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perfect representation of what this fandom looks like every time one of the actors says sth about a certain ship that you don’t agree with

The Wager

@captain-biryani asked for Logyn x 10 Things I Hate About You. Sorry it’s late, and I hope it’s okay. xoxox

Character descriptions inspired by @nanihoosartblog Logyn High School AU posts.

Loki sat in the living room, a sharp contrast to the cheerful décor in his signature black, trying not to sigh with boredom whilst Odin ripped into a hungover Thor yet again.

“I’ve had had it up to here with your immaturity and your recklessness!” the old man shouted whilst his wife lingered in the background, ready to step in if things went too far. “Do you have any idea how many favours I had to call in just so that the police wouldn’t press charges?! Do you honestly think you will get into any decent college with that sort of drunken buffoonery on your record?!”

“I’m sorry, father. I wasn’t thinking-”

“Exactly!” Odin roared. “You weren’t thinking! You never think things through. You only care about having ‘fun’ in the moment, consequences be damned. Well, I have had enough! You are grounded until you graduate!!”

“Odin…” Frigga chided quietly before Thor had a chance to object.

“Fine,” Odin grumbled. “A month, then. And after that you will have a strict curfew. Home by eight every evening. No excuses.”

“Father! You can’t be serious!” Thor whined, failing to know when to keep his mouth shut.

“Deadly serious,” Odin shot back. “You will be home by eight. You will eat dinner, you will do your homework, and you will go to bed at a reasonable hour.”

“And have no social life! If you wanted me to become like Loki so badly why didn’t you just say so?” Thor grumbled petulantly, sparing a glare at his brother sitting quietly at the other end of the couch.

Frigga whispered in Odin’s ear and Odin smirked.

“Very well,” Odin murmured before turning back to address his son. “Your mother has thought of reasonable compromise.” Thor perked up, shifting to the edge of his seat. “You can go to parties on the weekend… when your brother does.”

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Unpopular (?) Opinion; i dont think its impossible for mob to like teru back

I mean obviously hes occupied with tsubomi right now. But i highly HIGHLY DOUBT that shes going to like him back, or want to date him. It wouldnt make a lot of sense for mobs character, it wouldnt make a lot of sense for the story, and it REALLY wouldnt make any sense for TSUBOMI.

So, eventually mob is probably going to get rejected by her, or get a clue. He might be upset about it for a while, and thats fine. But even objectively speaking teru is a really good endgame candidate for a romantic interest. I mean, teru has always been there for him, hes seen mob at some of his worst moments and he still likes him. And theres evidence that mob and teru do hang out as friends and mob does care about him. Teru is often lumped together with ritsu and reigen, which means a lot if you think about it.

Idk, i dont totally expect it to be canon but also people talking abt it like mob could never like teru in 1000 years bothers me bc mob does care about him a lot even if he doesnt always show it, and they bring out the best in eachother and i think if mobs attention is diverted from tsubomi it wouldnt be unlikely for him to eventually develop feelings for him

Things Matt Murdock CAN’T Do:

- Read a clock, watch, etc.

- Read signs (street signs, menus, etc.)

- Use a tablet without assistive technology

- Read a blackboard, etc.

- Know what kind of bills he’s handling without some kind of special identifying techniques

- Differentiate between customers and staff when he walks into a store

- Knowing what bus is coming to the bus stop

- Recognize colors, textures, or fine detail

- Recognize objects with ambiguous shapes (such as telling the difference between a cardboard box and a square footstool without having to touch them)

- Tell if a store has moved and/or been replaced with a different one

- Pick out wrapping paper

- Listen to music using earbuds and still be able to walk around unaided

- Immediately tell if someone is naked or if they are just wearing form-fitting clothing

- Wear matching clothing without having to have a labeling system

- Know what his best friend looks like

tl;dr: A lot of things you take for granted

I’ve Never Seen Him Like This

Auma swallowed hard. She picked up the delicate object, both finely polished crystal lenses smashed. “Father Abbot’s glasses. Look, Martin.”

Blood rose in the Warriormouse’s eyes. Raging and roaring, he tried to tug free of Skipper and Auma, straining to climb over the battlements at his foe. “Touch one hair of their heads and I will slay you, scalescum! You and all your rabble, I will send you to Hellgates!”

Lask had never seen such ferocity in any creature. He realized that Romsca’s warning had not been an idle one: these Redwallers did indeed have warrior blood in their veins. [….]

Auma held Martin tight. He was still struggling, tears of helpless rage flowing openly down his cheeks, and she had to exert all her strength to hold him.

