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The “Russian Field Diadem” Platinum, Silver, Gold and Diamonds

Designed by Viktor Nikolayev and created in Moscow in 1980 by Viktor Nikolayev and Gennady Aleksakhin

Golden spikes of rye and platinum flax seed pods are studded with diamonds and are loosely fixed. They reach out towards the “sun”– a large 35.52 carat light golden color diamond set in the center

I get to say no filter today because I like how the leaf looks just like this. Leaves and pumpkin stems were making me want to write with green ink, so I switched pens for the day. Day 3 of the journaling challenges by @journaling-junkie and @chatoyantquill

Pen: Platinum Balance, Fine
Ink: Noodler’s Army Green
Writing Music: None today actually; strange, I know

Mikimoto Akoya Pearl Shoulder Jewel/Necklace With Diamond Brooch

This incredible and unique piece by Mikimoto features 2.5 - 4.9mm Akoya Cultured Pearls and a diamond ribbon brooch at 5.09 ctw. The piece is set in platinum.

piper-mccool  asked:

honestly I've never given much thought to the fandom's interpretations of sadie's appearance but it's definitely Weird that most ppl (including me, I'm calling myself out) immediately picture very light skin and straight hair etc. like obviously there are white-passing biracial people but the fact that seems to be the default image for sadie's appearance says loads

it’s particularly peculiar bc, like, okay yah straight hair probably comes from the official art

which isn’t necessarily the best benchmark anyway because rick’s characters are frequently whitewashed…i mean, for comparison, just look how appallingly light carter’s official art is:

but even in the official art, she’s definitely not pale. you probably wouldn’t think she’s black from looking at her, sure, and that’s true to canon, but she’s certainly not pasty white, and her hair is definitely not that super fine platinum blond. anyway, we can assume that if carter is much darker, then so is sadie.

also, this is the book cover rick praised for finally not whitewashing the kanes…sadie is still quite light, but notice that her hair is curly:

anyway, “white passing” is very subjective, and changes tremendously based on lighting, season, who you’re with, and where you are.

We really like to decorate in my house. Day 5 of the December journaling challenge by @journaling-junkie, and featuring her list of prompts for this month. 

  • Pens: Platinum Balance, Fine (green ink) and Pilot Cavalier, Fine (red ink)
  • Inks: Noodler’s Army Green and Diamine Oxblood
  • Writing Sounds: Cafe noise
These are my favorite Kai gifs that are NOT mine (please let me know if these are your gifs and I will credit them or remove them if you ask)

So let’s begin

look at this puppy

and now look at the transformation that came with no warning (look at that mini body role before the thrust) get ready for a quite a ride

That slight smirk is deadly and holy hell he’s handsome, like this took me by surprise for a sec. (how often does he do this face cause i’ve barely seen it!!?)

A pissed looking Jongin is one of my favs, like yes take me now you devil

But so is the cute Jongin who needs to stay happy forever

like how is this 

And this the same person (even he’s shocked by the realization)

he looks so adorably at a loss for words

one of my all time fav gifs of this guy (look at them layers tho)

this is Jongin

this is Kai

sweaty Jongin

smiling Kai

Kai turning into Jongin


Jongin letting us know that he and Kai are one and the same

I don’t even know who this is but he looks flustered and I like it

…..Kai’s at it again and this is beyond rude (put that tongue back where it came from or so help me)

Speaking of tongues, this really really really gets to me.

Kai being a sweetheart and giving the mic to baby Yixing (LOOK AT HIS LITTLE HANDS) who had something important to say: do not hate our unicorn he deserves much love

Here we have Kai about to break forth out of Jongin into…



What do I even caption this as he looks like some modern day John Travolta from Grease…

Italian hipster Jongin

Pissed Jongin is my fav as i’ve stated before (did someone take his chicken again, if so give it back)

But so is puppy Jongin (look at this creature give him his fake snow)

Someone get him to bed and let this child sleep

Scared Jongin is too precious yall protect him at all cost

He looks like a freaking beauty queen and smiling Jongin is life (I think im gonna cry) It looks like he’s saying ‘yes’

Here students we have a glimpse of Jongin but then Kai shoves him out of the way to make his grand appearance


Uncontrollable Jongin is too much for Yifan to handle (LET HIM SCREAM)

