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concept: crop top yuri but also…..shirless sleeves,

@zephyrine-gale I CAN’T STOP!!!

(uhh idk if u saw but i use a zebra super fine disposable brush pen although this one’s pretty close to dying so this is probably not an accurate judgement for what it’s supposed to look like aaa)


I’m a creature of comfort and habit. I’ve found it easy to contain my work within the confines of neat 0.8mm fine liner pen tips and 12pt serif fonts, but at this moment in time, all I want to do is create colourful mess. 

I want bright red, fast splashes and thick, messy brush strokes. I want it to be on the edge of interpretation. I want to test how far I can push it before it’s meaningless. 

Study organization- notebooks

I love stationery of all kinds, especially notebooks. And when you’re planning on studying, of course you need notebooks for taking notes and practicing! In this post, I’ll talk a little about my notebooks.

What kind(s) of notebook(s) do you use?

My personal preference is for spiral notebooks. I used to use notebooks that just opened like normal books, but they never liked to stay flat and they took up too much space on my desk. It’s funny because I used to hate spirals back when I was younger and way into drawing because the pages were more free to move against each other which led to more smudging, but I love spirals so much for note taking. They lay flat with no problem, which is the biggest thing for me. The spiral does get in the way of my hand sometimes, but it’s a minor annoyance.

I also consider the quality of the paper when buying my notebooks. It doesn’t have to be super high quality, but I just can’t deal with paper the quality of standard US looseleaf. It’s too thin and, more importantly, the surface is too rough. Paper with too rough a surface has led to the early death of too many of my pens—if you use fine-tip pens, size 0.5 or lower, and find they stop writing before the ink runs out—little bits from poor-quality paper probably got into the tip and ruined it. The paper I like the most feels a little bit weighty and nice and smooth!

Hardcover or softcover is also a choice to make! I use both, types:

Left to right- hardcover lined notebook, softcover lined notebook, softcover 원고지 squared paper notebook

How many notebooks do you use?

I have three main types of notebooks! I’ll go over each type:

Grammar notebooks

My grammar notebooks are all hardcover. I use them to collect grammar explanations and other important notes. I write them as cleanly as possible and even use my many colorful highlighters to make them look a little nicer. If I need to know about a grammar point that I have already learned, I open my grammar notebook for the right language and find it. This way, I don’t have to remember which textbook or source I saw a certain grammar point or explanation in—if it’s important, I write it down in my grammar notebook! So, my grammar notebooks are mashups of multiple texts and sources. These are for reference only; I don’t do any practice or extra writing in them. Nothing but the facts!

Practice notebooks

My practice notebook is where I write down definitions of new words I learned, practice sentences for my vocab flashcard words, breakdowns of articles I’ve studied on my Chinese reader apps… I guess calling it a “practice notebook” makes its purpose pretty self-explanatory. It’s nothing special; I write quickly and messily in it, and when it gets full, I can just throw it in the recycling bin and start a fresh one. My practice notebook is a softcover spiral.

Chinese article notebook

Korean squared paper—or I guess any squared paper—is wonderful for writing Chinese characters. Once I’ve encountered an article in a Chinese reader app and broken it down in my practice notebook, I rewrite it cleanly in my article notebook so I can easily find and read it again later.

I don’t always have all of my notebook types with me. If I plan on studying grammar, I will bring the correct grammar notebook along, and if I plan on studying Chinese articles, I might have my article notebook with me, but not always. However, my practice notebook is always in my bag!

How do you organize your notes and all? For those of you who might be struggling to get your notes together, I hope this helped!

Happy studying~


So I had this request to have chat, nathaniel and marinette all trapped in an enclosed space, for a long time and finally had a brilliant idea for it (with the help of @squirrellygirlart ) Hope you all enjoy it :) Thanks for the request anon!!

Also @squirrellygirlart did some artwork to go with the piece!!! Check it out HERE!!!!! - it’s pretty amazing!!!

