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All this salt about Pudding. This fanbase acts like Oda hasn’t done the whole redemption things with men just as he equally does with women, like Mr. Pink and Bellamy, for instance.

This stuff about Oda handling women poorly is ridiculous, he treats them just as he does men. This site needs to learn that a woman coming into contact with a man does not make her any less independent of a character or a person.

Nami isn’t any less of a woman, character, or person because gathers a tremendous amount of strength, courage, and inspiration from Luffy.

Pudding isn’t any less of a woman for crying because Sanji complimented her greatest insecurity.

Not to mention those people that only have an issue with Pudding because she interferes with their ship. This site can be a fucking joke sometimes.

Disrespect also can take the form of idealizing you and putting you on a pedestal as a perfect woman or goddess, perhaps treating you like a piece of fine china. The man who worships you in this way is not seeing you; he is seeing his fantasy, and when you fail to live up to that image he may turn nasty. So there may not be much difference between the man who talks down to you and the one who elevates you; both are displaying a failure to respect you as a real human being and bode ill.
—  Lundy Bancroft, Why Does He Do That?: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men
Instinct || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 1,509

Summary - The one where you panicked and called your ex.


You and Jack had been broken up for only two months. You still weren’t sure what went wrong. Your strong, two year relationship ended so abruptly. One day you were coming over for a lazy day in, and the next thing you knew, you were sobbing in your car on the way home.

“Can you tell me what I did wrong? Please?” you sobbed out, not knowing what else to do.

“You didn’t do anything wrong!” Jack said, frustration evident in his voice. “I’m just, God I don’t know I’m just so overwhelmed right now. I just need to be alone again.”

“Why?” you almost shouted.

“I don’t know!” he yelled back. “I just have too much going on with YouTube and I’m not ready for this!”

“What, and you couldn’t have figured that out two years ago?” you said. “You’re telling me I’ve just wasted two years of my life on a boy who just now realized he’s not ready to be seriously committed?”

“You know what?” Jack huffed. “Yeah, I guess that is what I’m telling you.”

And now, two months later, you still felt empty. You had seriously imagined spending the rest of your life with Jack. You both talked about it from time to time and it felt like it was a solid plan in both of your minds. What had happened that made him change his mind?

You spent the weekend back home in Bristol, hoping that some time with your family would help relax. Of course, it didn’t, and you were still feeling a heavy weight in your chest on the drive home. You couldn’t have been more than thirty minutes away from London when your car made a horrible noise. The check engine light on your car starting flashing and, before you knew it, your car came to an abrupt halt on the side of the road. It was dark out now and you had close to no idea where you were. You got out of your car to open your hood and check your engine, but you couldn’t tell what was wrong. You were no car expert. “Hey sweetie!” some greasy looking man across the road yelled to you. “I can give you a lift! It won’t cost you a thing except a night at my house!”

“No, let me!” another man yelled. “She’s just the fine piece of ass I’ve been looking for.”

You quickly got in your car and locked the doors, feeling your whole body start to shake and tears to prick in your eyes. Before you knew it, full on sobs were escaping your body. You didn’t know what to do. You had no idea where you were and no way to get back to London. It was nearing 1:00 in the morning and you were instantly regretting not staying another night in Bristol rather than driving home in the dark.

Suddenly, almost instinctively, you had rung Jack. You were still crying and your head was feeling fuzzy. You didn’t realize how inappropriate it probably was for you to call him until he actually picked up the phone. “(Y/N)?” Jack answered. He sounded tired and confused. You wondered if you just woke him up or if he was just not in the mood to talk to you.

“I know I shouldn’t call you,” you said, your voice shaking. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do.”

“What’s going on?” he said, sounding a bit more alert than before.

“My car broke down,” you answered, trying to control your breathing. “There are these guys across the street and they keep looking at me and I’m scared and I don’t know what to do or-” You cut yourself off by crying again.

“Hey, I need you to relax okay?” Jack said gently. “Tell me where you are.”

“I don’t know!” you cried out. “I, I don’t know, Jack.”

“(Y/N), pull up your maps and tell me where you are.”

You had been in such a panic you didn’t even think to do the obvious and check your phone to see where you were stranded. When you did, you rattled off the location to Jack. “Are you in your car?” Jack asked, rustling heard on his end of the line.

“Yeah,” you said, your voice small.

“Alright, stay there, I’m coming to get you,” he said. “Don’t get out of your car, you understand me? Keep the doors locked and don’t get out of the car.”

“Okay,” you said.

