fine sterling silver jewelry

This Friday!

This Friday will be the last shop update before we move! 😱 how did time go by so fast?!

After this week, it’s going to be a couple weeks before we add anything new to the shop.

Also, for this shop update on Friday, there’s going to be a wait time for orders placed before they ship. (So we can get our work area in the new house set up and get settled in) So if you you are needing something in a timely manner, it will be best to order before Friday.

And as always we appreciate your patience 😊

I’m so excited to relocate! It’s going to be so amazing to finally have the needed space for running our shop, plus I’m going to be able to start making some really cool casted jewelry (in sterling silver, fine silver, gold, etc!) Which has always been my dream ☺

So many beautiful things are happening, and it’s all thanks to you guys!!! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! 💖

The rudest customer I've had

So I work at a retail store that has a jewelry counter. We don’t have any fine jewelry, just sterling silver and fashion stuff. Our earrings are put in a spinner display on top of the counter to make shopping easier for customers. I had a woman come up to me and I greet her with the usual “Hello how are you today?” friendliness. We don’t get paid on commission there, just hourly wages. She responds “fine where are your guys earrings?” (typical) and I show her the spinners on the counter. She has a pair she wants to return or exchange for another pair and wants a particular brand. We don’t have a lot in this brand and I tell her this is where you’ll find it all.
Apparently she doesn’t understand and keeps asking where the rest of it is. I repeat myself and she starts walking around all the cases looking to see if there’s more (there’s not). She starts going on about how another location of the same store has so much more and asking why we have so little. I tell her it’s because we are waiting on a shipment to come in. Then she says “well I saw a truck pull up so there’s your shipment right there” so I explain that jewelry doesn’t come on the weekly truck, it’s delivered by fed ex straight to the jewelry counter. She’s being pretty rude this whole time and I’m answering all her questions in a friendly tone and smiling. She picks up a pair and asks if I’ve ever seen a pair like them but smaller (im not sure why when I’ve repeatedly told her that’s all we have) and I tell her yes but not for a while. She stands there for a second and then goes “okay” and I’m not even kidding FLINGS the earrings into my face and walks away. Like she just wanted me to magically make a pair come out of my asshole? I’m not sure but that’s the rudest customer I’ve ever had to deal with and my manager was speechless when I told her later.
Tl;dr a customer was mad we didn’t have the exact earrings she wanted so she threw a pair in my face


Eternity Snakes

Shown here in sterling silver and oxidized sterling silver.  The gems are lab ruby, peridot, iolite, garnet, topaz color transition, and london blue topaz in brass (prototype from a few months ago).

The shape of the snake is inspired by Celtic manuscript illumination, going back to the Book of Kells. Letters or other shapes were transformed zoomorphically (into animals or with animal heads), giving new life to that letter or shape. In this case we are bringing a standard oval shape to the life of a snake or sea monster. The idea is to combine that concept with a high end hanging style/ear weight.

Conceptual body jewelry in it’s finest form.

With the exception of the topaz color transition, these are all available.  Please contact me direct with any questions.