Marinette’s class was helping out at Chloe’s hotel for the day. It was something their class had done once a year every year for as long as Marinette could remember. It was supposed to teach them something about responsibility and the job market and of course Marinette always ended up with the worst jobs on account of Chloe’s hatred for her and today was no different. Marinette was stuck with Gofer duty while Adrien was put at the front desk along with Chloe. Marinette was more than just a little disappointed by it. It happened every year of course but Marinette was beginning to feel that her crush on Adrien was more than a little hopeless. Needless to say Marinette was feeling more than a little discouraged that day. Of course the rage filled akuma that was tearing through the hotel didn’t do much to help improve Marinette’s mood. Marinette ran down the hallway akuma following close behind fiery hair  sticking on end as she screamed in fury. A small fiery blast landed near Marinette’s foot. She yelped as she pushed herself to run faster.

“Marinette!” Marinette was quickly grabbed around the waist and yanked into another hallway as a fiery blast dissolved where she had previously been standing. Marinette looked up to see glowing green eyes staring back at her. She rested her hands on his shoulders their chests brushing against one another as they both tried to catch their breath.

“Chat Noir,” Marinette greeted breathlessly. Chat smirked at her.

“Afternoon Princess, are you alright?” Chat asked, eyes giving her a once over. Marinette nodded.

“I think so,” Marinette assured.

“Good, come on, we need to get you to safety,” Chat Noir released her waist instead taking her hand in his and pulling her along behind him. Marinette let him lead her deciding to transform once he left her to take care of the akuma. Chat rounded a corner only for them to find themselves face to face with the fiery beast. Marinette and Chat Noir skidded to a stop. Chat and Marinette both squeaked as the akuma smiled wickedly down at them fire brewing in her open hand.

“Make a run for it?” Marinette asked cautiously. Chat Noir’s head made a jerky nod. The akuma reeled her arm back fiery blast aimed their way.

“Time to go!” Chat shouted turning on his heel and tore down the hall, Marinette still in hand. Chat led them towards an open elevator at the end of the hall. The doors slowly began to close. Chat released Marinette’s hand diving inside the doorway and keeping the doors open for Marinette. Marinette skidded to a stop just before the elevators glancing back as she heard a door open. Nathaniel stepped into the hallway looking down at his sketch book oblivious to the raging akuma headed straight towards them.

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Jily HC

James and Lily Senior Year HC

·      Come join my fantasy world and pretend that James and Lily are muggles going into senior year.

·      Because this is me right now and much panic.

·      Lily and James have been attending the same public high school for the past four years.

·      Lily plans her first day of school outfit two days before the first day because it’s senior year and it all has to be perfect.

·      James rolls out of bed and pulls on a clean t shirt and a random pair of jeans.

·      Lily is going to miss reading in bed in the early morning sun.

·      James is going to miss house parties that keep him up until the sun rises.

·      Lily walks to school with plenty of time to spare. She plugs her ears with her earbuds and blasts AJR. Her backpack is full of fresh fine tip pens and grid notebooks.

·      James drives his beat up Jeep through the neighborhood, collecting his friends and singing along to the Beatles. His backpack is full of last years missed assignments and stale fruit leather.

·      Lily’s schedule consists of Art History and Literature classes and study halls.

·      James’s schedule consists of Chemistry and Physics and Biomedical courses.

·      Both of them find themselves stuck in 3rd period Government and Civics, surrounded by strangers.

·      James arrives there early and plops down in the second row, pulls out his phone and starts scrolling through his Instagram.

·      Lily barely makes it to class in time and desperately searches for a seat. Of course the only empty one is next to James Potter.

·      James looks up at the figure that has slumped into the seat next to him and is SHOCKED to see fiery red hair and Lily’s disgruntled face.

·      For the first month of school James and Lily barely talk to each other, but soon they find themselves passing notes back and forth during the boring class.

