fine proposition

Say Something (Calum Hood)

Michael, Michael, Michael,” you sighed dramatically as you walked up to one of your best friends.

“You know I hate when you greet me like that, Y/N,” he chuckled, looking over his shoulder as you stopped beside him.

“What?” you pouted, “I’m not allowed to tell my best friend in the whole world goodbye before we leave school?”

Y/N,” he laughed again.

“Fine; I have a proposition for you,” you stated, leaning onto the locker next to his.

“And what proposition might that be?” Michael cocked an eyebrow, ceasing his movements for a moment before continuing to get his books into his backpack.

“I heard from a mutual friend that you’re in the market to take someone to the Valentine’s Day dance next weekend to make Leigh Hagerman jealous.”

“And your point is…?”

My point is I am also in the market for making someone jealous,” you informed him, “And I think we can help each other out.”

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(Hi I literally started squealing in the middle of class when you replied but I’m the girl who asked if I could submit a lil’ Peter m imagine so here it is, I would love if you gave me some pointers bc I’m thinking of starting up an imagine blog soon. Hope you like it!:)) -Els xx

Stolen Records // Peter Maximoff

 Peter grunted in irritation as he ran a hand through his damp platinum hair and placed his goggles firmly on his head. Having a mutation that gets you anywhere in a matter of seconds sure did have it’s perks, but the downside was that Peter got absolutely soaked if it was raining on his weekly trip to his favourite place on Earth.

He sighed as he scanned the old fashioned record store that he had visited every Sunday night since he was 11 years old before sauntering over to the corner of the store where an old rusty sign hung on the wall read ‘rock and punk.’ If you had never visited the store before, you wouldn’t have been able to make out exactly what the battered sign read. but Peter knew this shop like the back of his hand and had been stealing old records from it for years.

He ran his fingers over the countless records lined upon shelves and in boxes as he scuffed his silver boots against the ugly brown flooring that only made the shop look more authentic, humming along to the pop song that was quietly playing in the background. He looked towards the cashier desk at the other end of the room to find it vacant. God, they were practically asking for him to steal from them.

Peter smiled as he came across a shelf labelled ‘Pink Floyd,’ picking up a record that looked unfamiliar to him and studying the front cover, admiring the artwork for a moment until he heard a loud crashing coming from a few isles away. Suddenly, a girl with y/h/c hair popped up from the metal and country isle, cursing loudly and running a hair through her hair.

It was like Peter was in a trance, he had never came across anyone quite as captivating as you and was immediately mesmerised the moment your eyes met his before you quickly looked away and began picking up the records that were scattered on the floor.

He smirked, tucking the record under his jacket and sped over to you. the lanky teenager leaned on one of the shelves and crossed his arms, taking in your appearance and biting the pink skin of his bottom lip. You weren’t even wearing anything particularly fancy, just a pair of baggy jeans with more rips than he could count and a black shirt tucked into them, the name of the store plastered on the front of it in bold letters.

‘You gonna help me out here or just stand there checking me out, silver boy?’ You looked up at him from your spot on the floor as you placed the dropped records in their correct shelves. Peter smirked at your nickname for him and kneeled on the floor next to you, picking up a few records and arranging them in alphabetical order before placing them on the shelves.

'I haven’t seen you around here before, you new? I’m Peter, Peter Maximoff.’ He smiled, extending his long pale arm, you shook his hand before turning back to the shelves. You were smaller up close, but no less beautiful, he thought.

'I’m an intern.’ You paused for a moment, 'You gonna pay for that, Mr. Maximoff?’ You asked, motioning to the record that was slightly peaking out from under his jacket, Peter  blushed for a moment before gaining his composure.  

'Of course.’

You stood up and brushed the dust from your jeans and sighed 'Well, Peter. I’m Y/n and you can leave now, I can handle this on my own, but thanks for the help. And put the record back unless you’re going to pay for it.’