“Promise me,” he said sternly. “Promise me you won’t get out of the car.”

“I promise.”

Less than a half hour later, a pair of headlights appeared behind your car. You looked in your rear-view mirror and saw that it was Jack. You got out of your car almost bashfully and walked up to Jack. He immediately pulled you into his arms and held you tightly to his chest. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Did they come up to you? Did they touch you?”

“I’m okay,” you said softly. “Look, Jack, I’m really sorry I called you.” You could feel the tears falling from your eyes again. “I crossed a line. I shouldn’t have called you. I just, it was like my instinct. I’m sorry-”

“Babe, look at me,” Jack said, holding your face in his hands. You could hardly look him in the eyes. Those damn blue eyes. You noticed the bags under them and the way they weren’t as bright as they usually were.

“You look different,” you said suddenly. “Are you okay?” Jack gave you a sad smile.

“I’m alright,” he said. “Just haven’t been sleeping too good.”

“And now I call you at the dead of night,” you sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright,” he said. “Come on, let’s get you home.”

The ride back to your flat was eerily silent. Jack never turned on the radio and as badly as you wanted to, you knew that sometimes, Jack just enjoyed silence. So, you sat there sulking in your thoughts, focusing on not crying again. When Jack pulled up to your flat, you couldn’t get yourself to get out of the car. “Jack-”

“I’m sorry,” Jack said. You looked up at him immediately, confusion written across your face. “I’m sorry I left you. It was pathetic. I shouldn’t have done it. And, I miss you. I-” He stopped himself, letting out a big sigh. “I miss you so fucking much, (Y/N).”

You were shaking your head, tears streaming down your cheeks. “What are you doing?” you said quietly. “You don’t have any right to do this to me.”

“I need to tell you how I feel,” he said. “It’s been eating me up. Why do you think I haven’t been sleeping? It’s because I miss you. It’s because I need to hold you and I can’t.”

“Then why did you leave?” you yelled.

“Because I couldn’t do it!”

“Do what?”


Jack reached in his coat pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. Your hands flew up to your mouth in shock. He didn’t even open the box, just twiddled it in his hands. “I bought it but I was too scared to actually do it,” he said, his voice small, sounding defeated. “I tried day after day, week after week, to find the perfect moment to ask you, but I chickened out every fucking time. So I ran away, because I thought if I didn’t have the balls to propose to you, what else could I do?” Tears were still falling from your eyes and you were getting a headache from all the information being thrown at you. “I know I can’t propose and pretend like everything is fine now,” he said quietly. “But I’m begging you to take me back so we can get to that point again. And I won’t chicken out then. If you give me another chance, I promise you that I will ask you to be my wife. Please, (Y/N).”

You stared at Jack, feeling overwhelmed with emotion. Logically, you knew you shouldn’t forgive him or take him back. He hurt you so badly. But deep down, you knew Jack. You knew that he was just a little scared and that he needed to leave to realize he had to tough it up and face his emotions. You loved him too much to stay away and cause either of you to keep suffering. You reached out and laid a hand on his cheek, making him close his eyes and lean into your touch. “You are the love of my life,” you said quietly. “But you can’t keep running when you feel too much.”

“I know,” he said. “I’m not gonna run again. I promise.”

Not being able to help yourself, you leaned in and pressed your lips against Jack’s. He eagerly kissed you back, keeping the kiss gentle and loving. Maybe, you thought, there was a reason your car broke down that night. Maybe there was a reason your instinct was to call him. Maybe, just maybe, this was why.

A Convoluted Code

A/N: This is hours late, but here it is!

Originally posted by gdiminyoongi

Pairing: College au! TA! Taehyung (based off of 707 of Mystic Messenger

Genre: Fluff (Soon), Comedy

Word Count: 3.2k

Summary: Technological Special Agent, Kim Taehyung, never made mistakes… until he did, and that led him to you, a mistake he couldn’t live down

It started out as just another petty job so that he could buy another computer. As if the multiple screens that surrounded him in his office plus the five laptops lying around weren’t enough for him. However, he was the best, and he required the best equipment.

The job was simple enough, hack into this guy’s phone and see if he’s cheating, but even the best make tiny mistakes.

Usually all he needed to hack into a person’s phone, laptop, and any other accounts was just a phone number, this was thanks to how connected everyone’s accounts were.

Then Taehyung could sift through what he wanted to, report back, get the money, and call it day. The customers he worked with were usually fairly prestigious, so he figured that they would be intelligent enough to write down a stupid number correctly.