“Skipper let’s get him back down into the gatehouse,” she said. “We need to think this out calmly. Grab his footpaws, he has the power and wildness of a badger Lord. I’ve never seen Martin like this!”

- excerpt from the end of Chapter 18 of Pearls of Lutra

I’ve never fully gotten over the fact that Bloodwrath is an affliction. Bloodwrath isn’t something you want; it’s not dignified, nor is it intuitively helpful to the one who has it. Bloodwrath makes you forget who you are, where you are, and who your friends and allies are. Your energy becomes focused on one thing: the object of your rage. You become a danger to yourself and to those you mean to protect. Bloodwrath turns you into a beast of fury, one that champs at the bit, cursing and foaming at everything around you. Even your friends are taken aback by the change that comes over you. You become one worthy of fear.

It is a strange thing for a protagonist to have.

Unbreak My Heart


“I’ve fallen in love with you” She says through sobs. He looks over at her from his spot on the end of the bed, and just shakes his head.

“You can’t love me. We’ve been over this. I’m not the relationship type. We agreed this was nothing more than sex when this whole thing started between us” He simply replied, noticing more tears falling down her cheeks.

Wiping the tears off her cheeks with the sleeves of the sweatshirt she was wearing which happened to be his, she picked her head up, before her feet hit the ground. “Then we’re done here. Whatever this was is now over”

“You don’t mean that” His face suddenly fell, his whole body turning towards where she stood.

“I do mean it. We both knew something like this was going to happen, so I’m ending this now. When we’re at work, we act professional, other than that we have nothing to do with each other” She replied sniffling.

He shook his head. “Don’t do this”

“I didn’t do anything. I wanted to mean more to you then just a fuck buddy, but it’s clear that all you want is to run around and fuck everything that walks like a little boy. Grow up. I’m done with this, and I’m done with you” She added in, grabbing her bags, and taking a last look at the guy she’s fallen for, leaving him and her feelings for him behind.
That was a year ago, and Braylin Crawford could not be happier, with where she was in her life. She had asked for a leave of abscense for that time, just so she could get her head right. She had been at the performance center, working with the trainers, hoping to get back into ringshape. Working with the girls down at NXT Braylin not only got herself back to where she was, she also helped the other girls, moving them along in their training, with her being in the business for a little over 5 years.  Each day she had gotten back to her old self, leaving that depressed girl she had become in the past. The doctors had kept a close eye on her, making sure not only was she working on her ring technique, but most importantly, making sure she’s healthy.

A full year. That’s how long it took her to get back to the ring. It was currently Wrestlemania weekend, and she was set to return to the ring the Monday after Mania. No one knew she was making her return, and she decided to keep it a secret. Stepping out of the taxi, she paid fare, sent the taxi driver a quick smile, before shutting the door. With her suitcase handle in one hand, and her bag in the other, she made her quick entrance in to the building, where NXT Takeover Orlando, was being held that night. With a flash of her employee badge to the guard who stood by the door at the back of the arena, and the clacking of her heels on the floor beneath her, she was in.  Looking around she saw people running around, trying their best to  make sure everything was perfect for the show that night. Superstars and divas ran around the backstage area, putting the finishing touches on their ring gear, and going over last minute strategies before their matches. Pulling her suitcase along with her as she walked, making sure she didn’t get in to anyone’s way as she walked through the backstage area. Heading towards the lockerooms, she quickly waved hi to everyone working, before finding Triple H’s office. Knocking softly, she heard a very faint ‘Come In’, as she opened the door. Triple H was sitting at his desk, phone in hand, and he was writing something down on the pad in front of him. Braylin patiently waited, not wanting to inturrupt his phonecall. Leaning against the doorframe, Braylin looked around the office, her eyes stopping on a poster of him. The guy that broke her heart a year ago. It felt like he was smiling through her, so she decided to concentrate on something else.

Triple H hung up the phone and turned to the brunette standing in the doorway.
“Braylin what do I owe the pleasure of you visiting?” Triple H asked.

“Well, I’m sure you talked to the trainers, and also the doctors, and I was just wondering if it’s okay for me to return to the ring” Braylin simply replied, making her way into the office.

Hunter got up off his chair, and walked to where she stood. “I not only talked to the trainers, but the doctors as well, and I’m pretty sure, you’re cleared to return to the ring this Monday night on Raw” Hunter added in, with a smirk.
Braylin squealed, as she ran over to where Hunter was, and hugged him lightly. “Thank you so much Hunter. I really appreciate it”

“No need to thank me. I’m excited to see what you’ve been up to since last year. I’ll be in contact with you, when I get more details" Hunter simply said, as he put out his hand.

