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I had a few replies on the initial “call me” Mycroft & Lady Smallwood in a similar sort of vein, so just for the record:

Louise Brealey - 37 years old

Mark Gatiss - 50 years old

Lindsay Duncan - 66 years old

Characters obviously might be a bit different, went with their actual ages for convenience. But it boils down to if a 16 year age difference makes LD too old for Mark, then why doesn’t a 13 year age difference make him too old for Louise? That sort of a comment just always seems to come out when the woman is older than the man and not vice versa.

I like tea lattes and I usually get mine with soy but I forgot to change the milk in my order today and got a dairy one. I had a few sips before I realized my mistake but like can we talk about how gross dairy tastes? Tf like I used to love dairy and I could drink so much of it but it tastes so nasty now. Rip me.


Your mother’s dead, your father’s untrustworthy. | In exchange, help Je Ha survive.


A cold afternoon in an old house by Tao Wu


Ceramics by Young-Mi Kim

If you are a tea drinker, then you know that the fine art of drinking tea always calls for a finely crafted tea set. Designer Young-Mi Kim’s series Through Landscape displays her magical appointment of porcelain into the extraordinary. With strong attention directed to shape and color, a strong subtlety exists throughout these works.

Salt Room Cleansing Ritual

So since I’ve just finished completely remodeling my bedroom I decided to take the opportunity to do a deep energy cleanse of the entire room. This is simply my personal ritual for salt cleansing and it’s pretty basic with plenty of room for embellishment.

Materials Needed:

Salt - I used a mixture of sea salt and iodized salt but any salt works fine.

White Tea Candle - I used a tea candle because they burn quicker

Vacuum or Broom

I started by sprinkling some of the sea salt on the candle and lighting it with a match. I set it on my windowsill to burn while I completed the ritual. I sprinkled the sea salt and iodized salt all over my carpet being very careful to make sure all the corners were sprinkled with salt. Corners are holders of stale and bad energy. I also made sure to sprinkle under the bed. After I finished spreading the salt I took the candle to all corners of the room to let the light chase out any dark energy hiding there. After letting the salt sit for about half an hour to absorb all the stale energy I vacuumed it up while letting the candle burn on my windowsill until it burnt out.

That is my salt cleansing ritual!! UPDATE: I forgot to say that after the candle had burned out I took it and poured the melted wax into a hole outside. This way all the absorbed stale energy would be out of my house. :)
What You Should Drink Based on What You're Reading
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Harry Potter:</b> vanilla chai<p/><b>Narnia:</b> peppermint tea<p/><b>The Monstrumologist:</b> raspberry tea<p/><b>The Picture of Dorian Gray:</b> earl grey<p/><b>Les Miserables:</b> acai berry tea and pain<p/><b>Looking for Alaska:</b> grape juice and mild irritation<p/><b>Jane Eyre:</b> violet rose tea<p/><b>The Buried Giant:</b> spiced black tea<p/><b>Mosquitoland:</b> licorice spice tea and biting disappointment<p/><b>A Fine Balance:</b> Bitter Chai and a crushed chess set<p/><b>A Trip to the Stars:</b> whiskey in black coffee<p/><b>LOTR:</b> english breakfast tea<p/><b>The Hobbit:</b> red dragon spiced tea<p/><b>The Song of Achilles:</b> tears and foreshadowing<p/></p><p/></p>