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Hi! I'm a little confused as how is possible to burn coffee? In which step that happens?

Cheap beans (which tend to be the ones found in most American homes and large chain franchises unless stated otherwise) tend to be a little sub par in their roasting preparation, which can lead to the beans being burned and creating an acrid taste, regardless of how finely you grind or brew them.

Coffee can also be very easily burned during the brewing process, by heating the water in use to over boiling point (100′c or 212′F) which burns the coffee grounds, creating that burnt taste.

So while you need your water to be over 90′c (so about 195F) to allow for maximum extraction of coffee goodness, you really don’t want it to be any hotter than say, 95′c. Unfortunately mos people just crank that sucker machine up to maximum because the hotter the better, right? (side note: that boiling hot function is there for CLEANING not brewing)  It’s the same with tea, tea should never be brewed with boiling water because it burns the leaves, and there are varying degrees at which different types of tea should be brewed at too. When I worked in the tea house we had individual kettle urns which we had to repeatedly check the temperatures on to ensure they were the right temp, otherwise you could ruin a very expensive batch of tea.

It’s also possible to get that burnt taste in chain houses from burning the milk. You know when the steamer machines screech steam? Yea, that’s too hot. It should be a gentle gradual heat to gain maximum foamy goodness and temp. And the thing is it takes roughly the same amount of time to make a coffee in a hurry, as when you do it properly, because you don’t spend so much time banging the steamer mug up and down on the counter or trying to get the fucking thing to foam because you’ve burned the shit out of it and your hand when it overflows because you overheated it, and your customer is left with a flat, slightly acidic cappuccino and no one is happy.

So yea, there’s a few ways in which coffee can be ruined and burned.

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I highkey feel like Kakashi has the best stroke game. Like everyone else just thrusts, but he's grinding. 😂😂 idek why I'm thinking about this.

For real he’s very meticulous with the stroke game when he wants to be. Some days he might be lazy and won’t try that hard but sometimes he decides he needs to spice it up and he grinds real good