Braylin nodded, before shaking Hunter’s outstretched hand, and with another smile, she walked out of his office. Pulling her suitcase behind her, she walked the rest of the way down the hallway towards catering, where she saw some familiar faces. Liv Morgan sat in the table with Aliyah, and Ember Moon, caught up in their own conversation. Setting her suitcase against the wall Braylin walked towards the girls table, and cleared her throat.

“Hey girls. Room for one more?”

“Braylin!” Liv yelled jumping out of her seat and hugging the blonde with everything she had in her.

“Liv can’t breathe” Braylin replied with a giggle, as her friend let her go.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” Liv quickly said pulling back from Braylin, as she was pulled into another hug with both Ember and Aliyah.

“What are you doing here?” Aliyah asked excitedly as the girls all sat back down at their table.

“Do you really think I was missing Takeover? I haven’t missed one in 3 years, and I’m not going to start now. I’m excited to watch ms. Ember kick some serious ass tonight” Braylin grinned, fist bumping Ember.

All 4 girls sat and chit chatted about what was going in their lives, catching up with each other. Braylin knew the subject of him who should not be named would be brought up, and Braylin secretly prayed the subject didn’t come up within the conversation.

“BC” Braylin heard from behind her.

Turning her head, she saw Johnny Gargano standing there with a grin on his face. “JGar” She replied standing up, before hugging him.

“What’s up Blondie?” Johnny asked, hugging her back.

“Came back to visit. Needed to come see if you can still wrestle” Braylin giggled.

“Ha Ha” Johnny rolled his eyes. “Catch up later?”

“Of course. Tell Candice I said hi, and that I miss her”

“Will do” Johhny quickly said, before leaving with his tag team partner. Braylin sat back down at the table, as her head looked towards the doorway, and a familiar face walked in. Braylin’s face fell, and she prayed he didn’t see her.  

Finn Balor walked in to the catering area with Shinskue Nakamura at his side. The 2 were enveloped in their conversation, when Finn locked eyed with Braylin. It had been a year since he’s seen her, and to say he missed her was an understatement. Finn turned to his friend, and said he’ll be right back, as he made his way over to where Braylin sat.

“Bray” Finn said softly.

“Hi Finn” Braylin replied with the same tone in her voice.

“You look good. It’s been awhile”

“Yeah it has. I should really get going. I have to get situated into my hotel. It was nice seeing you. I’ll see you girls later” Braylin told her friends, and then giving Finn an uneasy smile.

Walking slowly out of the catering room, Braylin grabbed her suitcase, and wheeled it behind her, dragging it down the hallway, away from everyone. Leaning against the wall, tears started to well up in her eyes, as her mind went wandering back to the memory of the days of her leaving Finn behind, and how it affected her.

The first couple of months she had a hard time at work. Her matches haven’t gone as well as she wanted them to. She would hibernate in her hotel room, not wanting to be around people. Her friends, and everyone in the company was worried about her. She was usually the happy go lucky girl that everyone loved, but people could see something was seriously wrong with her. She stopped eating, and spent as much time in the gym as she could, that sometimes she would make herself sick. The lack of sleep was getting to her, and her body was shutting down. Health officials took notice, before taking action when she passed out in the middle of a match with Bayley. Everyone in the arena, everyone backstage, and even the audience was stunned at the scene in front of them. As Braylin was being taking out on a stretcher, her best friend Sasha Banks, rushed to get into the ambulance with her. Braylin layed still, hooked up to wires, as her eyes were still tightly shut. Her mouth was slightly open, and her breathing was very ragged, but her chest was still steadily moving up and down.  After being taken to the hospital, she was given fluids, to keep her hydrated, and even though Braylin told Sasha to leave, and that she would be fine, Sasha objected, saying she would only leave if Braylin ate something. Braylin quickly agreed and ate soup and crackers to make Sasha happy.

Staying in the hospital for 5 days, Braylin was discharged when she was finally healthy enough to stand on her own.  The first couple days spent at home, was her mostly taking it easy, and sleeping alot to get her sleep schedule back on track. Sasha checked in on her reguarly, through facetime, text messages, and phonecalls. Eventually her eating habits came back, and she was moving forward, making her back to feeling like her old self. Finn had left several voicemails, along with tons of text messages, when she finally blocked his number, and all of his social media, so he had no way in contacting her, and that was that, because she hasn’t heard from him, and she kinda liked it that way.

Braylin didn’t think seeing Finn again would make her so upset, but here she was crying all alone in an empty hallway. The man she loved, and still did to this day walked over to her like nothing happened between them, and she was not sure she liked that. All Braylin knew was that on Monday, they would be co-workers once again.