·      Most of the time they are making fun of their surrounding classmates. Sometimes James will ask Lily what books she is reading. Sometimes Lily will ask James what song he is listening to. Little do they know that James reads every book Lily rants about, and Lily listens to every song James mumbles under his breath.

·      A couple months into the year Remus invests in his own car and decides that it’s easier for him to grab Sirius in the morning instead of James doing so. Plus, let’s be honest they def want some alone time.

·      One day James sees Lily walking to school in the morning and stops to offer her a ride. Soon this becomes their morning routine.

·      James is shocked to hear Lily humming along to his morning playlist. But not as shocked as Lily is when she sees a crumpled copy of Wuthering Heights in the back of James’s car.

·      Soon the two are going on study dates. Remus is teasing Lily in Art History. Sirius spends most of his time singing “Kiss the Girl” is James.

·      Lily starts to relies that maybe she likes third period because James is in it and not just because she’s a government nerd.

·      James always knew Lily was the reason he didn’t drop that class after the first week.

·      Slowly their texts books start to go untouched during study dates.

·      “Lily do you know the answer to this multiple choice question?”

·      “Probably, let me have a look.”

·      James hands Lily a piece of notebook paper with the question “will you go out with me” scratched across the top of the page.

·      Underneath in smaller writing it says “a: yes. b: no. c: I’m in love with sirius.”

·      Lily laughs. “I’m not sure but I think the answer is a.”

·      James can’t stop smiling.

·      Sirius greets James with a slow clap the next day when he walks into their shared chemistry class.

·      Lily shows Remus the note the next day.

·      Everyone is happy.

·      Remus thinks that it’s funny that Lily choose A for an answer, because he sure as hell would have choose C.

Hymne à l'amour [ Min Yoongi ]

Originally posted by sunkissedhao


Summary: SOULMATE AU! This was how his morning came to be. He would dragged himself out of the bed and into the bathroom he shared with his roommates so he could wash up. Once he dried himself, he would lowered the toilet lid and sat on it while taking out a drawing pen from the bathroom drawer under the sink, the guilt never once stop gnawing at his heart as he traced his fading tattoo, thanking the heavens for giving him a talent in art. He would walk out the bathroom when he was done, feeling like a complete fraud, the same words ringing in his head over and over again. Min Yoongi was a fucking coward and a filthy liar.

A.N : Let me know what you think! Not really proof-read to there may be some mistakes  


Min Yoongi, despite his brash and straightforward personality, was a fucking coward.


He laughed quietly to himself as he picked up the fine-tip drawing pen and neatly traced the fading cursive words on his left arm with impressive precision, a painfully heartbreaking routine he had to put himself through everyday. He had done it countless times, too many times, he realized, when he easily pressed the tip of the pen on his skin without a single hesitation, his muscles remembering each strokes and movements as he covered the fading ink with a new black ink of his pen. How pathetic could you be, he thought, eyes fixed on the newly touched-up cursive name on his wrist. How many nights did he spend praying, to God he didn’t even know, hoping it would stay on his skin for the rest of his life? And how many mornings did he spend watching the ink wash away under the running hot water, furious at the universe for being so cruel to him? Didn’t he spend enough time suffering? Hasn’t he done enough for the world? How many bad things do one had to suffer through before they get to be happy? Was it the universe’s way of telling him he was fucked? Well, fuck you too. Yoongi scoffed and threw the marker back into the drawer, slamming it shut before he exited the bathroom.

This was how his morning came to be. He would dragged himself out of the bed and into the bathroom he shared with his roommates so he could wash up. Once he dried himself, he would lowered the toilet lid and sat on it while taking out a drawing pen from the bathroom drawer under the sink, the guilt never once stop gnawing at his heart as he traced his fading tattoo, thanking the heavens for giving him a talent in art. He would walk out the bathroom when he was done, feeling like a complete fraud, the same words ringing in his head over and over again.

Min Yoongi was a fucking coward and a filthy liar.