And with that foolish assumption concerning the snooty, the best had made a mistake.

It was somewhere between his third caffeinated soda and second bag of chips he realized he hadn’t hacked into Seung Chanwoo’s laptop, it was yours. However, he realized this only after hacking into your laptop camera, it was then the texts he had just read from you and a Soha had finally made sense.

You: Oh btw, I can’t close it anymore

Soha: What? Why not?

You: It’ll snap right in half, and I need it until I can find the money to get a new one… or a sugar daddy that’s around my age, whichever comes first tbh

Soha: Yeah right, have fun writing your little heart out

Maybe a man and his mistress wouldn’t be talking about getting sugar daddies.

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Let's talk about something...

I feel like people have forgotten about the movie George of the Jungle. I mean it’s Disney at it’s finest and THIS MOVIE HAS EVERYTHING!

gorilla in glasses

gorilla playing chess

buff guy in a dress

multiple manes of silky locks

bad guy falling in shit


the average teenager

how we all probably try and attract mates

a naked wet fine piece of ass

cartoon-like fighting effects

brilliant narration (also gorgeous man in suit)

stereotypical bad guy thugs (British greaser wannabe and big guy in leather)

an elephant that thinks it’s a dog

oops…too much coffee

classic 4th wall breaks

and that’s not even half of it!


I Will

Pairing: Eliza Schuyler x Fem!Reader

AN: Day 2 of the Hamilton write-a-thon hosted by @hamwriters

Summary: The winter ball is in full swing; Angelica tried introducing Eliza to potential suitors when her eyes rest upon you leaving her helpless.

Day 2: Femslash Day!

Words: 1074

Warnings: Hamiltime; fluff


A dreamlike candlelight, light filled the room, surrounding the numerous soldiers dancing with the eligible woman of the time.

Eliza did not want to be there that night but her older sister Angelica persuaded her to. She stood to the side of the ballroom with her younger sister Peggy conversing about pointless things when a soldier walked up to them.

“Mademoiselle would you honor me in joining me for a dance?” The Frenchman asked Eliza’s younger sister who was a giggling mess. Peggy took the soldiers hand. He brought it up to his lips placing a small kiss on her knuckles. “Marquis de Lafayette.” He introduced himself.

“Margarita Schuyler but you may call me Peggy.” Lafayette smiled at her, once releasing her hand, holding his arm out to her which she took leaving Eliza alone to her thoughts.

Her eyes traveled over the entirety of the room. No one has tickled her interest yet.

You walked into the ballroom wearing a dark blue ball gown to represent the rebels. A few men nearby eyes you, for your beauty was life a fine piece of art.

“Hello miss.” Looking over a man wearing a soldiers uniform stood there with a smile on his face.“

“Hello good sir.” You said to him with a coy smile gracing your lips. Holding out your hand he brought it to his lips where he kissed your knuckles.

“Aaron Burr.” He introduced himself.

“Y/N L/N.” You tell him your name.

“Would you like to dance Miss L/N?” Aaron asked you as your eyes scanned the room, your eyes falling upon a girl about your age looking right at you, her eyes wide and full of wonder. Your head tilted slightly to the side.

“Mr. Burr who is that over there?” You asked. His eyes followed yours.

“That is Elizabeth Schuyler. Her father is General Philip Schuyler also the gentleman who is hosting this ball.” He informed you. You tore your eyes away and looked at Aaron.

“Thank you for that information Mr. Burr, and as for that dance I must decline.” His face noticeably drop down to a frown.

“Yes uh,” He cleared his throat awkwardly. “Perhaps I was a bit too forward I assure you that wasn’t my intention.” He blubbered causing you to chuckle, your gaze falling back to the Schuyler girl who was now in a what looks like a heated conversation with another woman. Suddenly they looked your way. Quickly you looked away hoping they didn’t catch your stare.

“Mr. Burr you were not being forward I am just feeling a bit faint.” You lied. His face looked worrisome.

“Would you like to sit down then. I can fetch you some water.” He offered. So you were not caught in your lie you played along. Slowly you nodded. He led you to a chair at a table before excusing himself.

Now that he was gone you took the opportunity to look to where Elizabeth Schuyler was. To your delight she was alone again but she looked troublesome. You snapped out of your daze of some sort when a woman stepped in your view. Your eyes trailed up to the face of the woman who wore the pink gown. She looked a little bit older than you, she looked wise and strong. Her complexion complimented the smile she wore.