It’s 2017, you need to accept Laurie was a Nice Guy (of the “I can take care of you better than anyone cause I have money so you won’t have to work” variety) who would have treated Jo like shit if they ever got together and Jo knew this and she’s smarter than all of you and she only ever saw Laurie as a friend. Get over it. It’s 2017 your jokes implying Louise May Alcott was a dumb bitch for not making Jo develop feelings for a Nice Guy she was never attracted to (with a side of “how come the ~shallow~ sister ended up with the boy she had wanted her entire life?”) are neither clever not progressive. Stop peddling as a given that these books’ fatal flaw is that a rich guy who got all broody because he couldn’t accept that after years of friendship with the protagonist she would have the audacity to reject his marriage proposal because woe she only ever thought it was friendship.

Living With You

read on and ao3

tags: @beaxnalu

rating: t+ for sexual joking, swear words, and mild smut later on

pairings: nalu, slight gajevy this chapter, possible mentions of gruvia later on

characters: natsu, lucy, gajeel, levy, gray

summary: Finding herself thrown out and drunk after a party wasn’t the way Lucy expected her night to go. After blacking out and waking up in a room with three men, she has a decision to make: will she stay or will she go? Loosely based on New Girl. Roommates!AU

Lucy felt like she was drowning.

Her feelings felt murky like she was underwater and couldn’t get out. The words were muffled and the sights were but a blur. Everything felt plain wrong, like someone had wrapped cellophane over her whole body and tried to get her to move. Her limbs were stuck in their tight positions; just lifting the bottle to her lips to drown her sorrows was exhausting. Lucy fought to just stay awake. Her eyes fluttered shut, and her cold seat of a bench wasn’t much help for something to hold on to. Rain droplets flicked on her body and kept her from warmth. The only thing she felt was cold, and the only thing she saw was the bright lights burning her eyes.

Lucy was having an anxiety attack, an eight point three on a scale of ten, and there was no one to save her. As she fell off of her bench seat and onto the concrete, she didn’t care if she died or lived. All she wanted was relief from this hell. The face of the man who abandoned her came into her mind’s eye, and she curled up into a soft ball with the strength she could muster. Voices hit her all at once, calling her names like they once did. She succumbed to a quiet death on the concrete sidewalk next to a 7 Eleven, and she didn’t care who found her body.

And then, the sound of a voice was shockingly loud. The sentence crying for help was shouted, but to Lucy the emotions sounded dull and the words shallow, and she blocked them out. She could only trust the person that had found her.

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Lead The Way (Jared Kleinman X Reader)

WC: 3043

Warnings: Like one curse word, inferred boner, awkward Jared

Summary: Jared and Y/N have been, unknowingly, crushing on each other for ages. A history project and the upcoming prom helps bring them together.

A/N: I am such Will Roland trash it isn’t funny, so here’s an imagine about the insanely cool Jared Kleinman

Jared’s P.O.V

“Evan! Can I talk to you for a second?” I said, jogging up to Evan as he passed me. “Uh, sure Jared. What do you need?” Evan said and I nodded, dragging him to the side. “I need some advice on something.” I said and Evan nodded uneasily. “Ok. What advice do you want?” He asked and I rolled my eyes, an exasperated sigh escaping my mouth. “Hansen, you ask too many questions. Senior prom is coming up, and I want to ask someone, but I don’t know how.” I muttered, and Evan looked at me quizzically. “The great Jared Kleinman is finally admitting that he doesn’t know something?” Evan said and I shoved his shoulder. “Shut up Evan. It’s just, I’m not normally this… invested, in someone.” I said, wringing my hands a little. “Jared’s in love!” Evan said and I punched him in the shoulder. “Can you not let China know about my situation? Thanks. Anyway, I don’t know how to ask her out successfully, so I thought maybe you might know something.” I said, pushing my glasses up my nose as I spoke. “You must be desperate, but I’ll see if I can help. So, who is this mystery woman?” Evan asked, wiggling his eyebrows slightly. I felt my cheeks heat up a little and I averted my gaze to the floor. “Y/N Y/L/N.” I muttered, and Evan’s eyes widened. “I definitely can’t blame you. She’s hot.” Evan said and I nodded vigourously. “I know! It’s just, I really liked her, Evan. I don’t wanna screw this up.” I muttered and Evan placed a hand on my shoulder. “I’ll try and help you. Maybe I can convince Zoe or Alana to give me some information, who knows.” Evan said and I smiled at him gratefully, clapping him on the shoulder. “Thanks Hansen. I knew I could count on you.” I said, gazing over at Zoe, Y/N and Alana chatting near someone’s locker. “Come on Jared, we have to get to class. You can stare at Y/N in 6th period if you want.” Evan said cheekily and I glared at him, fighting the urge to punch him. “Let’s go.” I muttered, dragging Evan by the arm.