And him being needy is everything and more (who would dare say no to cuddle time with him, not even Sehun can say no)

He looks fine af in a beanie

I really love this gif i dont know why


The way his little mouth moves when he speaks is too much for words LITERALLY

Speaking of mouth, his laugh is the sound of happiness and high pitched perfection

ANOTHER LAUGH look at his eyesmile!! (Ksoo and $uho I see you booboo)

JAWLINE THAT COULD CUT GLASS (oh lack at that, my finger is bleeding)

Look at that smile, the formation is bloody perfect im so pissed he’s so handsome (look at the jawww)

HIS FACE ISNT EVEN FULLY SHOWING AND IM A MESS. They should really stop teasing us with these fake piercings cause they ARE SO GORGEOUSLY UNNECESSARY

I live for bromances like these (side note: look at their smiles i cry) thank goodness the shiny tassel era is over

Oh look another smile

Look at this child


Speaking of hips…

Let’s all take a moment to thank Michael Jackson for existing cause without him we wouldn’t have this

Hips again and the hand roll to let us know that he is a magical fairy to make our wishes come true


A wet Kai is just a mess i mean who’s gonna clean that up


I never cared for eyesmiles until EXO

Passion. That is all

Flippy hair. Hello to you too love

Rude-crotch-grabbing peasant


That’s it I’m gonna punch you (he looks so fine) that platinum hair was fire

If these are your gifs please let me know and I’ll credit you or remove them if you ask

paintedmegolden  asked:

hey there! I want to get into using fountain pens but I want to start off with something more budget-friendly since i don't know what I like yet. I've been shying away from them because of price and because I can't seem to find any with nibs as fine as the non-FP that I use. My favorite pen is Muji 0.38mm. Do you know of any affordable fountain pens with nibs that fine? It's difficult since FP nibs don't really go by mm size.

Hi! Muji 0.38 is pretty fine so you’re definitely going to want to go with Japanese fine and extra fine nibs. This chart is from the ipenstore blog and I would say it seems accurate given my experience with various brand’s nib sizes. The Pilot Metropolitan in fine is going to be your most budget friendly option, I think that would be my first recommendation. The TWSBI Eco in extra fine may also work for you, but it is a touch wider nib than it’s Japanese counterparts and does require bottled ink. If you want a truly fine nib, however, you’re going to want an extra fine from either Pilot, Platinum, or Sailor. It will be an investment to get an extra fine from one of those brands but I think it’s well worth it for those of us who want very fine lines. Hope this helps and feel free to message me with any questions!

anonymous asked:

sorry if you've answered this before, but do you have fountain pen recommendations for fountain pen newbies? I've just started getting into journaling and would love a smoother writing pen that has a finer point. I prefer .3 or .5 writing pens, since my handwriting is fairly small, but they're so hard to come by; I have only found .3 in art pens! I absolutely love your posts and seeing all the different colored inks you use, btw! thank you in advance~

Hi! And yes I do! I would recommend:

  • Pilot Metropolitan in Fine (you can buy this one at Staples)
  • Pilot Penmanship in Extra Fine
  • TWSBI Eco in Extra Fine
  • Platinum Balance in Fine 

These pens are in the .3 to .5 nib range and are generally easy to use. The Metropolitan and Eco are often recommended to fountain pen beginners and are probably the easiest to come by. I also have small handwriting and I’ve used all of these pens and think they work fairly well for my handwriting. Hope this helps and as always feel free to message me if you have more questions!

All that mattered

Commission by mrs—nicole.  Commission info can be found here.

Summary: Sometimes, happiness started out with just an insignificant idea, that grew, bloomed and bore fruits with little acts of love.

(An AU where Jack and Gabriel retired, married and had a home of their own.)

It started out as an idea. A flickering, joking thought that neither of them could ever dream would actually happen. Gabriel wasn’t even sure if they were sober then or not. But somehow, this idea stuck, and was seen through after over a decade of rolling around in countless of missions, through loss, anger and happiness all alike.

Standing here, in front of the creaky, weed-infested, middle-of-nowhere farm, Gabriel could feel a dreaded excitement spreading through his entire being, starting from the fingertips that were linked with Jack’s.

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Yes, I know I have a lot of pens. My EDC in my purse. Which is not a large purse; everything is just neatly and efficiently crammed in it.