fine meats

A fine roast

Context: In our Pathfinder campaign we are a new party that have all just met and our Elven Wizard has (apparently) lost his memory of the past 5 days.

Elven Wizard: I forgot, I still don’t know how I lost my memory though perhaps we will find out

Dwarven Fighter: You lost your memory because you have nothing worth remembering!

Elven Cleric: You are a very forgetful elf, not like the rest of our kind. Are you sure you are an Elf at all?

Dwarven Fighter: That was like my meat. A fine roast.

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i lov u but also hunting is bad

wildlife education & survival skills r like, some of the traditional building blocks of a well rounded life. imo, that includes hunting (except when it’s done more for like… the trophy kills, because that’s specifically taking out the biggest strongest animals of the herd and fucks up the gene pool w weaklings.) also depending on the area it’s necessary to sustain an environment by preventing overpopulation and thus a bunch of starving animals breeding & not eating.

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does DPh imprint update/grow with him over time? so will he grow up on a conventional physical timescale, with the offsets of Phantom Time?

This one I’ve figured out less about… since Danny makes new matter every time he transforms, it could follow that his ghost body would age naturally with him aside from the black and white hazmat suit (which is a purely ideological structure and not actually as molecularly complex as real clothing).

Something weird that might happen because of all this: since Ghosts only grow/change their default bodies in abrupt shifts, if Phantom got a “growth spurt” it might physically translate into Fenton’s human body when he turns back? In this scenario Vlad had a similar ghostly growth spurt, which is why Plasmius looks so different than Masters, and he had to master some amount of shape-shifting in order to still appear as a regular fangless human when he turns back. Either that or major ghost-body changes don’t factor into the “coding” for their human forms, in the same way Danny’s hazmat suit doesn’t. It would be pretty funny if Danny destroyed his clothes and made a new hazmat suit every time he transformed though, he would have SO MANY HAZMATS. DANNY BECOMES HIS OWN CLOTHES FACTORY, SELLS THEM ON EBAY FOR 100% PROFIT MARGIN

Also Danny definitely stops aging as Phantom, since going ghost halts his regular biological processes. The more time he spends as Phantom the slower he’s going to grow up and mature, he’ll probably wind up still looking like a teenager in his 20s and have an unnaturally long life. Also if his meat body dies Phantom will probably continue to exist so… Danny is functionally immortal as well?

The Definition of Trust
Done for @omgcpumpkins
(with words by @heyfightme​ )

Happy (almost) Halloween folks.

Content Warnings:
cannibalism, referenced/implied murder, gore, black humor

Jack is starting to lose track of the number of people who have told him he and Bitty are made for each other, and yet each time still manages to send a thrill of pleasure up the entire length of his spine.

He has been told that they are meant to be. A match made in heaven. Destined, from the start. Maple and pecan. Peaches and honey.

“Apple and sage.”

Jack replies with an enthusiastic hum, setting the cooler in his hand to the ground and shrugging out of his jacket. It could do with a trip to the cleaner; one too many roadies, one too many careless stains. For now, it goes over the back of a kitchen chair. Bitty pauses in his mincing, holding the knife aloft as he throws Jack a warm smile over his shoulder.

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d twenty

            There’s a certain kind of student that takes well to the university. After a few months, they’ll refer to themselves as Paladin- offering the stoic defense of their blade (a pocketknife) to the ignorant and irritated alike. Or they’ll go by Wizard- doling out meaningless advice in the most sagely tone they can manage. The Gentry will find them endearing. The students will count the days until they try to smite a Good Neighbor. They will notice neither of these reactions, and live nose-deep in yellowed Monster Manuals. Third Edition.

            Perhaps you’ll befriend one on a late Thursday night. You’ll be studying in a common room, and they’ll grab your hand, promising that if you do them a slight favor you’ll never have to study again. You will find this foreboding. You will also remember, however, that everyone older than you referred to these guys as “harmless” and “hopelessly bemused”. And you weren’t really in the mood to study anyways.

            They’ll lead you to an unused classroom. Some of their number are already there- a plump man in a plumper wizard hat, a tattooed girl playing with tarot cards, two bespectacled lovers with matching waist-length hair. Art majors, then.

             You’re handed a spreadsheet. It’s one for Slyck the Uncanny, three-eyed trickster with two levels in Unseen Seer. There’s something scratched out beside the words “Player Name”. You carefully write your name in, leaving a little smiley-face next to it. And the game begins!