The silver haired boy frowned, trying to think of a way that he could see you again. He didn’t think he could stand the thought of only being able to see you once a week when he zoomed in to get his records, He had only known you for a few solid minutes and he was already a goner.

'I’ll tell you what, I’ll buy the record. But on one condition.’ He said walking towards you,  he almost looked intimidating, his tall lean frame towering over you. Almost. 'Come on a date with me,’ he breathed out, it was almost as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

'What if I don’t want to come on a date with you? I could outrun you, you know.’

'Sweets, I really don’t think you could.’ He snickered, as if he knew something you didn’t, you screwed your face up at his cockiness.

You thought for a moment, debating whether to agree to Peter’s proposition, 'Ugh, fine! One date, but that’s it.’ You sighed, deciding that you didn’t want to get fired when you had only had this job for a few weeks, and besides, Peter wasn’t that bad looking, but you’d never admit that to him. He seemed like he had a big enough ego. You pulled out a piece of paper and a pen from your pocket and began scribbling down your number before handing it to him.

'Thanks, babe. I’ll see you soon’ He winked and pushed his hair back before throwing you a 10 dollar bill and a goofy grin, and just like that, he was gone.

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10 with Young!Sirius Black

Additional Notes: Heya! I quite hope that this imagine is alright with you, as I’ve been busy lately. But seriously! I hope you enjoy! Have a great day, anon!
Warnings: Swearing, Sexual Innuendos
Word Count: 514

10. “Me, you, a cupboard. Now.”


If there was one thing you could not possibly stand, it was Sirius Black and his blatant lack of subtlety.

“So, Y/N,” the bloke had said, swaggering on over like he owned the bloody place. “I have a mighty fine proposition to make.”

You merely glowered at him, wishing there was a way to rid the world of someone else’s existence. Well, a way that didn’t involve first-degree murder or lawsuits. You still needed to play along with his games, though, or else he’d just follow you around all day like a lost dog. Go figure. “Yes, Sirius?”

Sirius was all smiles—no, smirks—as he finished making his to you. “How’s this: me, you, a cupboard. Now.” He looked so self-assured that you couldn’t help the burst of laughter that escaped you. The damn bloke couldn’t even imagine a scenario in which he was rejected.

You smiled brightly at him. “Well, Sirius, I have a proposition for you, too,” you said.

“What’s that, sweetheart?” He was still smirking, as though he didn’t quite get the implication that came with your words. “Does it involve a cupboard?”

You snorted. “Hell no,” you said, rather bluntly. “Now, how’s this: your arse, a stick. My hands.” You didn’t miss how he instinctively took a step back, almost as though he were imagining the sheer force you’d use if desperate measures called for it.

Sirius looked affronted and almost terrified at the mere thought. “Y/N,” he whined after a beat, his eyes like that of a beaten-down puppy dog from a news ad. “That’s just rude.”

“You’ll have to try harder than that, then,” you snapped. Then you promptly turned, sashaying away before another word could leave the bloke’s mouth.

For the rest of the day, Sirius would attempt to use cheesy pick-up lines, some raunchy and some just-plain cheddar, just because he couldn’t stand the thought of rejection.

“So, Y/N,” he said at one point, smiling at you like he’d come up with the cure for cancer. “If I flip a coin, what do you reckon my chances are of getting head?”

You just glared at him. “I’d say zero since you don’t have a damn coin.” You were growing tired of his idiocy. You’d rather have been asked to bed by Peter Pettigrew than deal with Sirius’s insolence, and that was a downgrade all in its own. “Now, please, Sirius—leave me the hell alone!”

“Fine, fine,” Sirius said, raising his hands up in surrender. “I just have to say… Roses are red, my face is too—that only happens when I’m around you!”

You drew a blank, unable to believe that the arsehole thought that was actually good. “’You, me, a cupboard’ was better, in my humble opinion,” you said calmly, not wanting to admit to him or yourself that you thought Sirius was funny.