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 Ever since I first picked up Cinder, I fell absolutely in love with the character because I have never in my entire life related to anyone more. An outcast with brown hair, brown eyes, and if you replaced her family struggles with my friend issues, you would honestly have me. She was strong and confident and not interested in romance, and all she wanted was to fit in, really. She stayed out of people’s way and was selfless and kind.

 Then Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out and I fell in love with Rey because she reminded me so much of Cinder! Then I fell in love with the movie and Daisy Ridley and watched all the behind the scenes stuff and interviews, and that was when I realized that that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to act. I wanted to be multiple people and use that to reach out to more people. 

 Then I realized, what if I could play Linh Cinder in the Lunar Chronicles movie?

 I became obsessed with pursuing this absurd dream. I taught myself how to put my hair up into a ponytail without using a brush. I drew on my hand and leg with sharpie to make myself look like a cyborg when I got bored. I pulled a cosplay together and spent countless hours holding the books in my hand and acting out scenes, reciting Cinder’s dialogue out loud until I had my own blocking with imaginary other actors down. 

 I nearly cried when I met Marissa and got my copy of Cinder and my own fanart signed, and when she complimented my cyborg hand that I had drawn on myself because I had finally found a design that I liked after three years of fine tip and ball point pens, eventually deciding that sharpie was easier and much less painful. 

 I wore my hair up in a ponytail for an entire year and I now own the ‘messy ponytail’ look. Anytime I wear my hair down, everyone flips out. 

 Its been roughly 5 years since I read Cinder for the first time and two years since realizing I wanted to act, and after countless hours of pretending Im being interviewed in front of a mirror, I realized that my own morals hold me back. 

 Because even though I look and act like Cinder, I’m still white. And I recently realized that if I were to play Cinder in the tlc movie, I would get a lot of hate for it. Interviewers would ask for my opinion on the matter, and I spent a good few days thinking of one, but I couldnt. The only reason I could come up with was because of how selfish I am. There are not enough Asian characters in media. And it makes me sad. We definitely need more Asian and POC in general in media. We need them presented well, and TLC is the perfect opportunity! 

 TLC played a huge part in me discovering my dream, and I’ll admit I have so many fantasies of hanging out with an amazing cast and being on set, walking down the palace steps and wearing green tape around my fingers and on my leg. Of wearing a silver dress on the red carpet and drawing my cyborg hand on again just to be funny. Of having a better reason to change all my usernames everywhere to my url here. Of making more wonderful memories with this series that means so damn much to me. 

 But I hate whitewashing, and I cant believe myself for being so selfish. But when auditions pop up, I’ll pobably still attempt to try out. Maybe I’ll still be able to get a part somewhere. Who knows. I just can’t take away something thats so important to me as well as many others.

studynest  asked:

Hey I was wondering if you had any recommendations for what I should buy in terms of stationary/pens because I recently earned $100 for good grades and I want to spend it on something that will go toward school :) thanks

i got you, love! 

first of all, congrats on those grades and on that $100! you deserve it! (hugs)

this’ll depend on what kind of stationery you like or want or what you’re gonna use your stationery for (posters, note taking, etc etc) so i’ll just throw a bunch out there and you can choose as you like, sound good? also, i put this together kind of hastily, so if i didn’t answer your question properly or if it’s not what you were looking for, please feel free to contact me again so i can fix it!
The ones with asteriks are the ones I personally recommend / my favorites. and now without further ado, here’s– 

obsidianstudy’s stationery list recommendations!

