Form before function

I have no idea why this set-up appealed to my eye. It’s not the subject matter. There’s no latent message for the world. There is also no post-rationalised BS to be applied.

Shape. Form. Darkness and light. Texture. And a zig-zag of diagonals that lead my eye to all four corners. Maybe that’s it? It’s as simple as ‘wherever my eye goes, there is interest”.

Can art be as simple as an indescribable emotion? An image that stirs? I do hope so. It seems to be a recurring theme in my work.

© StueyB

Death Valley all mine by Reuben Wu via Flickr
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Model: Georgia S

Photographer: Nara Phillips

Let It Go by @flippermood

Listen to this song, “Let It Go- James Bay” while you look at this image.

Model; Zach Spratto @realmofblah

Chiaroscuro by Reuben Wu on Flickr.

Made with Flickr

Reuben Wu 

Made with Flickr