            The night passes in a blur of corrupt magisters, prisons, prison breaks, raids on the magister’s estate, and secret libraries. You predict the weak points in the Kyton’s defensive matrix, and the Fighter that brought you here impales it on a cursed blade. Cheers! The screams of slain devils! The magister, now free of abyssal control, rewards you with a feast and an wagonload of gold. And as you all rest in their estate- swollen with praise and fine meats alike- you dream of something changed. Three levels, now.

            You don’t know quite how you got home that night. You certainly haven’t seen any of the adventurers since. All that you know is that the words you added to the character sheet- Divination Spell Power, written beneath lines each in a different handwriting- aren’t ones you can forget. Algebraic proofs now slip from your mind. People joke that you’re another Craig, who bartered away his knowledge of calculus for irresistible eyes. But when you sit down for exams you see nothing but the correct answers, emblazoned on the page.

            And when you walk the campus, you notice more Good Neighbors than you did before. You don’t meet their eyes. A single game with the Adventurers doesn’t make you one.

            You plan on surviving these four years, after all.


got a little inspired by the snippets on D&D! thank you :)


I don’t think we talk enough about how completely dramatic Kaz Brekker is. Like just this quote alone :

“I don’t hold a grudge. I cradle it. I coddle it. I feed it fine cuts of meat and send it to the best schools. I nurture my grudges, Rollins.”

Who does this ? How long did it take you to come up with that Kaz?


Kaz Brekker to-do list :

  • adore Inej Ghafa
  •  The MostTM

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I'm always ready to scream about zelink gimme some cuddly headcanons

YOOOOOOOO sametbh when am I not yelling about zoldo and Lonk

Here’s a few headcanons to tickle your fancy-

* Link might be a glutton for all food, but seeing Zelda ravage a fruitcake entirely makes his heart beat faster. Guy loves a girl who can appreciate fine dining like meat on a stick or a veggie omelette.

* Zelda was a big dancer back before the calamity, and sometimes when she’s bored she starts to swing around and waltz around Link, prompting him to take her by the hands and spin her around as they walk through the woods. Most of the time they get carried away and once they accidentally ran into a boko camp which was an Experience™

* Zelda likes to read before she sleeps and Link sometimes just makes himself comfortable with his head in her lap as her voice lulls him to sleep

* Link buying Zelda a Sheikah armor set (for stealth training he says but 👀)

* Link waking up late one morning and seeing Zelda in nothing more than his tunic makes him weak at the knees. She’s not dumb either she knows the effect she has on him and continues to torture this man because the outcome is fantastic

* Link adopts a stable pup for him and Zelda and she lovingly refers to it as their child. She spoils the damn thing though so when he’s eating the dog is right next to him and he can’t help but share his food.