Stationery Stores 


  • Ballpoint Pens (Jet Pens) - Jet Pens have a multitude of pens (and brands) to choose from, ones you’ll probably most often use are ballpoint pens, most of the pens are pretty easy to use and a decent price (for the most part, that is).
  • Ballpoint Pens (Tokyo Pen Shop) - Wide variety of ballpoint pens from Tokyo Pen Shop!
  • Pens (kikki.k) - all the pens you could want! Great selection of stationery with quality. All stationery has really cute or cool designs on them. 
  • uni-ball Pens - i love uni-ball pens. they’re good and easy to write with and run very smoothly! (doesn’t have individual pages for each product, search by name via website, link given > ‘uni-ball Pens’)
    • ***uni-ball GEL IMPACT™ GEL PEN - comes in gold, silver, and white and these babies are the literal best. 1.0mm, they give thick, bold strokes. great for giving your notes or drawings and anything else an elegant, pretty look.
    • uni-ball VISION ELITE™ ROLLER BALL PEN - 0.8mm, these come in black, blue, and red and write beautifully. Bold and smooth strokes. 
  • Pilot Pens - (click link and select country, here I’ve chosen the US website to use) Pilot pens are among my favorite, daily use pens. Highly recommend.
  • ****Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Pen - Black Ink - my favorite pen. writes in 1.0mm, has a smooth glide over paper and writes wonderfully. Comes in black, blue, silver, and red, as far as I’m aware. (Ink does take time to dry though but tbh it’s worth it imo haha) $2.50
  • Muji Pens - can i get a heck yeah for Muji pens? Muji is by far one of my favorite stores to visit. They have pens of good quality and their pens write wonderfully. 
    • ***Natural Hexagonal Ballpoint Pen - 0.5 - Cute pen, writes well, has a nice feel to it.  £3.95
    • ***6-in-1 Colour Pen - I have one of these and it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of! Writes really well and has a nice grip despite seeming really big and clunky!  Highly recommend. £3.95
    • 0.5 Gel Ink Pens - 0.5mm pens. Good for taking notes with, I bought a pack, the colors are super pretty.  £0.75-1.00
    • 0.5 Smooth Writing Gel Ink Pens - these feel like they have a thicker write and write smoother than the gel ink pens. have great clicky clicky thingys too.  £1.50
  • Copic Pens - Copic is famous for their Copic markers, but still produce really good pens! Copic pens are also good for drawing and outlining, etc. Super nice to write with! 



  • Jet Pen Highlighters - multitude of highlighters to choose from
  • Sharpie Highlighters - a variety of highlighters, Sharpie is a classic. I find them easy to use and find that they last you a good while. 
  • ***Zebra Mildliners - the popular highlighter brand. comes in pastel colors and arguably one of the best highlighters ever. ($8.25 on JetPens for pack, $2.50 for singles on Tokyo Pen Shop) (pack | single)
  • Uni Promark View - highlighters that come in a unique shape. have normal colors, easy to highlight with. $2.49
  • Dual Highlighter 5PK - Light, not as common colors. Comes in a pack of five, colors are pink, yellow, orange, blue, and purple. $12.95
  • Markliter (Pilot) - Functions as both a highlighter and as a ballpoint pen. Comes in yellow. Comes in pack of dozen. $25.20
  • Muji Highlighters - good highlighters. Lighter colors and easy to read with. Also have heavier highlighters that run smoothly across the page!
    • ***Twin Highlighter: Blue - Has clear middle so you can see where you’re highlighting so you know when to stop! A lovely light blue, you can get a bunch of other colors too! £1.25


  • Jet Pen Markers & Felt Tip Pens - wide selection of markers to choose from!
  • Sharpie Markers - Sharpie markers are the best. and a classic. enough said. 
  • ***Copic Markers - the absolute go-to when it comes to fancy markers and drawing and shading and coloring and writing and everything else in between! Highly recommend, these are fancy markers that make you feel happy whenever you see them! 
    • Colors - colors of every kind, pick and choose your copic marker!


  • Lead
    • **Neox Graphite - Brand I use for my lead. For mechanical pencils. $3.30
    • Nano Dia - Previous brand I’ve used, very nice. For mechanical pencils. $3.30
  • Correction Products
  • Washi Tape
    • ***Washi Tape (Tokyo Pen Shop) - choose the type of washi tape you want to buy!! ~$4.00 per roll
  • Stickers

Other stationery posts to take a look at!

happy stationery shopping!! xoxo