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Ugh, Y/N, you’ve got the heart eyes again.” Zoe said as she walked up next to me. I tore my gaze from Evan and Jared and turned to face Zoe. “So what if I do?” I teased and Zoe rolled her eyes, leaning against her locker. “It’s annoying the crap out of Alana and I. If I have to hear one more thing about about Jared Kleinman I will slap some sense into you.” Zoe taunted and I let out an annoyed sigh. “I could say the same thing to you about Evan Hansen.” I said, wiggling my eyebrows. Zoe’s face went pink and I smirked, poking her newly coloured cheek. “Whatever. Seriously Y/N, you have to go talk to him. Nothing’s going to happen if you just stalk him.” Zoe retorted and I looked over at Jared, deep in conversation with Evan. “It’s not stalking, it’s observing from afar.” I said, biting my lip as I stared at Jared. “Snap out of it Y/L/N. You can’t live life with your vision constantly tunnelled on Jared Kleinman.” Zoe said, clicking her fingers in front of my face. I jumped a little and turned around, a sheepish look on my face. “Hey guys.” Alana said and I waved at her, a smile on my face. “Hey Alana. Can I ask you something?” Zoe asked and Alana nodded, a curious look on her face. “Perfect. Is Y/N obsessed with Jared?” Zoe said and I let out a noise of indignation, my jaw dropped. “100 percent.” Alana responded almost instantly and I let out a huff, crossing my arms over my chest. “Sorry Y/N, but it’s true. You’re so in love with him it’s not funny.” Alana said, patting my shoulder sympathetically. “You guys suck.” I muttered and they both laughed at my pain. “We should probably start heading off to class. We definitely don’t want to be late again, because I don’t think Mrs Valdez will buy our ‘we were all sick at the same time’ excuse again.” Alana said and I nodded, sneaking one last glance at Jared. He pushed his glasses up his nose aggressively and I let out a giggle that didn’t go unnoticed by Zoe. “Oh god, she’s giggling now! Next thing we know she’ll be full on swooning.” Zoe groaned and I shoved her shoulder lightly. “Shut up Murphy. Also, you guys can head off early. I’m gonna go get a drink.” I said, waving slightly at the two of them. “Cool. See you in Spanish.” Alana said, walking off with Zoe. I walked towards the water fountain, but my horrid coordination and inability to look up from the floor made me run into someone. I let out a curse and began to pick up my books, and I noticed a pair of glasses sitting on my History binder. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” I said, picking up the glasses and looking at the person I ran into. I almost drop my books when I see Jared crouching down in front of me, his hair a little messed up and his glasses obviously missing. “Don’t worry, it, uh, it was my fault.” Jared stammered, running a hand through his hair. “Oh, these are yours. Here you go.” I said, unfolding the glasses and bravely placing them on his face. His cheeks went a little pink and his eyes widened slightly. “Oh, um, uh, thanks.” He squeaked out and I giggled, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “Y/N Y/L/N.” I said, sticking my hand out. Jared took my hand and I made a mental note of how well his hand fit in mine. “Jared Kleinman.” He said softly, shaking my hand. I smiled at him, but my smile quickly disappeared when I saw the time on a clock behind Jared’s head. “Shit, I can’t be late again. I’m so sorry Jared, I have to go, but it was a pleasure to run into you.” I said, winking at him. I started to walk off, but I heard him mutter something under his breath that made my heart speed up a little. “Believe me, the pleasure was all mine.”

