Here are some weird and random designs for a show that was in development at Disney TV late last year.  At this point , the main character could’ve literally been anything so I went with my childhood favorites, the Muppets.  The project didn’t get picked up sadly, but it was a good way to get connected with some of the fine folks at Disney TV 

Some of my finest followers:


… to be updated.

Hello there folks! Only a few more weeks til Halloween, so here’s this week’s mixtape! For those who don’t know, each week we’ll release another mixtape inspired by a classic TV show. DJ sets at cool parties are absolutely available too. Feel great, feel amazing, feel FINE. Just click on the cover above! Or, if you don’t trust pictures, have a click at that download link below.

By the way, props to sun-smudged-peach-moon for suggesting this week’s show. If any of you guys ever have any requests just send them our way! We aim to please. And so, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado…

Every Good Boy Does Fine Mixtape #4: The Twilight Zone


1. I Hear A New World - Joe Meek & The Blue Men

2. Dumb Head - Sharades

3. Over Here - Patience & Prudence

4. Trust In Me - Sterling Holloway

5. Hooray For Human Engineering - Clark Equipment

6. O Relógio - Os Mutantes

7. She’s Goin’ Bald - The Beach Boys

8. The Black Angel’s Death Song - The Velvet Underground

9. Chicken - Johnny Gunn

10. Interplanetary Music - Sun Ra

11. Mack The Knife - Bobby Darin

*Fine Fact!: After their brief success in the 50’s with Tonight You Belong To Me (actually a cover of a Gene Austin song from the 20s) , Patience & Prudence apparently went into advertising, working on quite a few big name accounts. Yet another thing we share in common with Patience & Prudence.

A Ball for Every Julian!

Well the season 2 finale approaches and I’m excited, and anxious!

I love this show so much, its been with me through a lot of stages and events in my life, and has helped me stay pretty happy through the tougher times. I even made a few friends along the way! I’ll always be thankful for that, and either if that season 3 is finally approved, or it ends on today’s episode, this show and the wonderful people who worked on it, will always have a place in my heart.

Thanks so much, officialscottthomas, 9thgradeninja, barelysarcasm, Jed Elinoff, all of ya fine folks (+more!) who made this show happen, because its one of my favorites, made a big impact on me, and I’ll never forget it!

School is back in session for#ncisla! Happy first day of shooting to these fine folks! And can we get a shout out for how dapper @jpkous looks? #ncisla#season7 - NCIS: Los Angeles’s instagram

This is a list

A quick list of things I’ve probably said or done before liking a few of you guys selfies.

sang a short tune of your fine-ness.

said: “Mm!”

whisper: Gaaaah

whispered to myself with accusation in my voice “Who is dis??”

said: “ya’ll”

said: “look”

simply…shook my head

Thought you guys should now.

Ya’ll be fine. *shrug*

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A white person commented on my post that the biggest achievement black people contributed to society is rap music
That’s it
So these white people can over look our president, our achievements in the arts and sciences, inventions that black people created that changed the world, plus the countless contributions to American culture
And boil us down to a stereotype
Wtf am i gonna do to argue on the Internet with a fool like that? What do I have to prove to someone so profoundly stupid and ignorant? Arguin with white people like that is an insult to my intelligence
I saw that foolishness, blocked the person, and now will go on and reblog pictures of fine ass black folk and think about what I’m going to do to enjoy this carefree saturday

Irresponsibly Theorizing Over Gravity Falls

Okay, while chatting with my friend in skype Over A Tale of Two Stans, we eventually started talking about Bill and how he might fit into all of this. I then started talking about the AMA and had a revelation that I then decided to share with all you fine folks. 

I’d like to preface this post by saying there will be spoilers, so if you’re not caught up with Gravity Falls, don’t read this post until you’re up to date and really that interested by my musings. With that said, let’s put our tin foil hats on, shall we?

From Alex Hirsch’s twitter we know that a character is going to kick the bucket by the end of the season: 

Now, I’ve seen theories all over the place about which character will die: Everything from Soos, to Bill, and even one of the twins, but after some thinking after looking over old posts from Bill’s AMA and the show directly, I have an idea about who the character is we will have to sadly say goodbye to. 

This first came about over a discussion regarding Dipper and the foreshadowing that came about during the end of A Tale of Two Stans. It evolved from there from talking about Gompers since he now has the flash drive which reminded me of the AMA. There were a lot of interesting and downright strange tidbits from the AMA, but one of the more sinister things Bill said wasn’t typed until the very end of the AMA: 

“Make like a pine tree and burn to the ground.”

This in turn made me think back to the the episode Society of the Blind Eye which featured a tapestry with, you guessed it, a burning pine tree.

Now, from this you might assume I’m saying Dipper will die. I mean we do associate him with a pine tree from the symbol on his hat and how Bill refers to him, but that’s not quite what I’m getting at. After all, there is an entire family of Pines. From this I saw how heavily fire themed this is which makes sense. Bill is known for conjuring blue flame and with that in mind, it got me thinking. What other character do we know that’s associated with fire? Not many, though there is one…

Stanley has been burned or set on fire in every iteration; both figuratively and physically. Not only that, but in Land Before Swine, he fell into a coffin, a universal symbol of death. If that’s not foreshadowing, I don’t know what is. He fits both the tapestry and AMA quote, being a Pines (a “pine tree”) and the motif of getting set ablaze. Stanley does everything for love of his family and I don’t think it’s out of the question for him to sacrifice himself for family. While I obviously don’t have solid confirmation, I believe the evidence provided so far is enough to entertain the idea of Stanley being the one to die, but who truly knows with the insanity that is this wonderful show?

I just love Fine Folks! Great graphic design and even greater music mixes. Currently, there are 6 mixes, all around a central theme. My favorite is Mix #2: Star Trek, but all of them are so great. I highly recommend you download and listen.  

Every Good Boy Does Fine Series:

Mix #1: The Andy Griffith Show  

Mix #2: Star Trek  

Mix #3: Gilligan’s Island  

Mix #4: The Twilight Zone  

Mix #5: The Munsters  

Mix #6: Coca-Cola

Tuesday-July 28th/2015

Our animation team is separated in 3 different buildings currently. I bumped into these fine folks, from left to right; Wayne Unten, Andrew Feliciano & Kim Hazel. They’re currently doing some really cool work with Imagineering! 

It’s hard being separated from everybody, but I was so happy when I saw them and they told me they felt more connected with the animation crew because of this blog:) Now, go check out all of their amazing work!

Here’s a link to Wayne’s incredible tumblr, animating in his spare time!

Here’s Andrew’s old reel showcasing his fantastic 2D and 3D skills!

Kim’s stuff is here- so good, love that cloudy stuff!