Eliza watched from afar as Angelica her sister spoke to you. Her hands felt clammy due to her nerves. It was as if time had stopped once her eyes met with you brilliant E/C one’s. The way your mouth curved up into a smile entranced her into your beauty. She even had her own little smile on her face but that quickly went away when she saw Burr besides you, handing you a glass of water. From afar she watched Burr and her sister exchange words before Burr walked off.

You stood up from the chair you sat in. Angelica’s hand wrapped around your wrist and tugged you along, across the ballroom to her sister.

“I’ll leave you to it.” Was all Angelica said to the two young women before taking her leave.

“Elizabeth Schuyler it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She smiled, a small blush on her face. Eliza felt her heart race when she heard you giggle.

“The pleasure is all mine I assure you. Y/N L/N.” You introduced yourself. Eliza’s eyes lit up at the sound of your name, now she can finally place a name on your beautiful face.

“I know this seems strange or inappropriate but would you care to take a walk with me?” Eliza asked nervously. Her nerves calmed after you smiled.

“I would love to and I don’t find it inappropriate at all Ms. Schuyler.” You told her.

“Eliza please or Betsy.” A fond smile lifted on your lips.

“Well then Betsy shall we?” You gestured forwards as Eliza nodded, moving from her place, the first time that night.

Together the both of you walked through the gardens at Schuyler manor. Eliza has walked through them thousands of times so it was nothing new to her but for you, you were entranced, imagining what the garden would like in the Spring when the flowers were in full bloom.

While you admired the garden Eliza admired you.

Conversation was made as you walked through the night together, slowly you both fell for the other but of course you didn’t dare say it for it was not appropriate for women to hold such affections for each other.

“It is getting late.” You whisper looking out at the field of space on the Schuyler’s territory. Slowly Eliza stood besides you. The both of you stood there looking out at the land.

Your still in the garden Eliza by your side….she takes your hand.

“It’s so quiet here.” Her voice was soft. You looked down at your hands, intertwining your fingers with hers.

No one spoke, you just stood there enjoying that moment together. Before long the two of you went back to the ball as people started to leave.

“Write to me.” Eliza says in a hushed tone outside of your carriage which would take you home. You smiled.

“I will.” With a small wink her way you were helped into your carriage. Eliza watched it go until she could not see it no longer.

That night Eliza fell asleep with a smile on her lips.

Imagine being Rick's girlfriend and Negan wanting you.

(Alright I know I had the Andrea request to post before this one but I still wasn’t done with it…sorry :’( but I had this one ready so i’m posting it before. Don’t worry tomorrow I promise i’ll post the other request :D. Hope I got this request right and it makes sense, it’s quite a long one…Gif not mine/Found it on google)

You and Rick have been together since the prison had gone down.

You were with him and Carl and eventually grew closer. You had stayed by his side all to keep him safe and alive.

The time he hasn’t responded you it had made you cry and you kept talking to him in hopes he would hear you.

You were crying and kept your head down.
“Rick…Rick…please…please just wake up…you can’t leave…not yet…I…I love you…I really do…”
He opened one eye and smiled
Getting your head up you yelled “Rick!”

In that instant you grabbed him and held him in a tight hug.

He laughed and said “Never thought I’d wake up being so happy…”

You held him and said “Rick…I thought you would leave me…”

Pulling out you continued “Just wait till I get Carl!”

You tried getting up but he caught your arm and pulled you in a kiss. You kissed him back and when he stopped he told you “Didn’t wanna know my thoughts before getting Carl?”

Shy you blushed and laughed. You then said “I…I didn’t expect you to hear it! Well…now you know and…”

He kissed you again and after said “You sure are cute when you’re nervous!”

You laughed and got out of his hold to go and get Carl. That day had one of the most beautiful moment you had since the outbreak.


As you were in Alexandria, your relationship with Rick, Carl and Judith had just seem to grow stronger.

The morning Maggie felt sick, Rick and the others were preparing to leave and get to the Hilltop colony to get a doctor for her.

After what you and your group did to the Saviors, you always felt worried that something would happen to Alexandria or worst to the people that were dear to you.

While everyone was preparing to get Maggie out, you had decided to get whatever you needed and go with them.


However as you walked to the RV Rick stood in front of you and said “Y/N…You need to stay here and look after Carl and Judith…I don’t want you out there…It’s not safe…”

“No I need to go…” Before you could say anything more he cut you off and said “You can’t, you need to stay here and keep the others safe, especially Carl and Judith”

As he said the words you saw Carl get in the RV and looked back at Rick.