Sirius’s face grew cheeky, and you instantly went on alert. “All you had to do was ask,” he said, and you knew just what he was referencing.

“Oh, go use those lines on your boyfriend Potter, you blithering buffoon!”

‘red’ sentence meme

all sentences are taken ( & occasionally altered ) from the deluxe edition of taylor swift’s fourth studio album ( 2012 )

  • “we fall in love till it hurts or bleeds, or fades in time”
  • “i never saw you coming”
  • “i’ll never be the same”
  • “you were never a saint”
  • “i’ve loved in shades of wrong”
  • “this love is brave & wild”
  • “love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good & right”
  • “you’re my achilles’ heel”
  • “this is the golden age of something good, & right, & real”
  • “loving [him/her] is like trying to change your mind once you’re flying through the free fall”
  • “losing [him/her] was blue like i’ve never known”
  • “missing [him/her] was dark grey, all alone”
  • “forgetting [him/her] was like trying to know somebody you never met”
  • “loving [him/her] was red”
  • “moving on from [him/her] is impossible”
  • “put your lips close to mine”
  • “i’ll do anything you say if you say it with your hands”
  • “nothing safe is worth the drive”
  • “this daydream is dangerous”
  • “this hope is treacherous”
  • “you found me”
  • “i guess you didn’t care, & i guess i liked that”

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Taylor Swift's Following List (Is still being updated...)

Thank you for your patience! If you are not on the list and Taylor follows you just send us a message and we can add you. This list will be updated over time as she continues to follow more people. If she doesn’t follow you don’t feel bad; it will happen, just give it time. Although we do try to check for any proof at all, we can’t guarantee every person on this list truly was followed by Taylor.

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Selfless Endeavors

As Tideguard sat at her desk, quill in hand and ink dripping back into the well of black liquid she thought carefully over her words. This was the first of many letters to be sent out this evening, but despite the others that addressed matters of violence, this one held a closer point to the woman’s heart. After minutes of deliberation she scraped the quill against the rim of the inkwell and began writing.

Director Harboson,

As it may have come to your attention, or may have slipped, we are again at the yearly event known as Children’s Week. A time where for seven days the people of Stormwind and neighboring governance recognize there are more left in the wake of war than just those that fight along the front-lines, before going back to indifference. To get to my point then, I would like to take this time to met out an act of charity to these less fortunate through means that I believe would benefit both parties. The orphan matrons do what they can, but healthcare is not something of import when it comes between medicine, and food, while I can not blame them in this regard, fevers, untreated wounds, and other illnesses run amok between the cramped quarters of these orphanages.

I would like to employ a day where any and all adventurers, good-natured, and kind individuals that take in one of these children may bring them to our store for either free, or discounted service to see them treated. If this is not agreeable, I would gladly see the costs covered myself for those that can not afford it. At the end of this though from a purely business standpoint there is no down side, the children are cared for, you appear a caring and giving businessman, and our storefront gains a positive reputation that gives of itself to the community. I do hope you will consider this as I know regardless of the choice I will be seeing to it as many as possible are able to be cared for myself.


Cupping her hand around her mouth she stared blankly at the page, it seemed a fine proposition, hopefully the Director would see it that way as well. After rolling the parchment she poured a glob of heated wax onto the center and stamped it with her seal. Now, on to the rest of the letters then I’ll see this delivered.




robin-writes  asked:

Hi! So I was wondering if you could do numbers 1&18 from your prompt list with Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead if you can please! Thank you!

Request: 1 “She never misses, she never quits and never loses, if you’re alive it’s because she wants you alive”

18 “All these people are alive right now because of her”


A/N: Guess who’s back?!!! I hope this extremely long imagine can make it up to you guys for all the time I had to post:)

Originally posted by dezzi1026

It was just another day in Prison. After a few months everyone knew their job and things were quite normal, if the term ‘normal’ can be applied for a post-apocalyptic society. Michonne wanted to check the roads around the Prison once again and this time Carl had somehow convinced her to join much to his father’s dislike.