(´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`) I love them so much

Forbidden Romance

Carter:17 Jayce:25

Hi l’m Jayce. A swimming coach at Saint Anthony’s boys school. I was formerly a student at there and I have returned to coach the current students of my old school. Some information about myself, I’m currently 25, have brown hair and brown eyes, am about 5 feet 6 and I’m gay. Been teaching the swimmers from the swim team for 3 years now so I have seen my share of hot and cute boys. Currently I have my eyes on Carter, the best of the swimmers. Even though he just joined one and a half years ago, he has helped the school win many competitions both nationally and internationally. To give you some information about Carter, he is currently 17 this year, is 5 feet 5, has dirty blond hair and blue eyes, and a lean swimmer’s bod. I would usually shower at the same time as Carter just to see him strip out of his swimming trunks. He would slide it down revealing his bubble butt and 5.5 inch uncut dick before going into a cubicle to shower. I would often fantasise about raping Carter, pulling down his trunks, grabbing his wet hair and fucking the life out of him…..the more I fantasised the more I wanted him. So I plotted……I would ask him to have extra training on Saturday morning to late afternoon. By then most activities in the school would be over. I would lace Carter’s water bottle with a pill that would make guys hard then I would strike. “Carter! Your performance has been lacking recently. I will need you to do extra training tomorrow. I told Carter. “Yes Sir! Anything to improve my performance. Replied Carter While Carter was busy swimming, quickly took out his bottle and crushed not one but 3 pills for caution and mixed it in his water bottle. After his training, Carter gluped down the entire bottle. Now all I have to do was to wait for the magic to happen. As Carter was packing his bag and going to the locker cum shower room, I noticed his bulge was getting bigger and bigger…..he must be as hard as a rock by now. I saw that Carter had became uneasy and rushed to the showers immediately. I knew I have to strike now. I barged into the showers and to my surprise I see Carter lying on the bench jerking off that raging boner of his. Carter saw me and stopped. He quickly sat upright and tried to explain to me. “Sir it’s not what you think….“Carter tried to explain ” Well looks like some one has a raging boner. Maby I can help with than.“ I said with a grin. “Just relax Carter” as I went between his legs, looking at that fine piece of meat before I licked it like a lollipop. “Sir, please stop doing it…I’m not gay” Carter begged me to stop. “How long have you not jerked off?” I asked Carter “ A week Sir….“Carter replied “Then you really need it” I told carter. I returned to suck his dick as I explored his chest, feeling his washboard abs before inching my way to his pecs. I began foundling with his nipples by twisting and rubbing them. This caused Carter to moan like a bitch. I knew he was enjoying every moment of it. Soon I felt his dick plusing, he was about to cum. I stopped. “Sir please….I need to cum…..“begged Jayce. “Not horny enough for me Carter.” “Turn around so I can see your ass” I instructed Carter. Carter had no choice but to oblige to me. He turned around, facing his ass infront of me. I am now thrilled to the brim. Not only did I suck his dick, I am going to pop his cherry. Using my pre-cum as lube. I gently inserted my dick into his ass. He moaned like a bitch as my entire 6 inch dick went inside of his hole. I pounded him hard and deep, hitting his prostate with every thrust. "Sir…..I’m going to cum!” Carter moaned as squirt after squirts of cum shot out of his dick . I came soon after releasing my load inside of Carter. Spent and tired, Carted laid on the floor. With cum oozing out of his hole, I gave him a kiss on his cheek before taking out a tube of cream from my bag…. "Wh…what is that?” Carter asked “ Something that would make you even sexier” I grinned. With that I squeezed a generous amount of cream into my hand before smearing it onto Carter’s pubic region,treasure trail and chest. Grabbing a hose nearby, I washed away the cream by rubbing it. This caused the hair around the area I rubbed to be hairless. Now Carter was as smooth as a baby…. “ Hair removal cream, Carter. Works the charm. Now you look hot and cute.” I told him. Carter was lost for words….he caressed his now hairless body, felling an arousal stirring inside him. “Sir, could you be my fuck buddy?” “I do not think I am ready for a relation at this point of time…..” “That’s ok."I replied, even though this was not the answer I was hoping for. From that day onwards not only did I train Carter to swim but also to become a bottom…and I do really must tell you, he excelled in both. But that is another story.

Small Town Slave: Breed Cunt

Lucy wasn’t sure how long she’d been a prisoner so far. Certainly, more than a week, but she didn’t think it had been more than two or three weeks. Although it was difficult to tell, it was difficult to gauge time considering the man that had kidnapped her, the monster that kidnapped her, never turned the lights off. He also liked to cover her head in various leather masks, completely confusing her sense of time and even her sense of reality.

She felt, the opening to the box she had been stuffed into, a further punishment for her, “failure” to perform properly. As the man then dragged her out by her tits, her mind wandered back to when this all began.


She loved the small town she lived in. No crime and everybody knew everybody. She certainly couldn’t have wandered around, enjoying the night air like she was, in a big city like Detroit and Chicago.

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t know that her hometown was also the secret home of the worst kind of predator; a predator the had her in his sights.

As she strolled, enjoying the air, she felt, rather than heard, the soft puff of air. She then felt a sharp sting in her ass, and instinctively she reached back to grab it. When she did, she came back with something that looked like a dart, with feathers on it. She barely had time to contemplate the strange thing before she felt the world begin to spin and go dark.

She couldn’t stay on her feet and she collapsed to her side, barely able to move. She finally heard doors, then powerful arms were around her. She couldn’t even move her head as she felt herself picked up and deposited into the back of a van.

Just before her world went dark completely she heard a voice as if from a long distance say, “you’re going to do fine”.

When she had woken up, she had been bound into strict immobility, incapable of moving. It only took her a moment to realize that she was naked, and her ass was sticking lewdly up in the air. She screamed cried and called for help, for what seemed like hours, but no one came.