“How am I suppose to keep him safe if he’s going to?”

As you said you got in the RV and continued

“Besides Gabriel and the others are looking after Judith!”

By then Rick just had to let you come along.


In the RV you stayed by Maggie’s side and held her hand. You comforted her and made sure she wasn’t in too much pain.

The road was long and even longer as some men had been blocking the path. The sight of them had made you even more anxious about Alexandria and you could only hope that your home was going to be okay.

You were all now at the end of the last road and once more it was blocked.
Luckily Eugene came up with a plan to trick the Saviors who were following you, by driving the RV while the rest of you walked in the woods to reach destination.

As you prepared to walk in the darkness, before you could leave you had hugged Eugene and thanked him for what he was willing to do for all of you.


You had all been walking in the woods for about an hour in the dark. Even in the dark you still held and stayed by Maggie’s side.

The more you got further from the road the more you seemed anxious. Something felt wrong, sure there were high chances of all of you walking towards walkers but something felt else just felt just as sinister.

And that’s when you were right.

You all heard whistles coming from each side of the forest. All looking at each other, you all ran as far as you could together trying to get away from it.


Unfortunately, you all had to come to a stop as you were surrounded by so many people and a few cars came driving along the road.

A man came up to all of you and brought Eugene to show all of you that the plan had failed. He then said “I’m going to need all of your weapons and on your knees…”

Rick stared at him and that’s when the man pointed his gun at Carl and ordered “Now…”

Rick looked back at everyone and you. He seemed so confused and just had to accept what was happening.

The other Saviors came up to you and frisked you to take your weapons.

Afterwards you all got on your knees, even Maggie.

Afraid her condition might get worst you had stayed next to her to hold her if anything were to happen.

As everyone was on their knees, the man called for someone and they came back with your friends that had left looking for Daryl that morning.

It had surprised you and honestly seeing them alive relived you but it also made you nervous.


As You were all lined up , the man then walked over to an RV and knocked on it.

A man walked out, you couldn’t see his face but you heard him say

“Pissin’ our pants yet?” He smirked and walked out of the darkness.

And continued “Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close…”

He was tall and was wielding a barbed wire baseball bat. In all honesty, he scared you and you couldn’t look at him straight in the eyes.

He walked over to the other end, where Carl was and said “It’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon…”

“Now which one of you is the leader” he said. His man pointed at Rick and he continued “You’re Rick right? I’m Negan”

Hearing his name had scared you even more. You had heard horror stories from this man and had hoped you all had eliminated him when you attacked the Saviors but unfortunately you knew now you didn’t.

Negan continued and talked to Rick about how his men were killed by you and your group.

“You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes…” He had a serious looked and suddenly smiled and said “Yes you are!”

He started to speak again and walked along the line to get a closer look of everyone’s face.

But when he got to you, he stopped and stared. You stared back up and made eye contact with. His smile got even wider and he had a sparkle in his eyes. Love at first sight wasn’t something Negan would’ve believed in but seeing you he knew what the feeling meant.

You on the other hand stared back on the ground.

“And who do we have here?!” he said

You didn’t answer him but Rick almost got up until Negan’s man held a gun behind him to get him to get back on his knees.

Negan laughed and said “Oh…I get it…she’s your other half!”

Rick could only stare at you and back on the ground.

“Yeah…a fine piece huh!… Man, this is going to be hard to pick someone to beat…”

He stayed in front of you and playfully arranged his outfit and hair as if to impress you and asked you “You like this? Huh! Come on honey…Me and you…can you picture it?”

You glared at him and he laughed and said “Don’t tempt me like that! Not here! There’s other people here, not to mention your man…”

He then got closer to Rick and said “You see Rick…we’ve been investing in all of you…you have shit…you give it to us…If not..”

He showed his bat named Lucille as he walked along the line and said “All this…all this is just a pick out of which one of you gets the honor…”

He paused and continued “But seeing as you are all scared shitless now! I’m willing to be lenient and offer a different deal… We’ll only take half of your shit! And no one’s needs to get hurt…physically! That is.”

He walked back to you and stared at you again “Yeah…half of your shit…” And laughed

In that instant Rick knew what he meant, Negan wanted you and half of Alexandria’s supplies. Rick wanted to get close to you but couldn’t he saw the fear in your eyes as Negan shamelessly stared at you .

He started to feel even more anxious and nervous and tears started to come to his eyes. It was clear he was crying and try to held it in.

He felt so weak for not being able to do anything to save you, to save his son and to save his friends.

