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You know what I wish YOI ep12 had?

Excerpts from this year’s banquet

  • Yuri, now full aware of what happened last year, will be rather weary of alcohol, trying to limit himself and keep things sane
  • Everyone else will try to sneak him more champagne but he’ll see it and be like, no
  • So then they change tactics and get Victor drunk instead; who will then himself offer alcohol to Yuri 
  • who can’t really say no to his bf
  • and then the banquet really lights up because everyone knows the party doesn’t start until the drunk katsudon starts dancing


  • Phichit is ready with his phone and is packing 3 portable batteries and a stable connection to his cloud drive

anyone else noticed the trend here on tumblr of worshipping certain famous women for like a couple months and there being serious hype for them and then like a month later everyone’s ripping into them and talking about how much they hate them

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for Charlie @hoechlbutt happy early birthday! here’s some fluff, bed sharing, fake/pretend relationships, friends to lovers, and derek’s thumbhole sweater all in 1.6k words 


“Stiles, please c’mon man do this for us,” Scott pleaded.


“Why not?” Lydia asked.

“What do you mean why not? Why would I want to fake date Derek?” Stiles exclaimed, ignoring his heart thudding in his chest at the thought of dating Derek.

“Please Stiles,” Allison said. “We need a spot at that convention and sending an Alpha without a partner is seriously frowned up.”

“Okay then one of you date him!”

“Stiles just do it okay? For the greater good of the pack,” Isaac added.

Stiles knew he wasn’t getting out of this. He was the only single member left and there was no way Derek could pass off dating someone outside of the pack.

“Fine. But you guys owe me big time,” Stiles eventually said.

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you miss him || calum hood

Your big gray pit bull scampered away as you pulled the vacuum out of the closet. It made you chuckle but also made you a little nervous because you knew he was going to get anxious.

It was comical to you that your 55 pound dog was terrified of the vacuum, would go so far as to hide from it, even. He’d been that way since he was a puppy.

Calum had always been the one to keep his mind off of it. He’d take him into the office and play the guitar, or he’d take him on a walk or get him on the bed or couch to cuddle. Cal was great with Brutus.

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Scott x Reader

Requested by @unknownwoman17

“We should help Derek!” You yelped and Scott growled and he rolled his eyes.

“Are you serious, we have our own problems to deal with, Derek can handle his own pack.” Scott sighed and felt a twinge of jealousy jolt through him.

“Derek would help you!” You yelled and Scott snarled as he closed in on you. “You know what maybe if you’re going to be a jerk then I’ll change to Derek’s pack.”

“Fine but you won’t be living here anymore!” He snapped back when your words hit home.

“Fine by me.” You snatched at a backpack and hurried to your room, shoving things in it.

“Go and live with him, then! See if I care.” Scott growled as you stalked past and down the stairs.

“I will, doesn’t bother me!” You huffed and yanked open the door.

“Yeah well, more free time at home for me, won’t have to deal with you being under foot!” He bellowed so he could have the last word. “Wait crap that’s not what I wanted to happen.” He whispered to himself and hopped the stairs two at a time and hurried outside to see you ranting to Isaac who glanced his way and shrugged as you dragged him towards Derek’s.

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Fine, We'll Split Up ~ Isaac Lahey // Teen Wolf

Request / ask questions here
Y/N -Your Name
L/N - Last Name
Request from Anon (x2):
24, 26 & 28 with Isaac Lahey
“Don’t tell me you were actually worried about me?”
“Oh, my God, I thought you were going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again”
“Stop trying to be the hero all the time and just be you.”

Word Count: 2 , 1 0 0
Disclaimer: Dick!Scott and a rushed ending  

Trying not to disturb the prolonged pack meeting I quietly picked myself from the wall and took a few steps further into the room, leaning against the armrest of the sofa with my arms crossed lazily against my abdomen and my tired, sleep deprived gaze falling at my slightly blurry shoes. I sighed through my nose and listened to Scott’s footsteps rapidly pacing up and down the space between the coffee table and the unused fireplace. Him murmuring on about some plan like he’s been doing for the past week.

“Hey, Y/N. Are you listening?” I looked up to the feel of someone’s firm hand cupping my shoulder, my gaze instantly met with an equally as firm facial expression. I nodded weakly, not in the mood to be argumentative or witty. I took this time to fully analyze Scott. His face was a ghostly pale, his lips dull and chapped. His irises held a pale ring of sleepless red that complimented the dark circles forming under his eyes. Not to mention he was skinner; and a lot snappier and easy aggravated nowadays but it seems like I’m the only one who’s noticed the change in Scott. But I can’t blame him, if anything I pity him; if I lost my best friend, my brother, then I’d definitely be doing the same thing he’s doing.

“Pay attention! This is important!” Scott snapped in a harsh tone before going back into the center of the room and resumed his long rant. It’s only been a few weeks since the disappearance of Stiles, and we’re all worried sick but Scott seems to be the one completely affected by Stiles’ disappearance.