Finally, she heard the door behind her open, bound as she was she couldn’t even turn her head all the way to look. Then suddenly she felt hands, stroking her skin. She flinched as far away as possible, which wasn’t much, and she said, “get your fucking hands off me.”

The hands paused for just a second, then continued to stroke as if they hadn’t heard her.

“I said get your fucking hands off me,” she said more desperately, “get me the fuck out of here. Who the fuck do you think you are?”

The hand stopped a second time and then suddenly they moved away, and she felt a slap on her ass. Then another, then another.

Incredibly, she realized whoever this was, was spanking her, and hard.

“Stop that, that hurts. Stop doing that.”

but the person spanking her simply ignored her.

After what seemed like an eternity, and tears were flowing freely from her eyes the spanking finally stopped, then she felt a hand roughly grab her hair, and yanked her head back and she saw, for the first time, the man that had taken her.

He glared down into her face and said, “first fucking rule you need to learn, cunt, is you don’t make the rules. You are nothing now. You are a piece of fine meat for me to stick my cock in as much as I want. If you resist all fucking hurt you. If you disobey, I’ll fucking hurt you. Of course, I’m going to hurt you anyway, because this isn’t just a one-time thing. Make no mistake your life is over. I have chosen you.”

With that, he went behind her and began touching her again. She wanted to scream at him to stop again, but the blistering heat from her ass kept her quiet. She still struggled and squirmed, desperately, trying to escape her bonding but it was impossible.

She had been bound by an expert.

She tried to relax, and calm down so she could think. Thinking was how you got out of a situation like this, not emotional breakdown.

So, she breathed deeply, trying to relax.

Unfortunately, her captor had no interest in her being calm and the next thing she knew, the next thing she felt was his hands not on her ass, but in the crack between them, running up and down from her asshole to her pussy. He used his fingers to penetrate her roughly, sticking his fingers into her fear dried hole without pause.

She flinched again and couldn’t help herself, “don’t fucking touch me there.”

She realized what she said, and expected another slap, instead, she got a chuckle.

“Oh, you are going to be so much fucking fun,” the man chuckled, then after a moment, he said, “Of course, since you are so resistant, I think I should do this now.”

She didn’t know what, “this” was, but she soon learned, as she heard an unmistakable sound of a belt and zipper, she knew what was coming, and tried to fight even more but there was nothing she could do as she felt this man began to shove his long and incredibly hard cock into her pussy.

she was being raped. He was actually raping her.

She tried to struggle and pull away, but there was nowhere for her to go. And every time she pulled forward, she inevitably moved backward, and that just pushed for further on to the cock. The man, snidely said, “that’s right cunt, fuck your Master’s cock.”

She screamed in helpless frustration as he simply laughed as he took her.

He then grabbed her hips, and helped her, pushing her forward, and then pulling her back as he drove himself deeper into her.

She was crying and screaming continuously now, as she continued to struggle. Unfortunately, for Lucy, there was nothing she could do but endure.

After what seemed like forever, the man tensed, and she felt his cock grow even harder, and she felt him squirting inside her.

He pulled out and wiped his cock on her ass, before coming back around and saying, “I suggest you get used to that because that’s going to happen from now on. Anytime I want, I’m going to do that.”

With that he turned and walked away, ignoring her cries behind him.

Lucy heard the door slam shut and she flinched as she felt the cum leaking out of her violated hole


She remembered all of it.

Every day there was some new and disgustingly humiliating thing he had her do.

Licking the floor clean, licking his boots, or forcing her to stare at her nude body in the mirror as he commented on it like it were a slab of beef.

There was also always some new way he found to bind her body to helplessness, so he could violate her pussy with reckless abandon. He’d hinted at fucking her ass, but so far hadn’t. That was a fear he let linger in her mind, wondering when he’d finally take that from her, too.

Then there were times when she just wanted to hurt her, whether it be with whips or riding crops, or cane. All kinds of instruments of pain and torture were used on her, and, as always, there was nothing she could do about it. For instance piercing her clit and then bonding her helplessly so he could whip her on her newly pierced and sensitive flesh.

Finally, there was the litany of stupid instruction, or, as he called, training, stand this way, or squat here like this, or kneel like this.

“Spread your legs more,” he’d say or, “down lower. Lift your ass more, head down further.”

Over and over, all kinds of different instructions, and if she wasn’t perfect, he abused her. The whip was becoming the center of her universe. Every little mistake and she fell its tings, whether on her ass, thighs, or her tits. He was an expert with it and wielded it with absolute precision.