Negan shook his head and walked back to Rick and said

“No…No…You can’t cry! You’re their leader! You can’t be weak like this, I mean you weren’t weak when you sneaked behind my back and killed my men right? So you can’t be weak when i’m offering you a better deal than I’ve ever offered to anyone.”

Rick was having a hard time to breathe between his sob, he shook his head and managed to tell Negan

“She’s…she’s mine…you…can’t… you can’t have her!”

Negan could only laugh and say “Rick…this is the only deal…You don’t want to leave with someone’s dead body right?”

Rick could only keep saying “She’s mine…”

Negan smiled and told him “Yes, like I said I’ll take half of your shit…and half of your shit includes her!”

While pointing his finger at you.

Seventeen as inside jokes I have with my friends

S.Coups: “Wear the purple crocs. Do it for Daddy.” 

Jeonghan: “I’m your mom now and what I say goes, so be a good noodle and send me the worksheet answers.”

Joshua: “Praise, raise, and bless that ass- but not more than Jesus who we now thank for this meal.”

Jun: “It’s not a real party until you tell hoe stories by the fire.”


Wonwoo: “Do you want to borrow the ‘mom on the PTA’ sweater or the ‘hot and rich art thief’ sweater?”

Woozi: “Call me that one more time and I’ll break your ass in two, try me.” *sips strawberry milk angrily*


Mingyu: “Hot diddly damn, that’s one fine piece of man.”

The8: “I look really cute in that pic, but can people still tell that I’m a bad bitch? That’s the real question here.”

Seungkwan: “Pick me! Choose me! LOVE ME!”

Vernon: “HELL YEAH, I’M STEALING THE TOASTER, YOLO. But should I leave a note? Idk man.”

Dino: *soft quacking noises that keep getting louder until you’re screeching*

Angels and Demons Pt. 1

Choi Seunghyun/ TOP X Reader

Mafia TOP request… gone way, way overboard.

Moodboard by @memoiresofaneternaldreamer

Only one man had ever laid a hand on Choi Seunghyun and that man had been his father. There had been only one other man that had tried and that man’s head was sitting in a jar on a bookshelf in Seunghyun’s office. That was the rumor anyway.

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alicemoonwonderland  asked:

Gladio 😏😏😏

How I feel about this character: At first, I was ambivalent to him. Yeah, he has a nice body and made respect to him for working out like a beast for it, but I was still ambivalent to him. I was more attracted to Ignis tbh.


All the people I ship romantically with this character: I ship Gladio with Kari Leonis- my bratty OC xD BUT MORE THAN THAN I SHIP HIM WITH MY LIBRARIAN OC: Zara Agnitio

Link to that particular fluff fest:

My non-romantic OTP for this character: Gladio and Noctis. Always- they have such a push and pull relationship and I think that there’s such a beautiful mutual respect underlying the aggressive banter <3

My unpopular opinion about this character: He’s a complete nerd and while he presents as someone who’s got game, the moment he’s in front of a charming young woman he’s really into, he unwittingly reverts into a shy, adorkable squish :D

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon. I wish he got closure for his father’s death. Honestly- the fact that he just kept going despite knowing his father died… it hurt my heart. </3

earned it


Rough Yoongi smut where he chokes, slaps and spanks you. Teases you in front of the boys until you two get hot and heavy when alone.

Originally posted by hugtae

Yoongi plays with the cuff of his sleeves on his shirt before rolling them up, taking time to fold them up just at the elbows. He maintained eye contact with you as he undid the top two buttons, revealing the slender column of his pale throat. His tongue swipes his bottom lip as he runs a hand through green strands, pushing the hair back before letting it fall in place.

And you’d be damned if the sight didn’t make your throat dry.

Min Yoongi was a fine piece of man, especially in a crisp white shirt and black slacks, his dark eyes hooded and trained on you; he knew full well what this look did to you and couldn’t help but smirk and tease you throughout the night.

Before the two of you left, you froze at the sight of a semi formal Yoongi, trying to pull him back into your bedroom but he carefully removed himself from your grasp and merely muttered,

“You’ve got to earn it, sweetheart.”

Only, you didn’t know how to earn it.

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Soooo I’m over here watching Drumline: A New Beat and this handsome face pops up. First I’m like “Damnnnn who is this fine piece of man, already knocking Trey Songz out of the water for me??” Then I’m like “Where do I kno him from?” So of course I google it and…. Unfabulous boy! Like damn hun where tf have u been hiding?