Jared’s P.O.V

I rushed off to English faster than I reckon I had ever run, and I got to the classroom just as the bell rang. “Mr Kleinman, so nice of you to finally join us.” Mr Jacobson said, arching his eyebrows slightly at my lack of response. I quickly sat down next to Evan, who was looking at me quizzically. “Dude. Where were you?” Evan whispered as we opened up our notebooks. “I talked to Y/N.” I said and Evan looked at me, his eyebrows raised. “Nice. How’d it go?” He said and I smiled involuntarily. “I kinda ran into her, and she picked up my glasses for me.” I said and Evan scoffed a little. “Seriously Jared.” He mused and I rolled my eyes. “She put my glasses back on for me. Like, on my face. Evan, her hands are so soft. Like, imagine the softest blanket you own rubbed against your cheek. That’s how it felt!” I exclaimed, trying to desperately keep my voice down. Evan chuckled and I gave him a weird look. “Jared, you’re as red as a tomato. You are head over heels for her.” He said and I huffed, aggressively copying the notes on the board into my book. The lesson passed in a blur, as every lesson with Mr Jacobson did, and suddenly I was on my way to History with Evan. The only lesson I shared with Y/N other than Drama. “I’ll see you after school. Good luck Jared.” Evan said as he walked away to Geography. “Forest nerd.” I muttered under my breath as I made my way to the History room. I walked in and noticed that Y/N was sitting by herself, fiddling with a strand of hair. “Mr Kleinman, just sit down next to Miss Y/L/N. I’m sure she doesn’t bite.” Miss Hardy said and I nodded, swallowing nervously as I sat down. “Hi.” Y/N said and I waved awkwardly at her. “Hey. I just wanted to say that I’m still very sorry for tackling you in the hallway earlier.” I said and Y/N laughed, the musical sound filling my ears. “Jesus Jared, I’m not a fragile object. I’m fine. It is nice that you care so much. Most people wouldn’t give a damn, but you do.” Y/N said and I felt my heart flutter a little. “Now class, for your next assessment task, you will be working on a project on a topic of your choosing. You will also be partnered up with the person you’re sitting next to today.” Miss Hardy said and I felt my eyes widen. This meant that Y/N will possibly be at my house. Jesus Christ. “You’ll get this lesson to plan and choose your topics.” Miss Hardy said and I nodded, scratching the back of my neck nervously. “So, partner, what topic do you want to work on?” Y/N said, snapping me out of my trance. “Well, uh, I definitely don’t want to do American history because they hammer that into us from the time we can read.” I said and Y/N let out a loud laugh. “Oh my God, that’s exactly what I think. That’s why I’m one of the few people that takes Ancient History.” Y/N said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. I laughed, resting my chin on my hand. “So, Egypt, Rome or Greece?” I asked and Y/N paused, biting her lip as she thought. I awkwardly shuffled in my seat, because I happened to find it incredibly attractive when she did that. I looked at the roof and tried to think of anything other than Y/N biting her lip, but that really didn’t work, so I took my notebook and put it on my lap, attempting to mask the effect Y/N had on me. “We can do all three.” Y/N said suddenly and I looked at her, letting out a rather high pitched squeak. “Explain.” I said and Y/N nodded, beginning to speak. “Well, each ancient civilisation had their own belief system and mythology, that was similar and different to the other civilisations. We can talk about the similarities and differences between the three, and how the beliefs may have continued through today.” Y/N said, speaking animatedly with her hands. “That sounds perfect.” I said and Y/N smiled, patting my knee gently. I took in a deep breath and covered my mouth. “Awesome. I should probably get your address because we have to work on this outside of class.” Y/N said, taking her hand off my knee. I was both relieved and disappointed the warmth of Y/N’s hand was gone, but I tried to get my mind off that. “Oh, uh, sure.” I said, my voice a little higher than usual. “Cool. I’ll give you mine in case you wanna switch things up a little.” Y/N said, looking over at my desk for a notebook. “Hey Jared, where’s your notebook gone?” She asked and I internally cursed. “We can just use yours.” I said and Y/N nodded, writing her address on a slip of paper from her notebook. “Here you go. I also put my number on there. You know, just in case.” She said and I nodded, taking the paper and putting it in my pocket. “Ok, that’s enough for today’s lesson. I’ll see you tomorrow!” Miss Hardy said and we both jumped a little, unaware of how quickly the time had passed. I stood up, and the notebook suddenly clattered to the floor. Everyone turned their heads to me and I picked up the notebook quickly, trying to avoid the stares of the class. I took in a deep breath and turned to Y/N when we were out of the classroom. “So, um, your house is really close to mine, funnily enough, and I was wondering if you, uh, wanted me to walk you home?” I said and Y/N nodded, her Y/E/C eyes sparkling brightly. “I’d love that. I’ll just text my mom so she knows I’m not dead.” Y/N said and I chuckled, running a hand through my hair. I quickly pulled out my phone and sent Evan a text.

To: Hansen 👕

I’m walking Y/N home. Don’t wait up for me.

I shoved my phone in my pocket and turned to face Y/N. “You ready to go?” I asked Y/N and she nodded, slinging her backpack over her shoulder almost effortlessly. “Lead the way Mr Kleinman.” I shuddered a little at how she said my name, a million thoughts running through my head. “Then let’s get going Miss Y/L/N.”