She knew, exactly what he was trying to do, he was trying to break her down, he was trying to break her spirit. He had even explained to her that that’s exactly what he was going to do. He seemed to take a perverse pleasure in explaining, in graphic detail, what he was doing and how he was doing it.

He said telling his victims made it even more enjoyable as it happened anyway, despite their best efforts to resist.

What he didn’t know was that she was not easy prey. She wasn’t going to break. She was just biding her time. Obeying as much she could, while just waiting for him to make a mistake, she knew he would.

He was too arrogant not to.


Once he pulled her out of the box, he told her he wanted to enjoy the beautiful day, and train her some more. Her arms were bound painfully behind her back and then she was dragged upstairs, and loaded into the back of a pickup truck after he’d bound her ankles.

From there, they drove for what seemed like forever. She couldn’t see anything of course, and had no idea where they were but to her it felt like they had driven, literally, forever then finally they had arrived wherever they were going.

He moved to the back of the pickup and opened and she could just hear him laughing, and talking to himself about how easy she was going to be.

He pulled the helmet off her head and told her to open her mouth. She considered, just for a moment, resisting before realizing that it was pointless. She needed to pick her battles carefully, not fight every little thing, that was just going to get her hurt.

She already knew he liked hurting her and the last thing she needed to do was to give him a reason to hurt her more. It would result in her being weaker and if she was weak, she wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the chance to escape when it came so she cooperated.

She was disgusted with herself for doing so but knowing it was the only chance she had.

After he’d finished stuffed the ball into her mouth, he began wrapping her face with clear tape; layer upon layer one after another until she was completely and thoroughly gagged.

She also noticed, as an unfortunate side effect, breathing through her mouth was impossible. That concerned her more than a little because she knew that her nose could easily stuff up and if it did she would easily suffocate. It was obvious, by the way, the man was acting, that he didn’t care about that.

Incredibly, to begin to untie her ankles and she couldn’t believe it.

She knew, instinctively, that this was her moment she needed to be ready. After he had finally finished untying her and as he pulled her out of the truck, he grabbed her by the back of her neck and seemed about to say something.

Before he could even get a word out, she turned and viciously rammed her knee up into his crotch, driving it up as hard as she could, the man yelped in shocked pain and collapsed. She didn’t bother to stop to look at the damage had done, nor did she take any temporary pleasure in.

She knew she had to run; now!

She turned and bolted as fast as she could into the trees, trying to gain some distance. Unfortunately for her, the man had chosen his location well. First, she had no idea where she was, no idea which direction to go, not that that would’ve mattered. The man’s property was miles, in every direction, of a heavily wooded forest, with nowhere for her to escape to.

Second, there was no one around for miles to hear her screams even if she could’ve. Third, and worst of all, the trees, scrubs, and brush were thick with various sharp thorns and thistles. The branches slapped at her body, and with her arms bound as they were, she was helpless to protect herself. The thorns and other pieces that were constantly dropping to the forest floor were another issue entirely.

No problem at all, for someone wearing the proper footwear. For a naked and barefoot slave, however, it was almost like walking through a minefield. A minefield of brambles, thorns, and thistles. She was constantly having to stop and try to wipe something out of her foot. She couldn’t run full out, for fear of hurting herself.

In the end, the slow-pace she was forced to take, with her arms bound behind her and uselessly, and a thick gag in her mouth, limiting her breathing to just her nose and the environment made it impossible for her to make any true escape impossible.

Suddenly, she felt a stinging in her ass, and then another and another. She heard whistling past her face, as she looked over her shoulder. She saw the man, and he had some kinda rifle in his hands. She didn’t recognize it, but she felt stings repeatedly, all over her body. Each blow was painfully agonizing on her bare skin and the accumulation finally led to her collapsing on the forest floor.

She sobbed as she saw the man coming up to her, knowing that not only had she failed to escape, but that now she would pay the consequences for that failure.

When he came to her she saw that he was holding, incredibly, a paintball gun. He’d brought her down with a toy. He said to her, “that was the dumbest fucking thing you’ve ever done in your life, I don’t know what else you've done, but I guarantee that was the dumbest thing you’ve ever done. You are going to regret that forever.”

He wrapped the rope around her neck and used it like a leash to march her back to his truck, his pace was brutal, and he ignored her cries and stumbles as her feet constantly stepped onto the sharp undergrowth.

