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FEAR. No uh. No reason.

He was afraid of Solude dying, losing a brother never kept.
He was afraid of his mother’s illness, a literal doom on his house.
He was afraid of a girl, haloed in the Shroud’s sensate choir.
He was afraid of a man, long dead, a spectre of hatred.
He was afraid of a feeling he’d had, staring at a painting.
He was afraid of the shape of a retreating back.
Afraid of the consequence of his vows–the wailing man they contained.
Afraid of a day there was no absolution left.
Afraid of heavy footsteps in a hall.
Afraid of the roots of the crossroads tree–its skeleton liege, his mentor.
Afraid of the knife at his face.
Afraid of the hammering heart of a sparrow curled in his palm, a dart in its breast.

At the bottom of his glass of whiskey, then two, then three–he was afraid. Sitting on his couch in the middle of the afternoon, a nocturnal schedule interrupted by dreams. Nightmares. Not about violence, murder, or death–these didn’t trouble him; not about remorse, or guilt–he had none, freshly shriven. It was suffering–of memories and emotions he’d no vocabulary to. It’d kept him up today, malingering, pernicious. 

Selfishly, Severeaux was afraid of suffering.

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Garrett was more than a little nervous as he drove up the road to his dads’ house. It was the first time Raoul’s ever going to meet them, and it’s not like he exactly had told his boyfriend about the weirdness with his family. Maybe Emma had told Raoul about his dad, but even then, he probably should had made sure. Probably.

His one arm was out the window, and his fingers drummed against the door panel, smiling as he saw the old house his parents had worked on fixing up since he was a baby. It was his second home growing up, one where he and his brother and sister had chased after the chickens. Garrett glanced over at Raoul as he stopped in the drive way.

“So. I do have one warning for you before we go in. If Pops offers any kind of food that looks iffy, take it, and dad or I will just…quietly make it disappear,” He said, turning to look at him. “Just trust me on that.”

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arc v hsau where shun and reiji may or may not (and by may or may not i mean totally do) have dumb crushes on the twins from drama club

Here’s the thing about Shun’s crush on Sakaki Yuuto.

Yuuto’s a shit actor.

He has absolutely no skill in acting or in singing or anything even vaguely thespian; like, he can barely lie, does it all blatant and straightforward, so you can’t tell if he’s being sarcastic or if he’s just being stupid. He’s at his most dramatic when he’s being totally serious—like when he tells Reiji, who’s just passing by with the AV cart, “Stay away from Yuuya” and means it? It sounds more like something out of Raoul.

Yuuya’s playing Raoul. He deserved the Phantom, in Reiji’s opinion, but, hey, fine. Raouls graduate to Phantoms soon enough.

Yuuto is a stagehand. He doesn’t do his homework as part of his Punk thing, but he’s not allowed to come home without his brother, So. 

(Mostly he just stands around and scowls while Yuuya does his thing, unless someone’s absent — then Yuuto gets to read their lines).

Reiji pushes his glasses up his nose and continues past the drama club with his cart; Shun’s hovering outside the computer room, looking this way and that, because, uh, hello, Reiji was supposed to meet him for that code today, but when Reiji gets there Shun says, “Rehearsals today,” and Reiji just silently pushes the AV cart to its place, turns on his heel, and walks out the door.

Shun follows. “Anyone absent today?”