“We should all split up” he finalized; I perked my head up and gave him a disapproving glare, “Scott. I know your worried about Stiles but that’s a horrible idea” the rest of the pack (who were scattered around the room) looked at me with wide eyes as if I just signed a contract to get killed on-spot right in front of them. Ever since Stiles’ week long absence, no one has reasoned or challenged Scott with his plans. If they tried then Scott will literally go on a rampage and end up storming out and searching the town for Stiles himself. Leaving for as long as he pleased.

“What did you say?” He hissed, his own eyes a psychotic wide, I stood up straight as he stormed over to me.
“Scott. I get it you need to find Stiles but pretending we’re in Scooby Doo and splitting up in hopes we can find the Nogitsune is a horrible idea! We’d be easier targets, easier to take out if he does show up” I tried to reason with him in the softest manner possible but he took it entirely the wrong way.

His body tensed up, his fists clenched, “I’m, sorry but who’s the Alpha here?” he sassed, getting right up in my face but I stayed stubborn and stood my ground with a straight face, “when I ask you a question I expect you to answer it!” he rose his voice, making me flinch since I wasn’t used to seeing this this side of Scott but I continued to make eye contact.

“You are-“
“Are what?”
“The Alpha” unexpectedly he let out a dry laugh dripping in sarcasm, 

“You know what Y/N. I don’t know why your even relevant right now or why your even here since you haven’t done shit to get Stiles back! You don’t care for him! None of you do, actually” he swerved an accusing finger around at all of us.

“You know what; I don’t need any of you! I’ll find my best friend myself!” he moved away from me and tried to stride towards the door but I clasped his elbow, wrapping my fingers around him and tugged which made him stutter to a stop, his muscled tensing under my touch.

“Scott” I said harsher than I meant it to come out as. He didn’t move at all to look at me so I maneuvered myself so I was in front of him. My hand rising up a little on his bicep for better grip. Despite him avoiding eye contact I still stared directly at him.

“I get that you’re on edge about all this and you’re worried, but don’t you dare say that I don’t care for him. That we don’t care for him! We’ve been sitting here for two straight hours because we fucking care; because we’re his friends and yours”

“I’m not” I looked behind Scott to see Isaac glaring holes in the back of his head, no longer leaning against the wall but standing over the armrest where I was previously leaning. “I just have nothing better to do on a Thursday night” Scott turned his head to growl at Isaac; his eyes flashing a red but I tugged his attention back onto me.

“Scott, don’t think I don’t know how this is affecting you, I can clearly see what it’s doing to you and that’s what I’m worried about, you desperately need to find Stiles so you’re making irrational plans that can get us hurt” His eyes softened into the deep brown they used to be but hardened as quickly as they softened. Pushing past me, thudding into my shoulder he tried to get away from me.

“Hey, all mighty Alpha” Isaac growled, rushing over to Scott with a frustrated expression, “you know what. Fine, we’ll split up; we’ll join in on your little treasure hunt for Stilinski but if you dare treat Y/N like that again, a fox spirit won’t be your biggest concern” my eyes widened at his threat, a smile trying to scratch its way to the surface but I kept a straight face.

What was all that about?

.   .   .

I walked with Isaac through the dark, long hallways of the school that seemed longer and creepier at night, I turned my head to see Isaac with his hands scrunched in his pockets on the opposite side of the lockers. A bored expression resting on his plump lips and in his beautiful eyes.

“We’re not going to find him here, this spirit is one thousand years old, he has better stuff to do then stalk around a high school at night” I breathed a laugh at another one of Isaacs comments.

“How’s your shoulder?” he asked out of the blue. It still stung a little from how hard Scott rammed into me but it’s not broken so I’m fine.

“I’m not in the emergency wing at the hospital and I can hold this flashlight alright, so I’m fine” I reassured but he didn’t look to convinced. 

“Thank you, by the way” he looked at me with a raised eyebrow, “I didn’t get to say it earlier but thanks for sticking up for me” he nodded and rolled his tongue against his gums.

“I don’t like the way Scott talks too you” he growled slightly, his face turning stone at the memory of earlier.  
“It’s not his fault, he’s stressed” Isaac rolled his eyes. I opened a classroom door and shone a light in, no one there; just some dust, books and the smell of boredom a waste of a teenagers time.

“Y/N, that’s not an excuse. He’s just a dick”
“The dicks best friend is missing and he thinks it’s all on him” With each little statement Isaac came closer until I could feel his soothing breath dance on the back of my neck.

“But he takes it out all on you, no one else. You’re so nice and forgiving to him and he takes that for granted. Everyone does actually; they just sit there quietly thanking the Lord that he chose you to shit on instead of them! Have you noticed that because I have and I’m sick of it!”

“I’ve known him the longest and I can take it, I rather it be me instead of anyone else” I shrugged, sure, Scott’s words were harsh and uncalled for but I can handle a few words.