Once he got back to the truck, he unceremoniously threw her in the back of it and she slammed her head and nearly passed out. The drive back seemed more intense and brutal than it had.

Once they arrived, he forced her back down the stairs and, silently, proceeded to bind her over a bar in such a way that it left her ass sticking up in the air. She knew this was going to be bad as he still refused to say anything, instead, he laid multiple canes down in front of her, they started very thin, and got to nearly the thickness of a broom handle.

He picked up the first one and began her full descent into a hell of nothing but agonizing pain.

Over the next hour, he used every single one of them, beating her ass and thighs until they were a welted mess. She had been screaming nearly the entire time, begging to do anything for the chance to make up for what she had done. Anything to get out of the pain that he was inflicting.

He simply ignored her.

After he was done, he stepped up behind her and raped her again, only this time, and for the first time, he raped her in her ass. It was agonizing, and she screamed herself hoarse, but he still simply ignored her.Once he was done he came back and finally said, “that’s just the start. I think it’s time you truly learn what cruelty is.”

With that, he released her, only to bind her arms behind her, and use a tight rope around her neck to drag her outside to a grassy area with what looked like a door.

Unfortunately, when he opened it, she saw it wasn’t a door at all, it looked more like a coffin with bindings inside of it. He forced her down into it, ignoring her struggles for the most part, and at one point, punching her in her stomach to gain her compliance. He fastened her in place then slammed the door and she heard him say as he left, “maybe I’ll come back for you, maybe.”

She had no idea how long she was in there.

He would, occasionally, open the door just long enough to stuff a straw past the gag she wore and into her mouth, and tell her to drink, or else. She did as ordered, terrified of angering him more.

She would do anything he told her, at this point.

She couldn’t tell when it was day or night because the box was pitch black and almost completely soundproofed. She couldn’t hear the crickets or the insects at night, nor could she hear anything during the day.

The door would just occasionally open, he would give her a drink, occasionally spray her down with a hose and then shut the door again.

Finally, one day, after an eternity of hell in that box and well past the point where she would literally have done anything for him just to get out of that coffin box he came to her and said, “are you ready to obey, or do I have to get even harsher.”

She tried to nod her head, but as part of the bindings, the cage around her head made even that impossible so she had to settle for pleading with her eyes. He stared at her for a long moment and seemed to understand as he unbound her, slipped another helmet over her head, attached a leash to a collar around her neck, and dragged her back down into the room that had become another slice of her hell.


Lucy had no idea how much time had passed since her time in the box but what she did know was that something had changed, deep inside of her.

She still didn’t want to be here, she still wanted to escape, but she was terrified to act. The training, if anything, had gotten even more intense.

The slightest error was now not just punished but punished brutally.

If her feet were not an exact distance apart he demanded, her calves were caned mercilessly.

If her knees were not spread when she knelt, appropriately, she got it on her tits.

If her arms were not exactly where they belonged, he would cane her ass, until she was sure was bleeding.

She was getting to the point, she realized, where she was obeying without thinking. He’d gotten her to that point, just as he said she would when he explained the steps she would go through as she was broken.

She felt overwhelming shame and depression at that fact. She didn’t know how it happened. She didn’t know when it had happened. Just one day she realized that he was barking orders at her and she was moving before she even thought about it.

When had he gotten that deep inside?

When had he gotten that far past her defenses?

She didn’t know, but she didn’t like it. For a while, she tried to resist, at least somewhat. Hesitating, stopping herself from an instant response, so that everything she did was, “by her will”.

Unfortunately, her Master, because that is what he had clearly made himself to be, noticed.

He told her that it was apparently time for another lesson.

He ignored her blubbering and pleading through her gag, as he dragged her over to a rack, and forced her bent backward, ankles attached to wrists, with a Sybian pressed against her cunt.

This had been a huge and depressing part of her training. One of the things she truly hated was when he’d said he’d take from her and control her ability to orgasm. She hadn’t believed him at first, but he had quickly demonstrated this control, and then do so, repeatedly.

Sometimes it was taking her to the edge, over, and over again for what seemed like hours, getting her close enough to reach a bliss that would somehow be a release, a momentary respite from her new reality. Unfortunately, he seemed to know exactly where that point was, and he would never let her achieve it. She would be reduced to a dripping mess that would beg like a shameless whore for just one chance to cum.