Y/N’s P.O.V

I walked out of the school campus, occasionally glancing over at Jared to make sure that this was actually happening. “So, you have a favourite movie?” Jared asked and I chuckled, glancing at the pavement briefly. “I’d have to say anything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe except the Incredible Hulk, or Notting Hill.” I said and Jared let out a laugh. “What? Am I just naturally hilarious?” I said and Jared shook his head, still laughing slightly. “It’s just, I never expected to hear someone’s favourite movies as Marvel and a Hugh Grant rom-com.” He said and I shoved his shoulder slightly. “At least you know what Notting Hill is. I usually get a strange look from anyone who isn’t female when I say it.” I said and Jared’s cheeks went a light pink. “Hugh Grant is a good actor. What else can you say?” Jared muttered and I took a deep breath and slipped my hand into his. Jared stopped for a second and he had an incredulous look on his face. “I, uh, you, um.” Jared stammered, his face flushed. “I’m sorry, if you’re uncomfortable I’ll.” I said, but Jared quickly cut me off. “No, no I’m definitely not uncomfortable. It’s just, uh, unexpected.” Jared said and I gave him a grateful smile. “I can live with unexpected.” I said, squeezing Jared’s hand gently. We walked along the road that lead to my house in comfortable silence, every now and then one of us squeezing the other’s hand. “Well, here we are.” I said as we approached my driveway. We turned into it and I could see my mom through the living room windows. Suddenly my phone rang and I apologised to Jared before pulling it out of my pocket. I groaned when I saw that it was mom calling and I answered it, Jared not letting go of my hand. “Hello mother. You are aware that I can see you, right?” I said, very unamused. “That means I can see you too, and I can very clearly see you holding hands with a boy. Who is he?” Mom said and I let out another annoyed groan. “His name is Jared, and if you weren’t so weird I’d let him in so you can quiz him inside.” I said and I felt Jared squeeze my hand reassuringly. “Just get inside and let me talk to him.” Mom said and she hung up the phone. I rolled my eyes and put my phone in my pocket, glancing apologetically at Jared. “Sorry. Mom is being overbearing and would like to meet you. As her only daughter she fusses over me far too much.” I said and Jared let out a soft laugh. “It’s fine, really. You’ll find I can be very charming.” Jared said, shooting me a sly wink. I rolled my eyes affectionately and we walked up to my front door. I, reluctantly, dropped Jared’s hand and swung the door open, mom rushing up to us as soon as she heard the door open. “I’m glad you’re home Y/N. And this must be Jared.” Mom said, turning her gaze to Jared. Jared gave her a half wave and mom shot me an unreadable look. “Hi Mrs Y/L/N. I’m Jared Kleinman. It’s nice to meet you.” Jared said, stretching his hand out towards my mom. “It’s nice to meet you Jared.” Mom said, shaking his hand. “Um, does anyone want a cup of tea or coffee?” I asked and Jared nodded, as did mom. “How about I make the coffee and you show Jared around?” Mom said and I nodded, taking Jared’s hand. “Mom likes you!” I whispered and Jared beamed, pressing a brief kiss to my cheek. I felt my cheeks heat up the moment his lips made contact with them, and I missed the contact as soon as his lips were gone. “I’m sorry, I just.” Jared said and I put my free hand on his shoulder. “Feel free to do that again if you want to.” I said and Jared’s face went pink. “So, uh, while we’re here.” Jared said, gesturing to the black and gold expanse of my room. “I was wondering, if you, uh, maybe wanted to go to prom with me?” Jared asked, rocking back and forth on his heels a little. “I know it’s not very romantic, but I just.” I cut Jared off by placing my lips on his, a squeak of surprise escaping his mouth. I closed my eyes and melted into the kiss, taking my hand out of his and wrapping my arms around his neck. Jared tasted sweet, like something I couldn’t quite place, and his lips fit perfectly on mine. Jared’s hands sat on my waist, and my skin tingled under his touch. We broke apart, panting slightly, and my heart was pounding. “I’ll, uh, take that as a yes.” Jared squeaked out and I nodded, kissing his cheek. “It’s most certainly a yes.”

