fine tumblr be all black and white then

BLM Kidnapping

So four black girls live streamed themselves beating the crap out of a disabled white man saying “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck white people”.

I don’t give a fuck whether they were BLM or not, but people denying this is is a hate crime against white people are deluded.

If you don’t want to call it racist because you’re into all this systematic oppression and power structure definition of racism then fine, but this man was attacked BECAUSE HE WAS WHITE, the girls were prejudiced against him BECAUSE HE WAS WHITE.

And people distancing themselves from this attack are deluded, the “Fuck all white people” and “white tears” rhetoric I see on Tumblr and I see in BLM is wrong, and it is prejudiced, and it contributed to this attack.

Just because you’ve decided that you’re not racist doesn’t mean you’re not prejudiced.

Just because you don’t support the attack doesn’t mean you didn’t help it.

As one if the replies pointed out, this attack was equally ableist.

This image is that of the National Theatre in London.

When I first took this image, I had no idea what I would do with it. So it stayed on my computer for a while. In the end, I wanted the the form to stand out. In order to do that, I had to simplify the image and remove all the distractions.

Double standards in the Avengers fandom

It’s funny how y'all think captain america can have a boyfriend, but some of y'all are the same people who got upset when they made him black. It’s funny how y'all think captain america can have a boyfriend, but Thor can’t have a black girlfriend. It’s funny how y'all think captian america can have a boyfriend, but you’re perfectly fine with a white woman taking an asian role. It’s funny how y'all think captain america can have a boyfriend, but only if it’s Bucky and not Sam. You don’t care about anything except your precious white ships and hating on female characters, which by the way Avengers doesn’t have many of them, and they’re all mostly white as well.

By the way did I buzz out of Tumblr activism (I mean i did) but when did #NotAll____ become a racial thing?? Last I checked it referred to the phrase #NotAllMen?? The fandom s all peeved because “not all galra” was (I think) a spoken phrase but that’s not referring to common reactionary epithet of any racial tension??

Also hilarious because the other argument to season 2 is that allura was being the racist one idk why everyone just ignores her stereotyping and shit talking someone who died to save them because of their race

I mean other Tumblr fandoms have done this too with SU & Bismuth and Atla and Aang not wanting to kill the Firelord; a lot of people hate the idea of non violence apparently which is just….Smh

Like pacifism isn’t the end all be all and has it faults but God damn how many stories about the dangers of fighting fire with fire do we need before we admit it backfires and doesn’t work all too well??? That INNOCENT people get hurt?

So if I don’t want to date a POC because I’m afraid that they’ll make casually racist jokes about white people and/or use white guilt to control me, because of a lack of shared culture (I don’t even have to reword this one this argument by definition works both ways), or because some of their ancestors killed some of my ancestors that’s totally fine right?

Honestly I have a hard time arguing with this because this whole post groups all white people into a particular stereotype based on the color of their skin making it pretty… well… racist. So nothing here makes a valid argument.


I witnessed a very interesting phenomenon on tumblr.

When there’s a post about white people and someone makes it all about black folk by invalidating a white person’s achievements or struggles, then that’s perfectly fine and, of course, pro POC.

However, if someone dares to do the same on a post about black people and tries to make it about latinos, then the person is a racist.

I think there was a term for that? You know, when someone thinks their own race is the best and most important one. I wonder what that term was again? I think it started with an r and ended with acism.


finished portrait! I wanted this portrait to exude a sense of self love and self worship. we all deserve to feel like gods and goddesses sometimes.

By Emily Garrett. 2016.

gold gilding for halo, graphite for portrait, Copic marker for roses.


Ian and Anthony Want You to Be Happy

They want to be happy too

In honor of #SmoshAppreciationweek2015 have this little comic I made in which a cooking Anthony and a browsing Ian would appreciate it if their smoshers on Tumblr would stop arguing and instead become a supporting and loving community once again <3

With some #Bromance and #Ianthony on the side for y’all

{In case you are unable to read the bubbles, you can read what they say here below:}

[B=Black; W=White]

{B1:Sigh ; B2: What

W1:Tumblr Icon

B3:There’s still drama going on

W2: All because of us, whether shipping us is wrong or fun.

B4:I Wish they would stop arguing and go back to supporting/Fangirling/fanboying together. We love all our fans.

W3:Both non-shippers and shippers. Shipping us is fine w/o [without] taking it too far.

B5:If they really believe we should end up together, then we must have an awesome friendship, right?

W4:It’s fine to ship us but, I personally don’t see why they think-


B7:Oh…I see.}

Come on guys, let’s all be friends here and enjoy the babe’s and their hardwork <3

                                    -  B  L  A  C  K  W  O  O  D  -

                                   GUYS, I THANK ALL OF YOU !!! 











Nobody will know who this is because my drawing skills are shit. This is Gerard Way. A pixie wearing Ralph Lauren. He broke our hearts with his selfie yesterday. He started a dad war with Mark Hoppus and it ended fine. The only casualty were millions of hearts shattered over his cuteness. That’s all.