Then, on the other side, there were the times he was forcing her, completely against her will, to orgasm over and over. Demonstrating completely and utterly that even the most intimate part of herself was now his to control. The first time she’d made her orgasm against her will she’d cried herself to sleep that night. Wondering where her control, where her mastery of her own body had gone.

This time though he rammed the thing against her, and turned it on fully before strapping a ring gag in her mouth, and then stuffing his cock into it right after.

He stayed there, allowing the vibrator and the resulting moans and screams of her forced multiple orgasms to bring them off. Then he sank in even deeper, and she realized, horrifyingly, that she couldn’t breathe anymore.

She sat there squirming, struggling, and straining but he just stood there. She felt her vision starting to go and her lungs screamed for the ability to take a breath, but still, he ignored her.

 finally, she felt him shooting his load down her throat even as she felt herself losing consciousness.

It was then, at that moment, that he pulled back, and allowed her to breathe a cough as her breasts for some of his cum down into her lungs.

He gave her a few minutes to recover and then did it again. And again. And again.

Like everything, he demonstrated how the repetition of things that were horrifying with the easiest way to destroy her.

After he was finally done he leaned down and grabbed her hair, and forced her to look into his eyes, even though she was upside down to him and he said, “you are a pleasure doll. That is all you are. You exist to please, obey, and serve.”

He yanked her hair violently and she cried out and he said, “if you cannot please in one way, you will be made to please in another. And make no mistake, some of the men I may consider selling you too would have no problem getting their pleasure from watching you die.”

With that he simply turned and walked away, leaving her there with a vibrator still pounding inside of her.

All through it, the thought that she could be killed for the enjoyment of others kept playing over and over in her mind, mixing with the frustration of the vibrator and the culmination of everything she’d been through, it had finally become too much.

Lucy crumbled at that moment, right there, as she came in unwilling mind-blowing orgasm, once again.

When he finally came back, it was a very different and broken girl that she had been.


From that moment, it all became a simple matter of time. She learned at that moment that there was no chance that she had beyond complete and utter obedience. Perfection was the only thing that was acceptable, and even perfection could still earn her pain simply because her owner wanted it to be.

But still, she tried her hardest.

All thoughts of escape and any type of resistance had simply evaporated from her.

She would be shocked to know, if she was still a fully thinking human being, that it had been a simple six months from the time he grabbed her, to this moment. In six, incredibly short months he had taken an intelligent, independent, willful, resistant, fighter and turned her into an obedient, subservience, near-mindless, and submissive sex cunt that would do anything to please her owner.

 Anything at all, because the alternative was simply too horrifying to consider.


He knew it was time. Even the slightest indication of resistance from hadn’t presented itself in over two months.

She was broken, and he knew it.

It was time to make some money, but first, he had to mark her as his property to sell.

He strapped her to the special rack and could tell she was nervous but didn’t bother to explain to her what was going on. After all, one did not need to explain things to livestock.

He heated the branding iron till it was red hot, and then pressed it into her ass without ceremony.

She screamed bloody murder, and she couldn’t help but buck and pull against the bindings, but it did her no good. Once he was completed with that, he applied the proper salve to make sure it healed properly, and left her there, weeping.

Four weeks later, the brand healed, she was strapped hanging by her tits and wrists with her legs spread wide and auctioned to the highest bidder. She brought him nearly $250,000 and she was boxed up into a cage and shipped to her new owner.

He watched as the truck carrying her left and considered where he would acquire his next piece of merchandise. It was risky, grabbing her so close to his own home, but she was simply too good to pass up. As he turned and walked back inside, he was already forgetting about her, after all, she was just one in a long, long line of cunt that had gotten exactly what they deserved.


It’d been three years since Lucy had been sold to this man. She had endured 10 times that in agony, torture, and punishment.

Her body bore the scars of the various tortures that she had endured. Most of it focused on the thin, but obvious lines across her ass, where she had been made to pull the cart more than once. Today, however, was a special day. Today was lottery day.

The man that purchased her, belonged to a very special club. Every month, the men of the club put money into a pot. They pulled numbers, and the three winners were then permitted the privilege of trying to impregnate her. If the impregnation was successful, the person responsible won all the money in the pot.

She had already endured two pregnancies as a slave. In both cases, when it came time for delivery, she wasn’t even given the option to see the child that she gave birth to. She didn’t even know if she had given birth to a boy or girl. All she did know was that when she was pregnant she was often strapped into a rack, and milked for hour after agonizing hour, for the future offspring.