“And I’d rather see you being treated the way you deserve to be by the big bad Alpha” he mumbled making me chuckle, my heart tingling at what he said even though I don’t think he was supposed to say it out loud. I twirled around to face him, his lips barely an inch from mine.

“Why are you so concerned?” He went quiet, looking back and forth between my lips and my eyes; a warm feeling cascading through my body. I faked gasped, “don’t tell me you were actually worried about me” even through the darkness I could make out the red tint that dusted his cheeks.

I smiled, wondering whether it was a good idea to lean in or if it would ruin the moment we have going on here. Suddenly there was a loud grunt that echoed through the halls. Protectively Isaac wrapped his arms around my waist and completely wolfed out. Gently sandwiching me in-between the lockers and his warm body. There was another grunt, a louder one that sounded a lot closer then the first one and instantly Isaac charged towards the noise. Turning the corner and leaving me there, a sudden panic surged though me and moments later I ran after Isaac. What if he gets hurt? Void Stiles has put him in the hospital once and I don’t want it to happen again.

“Isaac” I called after him, my erratic heartbeat drowning out the sounds of my thudding shoes. What if he’s hurt?

Swerving through the halls completely lost I finally saw him standing completely frozen; I human form instead of his wolfie one except for the claws that prominently showed in his silhouette. He stood staring at a large, hollow metal ventilation pipe that I could easily fit in. Looks like that was the thing that made all the noise.
“Isaac fucking Lahey” I called making him turn around, without thinking I threw myself at him, clinging around his body securely so he wouldn’t leave. Instead of shaking me off he wrapped his arms around me protectively and rested his cheek on my shoulder.

“Why the hell did you did you do that!?” I said once he rose his head from my embrace but we both still clung onto each other.  
“What do you mean?” I scanned his face for any scratched or injuries even though he had the capability to heal.

“What if that was void? He almost killed you the last time you two had an encounter and I don’t want that to happen again!” contrasting with my worried look, he gave me a grin.
“Don’t tell me you were actually worried about me?” He glared at him.

“Oh, my God, that’s not funny Lahey!  I thought you were actually going to die. Please don’t ever scare me like that again!” before he could even respond I smashed my plump lips against his, he didn’t even take time to think about what the hell was going on before he took part in out kiss. He clutched onto me tighter as he deepened the kiss, making me enjoy every moment of it.

Heat flashed through me as time somehow felt as if it stopped, but we broke apart from the moment as slow clapping was heard at the other end of the hallway.

I looked away from Isaac to see the silhouette of the missing boy. A screwdriver in his hand and a smug look plastered in his sickly pale and ill face.
“What a cute couple” he squinted his eyes at us, Isaac was about to charge at the hollow shell of my friend but I held him back, good thing I did as well because in a blink of an eye he was gone.

“Why didn’t you let me get him?”
“You wouldn’t have got there in time. And plus, you really need to stop trying to be the hero all the time and just be you” I said sincerely. He needed to stop putting himself endanger.

“How am I supposed to be me if I don’t know who I am?” I broken look filled his eyes, I knew about his past, we all did and Stiles didn’t have any sympathy for him, which is why there was so much tension and hostility between the two.

“For a start you can be my boyfriend. Then we’ll figure the rest out” I smiled up to him, without words he gripped me tighter and pressed his lips against mine again.

The signs as essential school supplies

Aries: pen to stab a bitch who talking shit

Taurus: fuckboy repellent

Gemini: earphones

Cancer: triplus 30 pack fine liners to make the hoes jealous

Leo: phone charger

Virgo: paracetamol

Libra: ruler to smack a bitch

Scorpio: gum

Sagittarius: water to fulfil them thirsty hoes

Capricorn: coloured pencils for cheeky doodles

Aquarius: scissors to cut an annoying bitch

Pisces: pillow


As much as I love Instagram and blogging and social media in general, I still have great appreciation for more old school ways of documenting things. The process of writing something down on actual paper and taping photos into a journal is os satisfying, and when you actually fill up that book and finish it, the gratification you feel is even greater. That’s why I carry my black moleskin journal with me everywhere, along with a little pack of fine tip markers, tape and my polaroid. Whether I’m downtown Toronto at a cafe or on a beach in Cannes, I want to be able to snap a quick photo, save any receipts, flyers or other items and write about it right away. So far I have finished one book and am halfway through another, but someday I hope to have a library filled with black moleskins that document every moment of my life.

Since most of my journal pages are about my travels, I decided it be fitting to share some photos of them on here. I’ll shut up now and let the photos do the talking since, you know, they’re worth 1000 words and all.

Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Serves 6-7

2 cups (180 g) rolled oats
¾ cup (80 g) raw slivered almonds
¼ cup (28 g) raw sunflower seeds
¼ cup (20 g) unsweetened shredded coconut
½ cup (128 g) creamy or crunchy peanut butter
2 Tbsp (30 ml) coconut oil
¼ cup (60 ml) maple syrup or agave nectar
20 Medjool dates*, pitted and finely chopped (~ ¾ cup packed)

optional : dried fruits