“I’ll let you come kid, but you have to listen to my every word. I won’t have time to explain out there” Carl just nodded and they took off. It had been almost 3 hours and they haven’t seen a single walker which had made them suspicious, but except that everything was going on smoothly. Michonne had asked to wait for her as she was climbing a tree to have a more extended view of their surroundings.

Carl rolled his eyed at Michonne’s overprotective directions but didn’t want to lose the trust she had on him, so he decided to listen to her and wait there. Suddenly he heard the sound of branches breaking in the distance. He turned around quickly and scanned the trees around him for whatever had made that sound but he only saw a passing shadow of what looked like a girl. He went back to the spot where he had been sitting but before he could lean against the tree again two arrows made their way next to each side of his head, one of them lightly scratching his ear, drawing a little blood.

“What the hell happened to you kid?” asked Michonne, who had jumped off the tree and was now standing next to him.

“I don’t know where they came from, I didn’t get a chance to see the person who shot these but I guess they’re not really good at aiming” Carl replied

“Or maybe they wanted to deliver a message” Michonne replied picking up both arrows and unrolling the small pieces of paper that were tied to the arrows. “You’re not safe” and “Woodbury is not what it seems” were written on the papers.

“We should give them to Rick” Michonne said and started her way back to the prison.


I tried not to laugh at the boy’s words “but I guess they’re not really god at aiming”. If I was aiming at him he wouldn’t be here now making fun of me. I had to remind myself that my purpose was to warn them and not scare them, so I didn’t throw another arrow next to his head even though I really wanted to. I watched as they talked but I didn’t follow them back to the Prison.

“Did they get the message?” Lucy asked me when I got back to my camp. We had escaped Woodbury when we first found out who the Governor really was and now we were trying to save others from this illusion of safety called Woodbury. I nodded and went to my tent, it was already late and it had taken my a while to track the boy and the woman down.


Rick wasn’t pleased when he found out his son’s skull was almost pierced by an arrow twice, but that wasn’t the only reason for his uneasiness. He always had a feeling something was wrong about this Governor and the messages were only adding to his suspicions about Woodbury.

“I’ll go talk to him” he announced to Michonne and the others after they had talked about it.

“Are you crazy? We all remember how that ended the previous time” Daryl said

“Do you have any other ideas to find out what the hell is going on?” Rick replied but nobody had anything to suggest.

~~~ Time Skip ~~~

“So you’re telling me some invisible person gave you these wrapped around arrows that almost killed your son. Are you sure I’m the enemy here?” the Governor said smugly.

“Look, I don’t want a fight between us, but I know you’re planning something” Rick said

“You claim you don’t want a fight but here you are again playing with fire. I warned you the last time and I’m warning you again, you don’t want to do this. And just by curiosity, do you have the arrows or the papers with you?” the Governor asked faking a smile.

“The arrows, what do you want them?” Rick asked

“I just want to take a look, I may know who did this now that I think about it” Rick knew he had no choice but to give him the arrows so that’s what he did. The Governor examined them closely before chuckling darkly.

“Of course it would be her…” he said mostly to himself

“Her?” Rick asked confused by the sudden certainty in the other man’s voice

“It’s a rather long story. All I have to say is that your son is really lucky. She never misses, she never quits and never loses. If he’s alive it’s because she wants him alive(A/n: both Carl and the reader are older than in the show, almost 18) the Governor said “I believe that’s all I had to say. I hope you act clever about this, Rick, I don’t want a war either but I’ll do whatever it takes to save my people”

“But who is she?” Rick asked running behind the Governor, but it was too late, he was already in his car heading back to Woodbury.

~~~ Meanwhile back to the prison ~~~


The moment his father left Carl knew he had to go looking for this mysterious girl, if it was even a girl and his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him. He managed to sneak out of the prison and went to the spot he was with Michonne the day before.