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Hey thanks for reblogging! So many people now look at what amounts to me taking cell phone pictures of my collection, and editing out my fingers but not quite getting good lighting. Senpais noticed me! As for Shinya's hair, know how I said I have the same hair cut? Well I air dried it today, parted it down the side and floofed it a bit. Yep, lopsided and pretty damn close to the pic. I wish I was as pretty. And it's not even a glare! The hardcopy shows an object of some sort.

haha no problem thank you for posting the pictures! And i’m glad to hear you’re living your lopsided, shinya-esque hair life. IF ONLY WE COULD ALL BE AS BEAUTIFUL AS SHINYA

That’s My Jeep

Pairing: Stiles x Stiles!Sister!Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

A/N: Short but sweet x

Lizza is your best friend in this B/F/N just didn’t have a ring to it sorry

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“Stiles?” You called, knocking on your big brothers bedroom door, impatiently waiting for a reply. Silence filled the air for a whole two minutes, concluding that he fell asleep you softly ran back to your room; grabbing your runners and slipping your feet into them. “Come on,” You squealed to your best friend who had a grin from one side of her face to the other.

Skipping down the stairs, you grabbed the keys with far too many key rings hanging from them and rushed out the door. Your heart was pounding, you were beyond nervous to be breaking the rules but there was a mixture of excitement in there. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Lizzie said, fasting her seat belt, her knees shaking with anticipation.

You gulped the bubble in your throat, putting the key in the ignition and Stiles’ jeep came to live. You giggled, turning the gear to reverse and looked over your shoulder to move the jeep out of the driveway. Screaming, you slammed your foot on the brake, sending Lizzie forward - her hands hitting off the dash. “Oh my god!” You screamed, jumping out of the jeep and storming forward towards Stiles and Scott who were inches away from the end of the jeep.

“What are you doing? I almost ran you over!” You screamed, a blush forming on your face as Stiles looked at you, his face pure white as he ripped the keys out of your hand. “What am I doing? What am I doing?” He asked, flabbergasted. “I’m out here talking to my best friend and my little sister comes out… comes out and..” His hands were whirling around the air, sending the wind gushing in your direction. “My little sister, stealing my.. my jeep.. my baby.” He cried.

“Maybe if you asked me you could take it out,” He shook his head in disbelief, “Really?” You questioned, “Of course not, Y/N, you don’t have a license.”

You rolled your eyes, grabbing Lizzie’s hand and dragging her away from your brother. “Hey, not so fast.” Stiles shouted, you could hear Scott in the background telling him to let it go but you knew Stiles, and you knew he wasn’t going to do that. “Do my laundry… And..” Stiles glanced at Scott, who shrugged his shoulders, “Clean the jeep.” He nodded, “For a… two months.” He laughed when you started to object.

“Fine, I’ll call dad.” He muttered, pulling out his phone and dialing in the number you both knew too well. “Fine, fine.” You pleaded, grabbing his phone, “I’ll do it, please don’t.” He grabbed your figure into a hug, and rustled your hair around.

“Don’t you ever steal the jeep again,” He warned, pushing you away and turning back to Scott who was laughing. You huffed and turned to walk back into the house.

Lizzie walked beside you, “I can’t believe we got caught.” You shook your head, folding your arms, “Me neither.”

{Part 2} Memorable Tattoo // Im Jaebum AU! (M)

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff

A/N: This is the 2nd, final part to Memorable Tattoo Part 1 which I suggest you read before you read this, if you haven’t already c: Thank you!

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I was just thinking… Jason was fifteen when he died. He was still little. He probably hadn’t hit his growth spurt yet– and then he was dead for a while and then he was in a coma, and basically what I’m saying is–

He probably woke up dramatically taller than he was when he died.

And now all I can picture is Jason and his six foot self, forty-eight hours into working a priority case, bumping into door frames because maybe he forgets how big he is when he’s really tired

The chocobros and sharp objects

So I got this idea while cleaning up after making dinner with my boyfriend and he wouldn’t let me clean the knives because he doesn’t quite trust me to not lose a finger while handling them. I feel like I also mention Ignis a lot (because I do). He seems very skilled with knifes…

Noctis: given the fact he’s been trained to flail around a giant sword he’s fine with standard sharp objects. Doesn’t use them often due to the fact he doesn’t cook much nor does he really care to, but Ignis trusts him enough with a knife to let him help do the cooking every now and then.

Prompto: he tries so hard not hurt himself when using sharp object; he’s never actually injuried himself while using one but he’s come close enough that the others don’t quite trust him with sharp pointy things. If per chance he is helping Ignis or someone else with cooking, the give him the tiniest knife possible and keep close watch on him.

Ignis: since he cooks and uses daggers in battle frequently he’s pretty much a pro at not putting himself or anyone else in danger when using anything sharp. If there is an activity that needs to be done using sharp objects he’s usually the one to turn to.

Gladiolus: is very careless when using sharp objects, especially if he’s helping Ignis prepare veggies and other foods for dinner. Has sliced his finger open multiple times, everyone’s surprised he hasn’t lost a finger yet will someone tell him he’s not invincible?