
  • That said, he totally did fuck his way up the ranks. It’s a skill.
  • He would be an amazing lay. His motto is “you can do a thing well or you can do it badly” and he always aims to do the thing well.
  • Hux keeps himself incredibly busy at least partly so that he doesn’t have to stop and think about his life and his choices. He wants to rule the galaxy because he always has wanted to rule the galaxy. He hasn’t questioned whether it’s something he really wants.
  • He genuinely believes order is a good thing and wishes people would just shut up and get conquered quietly and understand it’s for their own bloody good.
  • At the same time, given the chance to construct a super weapon, he will want to show off and use it. This is partly a sadistic urge, and partly a way of proving himself.
  • He drinks tea and believes tea is the quintessential drink of the officer class.
  • In his quarters, he keeps a fine ceremonial tea set, given to him by his mother. Or rather he did, until someone destroyed it in a spiteful rage.
  • His first name is Dion. This came to me early on, and I am not shifting on it (until we get a canon first name). Dion Hux has a ring to it, and it suits him.
  • He is a very minor member of the aristocracy on his home planet, but he finds the fact embarrassing.
  • He values a good pair of socks.

ex1le-vilify  asked:

*small child voice* Tell me a story about freedom!

So in the beginning there was two tribes of humans, Americans and the British. We were slaves to the British, having to drink tea and wear their silly powdered wigs and their fine ‘china’ tea sets. And we were sick of being so elegant and posh and were slaves to their life style. We had to pay more then the British and drove most of us into poverty. I remember the days when I was a blacksmither for my uncle making iron rings and painting them silver. All we could afford was bread and meat every 3 months for my small family to eat. After a while some drunks got sick of the Brittish rule and dressed up like them native americans and hobbled up on a ship and threw about 2 tons of tea into the river. Which caused people everywhere to drink from the lake and it was very yummy.

Now the British was very mad that we hated their tea and they ordered to kill us all off as a sign of tribute to their god “King George” and we gathered up some hick farmers and gave them guns and told them

“we’re gonna be sneaky and when they come to ask where we are you shoot em’

And it turned out into a huge war that no body wanted but us Americans.

England then gave the world the greatest gift of all,