“I know you’re out there. Show yourself, I just want to talk” he yelled. He knew probably no one was listening to him but he felt like he had to try.


That boy definitely has balls. Yelling in the middle of a forest is not the smartest thing to do, but at least he’s trying. I knew the others would be mad but I wanted to talk to him, he was about my age and he didn’t seem dangerous, besides I knew how to defend myself.

“Leave your gun on the ground and back away from it” I yelled back at him. He seemed surprised I answered.

“How do I know you’re not going to kill me?” he replied. He’s got a point here, the Apocalypse had made people quite suspicious, but come on, it’s the freaking Apocalypse obviously things wouldn’t be easy.

“Fine. Just put your hands in the air” I could shoot an arrow straight through his head if he tried anything before he even knew it. I walked slowly towards him and took a deep breath before walking out of the woods. The first thing I saw was a gun pointed to my face but I was quick and pushed his hand away before kicking him. He got up and we continued fighting until he managed to push me against a tree, holding me down so I couldn’t escape.

“Who are you?” he asked not letting me go.

“You don’t know me, but I know you and your people and I know you’re walking into a trap that’s going to kill you all” I replied.

“How do you know about us?” he asked again this time a little louder. He was trying to sound threatening but I could tell he was just trying to hide his confusion.

“Let me go and I’ll tell you” I said feeling my back aching from the small branches scratching me. Surprisingly he did.

“If you try anything I will shoot you. Now tell me what’s going on. Why did you try to kill me?” he said and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“If I wanted to kill you I would already had done it. I wanted to deliver a message to your group” I replied

“What do you know about Woodbury?” he asked again.

“This place is dangerous. You mess with the Governor, you’re all going to die. I know what he does, he did it to my group too” I knew I was giving him too much information but I had to make him trust me somehow. “There were almost 20 of us when we arrived there with my parents as leaders. They thought it was safe but I knew something was off about this place” I explained when I saw the look of doubt he gave me.

“What happened?”

“I discovered something I shouldn’t have and the Governor didn’t like it at all. Only 4 of us managed to escape and since then we try to stop people from going to Woodbury” I finished my story “It seems like we’re too late, I saw your leader heading there”

“He’s my father and he’s going to talk with the Governor” the boy explained. He seemed more relaxed.

“Stay away from him, he’s bad news” I warned and started backing off but he stopped me.

“Come with me. If you’re telling the truth come with me and explain it to everyone” he said and I found myself actually considering his proposition.

“Fine, but first I want to know your name” I replied and he seemed amused by my request.

“My name? That’s all you want to follow a complete stranger, who has a gun, back to his mysterious camp?” he said chuckling and I realized he was actually handsome for his age.

“I know how to defend myself. Don’t forget I almost killed you twice” I replied before stating walking to the direction he had come from. “Come on, mystery boy, I don’t have the whole day”

“My name is Carl” he replied running to catch up to me.

“Y/n. And by the way sorry about this” I said looking at the gash in his face caused by my arrow.

“It’s a hell of a way to meet someone, don’t you think arrow girl?” he said and I chuckled. I could feel he was a nice person and I liked him already. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be best friends.

Extended Ending

“And how do we know you’re not lying?” a tall asian guy asked me.

“She’s probably telling the truth” a woman carrying a sword replied, surprising everyone in the room. “I’ve seen leftovers of a camp many times in the forest. If her group is moving it must be them”

“It is hers. And that means all those people are alive right now because of her” Carl added

anonymous asked:

I'm gay, and at work, a guy just wanted to know me better, he was so nice to me and everything but he had a boyfriend and didnt tell me, I don't even kissed him bc I'm not like that, his boyfriend just heard that from someone and came to me so angry and I was like "It would be a fine proposition,If I hadn't once been just like you" since that day I felt "Girl at home" in a special way, but I think in my case things were more like "Boy at home" Lol

see, yes! and have once been just like her (or him in your case) this song just is so perfect and stories like this are exactly why. GIRL AT HOME HATERS BETTER STEP OFF.