She would’ve killed herself at this point if she could if there was anything of her pride left.

Unfortunately, all that was left was Lulu, the cunt slave. Who obediently stood and waited while the lottery numbers were called. When the three winners were announced, she obediently bent down, legs spread, and head on the ground waited for the first of them to fuck her.

Later, they would play another of their favorite games, where they taped her hands and feet, so she couldn’t use her fingers and toes, then tie her to a ring in the floor and gag her before putting a plastic bag over her hear to see how long she would last before she lost consciousness.

They loved their games and she was the perfect toy to play them with.

She had no memory of who she had been, she didn’t even have any memory of the man that had first taken her. All she knew was that her job was to please, obey, and serve.

Such was the role of an obedient cunt slave.

Reasons to read Crooked Kingdom it has quotes like this:

  • “I’ll tell you a secret, Hanna. The really bad monsters never look like monsters.”
  • She was Inej Ghafa, and she would not quiver like a rabbit in a snare.
  • “I would come for you,” he said, and when he saw the wary look she shot him, he said it again. “I would come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together— knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.”
  • “You aren’t a flower, you’re every blossom in the wood blooming at once. You are a tidal wave. You’re a stampede. You are overwhelming.”
  • We can endure all kinds of pain. It’s shame that eats men whole.”
  •  When the world owed you nothing, you demanded something of it anyway.
  • “Suffering is like anything else. Live with it long enough, you learn to like the taste.”
  • She smiled then, her eyes red, her cheeks scattered with some kind of dust. It was a smile he thought he might die to earn again.

It also has quotes like this:

  • No mourners, no funerals? Why not just say good luck or be safe?”
    “We like to keep our expectations low.”
  • “And stop scurrying. You couldn’t look guiltier if you were performing the role of Thief Number Three in a penny play on East Stave.“
  • “But she’s one of us.”
    Jesper’s brows rose again. “One of us? Does that mean she knows the secret handshake? Does that mean you’re ready to get a tattoo?”
  • “Do we all get to do what we want now?” asked Jesper. “Because I have a list.”
  • “Has anyone noticed this whole city is looking for us, mad at us, or wants to kill us?”
    “So?” said Kaz.
    “Well, usually it’s just half the city.”
  • “How about we just knock them over the head?” “Sophisticated. I like it.”
  • “Isn’t that how things are done around here?” asked Wylan. “We all tell Kaz we’re fine and then do something stupid?”
  • “Why do gods always like to be worshipped in high places?” Kaz muttered. 
  • “You can’t run from this forever.”
    “Watch me.”
  • “Will there be champagne?” Nina finished the last of the crackers, licking her fingers. “I’ll be there, and I’m effervescent.”
  • “I don’t hold a grudge. I cradle it. I coddle it. I feed it fine cuts of meat and send it to the best schools. I nurture my grudges, Rollins.”

Don't ask questions if you don't want answers

Ok so last night I had the worst customer of my 3 years in customer service so its 8:15 I’ve been at work since 12 and I had 45 minutes to go and I just want to clean and go home cause it was a busy sunday so this regular strolls up (who’s been here for an hour already and orders a crap ton of meat) and this is pretty much what went down
Me: *in an exhausted tone* what can I get for you!
Customer: you guys closed?
Me: nope you got about 45 minutes what can I get for you!
Customer proceeds to lose his collective shit and tells me I’m supposed to say “hi how can I help you” not “you have 10 minutes gtfo” and I tried to repeatedly tell him I was just letting him know he had plenty of time and I wasn’t trying to be rude but he just kept talking over me and threatend to get the manager which I wish he did so I didn’t have to deal with him and then he angrily ordered some meat

He’s fine after a minute and he’s talking to a customer behind him and I heard him mention customer service so I think he told the lady I had poor customer service cause she just gave me uncomfortable looks while I served her and before he left he had the audacity to say have a nice night I just said you too cause I didn’t want to hear him yell again but like dude I’m sorry you got a tiny penis but don’t bitch at me cause I answered a question and after I finished a few customers after him I just collapsed into a panic attack in the cooler and spent the rest of my shift crying and shaking while serving more customers and basically had a 3 hour panic attack which resulted in a relapse after being harm free for 9 months

Tldr: customer asks if we’re closed I tell him no he yells at me and threatens manager and I have a 3 hour panic attack