Yoongi signing with bighit
  • BigHit: So what do you think of a stage name?
  • Yoongi: I'd like 'swag'
  • BigHit: ...Yeh no. That is a bit weird tbh, and you're not that swag...
  • Yoongi: Well what about 'suag'
  • BigHit: Son u joking right?
  • Yoongi: Okay okay. 'suga'? Last proposition.
  • BigHit: Fine.
  • Yoongi: Yah people will totally know it's meant to be a poetic form of 'swag', cause that's what I am right?
  • BigHit: Bye Yoongi
Taylor Swift Sentence Starters (Part Ten)
  • "Your name has echoed through my mind"
  • "You look like bad news; I gotta have you"
  • "We had this big wide city all to ourselves"
  • "Let me know that it’s not all in my mind"
  • "If I had known what I know now, I never would have played so nonchalant"
  • "Now you’re onto something"
  • "You came along and you changed everything"
  • "I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve"
  • "You can see that I’ve been crying"
  • "There’s a fire inside of you that can’t help but shine through"
  • "We were both young when I first saw you"
  • "All those other girls, well, they’re beautiful"
  • "Sometimes we change our minds"
  • "All my single friends are jealous"
  • "Here’s to everything coming down to nothing"
  • "We never gave in"
  • "I’ll leave my window open"
  • "Can you believe it?"
  • "I’m sorry for that night"
  • "Don’t you think I was too young?"
  • "It could stay this simple"
  • "She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress"
  • "I still mean every word I said to you"
  • "Right now, you’re mine"
  • "We fall in love till it hurts or bleeds or fades in time"
  • "You never loved me or her or anyone or anything"
  • "Baby, I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change"
  • "Time is taking its sweet time erasing you"
  • "For the first time, what’s past is past"
  • "It would be a fine proposition"
  • "Fell in love when I saw you standing there"
  • "When you take, you take the very best of me"
  • "You say that the past is the past"
  • "All I think about is how to make you think of me"
  • "I was crying on the staircase begging you please don’t go"
  • "That face of an angel comes out just when you need it to"
  • "It’s killing me to see you go after all this time"
  • "I couldn’t ask for anything better"
  • "Here’s to silence that cuts you to the core"
  • "I like the way you sound in the morning"
  • "So casually cruel in the name of being honest "
  • "I don’t know who I’m gonna talk to now at school"
  • "I know you’re not scared of anything at all"
  • "I’m never gonna leave you"
  • "How do I get it back the way it was before?"
  • "That was the moment I knew"

Hey guys! So this is long due since I promised it at 2k but I finally got around to doing it! So this is a list of great blogs I’ve been following for a while and will follow basically forever. Feel free to follow any of them they’re all amazing.


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and of course the queen taylorswift

I hope you like everyone I mentioned, I’ll make another one of these maybe when I hit my next thousand! Thanks again!

Yoongi signing w/ BigHit
  • BigHit : So what do you think of a stage name ?
  • Yoongi : I'd like 'swag'
  • BigHit : ... Yeh no. That is a bit weird tbh, and you're not that swag...
  • Yoongi : Well what about 'suag' ?
  • BigHit : Son, u joking right ?
  • Yoongi : Okay okay. 'suga'? Last proposition.
  • BigHit : Fine.
  • Yoongi : Yah, people will totally know it's meant to be a poetic form of 'swag', cause that's what I am right?
  • BigHit : Bye Yoongi

I was planning on doing a Christmas follow forever but I have just reached 1k (which I never even thought would happen) so I thought this was a bit more exciting and personal for me. I appreciate every single one of you and desperately wanted you to know how special you are to me. Thank you so so so much for being interested in what I post and talking to me. I do love you, you’re some of my favorite people I have met. Hope your holidays are lovely, you deserve it!

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